Sabang Mangrove Forest

Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Sabang Mangrove Forest
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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

After our PP Underground River Tour our tour guide suggested to us to try the Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour and all of us agreed.

We road again in the van and after few minutes we arrived in the area. We registered and paid the fee of 350 per person but my son did not join us as he was scared of our tour guide stories before we go there that we might encounter some snakes along the trip. No matter how much we convinced him he really don't want to try it. Glad our tour guide volunteered that he will be the one to look after my son so all of us can enjoy the mangrove tour without worrying for my son and he was brought inside the van and play with his ipad.

We were given life-vest, then guided us on where we will ride the paddle boat tour .

When we were already in the boat someone took a picture of us, it's their official photographer. He said thumbs up128077 and I'm used to this since our PP Underground river tour and at the Crocodile farm tour. Obviously they will sell those photos again to us once we finished the tour.

Our friendly tour guide was a girl and she was so nice and cheerful , she was telling stories on the importance of mangroves in our environment. We encountered snakes on the branches of mangrove tree and we even saw a bayawak. She even told us about the Tamilok on how good it is and good for body but we never tried.

So when we are about to go back the starting point I really enjoyed the beautiful mangrove tree and it was a different experience again , my eyes are closing and our guide noticed me so she sang and she really had a good voice. She sang both English and Tagalog version of her song and when she finished we clap our hands128079 and realize we were done with our tour. It's a 45 minutes tour. Then before we go down the photographer took a picture again.

Before we left the area, we washed our feet and we bought the photos as souvenirs. It's 250 pesos I think. We bought two pictures back and forth of our tour.

I suggest you try this mangrove tour and include this in your itinerary coz it's a different experience too if you love nature tripping

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Crystal Marie C.
5.0 Stars

If you're staying in Sabang and is planning to explore the well-known underground river in Palawan, you might as well opt to explore the Sabang Mangrove via an educational paddle boat tour. It's worth exploring and the place is so rich of wildlife; from 2 snakes hanging and sleeping soundly in the branches of the mangroves (mangrove cat snake and the popular phyton), birds singing while flying from one tree to the other, lizard climbing up so slowly and high in one of the trees to spotting a wild monkey basking in the forest ground where mangrove roots can be seen. As the river goes farther into the forest, the river narrows and becomes shallower.  On shallower parts of the river, the water spans wider through the forest grounds where roots become visible. And deeper in the forest, the mangroves stand very high above the ground. It's the highest mangroves I've ever seen so far and I salute to the people from Sabang for protecting that treasure until now. Their is also one surprise for this tour where guides pick up woodworms or ‘tamilok’, the favorite dish of the locals for a try. Though it was hard that time to find one due to heavy rainfall, I will sure try one whenever I come back to this magnificent place. 128516 #totravelandkisstheearth

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Shayne B.
4.0 Stars

Mangroves are the home of tamilok (woodworms)! 128518

We passed by here and rode a boat so we could cross to the start off point of the Jungle Trail on our way to underground river. 128522 The water is a bit mossy.... 128513 And since the water is still, expect a bunch of healthier mosquitoes.

Again, apply Off lotion! 128076🏼

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