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Katherine C.
5.0 Stars

This was our second time in Samgyupsalamat. The first one was in ATC and altho the food is okay, the long queue was off putting (we waited for an hour).

We tried this branch in Aguirre Ave and what do you know, we got seated immediately! Whoopee. :)

For P499 we had different choices of pork and beef. We particularly liked the gochoojang beef samgyup. Since our last visit, they now offer a new sauce and cheese dip. I love the cheese dip as it's light and tangy, unlike that offered in another Korean BBQ restaurant which has a sharper taste.

Love the steamed egg also and the soup. :)

Service wise, it's easy to call the staff for refills.

Very happy about this restaurant, over all.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Naka chamba din! 128517 There are actually 2 samgyupsalamat branches along aguirre Ave and each time we would give it a try, we were always dissuaded by the long lines. We were on our way to another resto in bf a few weeks ago when we saw that there were few cars parked, went down and asked if there's an available table for 2 and yes, there was!
Place is quite busy but staff is active and helpful even if the restaurant is almost always full. We got the beef and pork set for ₱499 I think which comes with different cuts and flavors of both beef and pork. You choose 2 variants first to cook and when you're done you can choose again. I think this is a good system to avoid wastage. The banchan were all good as well. However, I noticed that the meat as well as the sides were a bit sweet - Filipinized to suit the market. There were no Koreans at all in the resto 128522 I guess this is why it's such a hit!
Food taste and quality was good, service was great as well but I don't see myself lining up for more than 20 mins for this.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Aguirre street in BF Paranaque is one of the well known food spot in the metro but this place is also well known as one of the Koreantown in Metro Manila. When you pass by the area for sure you’ll see left and right a Korean restaurant or grocerry. So I was surprised when Samgyupsalamat one of the expanding unli korean barbeque franchise. I was thinking at first this will be a wrong move since the Korean restaurant in the area are already well established. To my surprise I was very wrong! The place is always jampacked with a queue outside. Wow good job!
So here I was invited by my officemate to celebrate her birthday. This is also my 1st time to try out the place. The place offer to option 449PHP for 5 kinds of pork meat and 499PHP if with the addition of 4 kinds of beef. Pricewise it wasn’t bad and I like that there were no time limit you can start eating at 3pm and exit at 2am if you have really good appetite haha.

First the korean side dish (banchan). The steamed egg and soup were my fave. The most important kimchi was a thumbs down for me. It didn’t got the spicy and got a different taste to it. The fish cake was also one of the Banchan that I enjoyed. The other sides was not that good for me.

For the meats, at first I really enjoyed the flavorful marinated meats like boolgogi and gochujang. Love the sweet barbeque flavored charcoal grilled meat. As we progress eating we move to the plain beef samgyup and dae-pae. Simple no marinate meat. A simple dip on the sesame oil gave this plain meat a delicious authentic flavor. Other notable meat choice was the Bul-Jib. If you are a fan of thick cut meat this will be a good option for you.

Overall you get a good return from the less than 500PHP you paid for the unli meat. Need improvement would be ventilation of the place there are just some part where the aircon blow away the smoke from the grill directly to the other table hehe. Another thing a bit of customer service training to some of the staff but some of them are really nice. Just some of the staff was a bit road este rude pala.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Unlimited Korean pork and beef? YES YES YES!!!! 🤗🤗 Sabi ko diet na kasi new year, but nope! Food is lyf!! 128514

We arrived around 1230pm and we were 7th in line. 128563 But I think we only waited for 30mins? Not bad considering that most people are really staying here para sulit yung unli.

Side Story: when we arrived, there were like 5 vacant tables but they never offered them. Weird that when our name was called, we were seated in one of the vacant tables. 🤨🤨🤨🤨

* 11am-3pm (Unli Pork: 399; Unli Pork & Beef: 449)
* 3pm-onwards (Unli Pork: 449; Unli Pork & Beef: 499)

They have 4 different types of pork and beef available. Our favorites would be the Pork Samgyupsal because it was already tasty even without any marinade and for the beef, the Beef Bulgogi and Gochoojang Beef Samgyup (Spicy Beef). The beef was tender and the size was just right that it was not too hard cooking them. Our #1 fave would be the bulgogi because everything about it was just right - right level of saltiness and sweetness. Masarap siya. 🤗 The spicy beef was also equally good because anything Korean that’s spicy is yummy!! 128518

The sides are unlimited and we all enjoyed the spring onion salad and kimchi the most. And oh, the greens were also fresh and clean. 128540 The steamed egg was surprisingly good as well.

I also liked that they give warm water instead of cold water. 128077🏼

SERVICE was kind of slow since the place was packed but servers are nice so oki na.


| FOOD: 4/5
| SERVICE: 3/5

Worth the try? YUUP!! 128077🏼

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