Rural Kitchen Of Liliw Laguna

HRC Center Bldg., 104 Rada St., Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Rural Kitchen Of Liliw Laguna
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

In this quiet side of Poblacion lies a hole in a wall restaurant that serves modern Filipino food with influences from other cuisines.

We started out with their addicting plate of sweet and really Crispy Squid. It was too good that the only downside was its small serving. This strangely went well with their complementary soft bread rolls.

For mains, we had a hefty bowl of Salmon Belly sa Bayabas. Its soup base had a right tanginess to it. We paired this with Kulawong Talong and not fried, savory Pandan Chicken.

Dessert was simple and an ideal ending for that laidback night. We had Halo Halo their way and had them split it to small glasses already for convenience.

Go ahead and travel in this side of Makati for more food adventures that deserves your attention. I’ll be writing more about my experience too in this side of town soon.

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Anna d.
5.0 Stars

Crispy Squid - 1008410084100841008410084

Chicken in Coconut Milk - 11088110881108811088

Pako Salad - 1108811088110881108811088

Complimentary Bonete with butter, Filipino salsa and Sinantolan dip - 1108811088110881108811088

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Jenny G.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Marjorie S.
3.0 Stars

Ordered Bread Pudding and my date had Bicol Express plus Adobo Rice and Calamansi Shake. And this costs us 560.00 not sure about your value for money but I really think it's pricey.

The rice is just a cup and good for 1 person, bicol express is good for 2 pax, bread pudding's serving is also good for 1 person that's more likely a dessert because it comes with half slice of banana and a small scoop of ice cream on the side.

Masarap sila lahat pero ang mahal talaga eh. Baka dahil sa free bread :))))))

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Inna M.
4.0 Stars

Great Filipino food! Service was good as well. Do make reservations as the place is not large.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Rural Kitchen of Liliw Laguna has been on my must-try restaurants in Makati.  I am really giddy that I get to cross them off my list today.

Booked a table for two at 11am.  We arrived on time.  Dibs on being the first customers on the eve of Mother's Day.  The place is small with really nice interiors.  I liked the wooden chairs mixed with modern decor.  The lighting is pretty nifty too and they play good music.  Bon Iver anyone?

They served complimentary lemon grass drink and Bonito with some salsa and butter on the side.  The bread is fresh off the oven.  It tastes like home, best paired with the salsa.  I had  to restrain myself from eating all of 'em.   Grams liked the lemon grass drink,  she said it is refreshing.

Ukoy.  This was served first.  For those who dunno what Ukoy is,  here you go.

Ukoy or Okoy is a Filipino Shrimp Fritter made with bean sprouts,  small shrimps,  flour, cornstarch, egg, salt and pepper which is mixed to form a batter. Then deep fried until it forms into round shaped crunchy patties. The vegetable used can vary sometimes shredded papaya or shredded cabbage is used. When buying small shrimps in the market, salt water shrimps is better because the shells are not as hard as the fresh water shrimps. Sometimes instead of using fresh shrimps, dried shrimps is a better alternative because the shells is crunchier when fried.

Rural's version used dried shrimps and to say that it is crispy is an understatement.  They made it super thin,  it looks like a square shaped potato chip!  Best paired with the dipping sauce. 

Pork Adobo.  Deconstructed adobo with some sauerkraut,  ensaladang ampalaya, dipping sauce (soy sauce with diced onions).  Grams gave her nod of approval,  she said the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender and is packed with flavor. 

Plapla sa Miso.  Now,  this is the best I've tasted in my x number of years sta in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Maybe I'm biased because this is my all time fave Filipino viand.  The broth is thick and packed with flavor,  the fish is cooked perfectly,  they used a lot of ginger which in turn removed the "lansa".   This is the highlight of my day. 

Suman.  Not a fan of kakanin (except for Cassava Cake).  Grams like this,  she said this is legit!  I trust her as she is a connoisseur of kakanin.  Not bad for a free treat eh?  (Free dessert when i answered an online survey)

For drinks,  i had Calamansi Shake and Sour Sop for Grams.  Both were outstanding,  not too sweet and the proportions are on point.  You can tell if they used too much ice if it gets watery after a couple of minutes. 

Overall,  we had a satisfying Pre-Mother's Day meal at Rural.  This is a first of many visits. 

If you prefer home-cooked meals,  head on to Rada for a taste of Liliw's pride.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

While walking to serenitea in Rada St. in Makati this place catches my attention. This hole in the wall resto beside 7-11 will catch your attention with its classy well lit ambience. I love the various painting and mirrors on the wall. The place got a fine dining classy feel to it with the well arranged table and chair setting.

Rural Kitchen is headed by Chef Sarabia. If you're familiar with Mio Cucina in laguna. He is the genius chef behind that. So good news for the fan of Chef Sarabia, Makati is your new heaven. :)

Our meal started with the complimentary Bonete bread. It came with three spread. The butter, the bagoong santol spread and the salsa. Love the santol spread got a liver spread kind of feel and taste to it. They gladly gave us another batch since we really love it or maybe we were really just hungry and sayang yun spread may natira pa..hehe.

For the meal we tried the following:
128205Laing with Kuhol - for people who are afraid to eat the scary looking kuhol. This is a great meal to try. The delicious ginataang laing hide the kuhol meat. I like this version of laing they gave it texture by adding kuhol. Something to chew on.

128205Lechon Kawali - Wow love their litson kawali. The meat were tender and the serving was big. Crunchy skin and the delicious thin layer of fats. 128522

128205Beef Mechado - their beef mechado is a little different from what I'm used to. Their version doesn't have sabaw. This version got the juicy flavor of mechado in the meat. The meat is also very soft and tender. This is my favorite!

128205Ginataang Tutong - a childhood pasttime favorite dish. I love their good serving and the taste brings great memories. Love this and it was nice to try it again after a long time.

Overall, great filipino resto in makati. Be sure to get a reservation if you are a big group since mostly its packed during lunch and dinner. 128515128077

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Mye F.
5.0 Stars

Rural Kitchen of Liliw Laguna serves delicious classic Filipino food--no twists or reinvention128522

Funny, but what I look forward to the most everytime we eat at this resto is the free bread called bonete that you can enjoy while waiting for your order. Really yum128076🏻

I've tried these dishes so far:
Crispy Pata - 1108811088110881108811088
Ox Tail Kare-Kare - 1108811088110881108811088
Mechado - 1108811088110881108811088
Laing with Kuhol - 1108811088110881108811088
Fresh Lumpia - 1108811088110881108811088
Lechon Kawali - 110881108811088
Pinakbet - 11088110881108811088
Suman - 11088110881108811088

Ambience was really nice. Service was always warm & friendly. Serving is good for 3 to 4 people. This place gets really busy especially during lunch & dinner so reserving a table is recommended9757🏻️

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Kristine M.
4.0 Stars

This bread called bonete is a part of my childhood. It's often sold in local bakeries in Laguna and Quezon where my parents hail from. My maternal grandfather usually brings bonete whenever they go to Manila and I would devour them as soon as they give me the plastic bag container.

Nostalgia hit me when the crew at Rural Kitchen placed a plate of warm bonete on our table. It is good on its own but even better when you slather butter on it.

Since we were "sabik" to try this resto as there were several previous attempts to dine here, we somewhat over ordered. Each dish is good for sharing but since my husband wants to eat another viand, we ordered 2 main dish and dessert each.

Hubby got Bicol Express and it is really spicy. The pork cuts weren't too fatty. Recommended subo ratio is 1 subo of ulam: 2 subo of rice 128518

I got their Beef Mechado and it is absolutely delish. The meat is so tender even a lola without teeth would enjoy eating it.

For dessert, my husband got ice cream while I got their pudding. I wasn't too happy with the dessert so I guess it's better to cross the road to Wildflour for sweets.

Btw, make sure to call ahead for reservations so you won't end up spending you lunch break waiting outside the resto. Don't bother messaging them in their FB page to reserve, they replied to me 2 weeks after I sent them a PM.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

I have a lot of titas, one from Cebu and a lot here in Manila and last week, they (3 of them) meet for the first time. We've been here before and we enjoyed the Bonete, Crispy Squid, and Mechado so we decided to bring the tita from Cebu here.

Called a day in advance just so we are sure to have a table. Arrived a bit late but the table was still reserved for us. The place was full so Yay, thank you!!! 128513128513 The staffs were all very friendly, accommodating and helpful. 128077🏼

While waiting for our orders, we were served with their oh so famous and oh so yummy bonete! The best!!!! No experience here is complete without trying out these awesome bread creation! Best enjoyed while still warm with butter or salsa or both? Haha. 128513

We only waited for around 15-20minutes for all our orders to be complete. Yay to not waiting that long!!!! 128588🏼

Fresh Lumpia
- Two siksik fresh vegetable lumpia. This was good but not something I'll order again.

Bicol Express
- Hmmm, the sauce was tasty but not as spicy. And the pork was kinda tough. You can skip this one.

Pork Adobo
- A bestseller, according to our server. Uhm, why and how???? The pork was bland and too dry. We didn't liked this that much that we were still able to bring some home. We made it into adobo flakes and ate it for breakfast the next day and it tasted better! Haha. You can skip this one or order this and fry it at home! 128517

Crispy Squid
- Serving size was smaller now but the taste is still the same. Crunchy, sweet, and still as yummy as before! Small but highly addicting! Definitely a must order here!!! 128076🏼

Beef Mechado
- This was goood! The beef was very very tender, as in. This is not your usual sauce-y mechado. Their version is different, but still with the beef mechado goodness we all enjoy at home. 128077🏼

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner here. Yummy filipino food with a twist. The staffs are nice. The place -- simple, quiet, and very relaxed. 9786

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Rachel T.
3.0 Stars

Was looking for a place to celebrate my ex-boss' despedida but somewhere we can still talk and do some catching up.

Saw rural kitchen's good reviews of having a filipino home cooked dishes and the crispy squid looks attracting in all those posts.

I made a reservation in advance via sms and the attendant was really accommodating given i made changes on the time of our arrival.

My officemate and i missed the entrance of this restaurant. The entrance is not very visible. It is beside 711 and the restaurant's name could not be easily seen.

When we entered the restaurant, there were only around 10 tables and the space was small but all tables were occupied.

While waiting to order, they served some complimentary bread with some spreads. But the spreads were quite unique. One was butter, one was like a bagoong and one was like a salsa. You can request for bread and spread refills.

We ordered the following:
+Crispy squid-this is very delicious, but serving was very few if for sharing. I like to eat it with the rice. I want more!!!

+Garlic chicken-this was just like roasted chicken

+Pandan chicken-this was quite delicious and the chicken meat was like rendang

+Bicol express-serving size and slices was big, a bit spicy

++Mechado-this didnt came out cause something went wrong in the kitchen so for making us wait, they gave us a complimentary dessert - sticky pandan rice, which was also delicious

I just noticed they are undermanned, service is slow even for bread and water refills. Our main orders came very late. We waited more than 30 mins before it was served to us.

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Marie H.
4.0 Stars

We've attempted several times to eat here but they close early and I guess we eat late. We finally managed to get here 45 minutes before closing time on a weeknight and I was surprised to find that they were nearly booked. They had to rearrange some tables to fit our small party of 3. It doesn't help that the place is small, well, more narrow and I prefer to think of it as cozy. Place has a relaxed casual vibe.

We ordered those that were highly recommended by fellow loolooers -- pako salad, crispy squid, and mechado. I tried ordering the bonete (which I couldn't find in their oh-so-short menu), only to be told that it's the complimentary bread with origins in Liliw.128517 Well, the bonete lived up to the hype. It was freshly baked, soft inside with crispy edges, delicious, and free to boot!

The pako salad was just ok. The flavors were ok, but I found that fern, cheese, radish(?), and dressing were just a little too spartan for me. I prefer Fely J's version. As for the crispy squid, my dad said it would have been perfect with beer, yet I found the white rice an equally suitable companion. Their crispy squid reminded me of Wee Nam Kee's which is also a favorite. The mechado was the clear standout of our meal. The meat was so tender and flavorful. The vegetables were also perfectly cooked. This dish is good for sharing. I would have wanted to try the bread pudding, but we were too full.

Servers were attentive and friendly. Definitely coming back.

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Jb S.
4.0 Stars

A cozy little place in Rada Street Makati. A good place to dine in during weekends but expect to wait during lunch time and dinner during weekdays. Oh yeah you can ask for a freshly cooked bread when you dine in (note: free refills). Must try: Mechado and Kare kare

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Cel C.
5.0 Stars

Been wanting to try this small resto near our office. Pinoy food that tastes like lutong-bahay. I ordered Sinigang na salmon sa bayabas and Pakbet, which I realize looks almost the same haha. I love sinigang and the bayabas (guava) variant is something that I don't get to cook at home so that is a winner for me. It looks like the fruit pulp (bayabas) was mashed and the seeds removed. The stew was a bit thick but I don't think it's miso. Pakbet has generous amounts of pork as 'sahog' and was cooked just right, veggies were crunchy. I went for lunch on a Saturday at exactly 12 noon and there was only 1 table occupied when I got there. Serving time is reasonable enough. Price range is 250-500 for the 'ulam' and is good for 3-4 persons.

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Peachy D.
5.0 Stars

Waited a while because we didn't have reservations and it was lunch hour but...boy, it was worth it! Ordered their bestsellers. Pako salad - the kesong puti and vinaigrette dressing brought out the crisp freshness of the greens. Crispy squid - sweet, salty and crispy indeed. If they packaged this in to-go packs, I would buy tons in a heartbeat. Lamb kaldereta - meat was dripping-off-the-bone soft. I was a bit taken aback by the sweetness because I have pre-conceived notions that kaldereta should have strong flavor and a bit of heat but the sweetness kind of grows on you. The free bonete bread with 3 types of spreads was also a hit. Planning to go back soon to try the other dishes - but next time, armed with a reservation.

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Cali C.
1.0 Stars

This place ia like a trying hard fusion restaurant, the flavors that they mixed with the Filipino dishes did not complement the original flavors. A simple mango sauce for fried fish did not make sense. Even my favorite sinigang sa bayabas is a disaster! If your mom cooks very well or you are used to enjoying an outstanding home cooked meal do not go here!!! I am never coming back!

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Maria L.
5.0 Stars

Salmon Sinigang, Crispy Pata, Bonete, Pako salad, Crispy Squidlings...yum!

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

To celebrate my uncle's birthday, our family had dinner here. I've read good reviews about this place so I recommended this place.

Rural Kitchen is located near the newly opened Sarsa. This is beside 711. Finding this place can be really hard but since a lot of people have been saying this, that it is hard to locate, one would really make an effort to look for it. Since mahirap nga siya makita, titignan ko ng mabuti yung paligid 128514128541

The place is just small. 711 is bigger pa nga ata 128517 But the whole feel of the place is warm, chill, homey and relaxed. You get the feeling that you will be served good food.

While waiting for our orders, we were served complimentary bread. The famous, bonete with butter and salsa. And yes, it was good! The bread was soft and warm. Too bad you only get one free round and one bread for each person only. The next time you ask, you have to pay 6.50 per bonete. But it was soo good, we ordered for more! 128517128540

After 20-25 minutes, our orders arrived. 128077

Pinakbet: Usual pinakbet. It was good but my aunt's pinakbet is yummier 128540

Mechado: THIS IS SOOO GOOD. 128525 The meat was tender. Para na siyang corned beef sa tender! For the price, this is very sulit. You really get what you pay for. Please, order this! 128513 Good for sharing!

Pancit Lucban: For long life!!! Hmm, this was okay. I'm not really sure how this should taste but they liked this so I guess this is how a "legit" pancit lucban tastes. Generous serving of pancit with lots of veggies! 128522

Crispy Squid: This is also a must order!! Super addicting!!! Sarap papakin or sa rice! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! 128513128076

Lapu-Lapu w Mango Sauce: this was good. The lapu lapu was big enough naman and the mango sauce was good. It's like sweet and sour fish but they used mango.

For dessert, we ordered the bread pudding and they gave us free suman (birthday treat! 127874). They were okay. Nothing extraordinary.

Service was good. Servers were nice warm and friendly. 128522

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Sanriel A.
4.0 Stars

Second time, and still impressed.

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Rachelle T.
4.0 Stars

Tucked in the unassuming street of Rada in Legaspi village, on the elevated ground floor of an unassuming building. You'll miss it if you blink. It's right beside 711 and to me and my colleagues, it's just a few steps above one of the best jollijeep sisig of Rada. But let's leave that for another post. 128518

The floor area of this cozy classic Filipino chic resto is of a long rectangle (think hallway) with tables and seats set right beside the opposing walls. It's a good place for proper business lunch during the day and a nice date place at night.

They'll serve you their complimentary soft and warm bonnet breads 127838 which you can spread some butter or salsa on. Love them with the salsa. Addictive.

We had their Pako Salad which looked and tasted so fresh. It has shredded jicama (singkamas) and a few cubes (too few) of quesong puti and served with calamansi dressing. Very refreshing salad. 127811

The Lamb Caldereta 128017 was sooooo fall-off-the-bone tender and flavorful. It has button mushrooms and green olives that goes really well with the dish. Perfect with rice of course. This could easily become one of my comfort food. 128077

We had their popular Bread Pudding that comes with brûlée-d banana and a scoop of icecream. It was a good dessert dish. But I can't tell the flavor of their icecream. If doesn't taste exactly like vanilla since there's only a faint hint of vanilla in it. I was guessing that it's a "diluted" quesong puti icecream since there's a hint of saltiness and some bits of crumbled cheese-like texture. I should've just asked the server to ask the kitchen what it is. 128540 Compliments well with a hot cup of coffee. 9749️ Theirs is Americano ... not brewed. Yey!

I'll certainly be back to try the rest of their dishes. I love this addition to our business lunch options. 128076

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