Sabangan Beach Resort

Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Sabangan Beach Resort
4.0 Stars

4 Reviewers

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Most Recent Reviews

Yna N.
4.0 Stars

Sabangan beach is in the heart of Laiya resorts in Batangas City where blue water and rocky sands lies. The resort neighborhoods are Aquatico and Blue Water which was very famous but don't get me wrong because Sabangan beach resort has it's own uniqueness. The stretch of the beach was almost the same to each other so you really don't need those high-cost resort.

Room accomodation was very nice as we reserved for a family room (a two-storey) with it's own kitchen. We're also beside the pool! The bed was very comfy too. Food was great, a high-class Filipino cuisine. It was served controlled buffet. The staff are also friendly.

Overall, it was a great experience!!!

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Joanna B.
4.0 Stars

Went to Sabangan for a family outing. we rented out three of the cottages/houses. Rooms were just average, typical beach accommodation. But I loved how each house had a terrace at the front so we could hangout and drink there.
Accommodation came with 4 meals for each person. Buffet Set up, but if you miss the time slot then you'll just have to wait for the next meal of the day to be served.
On the beachfront, there's another well known resort located on the right. Sand isn't fine, it has loads of small pebbles but it's still pretty clean.
There are the typical banana boats, ski-jets and kayaks that you can rent out.

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Jay S.
5.0 Stars

This is where the reception took place on my college barkada's wedding. So romantic! My very first wedding reception to be held at the beach! Everything just seem perfect for the occasion. Thank God it didn't rain too or else the night's gonna be a mess.

Love the beach resort entirely! The sand is just right. Not your typical fine Boracay white sand but it is sand. Not so white too but white. You can walk without slippers on the beach. The shoreline is a but rocky though. I didn't get a chance to swim in here since it's dark already and I immediately went back to Manila early morning to go with one of my friend's car.

The cottages here are well kept. They have bidets in their toilets! A big plus for me. They even have heaters in their shower. Another big plus for me. Globe signal is a bit scarce inside the cottage but not outside on the beach where a decent 3 bars and 3G connectivity can be found. Staffs are friendly here too. Parking spot is acceptable. You just have to take your parking skills on a high since the road is sand and parking slots also have trees that needed to be avoided. Overall, I loved it not because of my friends' wedding but the place is just great! 128525

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Dianne C.
3.0 Stars

Everytime my family wants to go to laiya, we'll always stay in sabangan. Ever since 2009 so imagine how many times we've been here already, we really saw how this place improved.

As I wrote this, I'm still enjoying the cool breeze here in sabangan AND waiting for our masseuse. 128524 Aaaahhhh.. Hehe.. Anyway, back to sabangan review... It has improved quite a lot ever since 2009, and it really is a perfect getaway from the city. Such a quiet, cool and relaxing place.

Our stay includes 4 meals per person (pm snack,dinner,bfast and am snack) you don't really have to bring foods ; +1 star 'cause they let you bring foods if you want, unlike most of the resorts here. The meals here are mostly filipino cuisine, and they're quite good :)

What I don't like (-1 star) is that the sand has so many stones, and not just small ones I tell you, there were so many half-a-fist sized stones :( sad 'cause it used to have a fine sand :( but over all it's all good 128516

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