SaLido Restaurant

101 Retiro St. cor. Speaker Perez St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

SaLido Restaurant
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Sean C.
3.0 Stars

We enjoyed our food. Service was a littl offhand and under-interested in the beginning, but warmed to us over the course of the meal.

In fact there were a number of things about this place that reminded us of Hong Kong. Not just the service.

But despite that, they have a strady clientele. This is evidenced by the banks of coffee mugs behind the counter. Hundreds if them each marked with a person's name. The story goes, that if you go there on a daily basis, you get your own mug. Now that's an interesting loyalty program. Easy to manage, cheap to maintain, and very personal.

Trouble is, as mentioned in another post, most of the clientele is of the senior citizen variety. Must cost them a fortune in senior discounts!

Try the syphon coffee. It's good.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

'Pan to'

After badminton with friends, we went to sa lido.. Sabi nila may 2 kinds daw, the original and the fake. Idk whoch is it 'lido' or 'sa lido'?

Anyway, we ordered set A dishes.
1/2 roasted asado
Pancit canton
Lumpiang shanghai
8 treasure soup
Sautéed mixed vegetables
Steamed fish fillet with soy sauce
Salido ried rice.
Mango sago

We did order additional 'sua he' in english shrimp.

The roasted asado was good, i liked the sauce. Tender moderately jiucy

Pancit canton was the least favorite. May tinge ng sabon pa. Joy na may safeguard? We ddnt bother to raise it kasi mejo tolerable nmn... Tinge lng nmn ksi.

Dahil sa soup numb nnmn ang dila ko.. It was good, pero the usual na kailangan pa lagyan ng black vinegar.

The fish used was cream dory. Others ddnt bother to eat much becoz they believe cream dories are dirty... But i ate around three.. It's good to add immunity sometym

The vegetables were ok...

The rice was good. I just failed to eat much of it.. I like the abundant chorizos tossed in it.

The mango... Were quite sour. Halatang they used diffrent mangoes sa puree and cubes kasi ung puree is matamis.

The crew were very accomodating... About the water refills, very attentive which glass needs to be refilled.

They have internet connection, BUT it was freakin' SLOW...

However they were very fast in servibg our food

Okok lng.. Ordinary for me

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Anrey C.
4.0 Stars

Had our lunch/dinner here yesterday.
Really don't know that it's a new branch since it's my first time 128517128522128513 thanks for looloo crews effort for looking for it and adding it to their database 128077,
Well about the place, it's good place to eat for family and others..the ambiance is nice, yung napuntahan naming seat nasa likod namin ang aquarium kya kitang kita namin ang pagkakahuli sa king fish na order namin na parang kelan lang lumalangoy pa, pagka order namin, after some minutes nasa table na namin at nagsiswimming sa sauce ..poor fish.. I'm feeling sorry for him/her.. Also with the fish is the brocoli, chicken ( I don't know the name of recipe, all thing i know it's kind of spicy, with sweet chili sauce).,
and asado?, it's look like asado just like the picture in their portrait but it taste like ham.. and the rice, yang chow yta yun na maraming design at green umaapaw kya ni take out namin yung natira tsaka yung asado? Hihi.. Ok namn yung place, konting polish pa,. But understandable naman dahil mukhang bagong bukas nga lang..
At dahil nasa likod namin yung aquarium kya libang na libang si gills kaya pabalik balik at sinisilip si king crab at yung ibang fish na lumalangoy128032128032..and the crew, they are nice naman and attentive o baka dahil kami pa lang costumers that time 128517128513128513
I think it's a chinese it??

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