Sakon Thai

Shell Gasoline Station, SLEX-Northbound, Mamplasan, Biñan, Laguna

Sakon Thai
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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Coming back from Batangas, we stopped by this shell station to have late lunch. Hubby and I ate here while the other members of my family chose other places. It's been a while since I had Thai food and I was pleasantly surprised by this place! Very nondescript, I think you'll miss it thinking it'd just another stall selling snacks or souvenirs.
There was just one more occupied table when we went in. Prices were not bad ranging from ₱150-₱350 I think. We got the green chicken curry, pad Thai and bagoong rice. I also tried their Thai milk tea.
Food arrived in installments - the pad Thai arrived first and it was pretty good! Tasty and the noodles were nice and firm. The green curry was a bit spicy though we specified it just be mild. The bagoong rice was the most delicious one I think with generous servings of meat and delicious bagoong. However, the milk tea wasn't too good, sayang.
Pretty good experience! Makes me want to eat Thai food more often now 128522

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

We're back here in this little thai restaurant at SLEX Shell northbound for our lunner (lunch plus dinner) lol
Its been quite some time already sine we've been here and if you want something thai along the way. Yep. This place is the the answer

It was just 4:30 in the afternoon when we decided to have lunner. Upon entering the restaurant, we saw the chef, servers quickly entered the kitchen (sarap buhay). The lady server then approached us to take our orders. Applause fir the thai themed vestida. Our first order was bagoong rice right away but the it was not available. 128148
128204 seafood rice (featured)
So this we had instead. This rice plate is good for one. It has a piece of prawn, and a couple of squid cutlets. Scrambled egg. The rice was moist. As you can see in the picture, it has some kind of oyster sauce.

128204 128525 tom yum soup
Hot and sour and herby. Lemongrass was obvious. Well, it doesn't have much seafood (well i did had the last serving) one order could serve four people. What i remember is eating the mushrooms.

128204 "adobong kangkong"
Sorry. But its a thai version of our adobong kang kong. This one's sweet tasting. Same oyster sauce used.

We ordered another veggie dish but it was not that memorable.

The place was small. It can only accommodate around 20 pax. The air conditioning was cool , yeah because there were only 4 customers then. I really was not aware of the background music but it sounds like a local radio being played.

No CR inside. But the main CR is just outside where the ATMs are also. Service was moderate. Not so fast. Not so much friendly. But then the place is one of a kind and i think should be kept to have thai option around. 128540

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Pauie P.
4.0 Stars

Straving from day of work we took a stop over from Rosario Batangas to here for our dinner. Hataw for the ordered Chicken Pandan, Seafood with Hot Basil, Fish Fillet, Pork Pad Thai, Chicken Satay and 3 cups of rice for our team. Everything was good because we were really hungry. 128540128540128540

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

must try this when you get the chance to visit slex northbound shell.

small place but it does serve you good food.
the bagoong rice was exeptional. the veggies werent msg-ized.

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