Sangkap Filipino Restaurant

The Shoppes at Portico, Capt. Henry Javier St., Oranbo, Pasig, Metro Manila

Sangkap Filipino Restaurant
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5.0 Stars

Sangkap wants to give its diners a new gastronomical trip for this summer. As the restaurant will release a new set of dishes that is a staple name to the Filipino scene but still has a Sangkap twist on it.

I was able to try the new menu of Sangkap Filipino Restaurant by Chef Raymar.

New Menu:

127814Embutido Tortang Talong (Meatloaf Rolled Roasted Eggplant, Basil Pesto Topped with Aioli - Garlic Mayo) for Php370.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127814Pastel na Manok (Chicken Pastel, Spam and Garlic Sausage) for Php330.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127814Lengua at Atay na Bistek (Ox Tongue - Beef Steak Tagalog, Soy, Vinegar served with Fried Beef Liver) for Php350.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127814Stuffed Inihaw na Pusit (Stuffed Grilled Swuid with Salted Egg, Caramel Soy) for Php485.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127814Pinaputok na Tilapia (Wrapped Fried Tilapia with Tomato Salsa) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

All the dishes we had were flavorful and delicious. For me the Pastel na Manok and Lengua at Atay na Bistek really standout during our visit at Sangkap. Both were good with plain rice. Ang sarap!

The new menu will be available starting May 1, 2018.

Aside from the new menu, Sangkap launches it’s an ALL YOU CAN EAT Cebu Lechon Sinigang at Sangkap for Php350.00. Yes, you heard it right. Unlimited Sinigang for a very reasonable price.

You can also get an additional 10% off using my promo code BLOGGERJOHNBUNAG.

Overall, it was a fun lunch. Thank you Harvard for the invite. Definitely I will be back again for the Unlimited Cebu Lechon Sinigang and the new dishes of Sangkap. And credit to the staff of the restaurant who provided us excellent service.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars


Sangkap is a Filipino restaurant that promises to bring the rich flavors of the Philippines closer to our reach.

Sangkap by Chef Raymar Reyes is established in 2015, and is operated by The Menu Group. It currently has three branches in Metro Manila particularly in Portico Alveo Pasig, Vertis North in QC, and Vista Mall Taguig.

I first tried Sangkap during their Vertis North grand opening. I remember liking their Ivatan Kilawin so much. Since then I promised myself to return to try their other dishes. Fortunately last Saturday, I was invited to have a peek on its newest promotion – CEBU LECHON SINIGANG ALL YOU CAN.

For just 350php, one can enjoy unlimited servings of their best seller Cebu Lechon Sinigang which is known for its mango broth base. It also comes with unlimited rice, and bottomless iced tea. WHAT A STEAL!!! I found this deal value for money. Their version of Sinigang is very rich in flavor and has generous veggies. It also has a huge serving of Cebu Lechon with cripsy lechon skin and soft and tender meat. I actually attempted to consume 2 servings!

Their other best sellers were also served that day such as the following.

Ivatan Kilawin

Aside from their Cebu Lechon Sinigang, this dish is a must-try in Sangkap. The perfect blend of tanigue, shrimps, and squid mixed with coconut milk is just bliss in my mouth. It’s sour as expected for a kilawin, but not too much. It’s just right. It’s not overwhelming.

Zamboanga Adobong Baka sa Gata

Remembering Sangkap’s goal to bring the flavors of our country in their restaurant, this dish is their entry for Mindanaoan food. (Ivatan Kilawin – Luzon ; Cebu Lechon Sinigang – Visayas). This dish is surprisingly good. I loved how soft and tender everything was! I actually prefer Adobo as it is without gata, but their version is making me think otherwise.


This is not your usual Bistek Tagalog as Sangkap’s version has liver and cow’s tongue with it. It’s kind of new to me, but it actually worked. The liver and tongue combination creates a texture of smooth and rough at the same time. The sauce itself is so tasty that it can be paired with rice already.

Chicken Pastel

This is another unique dish in this restaurant. They tried to be innovative by adding Spam, liver, and basil to the usual Chicken pastel. Think of cream and pesto. Yes? I love it too.

We were also served Stuffed Pusit and Inihaw na Talong during this visit but I was too full to give them a try. However their presentation of Inihaw na Talong is one of the best I’ve seen so far. Lastly, the feast was ended with their Halo-halo. It’s one of the biggest Halo-halo I’ve eaten and it’s only 160php and good for 4 people!

Overall, I truly enjoyed this visit in Sangkap. It’s good for family, friends, and even for big group of people such as officemates, and barkada. Definitely worth trying.

P.S. Their UNLIMITED Cebu Lechon Sinigang promo is available until April 30, 2018 for 350php. Again, it’s with unli rice and iced tea. PLUS PLUS PLUS! They offer additional 10% off the total bill if you use the code BLOGGERTHETRAVELLINGTONGUE. Yay!

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Eboy D.
5.0 Stars

I had the pleasure of getting an invite to AlwaysHungryPh P and The Foodie Station's Halloween Ball days leading up to October 31. Located near the high end enclaves of Pasig City and a few minutes walk from Capital Commons, Sangkap is in good company alongside other restaurants and cafes. They mainly cater to the neighboring villages and high rise condominiums. But that doesn't mean that a South Foodie cannot get out of his comfort zone to try out Sangkap's wide Filipino dishes.

I love how they managed to include some of the regions famed dishes or perhaps introduce those dishes to a wider audience and this is what Sangkap intends to do. For the party we had the following:

Ivatan Kilawin - just like the name itself, the dish guarantees fresh "straight from the water" seafood, marinated in spiced vinegar. This alone is a must try for thos who crave fresh fish.

Cebu Lechon Sinigang - served family style. The sinful pork had a layer of meat and fat that melts in your mouth. The sour broth and vegetables paired well with white rice, naturally.

Adobong Baka sa Gata - beef slowly simmered adobo style with a generous amount of coconut milk to give that creamy texture.

Pinakbet - your bahay kubo vegetables cooked together. I tasted a bit of smokiness on the vegetables, perhaps it was grilled first to give it that unique taste. Weight watchers will surely enjoy this dish.

The second floor is good for private functions with a dedicated staff to attend to your needs. Ample parking is also available right in front of the restaurant. Overall, i had a great time. Must visit for all and if your have balikbayan friends coming over during the holidays this is a good place for lunch or dinner.

Disclaimer: Sponsored dining by Sangkap.

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4.0 Stars

I attended a Halloween Ball last Wednesday at Sangkap Filipino Restaurant. And I was able to try some of the dishes of the said place.

Different dishes across the Philippines and each 3 groups of islands - LUZON, VISAYAS, MINDANAO has own specialty.


🦐Ivatan Kilawin - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“Spicy. These seafood kilawin was a good starter during the event. The seafood were fresh and tastes really good.”


128055Cebu Lechon Sinigang - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“This was my favorite during the event. I had lots of it. The tenderness inside and crispiness outside of the pork blends well with the thich sinigang sauce.”


128046Adobong Baka sa Gata - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“Another dish to look forward on my next visit. I like the beef soaked in adobo sauce with gata. The flavor was appetizing. Best paired with rice.”


127814Pinakbet - 110881108811088️ 3/5
“Best paired with fried fish and/or meat.”

Overall, I had a great evening partying with the other bloggers and digging the Cebu Lechon Sinigang.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Marjory S.
5.0 Stars

If this is not love, I don’t know what else to call it 10084128525 We visited this restaurant and same branch thrice in 3 consecutive months (Aug -Sept-Oct) 128521 It started out with curiosity. Curiosity lured the cat and I was the designated cat in this story 128571 I treated my Benz (inner circle of work friends) for my birthday dinner-out because the Cebu Lechon Sinigang looked interesting. Funny thing is that my tummy has adverse reaction to the sourness of typical sinigang but I gave it a go. Adding to that is another funny trivia - I never like eating or tasting kilawin. When we were at Sangkap for the first time, we had the Salo Set for 6 pax (since it was sakto for the 6 of us). The set included Cebu Lechon Sinigang (super yummy twisted take in combining crispy good lechon and tamang asim sinigang), Sangkap Fried Rice (may look plain but really yummy), Adobong Baka sa Gata (this was not supposed to be in the package but it replaced the Kalderetang Lengua with Gata...and it was another panalo to try), Ivatan Kilawin (yes, you read it right. Kilawin for the win), Ginataang Hipon sa Gata (big shrimps with ginataang gulay combination of sitaw and kalabasa), and the delightful finale of Sangkap Halo Halo (bingsu-fine shaved ice with interesting mixed sweets). AlwaysHungryPh P graciously provided the group a chance to taste another must-try dessert: the tri-color spring roll with vanilla ice cream. It tasted heavenly and addictive (keeps you craving for more). Because of that 10084️ at first taste experience, we were back with a much larger crowd (around 17 pax) in September and had the bigger Salo Sets for 8, where Sisig Rice, Bacolod Inasal sa Gata and Crispy Hito were added to the drool list. With the 2nd charmed 128525 experience, we found ourselves (although smaller/closer group of 13) back at Sangkap today in Oct. Being mostly engineers, we figured out that the best combination to satisfy our tummies and palate is to have 2x Salo Set for 6 and 1x Salo Set for 8. True enough, it was one panalo lunch to remember. Sangkap, gata 10084️ it best!

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

I liked it. This is already their third set of menu to be launched just in time for the heat of the summer season!

Thanks to Midz S this experience was made available, also to the menu group who hosted the event. This third menu launch is all about merienda or afternoon snacks.

128204 pork kinalas
This showcases the group's innovation. This is their filipino version of ramen, it's prepared very well. It got pork and beef simmers. Toppings include pig mask, veggies, chicharon and a perfect pickled egg. For me i find it too rich, but it does taste like ilocano's bachoy that Kiko G really liked it! 128517 the noodle was good.

128204 batanes lomi
Similarly it tastes like the pork kinalas, but i liked this more. It got more meat toppings and quail eggs.

128204 lumpiang hubad
Innovation shows as we always known fresh lumpia in a roll. Sangkap made it open faced fresh lumpia. You would see the toppings right away. I like the super tasty sauce, and don't pit too much of it. I like to add more garlic into it.

128204128525 chicken adobo pâté
Order this one please. This is a euro dish made filipino. Galeng. Chicken liver that's creamier and smoother taste than your liver spread. I like the onions glazed with a balsalmic vinegar reduction.

128204128525 laing malutong
Oh, get this as well, one of the dishes that went too fast brcause it's gooood!! Deep fried wanton wraps and a tasty laing surprise inside! It got a coconut milk reduction to taste.

128204128525 tokwa't baboy
I liked this too! The pork detail they got? Crispy pork belly!! Waw. I love its tenderness and crispiness. Chilli alert. Hehe.

128204 halo-halo
Tastes quite ordinary, but it dies have cheese and strawberry syrup for added accent.

128204 ice iscramble
I haven't eaten any ice iscramble when i was young (YES!!) so for this i will remain neutral. All i can say is kids will love this one because it's milo based with ground tablea toppings

128204128525 sago't gulaman (black and white gulaman)
I liked this among the coolers. Might sound and look plain but the vanilla ice cream will surely quench the heat that you feel once you try this!

128204128525 saba con hielo
Next favorite could be this. I liked the taste, but the group should consider adding more plantain or jackfruit in there 🙃

The CR is obvious when you enter. It got a "banyo" sign with eggplants and halved onions. Yeah. Keep thinking 128540. It's considerably shittable hehe. Parking space is no problem here. Enter the parking lot beside Starbucks.

Sangkap also got promos like the march graduates could enjoy. Also get freebies when you get to answer their bugtong. 128077🏼

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