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Maria, Siquijor

Salagdoong Beach Resort
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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

To complete our Visayas escapade, I decided to include a day trip to Siquijor Island. One of the things that convinced me to go to this place was the popular Salagdoong Beach in Maria. Before our trip, I've seen beautiful photos of this beach and I couldn't helped myself but to fall inlove.

We rode a roro from Dumaguete Port to Siquijor Port. Travel time is two hours. When we reached the pier, we hired a tricycle driver/tour guide to explore us on the different tourist spots of the island. One of the tourist spots is the Salagdoong Beach.

P100 - Roro fare per way
P1,000 - Whole day group tour fee
P50 - Entrance fee per head
P20 - Parking fee
P250 - Burger we bought near the pier

Siquijor is surrounded by beautiful beaches. As our boat approached the shore, I could see how clear the water is as well as the fine white sands.

Our day tour in Siquijor started off in the morning and our last stop was the Salagdoong Beach Resort. The road is rough and bumpy. There are mangroves and trees scattered on our way through the resort.

Salagdoong Beach is a public resort and there were lots of people when we arrived. There are available cottages, rooms for rent, restrooms, and restaurant inside. We didn't avail any cottages since we didn't stay longer because we need to catch the last roro trip in the afternoon.

The sand is made up of dead small corals and shells. It not as fine like in any other beaches but the color is white. The sea water, as expected, is clear and blue.

The higlight of Salagdoong Beach Resort is their cliff jumping. They have two jumping platforms which I was scared to try because they don't have lifeguards nor lifevests. So, falling is risky. Kurt tried the highest one and according to him, it was heart-pumping.

Our experience here was fun though we were just two traveling. Just like what I've said, I'll come back in Siquijor again and check out other beaches such as the San Juan.


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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

Salagdoong Beach Resort is a public beach everyone can enjoy. Similarly associated with the resort around its area, people can have their family gatherings here and enjoy the beach. Other activities includes cliff diving of as high as 7 meters. There are no life guards, life vests or anything available so you have to be careful when attempting to jump. Entrance fee is at Php 25, but that doesn't include cottage rental of Php 100 at minimum. Two public wash rooms are available for those on day tour only. Do not expect anything from the wash rooms though cause it's government owned and well it's a public wash room. Oh yeah, this is government owned so it amazes me how the government can at least maintain such resort. Hands down to Siquijor LGU!

The beach is with fine white sand though a little rocky compared to the others. The color of the water is beautiful. Blue green and deep blue to be exact. It's such a beautiful view.

For the adventurous side of Siquijor, you cannot miss jumping it off that cliff. The water is inviting too so why not?

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

Included on our php1000 worth of tour was this famous public beach in Siquijor called "Salogdoong beach" located in the town of Maria. This is the last stop on our tour as this is the farthest among the others. From here it took us another hour to finally get back to the port.

The road to this beach is breathtaking. While riding a habal-habal, you can see the waters surrounding the island from afar. Then you'll pass by Salogdoong forest which kinda looks like Bohol's man-made forest. It was a breezy and cold ride.

Upon reaching the gate of the beach, we paid a total of 70php for our entrance and parking fee. We immediately went on the top of a cliff where the slide was located to have a breathtaking view of the beach. It was amazingggg!!!! The water is crystal clear. The beach does have white sand, but there were corals and pebbles scattered all over.

Aside from the beach, many people go here because of their big slide. It will get you directly to the beach. They also have 2 cliff diving platforms. I sat in the highest cliff diving spot to get a photo and I think it is more or less 30ft. Just looking down from there gave me goosebumps. What more if I jumped. By the way, the slide and cliff diving platforms were closed the time we went. Our tour guide just removed the mini gate made of wood so that I can enter.

There were only few people when we visit. There were cottages all over the place. They also offer room accommodations. Their restaurant is quite big though we were not able to try the food. Colorful flowers are also present around the area. Eventhough it's a public beach, it is really well-maintained! The beach with aquamarine/turquoise water will make you come back again and again. 128521

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Isla Del Fuego,  Siquijor to the layman.  An island surrounded by folklore and mysticism.  Unlike the others,  i was completely enchanted by this mystical island. 

We were greeted by the crystal clear waters at the port.  Yes,  the port....that's how beautiful the island is.  The water surrounding the port is as clear as Dane DeHaan's baby blue eyes.  The locals are equally friendly and greeted us with warm smiles.

One of the beaches we visited is Salagdoong.  This is quite popular among the tourists and the locals.  Salagdoong is a public beach.  When we visited,  there were a lot of locals lounging around with their friends and families.  Kids running around having a field day frolicking by the crystal clear water.  The adventure seekers are defying gravity by cliff diving. 

Isla Del Fuego is one of the best places I've visited.  Don't let the rumors of witchcraft deter you from visiting this island.  Every minute spent is truly worth it.


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Jess R.
5.0 Stars

How can something as beautiful as this be so scary? 128561128558127946128166 This by far is the scariest cliff jump I've ever done and it definitely was a surreal experience. 128514 It's a 20-25 ft jump and I only got to finally do it by looking at the horizon. I was surprised to find while falling that you can take another breath as you fall. I was like "aaaaahhhhhhh... Where the fudge is the water.. Ahhhhhh" You'd definitely have the time to question your decision as you fall. 128516 I'm glad I did it and can't wait to go back to Siquijor to try it again.

Even if you can't make the jump, the view from the deck is worth the trip. 9786

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ferisb L.
3.0 Stars

Salagdoong beach was fierce when we visited it last year halloween time. The photo will show you the anticipation and excitement when we first went in for a swim and the after picture that showed us in much disarray 128514 The locals however did not have a hard time swimming with the crashing waves and the current churning like washing machine. The sand is not as powdery fine as some beaches we got so you have to watch out for rocks when you walk. The water is clear though.

This place is a public beach and you have to pay P50 for maintenance fee. But the thing is its restroom is very much not maintained and can only accomodate one at a time. I really needed to pee when I arrived that time but the queue was long 128529

Salagdoong was and will be recommended by locals since this is easily accessible but given the choice I will go for other beaches in Siquijor when I go back.

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Jeanne Stephanie E.
5.0 Stars

While in Siquijor, this is part of our private tour. After we visited the old enhanted balete tree, we went here. The beach resort is not that big but the place is beautiful. The water is so clear. Saw a lot of foreigners (tourists and living already in Siquijor) this is not just an ordinary beach resort, there is a slide, a bridge going to the rock formations... Best place to take photos and it's not crowded. Maybe because there are several beach resorts to choose from. We only stayed here for 30 mins because our time is limited and we have to get back to the port before it gets dark. #scaredofaswang #12days

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Zia M.
5.0 Stars

It was my first ever legit cliff diving experience! 128526

This is their famous beach resort in Siquijor where people (most of the tourists) flock.

Pay for Php 50.00(?) per head to enjoy the whole area. We didn't much stay here because there are a lot of people!!! i suggest you visit this place on a weekday, to avoid the crowd.

You could dine at their restaurant, stay for the night and drink some beers to chill out.

Well, we only did the cliff diving.
Note: Only 3 of us did. The 2 of us chickened out. 128518

It was one hell of an experience! 128587🏼

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Justin J.
3.0 Stars

This is probably the most popular resort in Siquijor. But the beach is quite so so. I think it's like their public resort or something.

The main attraction for me though is the cliffdive sites. The one i'm sitting at over there is almost 4-5 storeys high! I was so excited to jump, but management wouldn't let us because the waters were shallow during the time.

From the view we had over at that spot, we were able to see Pawikans! They looked so majestic even from afar. Maybe I should go back and visit Apo Island to swim with them.

Bad food service though. Way too slow.

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Tei A.
5.0 Stars

Beautiful!! White sand beach, though not that as fine as Bora, clear waters and best part of all, no crowds! Perfect! 128076127754

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Jonas R.
4.0 Stars

The clear and clean blue-green waters of Salagdoong Beach Resort in Siquijor is so inviting to cliff dive. What hinders me to do it is the feeling that no one's there to catch me when I fall.

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Blezyl Joy S.
5.0 Stars

Calm water for a quick escape. :)

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