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Anch B.
4.0 Stars

It’s been a long time since i last ate japanese food so i’m glad that me and my friends are having our Christmas dinner here!

Here’s what we ate:

• Scallop and Cheese roll (P268)
Two of my favorites in one sushi!! Ah, bliss. I loved this mainly because it’s the type of sushi that just melts in your mouth. I would say though that if you eat the scallops separately, it will taste a little bit fishy. But nonetheless i love it.

• Sizzling Beef (P368)
This one is just okay. Reminds me of Pepper Lunch though. My partner wanted to try this to see the difference and honestly there is none. I honestly prefer Pepper lunch over this overpriced sizzling beef.

• Chicken Teriyaki Fried Rice (P296)
This one is really good!! I loved everything about it. Their chicken teriyaki was really tender and it went well with everything. Don’t let the the photo fool you. This one is really big. I was hungry when i ordered this but i only finished half of it.

• Chicken Teriyaki (P268)
My friend ordered this and it she said it was really good!!

Overall i liked this place. Will come back here soon to try their other dishes.

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Ms Y.
4.0 Stars

liked their cruncu maki roll as well as thei chasu ramen. However, i dont think they have a unique recipe or taste from other Japanese restaurant.
Ambiance is great but not im not a fan of wide square tables.

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Carmina D.
3.0 Stars

The good:
1. The Dynamite Roll was really yummy. I really liked the creamy, sweet, and spicy combo. Topped with wasabi, it was just heaven. So that was good.

Not so good:
1. My miso soup came a bit late. I had to follow it
up with the server after I was pretty much done with the Dynamite Roll.
2. The first batch of soy sauce served was extremely salty. Parang "latak" na lang. I asked for a fresher batch and it was loads better. Staff should really pay attention to the condiments per table.
3. Service was generally slow even if the place was already winding down. We went around 8:30pm.
4. Tuna was no longer available (any dish). Sad face.

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Angel U.
4.0 Stars

On Last Thursday, craving for Jap Food and heading here,

127843 Dynamite Roll
127831 Seaweed Karage (forgot the real name of food 128517)
127857 Ordered Kakiage (Vegetable Tempura)
128031 Salmon with Wasabi Cream Sauce

Overal, all not bad, could improve a little bit, somehow the first time eat here much better than second time, but Dynamite Roll is really worth to try, really kick in the spiciness

Damage total around P1.3k

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Tenten C.
4.0 Stars

Alright alright. I admit, i like this place enough that when I crave sushi.. I'll go here.

Cravings satisfied! Ordered many!

Still no improvement on the air condition. But our server Charles was very accommodating and hospitable.

Would definitely go back here!! 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

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Angel U.
4.0 Stars

So i'm trying Sandaime at Eastwood on yestersay, actually looking for Mr. kurosawa however the restaurant has been close and replaced by Sandaime.

So the ambience is not bad & quiet (maybe because I came early)

I ordered,
1. Seafood conspiracy
2. Vegetable Kakiage
3. Tempura Zaru-Soba
4. Oyster Overload

I thought, it won't be so many for the portion because all I know, Japanese food always small portion, in the end when the food been served, the portion is really huge,

The Seafood conspiracy, fresh salad tossed with Mixed Seafood, taste really good.

The Kakiage is crunchy and the tempura sauce is good as well,

The Soba, is good and the last is Oyster Overload, cheesy oyster topped with bacon bites, it's really perfect blend,

Love this place, definitely will come back

P.S. It's really worth of pocket too total spend, 1300

P.P.S. They give an ice-cream for birthday too, yehey!!

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Tenten C.
5.0 Stars

I lovvvveee Japanese Food!!!

And when I see a great restaurant serving great Japanese cuisine. I jump like a kid in a candy store.

This restaurant delivered on good quality fish and food.

Salmon and Tuna were fresh and dried properly. Tempura is done well too. They used Japanese rice for our don bowl. It was so good!! Miso soup is yummy as well!! 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

Ebi tempura is done well with crisp coating and very light and flavorful dipping sauce. 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

Ambiance is okay. But the restaurant didn't have good air conditioning. It was sort of hot during our stay. But good food masked it out. So it was all good.

Service was okay too, it was a busy Saturday night.

Overall, would definitely go back to Sandaime to try their other menu offerings & sink myself into good japanese comfort food. 128522128522128522

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Apollo A.
3.0 Stars

This is former Mr Kurusawa first time to eat here the food is almost similar to kurusawa they just add few variety and I tried the sizzling salmon it would be perfect if they will lessen the oil even the rice is very oily. Chicken karage box is just ok and also oily even the gyoza is oily. The winner for the night is the ramen Teishoku Shoyu love the soup and noodles its really good. I like this place even its crowded the place still look very decent and the interior have details, service is fast with friendly staff and price is just ok.

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

Last Saturday night was meant for my BFF's late birthday celebration! After days of indecisiveness on what to do and where to eat, we've finally agreed to bring back memories from our college days and go back to Eastwood, altogether!

We were scouting for new restaurants within the area. There were so many new ones that I wanted to try including Kettle, Chelsea Kitchen, etc. Along the line of these restos is a new Japanese restaurant that replaced the old Mr. Kurosawa, we saw Sandaime. My BFF and I scanned the menu for a while and both realized that yes, this is the place where we shall gain more and more calories together!

From the outside, you'll see a simple yet elegant looking restaurant that is decorated with the generic looking Japanese lanterns, color red with Japanese writings in it. The glass tables partnered with chairs with bamboo sitting cushions were comfortable enough that we didn't notice that we stayed there for almost 2 1/2 hours, while purely eating and chit-chatting our lives out.

Upon entering the dim lighting of the premises, it was really packed with couples, families, and friends who seem to enjoy the dishes right in front of them. We were seated at the far left side of the area, near the glass windows and it was a bit hot there, probably because the place was full too. Nevertheless, I still loved the experience we had here.

Menus were given to us by a waitress dressed in a Japanese dress, the long, black straight dress with high slits in front, accented with the color red lining and some Japanese characters in it. The Japanese vibe, feel and aura was achieved and made even better by the grooming and aura of the servers.

Upon checking the menu, we were really surprised with the thickness of it, with so many pages come so much variety of food items to choose from! Imagine the pages were almost twenty five to thirty, that can be a storybook for kids already! You'll be able to really think well and choose what you really want to eat as the items all have photos in it. Photos do help in the decision-making, right? So, from the katsu and curry sets, to ramen and yakisoba bowls, to sashimis, rolls and makis, to so much more salads, grilled and baked seafoods to surprising desserts, be ready for a challenge because everything in their menu looked really good, so there goes a hard time on what to devour on!

So after almost twenty five minutes of deciding, we've finally trimmed down our choices to the following:

1. Spicy Tuna Salad (P268)
2. Crunchy Tuna Roll (P208)
3. Salmon Sashimi (P289)
4. Chicken Curry Katsu Set (338)
5. Pork Katsu (P288)
6. Salmon in Wasabi Cream Sauce (398)
7. Banana Split

Imagine a group of four girls eating like there's no tomorrow, oh that's life. We all deserve to eat and eat until our very last breath!

The plates, bowls and silverwares given to us were really heavy and seems like they're made from marble, making the dining experience even more exciting and something to look forward to because of the nice plates and utensils.

The Spicy Tuna Salad looked really generously served. It can be shared by two to three pax and it's really a good dinner meal starter. The romaine lettuce were served cold, from medium to large bite sizes that were really crispy and crunchy, made even better with the sweet and sour taste of the thousand island dressing, topped with the huge cube slices of raw tuna, really soft and fresh with every chew you take.

The Crunchy Tuna Roll served came in six pieces. The Japanese rice of the roll was really thick and sticky, making the fillings inside including the tuna, nori and lettuce come strong altogether with its really refreshing and filling taste. Aside from the tuna inside, there were crunchy tuna bits on top of the roll, making it more visually pleasing to the eye. These rolls came with a brown sauce that almost tasted like a katsu's sauce. I tried dipping some part of the roll in it but I didn't get to appreciate the taste it added so I decided to stick with the safe yet really yummy mixture of soy sauce with calamansi, mixed with lots of wasabi.

The Salmon Sashimi came and we were all like looking so excited with our large eyes saying WOW because the slices were really thick, long and huge! The perfect color orange of the salmon guaranteed the freshness of the raw dish. Upon the initial bite, the soft texture of the salmon will make you want to eat it as fast as you could but you would also want to savor it and make sure that every bite is as heavenly as it can get. Its authentic taste was more hyped once you put some lime in it.

The Chicken Curry Katsu Set was the order of my best friend. This is really for the hungry and the big eaters. The meal came with complete set from the miso soup, cabbage salad, Japanese rice, the chicken curry meal and fruits on the side. (Imagine Yabu.) Every item was served in unlimited portions except the main dish. The curry's strength was balanced in such a way that it doesn't smell and taste too strong, both were just right enough for my palette. The fried chicken strips weren't too oily and the chicken fats made it juicier and more tasteful. I loved the stickiness of the rice, making it go really well with the curry sauce and the bell peppers on it.

The Pork Katsu was the order of my other girl friend. The pork lacks some tenderness and juiciness. It's a bit dry and tasteless actually, the reason why there's some katsu sauce on the side. The pork would probably taste even better if there were fats with it. Good thing there was some cabbage salad on the side that gave some livelier taste on the quite dull dish.

My order for sharing with another girl friend was the Grilled Salmon in Wasabi Cream Sauce. As we were both salmon fanatics, we really found a hard time deciding what salmon dish to choose from but definitely, this dish didn't disappoint. The perfect color pink look of the salmon served right in front of us made us so so so happy! The look itself is awesome so yeah, the taste was so delicious too! The fish was cooked to perfection, juicy, soft and really chewy. What made it even yummier was the Wasabi Cream Sauce that I would really really go back for! The creaminess and milkiness of the white sauce reminded me of the usual Carbonara sauces. What made it exceptional was the taste of the wasabi that was exactly right enough to give that spicy kick that will make you want to partner it with more rice. This item was one of the nicest out-of-the-box salmon dishes that I've tasted these past few months and I am proudly recommending it to my co-salmon lovers.

And because it was my BFF's birthday, upon deciding to eat at Sandaime, we were told by the manager that my BFF will get a complimentary dessert from them. At first, we taught that we can order any dessert from the menu. We already set our eyes on their Tiramisu and Banana Sundae, they really looked good, but then our dreams were broken when we were told that we can't choose the dessert that will be given for free. Nevertheless, their complimentary Banana Split was the bomb too! The serving can be shared by two to three people. There were three ice cream flavors that were in it - Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. What made this different from the usual banana splits was that the bananas were wrapped in flour, making them look like banana fritters with ice cream on the top. As always, it's best to eat this as soon as it was served. Definitely a really good deal for those celebrating their birthdays because the huge serving was complimented with its good taste!

All in all, the dishes that we ordered and were served to us were in sumptuous servings, nice platings and with delicious tastes that we all agreed that we'll surely come back for. For the amount of P2200, our Japanese dinner date was really affordable, awesome and worth coming back for! Just a friendly reminder though, if you're the impatient type who just cannot stand waiting, better be there during lean hours of the day, probably on weekdays too to avoid da jam-packed visit. Some of their servers can be a little bit forgetful of your needs as they're dealing with a lot of customers so better be nice still if you're reminding them of what you said.

If you're in it for some authentic and really comforting food from the Land of the Rising Sun, come on and visit Sandaime Japanese Restaurant now!

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Marqui S.
5.0 Stars

We were walking around eastwood looking for a place to have my birthday dinner with my girlfriends and we agreed to have it in Sandaime.

The menu is jampacked with all sorts of japanese food of different types. There were ramen katsu sushi sizzling pepper rice grilled food and others.

This made it really hard to decide but i would say we enjoyed what we ordered very much:

their chicken katsu was so crunchy and tasty because the chicken skin is part of the breaded chicken strips. The sauce was yummy but with no potatos or carrots. Dami serving!!

im combining this bec. They are the same tuna-based.
This for me was perfect! I love tuna with the crunchy bits and the taste was awesome with the leafy salad. The tuna sushi roll was also satisfying.

GRILLED SALMON with wasabi cream sauce
super satusfying and good for sharing. You can go and order extra rice with this. Wasabi cream sauce is love

Needs improvement and i find this to be too oily compared to others. And pork is not as tasty. But still good.

couldnt say i wasnt able to try this

Perfect for group meals salad servings are big and presentable. Wallet damage about 2300 for 4 pax on a bday night.

They also gave us free banana split fritter dessert which also tasted good by the way. The Manager is friendly too.

Wonderful ambiance to dine and chill. Nice lighting and seats


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Catherine D.
3.0 Stars

Guests were a lot on sunday dinner time and service was slow and you can feel that they are very haggard. Food is so so and serving is small.

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Steff S.
4.0 Stars

I read from IG that this place was a franchise of Tsukiji from Japan so we were very excited to try this place. To our shock, though, the prices were ridiculous! But I have to admit, the Dynamite Roll was really good.

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Josh G.
5.0 Stars

expensive but really worth the price. Huge selection on sushis and makis. And the presentation is awesome. They have something called dragon maki(?) and it's shape like a dragon. Whuut!?

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Kat L.
3.0 Stars

After mass in Eastwood, we plan to eat at Mr. Kurosawa but the Japanese restaurant was replaced by a new one.

So we tried since its a Japanese restaurant as well.
What we ordered:

Chicken teriyaki... Ok this teriyaki is fusion parang sinangag na chicken teriyaki flavor with chicken flakes and scrambled egg. I like the taste it has twist but considering it's a Japanese restaurant I expect the traditional but it's good though. That was hubby's order hehe nakihingi Lang Sarap naman!

Mine was tempura topper. Of course I was expecting the traditional I love ebi tempura so I picture how great the taste it's gonna be...
but this one is kinda dissapointing128531

First it was salty... Then they put the sauce on the top in short it was soaked! And I don't like it... I can't even chopstick the rice because it's soaked and separated with each other LOL! I wasn't happy with my order 128547 buti na Lang I order salmon sashimi...

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