Salliano's Restaurant & Bar

9 Guerilla St. cor. Mayor Gil Fernando Ave., Marikina, Metro Manila

Salliano's Restaurant & Bar
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Manfred M.
4.0 Stars

My Marikina foodtrip just started to grow this week. I do find it remarkable that restaurants in Marikina are starting to grow by leaps and bounds. Last September 23, 2015, Brian Macasa invited me to try out one of the up and coming restobars in Marikina- Salliano's Restaurant and Bar. Located at Guerilla Street, near Bluwave Marikina, this venue is fast becoming a popular place for families who want to celebrate get-togethers and barkadas who crave a quiet watering hole. The place had its Grand Launch about 4 days ago, or September 19, 2015. The opening act that time was the notable Filipino electronic pop band Up Dharma Down. It was actually the first dining place in the east side that brought a notable musician.

During my visit, the owners explained that Salliano's was born out of the long-time friendship of their barkada who had been classmates since Grade 1. According to them, a lot of them have no prior experience running a restaurant save for one of their friends who have operated the famous Kanto Freestyle Breakfast located in Kapitolyo, Pasig and Marikina. They admit that they designed the place from the ground up without the aid of an architect or interior designer. Each of the co-owners chose spaces to design and create which ultimately expressed their unique personal preferences.

The place had an environment that reminded me of a high-end restobar in one of the more densely populated places in the Metro. I do love the use of dark colors and wood motifs to express a classy and laid-back vibe at the same time. Also, it is evident that the owners took meticulous planning to offer only the best to the customers.

The name Sallano's, according to one of the owners, was given to the place to evoke a family-friendly vibe. To them, the name inspires a homey environment where people can have great food and drinks with remarkable taste at affordable prices. They also claimed that the menu was built from old family favorites prepared by their lolos and lolas. Some of the favorites are made from age-old recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Hence, the dishes that were served were composed of Spanish and Filipino favorites with a twist.

For starters, we had the Country Fried Chicken. This set of crispy chicken wings showered with gravy made a magnificent appetizer. Upon every bite, one can taste the high-quality seasoning and spices coupled with tender meat. I also appreciate the fact that the meat was pretty easy to separate from the bones. The Fish and Chips, on the other hand, were a no-fuss appetizer that one can just easily chew into. The potato wedges were fried just perfectly while the fish was not too oily. The tartar sauce that came with it served to balance the salty flavors of the fish and potatoes. Lastly, the Three-cheese Artichoke dip with French Bread was a welcome addition to balance out the fried goodness of the two previous dishes. The inclusion of artichoke into the dip served as a healthy premise to the mound of cheese that came into the dip. Also, the artichoke served to sweeten the dip. Even I couldn't resist tasting the dip multiple times to savor the unique taste. In sum, these appetizers were simply a taste of better things to come.

Next, the meat offerings were laid out for us to see and taste. We first tried the huge Meatballs ala Salliano's. These were 3 huge ground pork balls that were drenched in a special Italian meat sauce. These were served with Pita bread. I'd say that the meat was pretty tender and chewy. There were no burnt parts; and the tomato sauce served to enhance the already tasty meat. I also loved the fact that the balls didn't crumble so easily. We also had Osso Buco, which consisted of beef shanks swimming in gremolata sauce. This classy version of caldereta gave the roadside carinderias a run for their money. The sauce was the star of the show. While a bit oily, the taste was a glorious melange of beef marrow, tendon, and meat. Add to that the tender beef shanks; and you have a dish that can serve as viable viand for steamed white rice. The highlight of the night, though, was the Pugon Fired Sallano's Pork Crackling which evoked feelings of joy. One can be elated at the fact that this dish had meat that melted in ones mouth and skin that was crispy with every bite. No one would really mind their cholesterol level as they devoured the dish till the very end. Lastly, the Callos or Ox Tongue would do better as pulutan for the hardiest of drinks. The bitter taste seems to be a perfect companion for a swig of beer or liquor.

The carb-rich meals are also remarkable. Take for instance their pasta variants such as Pasta de Mariscos and Truffle Carbonara. The latter is complemented by a helping of shrimp and tomato sauce, while the latter is drenched in olive oil and white sauce. Between the two, I prefer the Truffle Carbonara for its mellow taste and oily texture. The pasta was firm and wasn't soggy. Also, it came equipped with a generous helping of bread. The Pasta de Mariscos is for seafood lovers who can't get enough of it with their pasta. It had the typical salty taste of shrimp added with the sweetness of tomato sauce.

To cap it off, we had their special Paella ala Salliano which was special rice topped with chorizo, mussels, and shrimp cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, and other condiments. According to the owners, the rice was specially sourced from a secret distributor. Also, nothing but the finest ingredients were used to comprise the toppings. Upon tasting, I found that the paella was a bit bitter yet rich. The mix was a bit moist and the texture was a bit sticky, true to one's expectation of the dish. I do love the fact that the dish didn't have a dominating sweet or sour taste, and instead focused to create a flavor of its own.

The drinks and dessert were refreshing, to say the least. I tried their caramel and mocha frappes which were at par, if not better, than that of a leading coffee chain in the country. It wasn't too sweet, and there was a generous helping of milk and cream in the drink. The dessert, called Castarones, reminded me of cassava cake with a dash of mango. It had a moderately sweet taste with a very rich texture that brimmed with a bright yellow color. The term Castarones came from the mix of custard and macaroons, two of the desserts that comprise this magnificent combination. As I chewed into it, I could taste the cocount shavings that sharpened the flavor. The mango, on the other hand, served to mellow the latter. I give the owners a kudos for inventing this innovative dish.

My visit was a truly memorable one. The delightful mix of Filipino fusion cuisine served in a chill ambiance is truly something I would love to come back to in the future.

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Lon M.
5.0 Stars

Their quarter pounder burger and country fried chicken are the bomb!

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Pauline D.
3.0 Stars

Laid back, relaxing ambiance. I really loved the outdoor seating scheme + the live band.

We tried their Hungarian Sausage, chicken wings, sisig. All good! Yummy and satisfying. 128076🏼

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Camille C.
3.0 Stars

My family went here for lunch on a Sunday. The place wasn't packed, maybe because it was raining kinda hard.

There's a bar outside and an air conditioned section inside. We went inside since the bar's unmanned.

Our initial order was the paella, BBQ platter and garden salad, thinking these are all for sharing. I was informed immediately that the paella would take 30-45mins to serve. We we're already hungry at this point but we still continued to order it and decided to just order an appetizer so we can munch on something already.

After mentioning the BBQ platter, the waiter tells us that it was on hold, and not available. Okay, so we just changed our order. We ordered BBQ and Beef Ribs and meatballs instead, cancelled the paella and ordered 3 garlic rice. We also added nachos.

The waiter went back to us after a while to inform us that all salads and the nachos were bot available too! This is especially frustrating since we really wanna eat already. We ended up replacing the missing items with the chili chicken wings and pizza margarita.

Was getting a bit paranoid every time a waiter comes to our table already because they might tell us again that something's not available haha.

So for the review of the food:

Nutty chili chicken wings - this one's good although there's no chili and the nutty part was just the peanuts garnished on top. It's an asian version of chicken wings, sweet, salty, soy-flavored. The wings come with a honey mustard dipping sauce. We munched on this so fast it was gone in 5 minutes.

Pizza Margarita - it's good, too, but nothing special.

Meatballs with Pita Bread - the meatballs are huge, like larger than a golf ball. We found the flavor a bit weird for us. The meatballs are more Mediterranean flavored when I was expecting Italian. The pita bread wasn't even toasted so it was super chewy.

BBQ and Beef Ribs - this is one piece of pork barbecue and one piece of rib with a side of salsa, coleslaw and grilled corn. Both are a bit though, the flavor in the barbecue was good but the rib was a bland. The rice that comes with it is java I think, and was on the mushy side.

We paid around 1,500 for all these. Honestly, the food is a bit pricey and a lot can be improved. Was really disappointed that almost everything we wanted to order were not available.

Knowing my family, they wouldn't want to be back here soon. They were disappointed by the food and it's just not sulit.

I might go back here for drinks, tho. I want to try the sausage platter and maybe wine or cocktails. :)

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Ciox L.
3.0 Stars

They are still on soft opening, so I'm hoping the food will still improve.

We got the Truffle Carbonara and the Beef Brisket. My husband and I felt that both dishes seemed a bit dry, especially since a generous serving of sauce could have considerably improved the so-so taste. And given that, I found it pricey at 200++ per dish.

The place was very spacious, and the staff was friendly and efficient. No problem too with the parking here.

I do wish they still make improvements because I find the place really promising.

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Lon M.
5.0 Stars

Had this "man burger" last night! Patty was very juicy and tasty! Would highly recommend

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Aileen L.
4.0 Stars

A newly opened restaurant & bar at the heart of Marikina.

Salliano's is another addition to a must try resto in Marikina. Finally I was able to go there last Saturday night with hubby. It's beyond my expectation. Located at #9 Guerilla St. Gil Fernando Ave Marikina City. It's just near Bluewave Marquinton,

It's a Saturdate dinner with hubby. You don't need to worry about the parking, they will find one for their customer and the guards will assist you and they were very approachable.

The place was spacious, modern resto bar and grill. It's not the typical resto & bar that you think that was noisy, crowded, and smoky. It's an elegant type of bar that offers a very affordable price. Best to have dinner with special someone , family gatherings and gimmick with friends.

The place was divided into two. The smoking area where you can see the young ages drinking and has sound system outside the resto. But for people like us who wants a formal dinner , we dine inside, relaxing, romantic , and I love the ac there,

We got the table that fits perfectly for two person , it's actually at the corner and you can see the good view outside, then I can view also their open kitchen , chefs are busy preparing the food.

Hubby ordered carbonara , while I had the Sallianos Beef Brisket. The presentation was very modern and the price was affordable. For dessert we had custaroon and we liked it so much 128077

They don't have yet wifi but it's okay coz I was able to enjoy every moment while dining there. They have friendly staff and service was fast.

I heard that their meatballs is good here also. They are opened until 12am on weekdays and 1am on weekends. Now I know where to go in case we need to wine and dine on those days. For sure I'll be back.

Add this to your Marikina food bucketlist127860

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Lon M.
5.0 Stars

Meatballs as big as a fist!? Champion! Place was very homey with nice friendly staff 128512

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