Sagada Pottery

Sagada-Besao Rd., Sagada, Mountain Province

Sagada Pottery
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Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

127932oh my love, my darling..127908 feeling demi moore lang. 128518 bucket list ✔️ it was a fun experience, for 100 pesos each person you get to do hands on pottery making. look at my very own ramen bowl.

disclaimer: the bowl has to set/ baked for a month bef you can getit so yeah wasn’t able to bring it home. 128514

while waiting for your companion’s turn, you can try their homemade yoghurt made of blueberries and mixed berries and homemade wheat cheese, chocolate and cinnamon bread.

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Sandy V.
3.0 Stars

I think the hands on fee is too much, it was only about 5 minutes and you can't even bring home what you made

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Steffhanie S.
5.0 Stars

I am the type of person who wants to try and experience new activities that there are. Laser tag, archery, surfing, boxing, etc. were some of my favorites that I could do again and again.

When we visited Sagada, I was looking forward to every first time experience that I will get to try there. Among them, during our last day, I was grateful that we didn't miss to visit Sagada Pottery.

Located near Lake Danum, Sagada Pottery is situated inside a large wooden hut at the center, elevated having a background of large, green trees.

Upon entering, you'll step into the muddy and dusty flooring that gave the place its artsy character. The sides of the hut were open, bringing in natural light and fresh air from the outside. All around, you'll see clay pots, bowls, vases, cups, containers, etc. of different shapes, sizes and colors.

After checking out on some, we stepped to the stairs that led us to Nanay Tessie Malecdab Baldo, one of Sagada's most famous potters and a resident in Sagada Pottery. She welcomed us, introduced herself and continued on doing her thing.

For P50/head, you'll get to witness her create a masterpiece from clay. I watched her closely as she kept on pushing her foot to keep the round mechanism undet her rolling as this was needed to keep the working area moving for her to be able to mold the clay. You'll see how soft and great her hands were as she was the one controlling and giving shape to the clay. It looked so hard to do but she made it look really easy.

For P100, you can have your own hands-on experience of pottery with the guidance of Nanay Tessie! Of course I cannot miss it so I sat beside her and she guided me on doing a bowl.

She asked me to wet my hands, then she was the one guiding my hands into the clay. It was soft, smooth and really feels good to touch but it was also delicate so you need to focus and maintain calm hands as to not ruin the creation. After almost 5 minutes, tada! I was able to create my own bowl. It was like magic!

Nanay Tessie informed us that it'll take almost 2 months to finish baking the bowl as it's done per batches. There's also a coloring material that will be brushed onto it to give it color.

I loved the jolliness and warmness of Nanay Tessie. It made me feel like she's a super cool grandma. Imagine her wearing a jersey and turban, cool right?

After our session, we checked out other pieces for sale, enjoyed roaming in and left the place with such happy hearts.

I'll definitely come back and learn more from Nanay Tessie, that's for sure!

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Jen L.
5.0 Stars

The demo was amazing -- less than 15 mins to mold a vase!

Prepare php25 for contribution/demo :)

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4.0 Stars

If you're a pottery lover you'll appreciate this place more.128516

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Camille T.
5.0 Stars

First time to try! Ate Dani and Allie did it so I had to strut my stuff too! Isn't that a lovely vase? Or was it a pitcher? Or baka naman ashtray? Basta, it's my work of art.

I love the clear helpful instructions of ate potter. Her demo helped but you can't really get it until you try it!

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Abegail H.
3.0 Stars

Sagada pottery is one of the tourist attractions in the area but maybe because of the crowd being less interested with it, it's rather left un dotted on the maps and even in tourist' itineraries.

We've visited the place on our way to Besao and to our surprise, it was left open without anyone inside. Different clay wares would be found here with a cap that says 'Do not touch, still delicate at this stage'. People here in Sagada sure know how to trust.

Maybe next time, will text the numbers posted infront am sure they'd be glad to teach us how to make these gorgeous souvenirs of experience.

Still 3 stars since we saw some cool hand made clay pots for free!

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