Sandaya Yakiniku

3/F Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave. cor. Roosevelt Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Sandaya Yakiniku
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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

If you're a foodie, then you probably know all the available deal providers to check for discount coupons on your next restaurant crawl.

That's me. I normally visit several sites to see if I can enjoy my food crawls at a cheaper price.

So while browsing, I came across an offer for Sandaya Yakiniku. I've always wanted to try this restaurant but it's too far from me. I was convinced that this is probably the time to visit Fisher Mall and Sandaya.

I bought 2 vouchers for P365 each (regular price is P495 per person) for one weekday lunch with my boyfriend to celebrate his birthday. A week before our lunch, I called the place to reserve a table for 2 at 12:30pm.

When we arrived the restaurant a little after 11:30am, the place was like a ghost town. We were their first customers (although they also just opened). We were led to our table and the server explained how the buffet goes.

The meat-all-you-can promo includes unlimited rice, iced tea, miso soup, beansprout salad, and the platter of pork, beef and chicken.

Here are the pros and cons of my visit:

✅Cheap price. At P365 (discounted) or P495 (regular price), this is one of the cheapest unlimited yakiniku I've encountered.
✅Outstanding service. Servers were very observant. Even from the distance they already knew what we were about to need and didn't wait for us to ask.
✅Lovely ambiance. The place looks fancy.
✅No time limit.

❎Refill is on a per platter basis. You can't ask for a specific meat only. This is a con for me since I really just want the beef.
❎The beansprout salad did not work for me. It was okay but after a few bites, I got tired of its taste.
❎Lettuce isn't part of the bunch. I'm not sure if they have them, though.

The food was okay. I've had better yakiniku but this wasn't so bad. They actually also have a special yakiniku sauce and spicy sauce. I don't appreciate dipping grilled meat in sauces but their sauces worked. The special yakiniku sauce tasted like a saltier tempura sauce, while the spicy sauce wasn't as spicy but not bad as well.

Overall, this is already a good bargain for me. Based on what we had, although this place has no clear edge from its competitors, its outstanding service, lovely ambiance and affordable price makes it a deal you won't be able to resist.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

I enjoyed metrodeal's promo at this restaurant. It's a yakiniku eat all you can (inclusive of rice, iced tea, stir fried sprouts, and miso soup) for only 300++ instead of 400++ lunch at weekday. My preparation for this meal was having a light breakfast only. Lunch set only runs from 11am until 2:30pm. I was not able to notice that good thing it was still 1:15 when i arrive in the area.

It is important that you already feel hungry. So prior to that i just had light breakfast (like i mentioned) on a very early morning after gym, then have a considerable average drive on a traffic road. So it was just right when i arrived--famished. I showed them the deal and i immediately got seated.

The server immediately turned on the grill then the bowl of rice, miso soup and a glass of ice tea was then served. The meat platter was almost immediately served. The server told me that each serving of platter consists of chicken, pork, and beef.

In return i prepared my dip by combining the sweet then spicy sauce. Eating yakiniku alone could be tiring in a way, because you have to do the grilling, and eating at the same time. I'm also time-bounded since 2:30 is nearing... At the end i had 3 platters of meat, 2 servings of stir fried sprouts, one cup of rice, one serving of miso soup and one serving iced tea.

Tip when at a buffet: don't drink too much unless you are ending your session already. Try only to sip small amounts of fluid just right to dissipate the taste or aid the food down to your throat.

The rice was Japanese which is really good to be eaten with chopsticks. The stir fried sprouts aided in the intake of fluids.
I enjoyed eating the grilled chicken, however it's the most difficult (takes you longer time too) to cook. The pork was average, and the beef was the easiest to cook. I also tried to put some sauce on the uncooked meat so it will save time.

So i suggest grilling the chicken first followed by the pork and then the beef--quickly dunk it into the cold sweet spicy sauce then into your mouth--very nice feeling 128512128077🏼

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Birthday of two friends! So this, i thank them for the treat. I think they still have promos online for the eat all you can yakiniku.

Wait. This is yakiniku?! Japanese?! I actually thought this was Korean! Haha. But when i saw the place, oh, it's Japanese--outside. However i think the place got a wrong idea about Japanese stuff in my opinion

Well in the table, we got Korean spoons??!! I kinda got disoriented. Was i in a Korean or Japanese restaurant?! Huhu. Anyway,

The food was really good. Both the pork and chicken meats were marinated well. The food was Japanese naman--but not authentic. The miso was not that thick. But i am glad they did try anyway. The bean sprout was tasty well --very sesame oil. The rice was Japanese naman. Everything was eat all you can. Ice tea was light.

We ended up eating Starbucks chocolate chip cookie for dessert. Oh yes, we ate it there and no corkage.

The service was pretty below normal. They were slow. The water that i asked did not come. We already left. 🙄128527
I still liked the food though.

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Steph D.
5.0 Stars

High quality beef that's not too pricey! The US short rib and wagyu are marinated in a special sauce that's so good I can eat rice with just that! 128514

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Gerald T.
2.0 Stars

So-so.. Waste of Nice interiors bec not much diners on a Friday evening, buffet wasnt worth it also because you had to finish a big platter of beef, pork and chicken bbq before They will serve you another one.. Definitely not coming back there again

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Jam P.
4.0 Stars

The place was easy to locate, just a few steps from escalator. Upon entering I was welcomed by warm and cheerful greeting. The place was very classy, cozy and relaxing, it was well ventilated too. I tried some of their offerings:

Kani salad- I loved everything about their kani salad the fresh crisp veggies, the mayo down to the very generous amount of crabsticks.

Spicy tuna- for me it was not that spicy but still good. I liked the crispy toppings.

Japanese style beef stew- at first I thought it was miso soup because it looked ordinary but I came to realize that it was the beef stew. I had a different picture of beef stew in mind. The broth was on the salty side, I liked the tender beef and tripe strips.

Special assorted BBQ set- juicy, tender and flavorful 128156 The special sauce goes really well with the meat. Every bite was just unforgettable. Truly the #sandayapromise is true! Their yakiniku sets are a must try!

Japanese rice and lemon iced tea- ordinary, nothing special

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Chelyne C.
3.0 Stars

Tried this Japanese place at fisher mall since my kids love cooking too 128077 They will enjoy the yakiniku experience for sure 128522 We ordered the ALL Beef platter which they say is good for 2-3persons. The serving was ok and for 2 adults with 3 kids it was just right for us. We just had to order japanese rice coz the lettuce that comes with it is not refillable 128528 You had to pay extra 120php for every additional order and they just put the lettuce in a small bowl. The order costs 2440 php including the side dish salad and kimchi. It includes different kinds of beef but Its a bit expensive since some of the beef are fatty and the spareribs have lots of small bones that's why the kids had a hard time eating it. The service was good and they easily refill our water once its few already we dont even need to call them for refill! Plus they give free wrigleys gum when you ask for the bill 99961285229996

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Isi P.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Julie J.
2.0 Stars

First and last visit for me 128534 It was all sorts of crazy and so disappointing

* Ordered their Yakiniku Set @1,000... it came with Beef, pork and 1 small piece of chicken (128545) the pork came with more fat than meat, the beef was just ok but definitely better than the pork .. order came with green Veggy to wrap the meat in and you had to pay if you ask for more (WTH 128544)

* Got the Nata de Coco for dessert and it came with lychees that were spoiled 128561 as in sour and soggy and really bad, what's worse? they didn't offer to change it or take it off our bill

* They posted a 20% discount on cash payments.. yun pala they don't accept cards pa talaga and didn't tell you when you came in 128555

* Pretty mediocre service .. not coming back again 128548

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Lia B.
3.0 Stars

Yakiniku is their specialty. Servings are small.

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