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Sabang Beach
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Jecila S.
5.0 Stars

Celebrated by 26th bday at BALER with my family. Masyadong ng normal na sa bahay kakain tas magiinom, why not explore Pinas diba.

2k lang, solve ang bday ko.. Experienced the waves of sabang beach, at sobrang saya.. the locals are very kind, yung instructor ko nakabili sya ng mahabang pasensya sakin kasi sabe ko dapat matuto ako mag surf, kasi bday ko! At di sya nabigo, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 128170 pero masakit sya sa upper body. Nakaka sexy daw sabe ni ryan. Haha!

Will go back, mag susurf lang ako! Maghapon. Haha.

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Cezanne Merthel M.
4.0 Stars

5-6 hrs away from Metro Manila, perfect getaway for you, your family and your barkadas!

Wanna go soul searching ? Or wanna feel you're chasing the sun? This is the place to be.

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

BALER - where people go to surf. Except me. I was only after the restaurants, the tourist spots -- rock formations and falls and not the beach and surfing. But but, Baler changed that. Almost 2 weeks have already passed but I still can't get over how fun and memorable our trip was.

I don't swim and I am not a beach person. I don't enjoy the beach because (1) I hate the sun, (2) I can't swim, (3) I am not comfortable with just wearing swimwear/bikini etc. Never did the beach made even the slightest appeal to me. NEVER.

But because no trip in Baler would be complete without SURFING!!! My friends and I made sure to go surfing!!! #YOLO! 128518128526128539

Right after our heavy "surfer" breakfast, we went straight to Sabang. Our surfing lesson started at around 9am.

We availed of the lesson + surfboard rental for 350/hour. If you've surfed before, and you're confident on your own, you can just rent a surfboard for just 200/hour.

Before the actual surfing, we first got our own surfboards, then they taught us the basics. Different parts of the surfboard, do's and don'ts, and the most important lesson -- how and when to stand! 128518128541

At around 930, our surfing adventure started.......

Nervousness and excitement are two contradicting feelings but I was both feeling them as we paddle. The act of paddling was tiring btw, but since we were with our surfer trainers, they helped us (helped = they paddled for us! 128514).

The first xx tries were all super fail. As in!! 128533 I was almost at the point of giving up but my trainer was super nice and even the other surfers were encouraging and pushing me to just try and enjoy. Sabi nga nila, "Habang may alon, may pag-asa!". I was really tired already but I don't want to just go back and not finish my one whole hour, sayang 350 pesos ko!! 128517128518 so after another xx number of failed attempts, I was finally able to do it!! YAYYY!!!! 127881128165127882

It was a super tiring one hour. As in. Imagine being under the intense heat + the salty water and painful arms and eyes, and all!!! But nothing beats the fulfillment and happiness you'll get and experience once you get to stand and yes, to surf. 127940🏻

Right after that, we decided to stay for a while and swim. Enjoy the waves and the sun. 97869728127754

Baler made me somehow appreciate the beach. I still can't swim, I still hate the sun, and still not comfortable but OH MY GOD!!! THE BEACH, THE SOUND OF THE WAVES, and THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE of SURFING was just fun amazing and awesome!!! Definitely one for the books and something you MUST experience!!! 128521128521

Aside from the must see places and must try restaurants, please please go surfing. Enjoy the beach and just have fun under the sun!! Your Baler trip wouldn't be complete without it! 128521128077🏼

To trying out new things, to more adventures, and to going out of my (your) comfort zone!!! 128513127867

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5.0 Stars

What a view?!128561 from the Sabang Beach Walkway I can tell that Baler can offer so much aside from the aesthetic view of this beautiful beach. The adventure will begin through its wave. Surfers really loves Sabang Beach, playing and taking the challenge to stand on their surf board was absolutely super-dooper fun. Even me, I'm not a surfer, but trying the surfing lessons and fighting the challenges of the waves was an indescribable experience. "Masaya langssss..."

Although the sands from the Sabang Beach are not white, but its fine, I can walk through my barefeet, "Hindi mabato at masakit sa mga paa"

There were also lots of establishment at the coastline of the beach, where I can grabbed my snacks or I can dined and feel the sea breeze while eating. I also noticed that there's also rolling store selling hotcakes, scramble, pearls, jewelries, baler suman, etc.

I'm pretty sure that I will definitely going back to Baler's Sabang Beach again... Maybe next week! Hahaha 12851510084


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Maan M.
5.0 Stars

Want to get adventurous and go on a road trip this summer? Why not visit Baler?

How to get there?
For Manileños, you can take a bus (Regular or Luxury) via Genesis and Joy Bus Company, or you can bring your own car. Via private transport, it took us almost 7 hours to get here from Manila (because or some wrong turns 'coz of Waze! 1285219996🏼️). Just a piece of advice though, do your research first if you're bringing your own car and be sure to carry a lot of patience, energy, have enough rest and sleep 'coz it's a really long drive.

What to do in Baler?
Baler is known for surfing and it's the only water sport that the municipality is promoting. Surfing lessons costs P350/hour. Within Sabang Beach, there are stands offering lessons or the locals will just approach you, and you can book from there.
You'll be taught the basics in Surfing and if your Instructor is kind enough, he'll also share the tricks of the trade plus, he can be your ever reliable photographer / videographer too.

We were lucky enough that our Instructors were both nice. Not only were they giving us good waves to surf in but also decent still shots and videos worth uploading to our social media accounts. 128521

At first, you'll doubt yourself if you can stand on your board and brave the waves, but once you're there out on the sea, your adrenaline kicks in plus self-confidence is also giving you a push that you can do it! And viola, just on my 1st attempt I was successful and even screamed my lungs out when I was able to do it, even though it lasted for just a couple of seconds before that fall. Made a lot of attempts before I was able to ride the waves until near the shore. I have some pictures and videos to prove my victory. 128522128077🏼

Surfing essentials that you should not forget:
- Rashguard
- Board shorts or Leggings will do (if you don't want your tan line to reach above your knees)
- Sunblock lotion with a very high SPF for protection
- After cooling spray or gel, which you can apply after surfing
- Waterproof action camera (i.e. GoPro, Supremo, etc.), to capture those moments
- If the item above is not achievable, your smartphone with a waterproof casing or pouch will do.
- Cash to pay for your surfing lessons
- Determination, Patience, Confidence and Balance - you'll need them too

Surf not just because you'll look cool, hip & in 'coz everyone is doing it but because, you want to do it and you want to have fun. 128522128077🏼127940🏻

#WhenInBaler #Surfing101 #SabangBeach #MaansTravelDiaries

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Moira D.
5.0 Stars

Baler trip won't certainly be complete if you haven't tried surfing 127940🏽

Honestly, I was really scared at first but once you get the hang of it to ride with the waves, you will surely enjoy it 10084

Baler, particularly Sabang Beach, is considered a surfing place for first timers like me. The sand along the shore are not white but the texture of the sand will not disappoint you because it is indeed very fine. The sand could actually be an advantage for you if you fall while surfing because it may serve as a cushion 128513

Surfing lessons costs P350/hr with an instructor and a board. Our group got a couple of instructors who gave us an extra 20 more mins in surfing 9996 Thanks to the kuya surfers out there!

Going to Baler would actually take about 5-6 hrs via a private car but it would definetely be worth it if I would be reunited with the beauty of the beach and the excitement for surfing itself.

My friend and I was able to stand up at the same time while riding with the waves. We thought that it would be a nice photo once we tried holding hands together. Viola, after a few tries we managed to do it! 9786

For me, adventures would always be best experienced with our family, friends and love ones.

No wonder why everyone seems to fall for surfing. I, myself have fallen for the beach and the memorable experience it left me. I will definetely be back to Baler soon.


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Rencel D.
5.0 Stars

One must not leave Baler without making love with the beautiful Sabang beach 127754128153

I was kinda hesitant to try this since I don't usually stay long in salt water and I honestly don't know how to swim. So, to conquer that fear and to maximize my Baler getaway, I convinced myself that I gotta give this a shot.

THIS WAS ONE OF A HELLA GOOD EXPERIENCE FOR ME!! Definitely one of my fave "first time" experiences 128524

There were many kuya's who can help you surfboarding for an hour worth 300php. I wanna extend my gratitude to the kuya who exerted much effort teaching me how to surf even though I failed for 5 attempts to reach the shore. On the sixth try, I finally made it!! The feeling is heavenly! And exciting at its best! 128522

I also would like to commend the kuya's for not taking advantage that we're tourists. My friends and I actually reached Sabang beach at 6pm (Saturday) and told us that it's not advisable to surf at that time. They suggested to come back tomorrow morning at 8am for it is best to surf during high tides.

Hello, Sabang beach! Missed you already! 128153

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Peach L.
5.0 Stars

It's official, I like surfing more than wakeboarding! 128522127940

The first time I tried surfing was in a pool in Boracay with wave simulations, I didn't like it that much. Because I couldn't stand 128514 Turned out, I just have to learn it in the proper place, which is in beaches with raging waves. 128513

I went to La Union before but I wasn't able to try having lessons because I was alone and I was still kind of afraid of doing adventures alone back then... and I don't like the crowd that much coz I'm shy (yes, believe it! 128513). So when we went to Baler, I told myself that I'd ignore the crowd and just do it... besides, I have to, because it's in my bucket list. 128513

Baler is in the northern part of Luzon, in Aurora. The birthplace of President Manuel L. Quezon, you know, the 2nd president of the Republic of the Philippines. 128513

To go there, you can either ride a bus or bring your own transpo.

BUS - You can ride a Genesis bus or a Joy bus both in Cubao or Pasay. Travel time is 6-7 hrs. I think the fare in Genesis is Php500 or so. If you're lazy to drive and would rather sleep throughout the trip, take the bus.

PRIVATE VEHICLE - travel time is 6 or 8 hrs depending on how fast or slow you drive and how frequent you take pit stops. Lol. We took SCTEX and TPLEX to make our lives easier, bear in mind that although this way is faster, this is much more expensive as well because of the toll fees. Going there, we used Waze (oh thank God for Waze!), even though we had kodigo given by our companion, we still had to use this perfect app and a few stops to ask the locals... we drove there nighttime, you see. So yeah, getting lost in a place you haven't been to yet is inevitable. 128514

You'll pass by Cabanatuan City but hopefully not during their rush hour. You'll know that you're kinda near when the road starts to zigzag. Be careful when driving. The trip is scenic if you do it during the day.

When you reach Baler and the stretch of Sabang, if you haven't booked in any of the hotels yet, you can try walking in. There are a number of good resorts such as Aliya Resort (this is almost always fully-booked though), Pacific Waves, Bay-ler Inn, and Costa Pacifica. The latter is the most expensive. Other than that, most resorts are relatively affordable. 128522 I would suggest though to book in advance most especially in summer.

When you do decide to try surfing, you can just walk by the beach and find instructors. Usually it's 350/hr, it already includes the board and the instructor. But if you're checked in like for instance in Pacific Waves (that's where we stayed), you can get it for 300. The locals are really friendly and you can see the passion they have for surfing. From the kids to the old people, they know how to surf. What can you expect, they pioneered this sport here in the Philippines, but they are not the surfing capital, contrary to popular belief. Siargao is the surfing capital. Atleast it's what I've learned in their museum. 128522 There are also surfing schools/camps in some areas of the stretch. But basically it's the same.

When my first instructor on the first day taught me the basics, I thought it was a lil bit different from what was taught to me in Boracay. When I tried it the Baler way, I realized it was easier and I was able to stand just after a couple of wipe-outs 128514

I was determined to surf everyday of our stay there but the trek in Ditumabo disproved my theory that I was invincible. 128549

Personally, I loved how the waves slap me everytime I'm pushed for prep but honestly, it's more tiring than the actual surfing. And my face took a lot of beating from the waves. Lol.

According to the locals, best time for beginners is at 6am to 8am, then 10am to 12, then 3pm onwards. These are the times that the waves are perfect for those who are just starting. In between, you can just hang in any of the establishments and watch the pro surfers while sipping a cold drink and listening to Bob Marley 128522

The best time to surf in Baler according to them are during the summer because the waves are good. If you don't want to get disappointed, don't go on July-September because they said that's the time that you can barely see waves. I asked why because normally during those times, it's already rainy and windy. They said it's the reverse in Baler... July-September is sort of their "dry season".

When I asked my group whether they like wakeboarding or surfing more, the answers were varied. I told them I like wakeboarding but now I love surfing just because I have more control of it. Also because in wakeboarding, my ego always hurts more than my body. 128514128514

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Cherilyn I.
5.0 Stars

Surfing is not my thing simply because im no good in swimming. But in the end i have fallen in love with this surfing game! This beach has it all, big big big waves!

We visited this place last November (2015), and luckily we visited at the right time, oh not exactly right because it's rainy, but the locals said that it's that time of the year when the big ones are coming. (technically speaking of waves). We were so lucky enough to try it without drowning. Mind you, they are facing pacific ocean so the water is really fvcking salty! #littleadventure

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

I always make sure I visit Baler at least once a year and it has really changed over time. Big and expensive hotels have been popping up around Sabang and it has lost the peacefulness I have loved about the place. I had to walk to the far side of the beach to get some "me-time". :p

But one thing still hasn't changed - the Jollibee near the plaza is still there! Haha!

PS: The doctor told me not to swim due to my ear infection but I just had to surf again!!! 128520

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Kyle B.
5.0 Stars

Baler is one of my favourite places ever. It just has this certain something that makes me feel so at home.

Maybe it's the ocean? I'm a water baby and I absolutely love being in the water. Any body of water, really. Kahit bath tub. Choz. But Baler, even though crowded at times, makes me feel at peace.

Maybe it's the locals? The super friendly locals and surfers to be exact. I love how you can talk to them about anything, you will never be "ilang" and OP. They're also very helpful when it comes to surfing. I had lessons with Surfskwela (check them out in Instagram/Facebook). Saddam, one of the best surfers in North Luzon, owns this particular surfing school. The instructors are cool and really specific with what aspects you need to improve on. With that, I learned how to paddle on my second day!! Sid, my instructor, told me we'll go out in the open next I visit. Omg.

Maybe it's the food? Tons of new places to eat in since the first time I visited. I recommend Kusina Luntian, they have the best liempo ever. Reviewed some of the restos I visited, so check out my feed. Hahaha nag promote?!

Maybe it's the size of the place? Baler is such a small province, I think you can actually go around the place in one day. Everyone knows everyone, like one big happy family. Lol, cheesy.And the big city just tires me, so being here is an escape from everything.

I don't know, maybe it's all of the above. Baler is a place I will never get tired of. I love it so much I might consider living there. Hehe. 10084127754

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Jacqui T.
5.0 Stars

Baler is the surfing capital in Luzon because of its killer waves that every surfer wants to conquer. I am not a swimmer and definitely not a surfer. I simply love sea water. I love the smell of the sea and the sound of it.

Last Thanksgiving was our opportunity to visit this place. If you’re working in a US company, Thanksgiving is the most awaited time of your year because of the long weekend.

The next day after our tiring sightseeing and picture taking, we went to Sabang beach and decided to have a good swim with the waves. You can rent a surfboard for 400 pesos for 1 hour and they’ll train you on how to surf properly. You can also rent their rashguard for 100 pesos, but (of course) better if you have your own.

1. Choose the right surfboard.

2. Decide if you’re going to surf with your left foot in front or your right foot.

3. Popping up – You need to exert an effort and energy for this. Lie down on the board. Place your hands on the board, push-up position with your legs extended behind you. Then, in one swift motion, push yourself up and plant your feet firmly on your board. Your front foot should be facing forward and back foot facing sideways.

4. If you managed to stand on your board, try to balance yourself as long as you can and enjoy the waves.

5. Try not to fall in front of your board. Anyhow, your instructor will assist you so you can recover quickly.

I fell off so many times and drunk too much salt water, then I was able to stand the board, finally! Hubby captured it, but I was in the awkward position so I won’t be posting that picture. I stopped my session quickly because I can already see bruises on my legs and my ankle hurts due to the surfboard leash. Still, it was truly an enjoyable feeling and experience that everyone must try. Another check to my Bucket list.

Life is either a great adventure or nothing. - Helen Keller 999210084128665

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

The waves in Sabang beach are strong, hence it is an ideal place to go surf. Here, the sand is noticeably dark but fine. Because of the waves, swimming was almost next to impossible. In fact, we were laughing the whole time when we were in the water because the waves kept shoving us back to the shore. The beach itself is not deep so it makes things a little less scary when you go surfing and you're not a good swimmer.

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Zia M.
5.0 Stars

Are you brave enough to conquer the waves? The waves plus the high tide = intense experience

Baler is well known as the surfing capital of the North. So it is a must to try surfing when in Baler.

It was already raining when we got here by 3PM. My friend's family lives in Baler so they know legit surfers who can teach us. The post is located in Costa Pacifica, it costs Php 350/per sesh. I'm still nervous and thinking if I can do it.

Later did I realize that it was just like doing push-ups but intense! 128514 It took me several tries, and a lot of patience to finally stand up and balance myself in the surfboard. 128077

The black sand is so fine, you're girlfriend will get jealous! Hahaha

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Dominic D.
5.0 Stars

There are three ways to go to Baler. By car, by bus, or by plane. The most common one is to board a Genesis liner and this is the best way to do so to appreciate Baler and Sabang Beach.

Why? Being thrown from side to side as the bus makes it way the somewhat narrow roads traversing the Sierra Madre in the wee-hours has an almost hypnotizing, DeLorean-Back To The Future effect.

The result: one appreciates the majestic Sabang Beach in its best form. Of course, this isnt to say the beach isnt good the rest of the day.

What it offers, I believe, is that unparalled feeling of being one with the sun and the sea.

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Krizia Anna C.
5.0 Stars

The waves. Just wow

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Zai M.
5.0 Stars

Breathtaking view 128077🏻127754

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Maye D.
5.0 Stars

There are so many activities that you could do in Baler. By the shoreline alone, you can do biking and skateboarding. You can also tour islets and visit the museum. But of course, this is the surfing capital of the Philippines! Instead of white sand and string bikinis, you'll see gray sand and rash guards. You can't visit Baler and not surf, you'll totally miss out.

It was love at first surf for me. 10084

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Sas R.
5.0 Stars

Its my first time to trying surfing and i fell in love with it! The instructors are friendly. 300 per hour includes surfing board and instructor

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Abby C.
5.0 Stars

Got to visit the beach with my friends and I fell in love with it. I first tried surfing with an instructor and I totally enjoyed. We rented a surfboard with instructor for Php 350/hr (surfboard only:200/hr) Went back to surf on our last day and we did not notice the time that we were already surfing for 3 hrs (9-12nn) hihihi. Now my skin is very dark hahaha. I now expect my pictures during graduation haha 128584128586128584128586 still planning to go back here as soon as I can.

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