Sans Rival Bistro

Rizal Blvd., Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Sans Rival Bistro
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Most Recent Reviews

Nizhel V.
5.0 Stars

Loving this "bandehado" of Paella. Lots of flavorful chicken, chorizo, shrimp, and clams, among others.
It's good for 8 to 10 person for~1,000php.

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Jhe L.
5.0 Stars

4th time in 3 days

Location: 1108811088110881108811088
Ambience: 1108811088110881108811088
Service: 11088110881108811088
Washroom: 110881108811088
Parking: 110881108811088

Food: Silvanas
Taste: 1108811088110881108811088️ (butter and chocolate)
Portion size: 1108811088110881108811088
Price: 1108811088110881108811088️ (Php20/pc butter; Php23/pc choco)

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Ruth Danielle G.
4.0 Stars

Friday brunch. Heavy to the tummy French onion soup and lightly salty pasta vongole at Sans Rival Bistro in Dumaguete. Cheap for its quality. The Chicken Croissant in the sandwiches selection is oh so good, too.

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Shareen B.
5.0 Stars

One gambas pls! 127844128069128166
Aside from their famous silvanas, they also serve lots of different entreé 128512

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4.0 Stars

Touchdown Dumaguete at 8AM in the morning and we rented a van for Php300.00 going to the city to have breakfast at Sans Rival Bistro which is located at the Boulevard.

A big house turned into restaurant as I can see from the outside. An Spanish inspired house. We were seated at the balcony of Sans Rival Bistro to see the beautiful view of the Dumaguete Boulevard, it's like your having a view of Manila Bay with clean sighting (no trash floating).

We had Spanish Chorizo and the known delicacies of Dumaguete called Budbud. Budbud is like a "suman" (sticky rice wrapped in coconut/banana leaves) and they have two versions - one made of sticky rice and the other one made of millet seeds (pagkain ng ibon).

Filipino Breakfast: Spanish Chorizo served with 2 eggs, garlic rice, baked beans and orange juice for Php210.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"The chorizo taste a little bit salty but manageable, just add vinegar or ketchup to minimize the saltiness of the chorizo. The egg was cook the way it said/requested."

Dumaguete Breakfast served with sweet mango and chocolate for Php115.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"I really like the Budbud, especially the one made of millet seeds, it has crunchy and chewable textures. Best paired with mango. Maybe a thicker chocolate will be much better."

Sans Rival Bistro are open as early as 7AM for breakfast. Other options in their menu will be available starting 10AM.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

On our first day in Dumaguete, we decided to eat something nice. Because this city is really famous with sansrival and silvanas, of course, Sans Rival Bistro is the best place for this!

Sans Rival Bistro is a renovated ancestral home of the original owner. This restaurant is easily located at the front of Rizal Blvd., facing the green acacias and blue sea 5 minutes away from Silliman University. The cafe has a Greek-Santorini vibe because of the blue and white hues of the interior design.

We ordered the following meals:

✔Cheesy Lasagna Slice (P90)
With its price, the serving of their lasagna is quite reasonable. It also came with two slices of garlic bread. The lasagna was creamy and saucy but not too overwhelming.

✔Bistro Signature Salad (P115)
I love their signature salad because of their ingredients - green crunchy leaves, pieces of walnuts, and delicious dressing! I'm always a big fan of salad that's why I always have a high expectation for this.

✔Sans Rival Butter Slice (P30)
Yummy indeed! Sans Rivals will always be my favorite cake among all. Buttery, nutty, and sweet - that's how I described this. The slice was a bit thin though.

✔Grilled Malasugi in Mango Sauce (P175)
I was craving for fish so I had this. Though it took longer time to serve, it was worth the wait. The mango sauce blended well with Malasugi. It was surprisingly good that their taste were matched with one another. It came with one cup of rice and a side dish.

✔Silvanas Butter Pack (140)
We took out one box to eat while we were in Dumaguete. They actually have chocolate flavor also. This one was creamy, buttery, and soft. Almost same taste like the Sans Rival.

✔Four Seasons (P35) and Signature Calamansi Juice (P30)

For their cakes, the price starts from P40 per slice (not bad!). All of them looks promising especially in the cake window display. We just didn't try them since we were already full. I wanted to take them home because thay are cheaper than cakes here in Manila.

Staffs were friendly and accommodating. I needed to follow up almost every minute but they were patient enough to tell that food was on its way. I guess, Dumaguetenos are really friendly though.

Homey and relaxing. There's the alfesco area if you want to have the view of the sea and Rizal Blvd. and there's the dining area inside if you want airconditioned room. We stayed inside the cafe because outside was full.

So if you are going to visit Dumaguete anytime soon, be sure to try out this restaurant. Their food and cakes are great! They also have other branches in other areas of Dumaguete. When we went home, we made sure to bring out boxes of silvanas for our family. They, too, love it!


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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

The last time I went here, I just tried their desserts. Good thing I was able to try their savory dishes. It didn't disappoint.

We ordered the following:
Sizzling french fries (150PHp)
Chicken & béchamel (85PHp)
Sizzling squid sisig (200PHp)
Herbed Crusted Fish Fillet (130PHp)
Paella Negra (440PHp)

Ultimate Choco slice (99PHp)
Tres leches slice (52PHp) yummmmmmy!

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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

For my long weekend trip to Siquijor-Dumaguete, this is going to be the first of my long reviews. Hihi.

One cannot miss Sans Rival when you're in Dumaguete because they have the best pasalubongs; Silvanas which this city is known for. What I like about Sansrival Bistro is that it seems to be an old ancestral house from previous life that turned to be a restaurant with a private hall on the 2F. Their place outside has a great view of the Boulevard and the seas.

Their menus vary from sandwiches to salads, to the mains with fish, pork, chicken, beef and seafood options. We tried their Fried Mozarella Pesto and it came as little dumplings in a good serving size for Php 160. I love its marinara paring because it's thick and sour cause I'm a big tomato lover 128525 The mozarella pesto is good too. Every bit has that pesto filling with rich mozarella cheese. We also tried their Spareribs at Php 180. I swear, if I find a good ribs place for less than Php 250 at Manila, I'm gonna be a regular. It's a good slab of ribs with rich barbeque sauce with corn and carrots on the side. Their Grilled Chicken is so good!! Three barbeque chicken sticks with rich sweet barbeque sauce and mixed vegetable on the side and Java rice for only Php 215. At first I thought the rice ain't enough but it will surely make you full and satisfied.

Their drinks menu has a lot to offer as well. There's cucumber lemonade, shakes, four season drinks and iced coffees. I like their iced cafe latte because it's relatively cheap at Php 85, and it's flavorful. It's a perfect blend of sweet and bitter with enough milk to make it rich. Their juices are cheap too, a glass ot four season is just Php 35. Like the price of medium glasses at Jollibee.

Now their cakes ... oh no their cakes is a deal!! Their cake slices are cheap, ranging from Php 35 to Php 115. And their slices ain't small either so I am amazed on how they do their cakes. I love their Tiramisu and Concorde cakes. The tiramisu is very flavorful and soft with that perfect coffee touch. Concorde has this sweet flavor with chocolate layering and moist mocha chiffon inside. Their White Chocolate Lava Cake is a winner!! Only Php 65, and has this rich chocolate outside with bursting condensed milk on the inside. It's not so sweet so you won't be overwhelmed with its flavor. A slice of sansrival at Php 35 is a good deal. It's chewy, and not so sweet and crunchy all at the same time.

The place and food is great and all. What could have made the difference is their service. Either because they do not speak Tagalog fluently or some of the staff are just snobs. During merienda hours they have the tendency to just stay at one side to chit chat. It's kind of disrespectful for the guests.

But overall, to satisfy your hearts content when it comes to food and sweets, this is the place to be at Dumaguete. You can never miss this!


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Christa U.
4.0 Stars

When late work nights come and go, and you're hungry as heck and looking for a place to eat, you think of two things - a place nearby with good food, and one that often has lures (Pokemon Go!)

It was quite late when we finished, and we wanted to have a good full dinner. We ended up at Sans Rival Bistro even though there wasn't a lure, and lo and behold when we finished dinner we were able to enjoy 2 rounds of lures. 128513

Pokemon Go aside, Sans Rival Bistro has a really nice atmosphere. There's parking outside, and the atmosphere inside is very café like. This place still has the homey feel and spirit of the place as it maintains the house's original structure.

There's also a smaller al fresco area outside, which is great in the afternoons when you want to enjoy the ambiance and view of Rizal Boulevard.

There's 3 separate rooms/sections within the first floor, and a lot of customers, so expect that servers will have some trouble noticing when you try and call their attention. When it comes to the rest of their service though, they're pretty good. They're usually on standby to take orders, and the food usually comes within 10-15 minutes.

Here is what we ordered for dinner:
➡️ Pritchon: Short for pritong lechon. Basically fried lecho wrapped in pita wedges, and then with three sauces on the side - soy sauce, mang tomas, and what I believe is hoisin sauce. It's styled like peking duck with cut lechon inside.

I quite liked this, except for the fact that I think it needed more lechon on the inside. In terms of sauce, I think the best sauce among them was the hoisin - which pretty much speaks for itself.

➡️ Bistro Signature Salad: Mixed greens, dried mangoes, caramelized walnuts, with Sans Rival's own bacon dressing. The taste was good - make sure to cover the salad with the dressing. The dried mango was a good touch, and the caramelized walnuts were really good.

➡️ Teriyaki Chicken: Chicken thighs lacquered with homemade sweet soy teriyaki sauce, spiked with ginger and garlic. This was my aunt's order, and apparently she usually gets this when she's here - so it must mean that it's good.

➡️ Pork Steak Manuel: Pork tenderloin slices with lots of garlic and gravy. I think this was pretty good, but the amount of meat and sauce versus the amount of mashed potatoes was just a little unbalanced. The mushroom sauce was quite all over the place. Still, it was very filling.

➡️ Kahlua Walnut: I've been craving for an order of this since I first saw it. Decided to go for it and found it quite delicious. Quite some frosting, but the in-between cake parts were delicious, with a tinge of nuts sprinkled here and there.

➡️ Bistro Signature Iced Tea: Asked the waiter if it was lemon iced tea and he said yes, but it was NOT! Anyways, it was well-flavored, more of raspberry-flavored though.

In terms of the price, it can be a bit more expensive compared to other simpler restaurants around the city, but this is quite on par with the more upscale and newer restaurants in the area (FYI).

Still, if you're coming to Dumaguete, this place is a must try. The owners have been our neighbors for a long time and I just found out from my aunt that my dad and uncles used to come here a lot when the place was just a home, so their food has always been something that people look forward to. 128513

So if you're in Dumaguete, this should definitely be on your list, whether you're just here to enjoy the snacks, or try out their main dishes. Or even if you just want to check out the boulevard while having something to eat.

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Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

Dessert after dinner. Sans Rival namesake of the resto was very good. Silvanas was also good. Do not count the calories.

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Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

Dinned at this iconic resto in Dumagete. Tried their SOPA GALLAGA, a white bean soup with chorizo, ham, vegetables. Taste nice but a little salty. Their pritchon is tasty. Nicoise salad was fresh, paella negra was good. The callos was very tasty,. The place was well decorated with plates and paintings from Spain. Well lighted, staff were attentive. Service was ok despite many guest

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Katrina D.
4.0 Stars

First review! Had the herbed fish fillet (P130) plus plain rice (P20). It was very reasonable for the quality of the food. The crust and covering of the dory was tasty. It was also not so oily. The vegetable siding was a bit dry and lacked flavor. The garlic dip was a bit bland and tasteless. Hope they can add flavor to the dip to enhance the flavor of the fish fillet.

Choco silvanas (P20) it was not too sweet which was good. People are going crazy for their silvanas. it's nothing i'd crave for but it's good to try.

Beef salpicao (P220) meat was flavorful and you can taste the blood of the meat in every bite. This is an appetizer but my friend ate this as her main.

Gambas (P180) (sorry i was not able to note the name of the dish) also an appetizer. It had generous amounts of shrimp with mushrooms.

Pork BBQ ribs (P165) - it was tasty and the meat was tender but it there was nothing special.

Choconut cheesecake (P40) i did not expect much from this dessert but surprisingly it was really good. The chocnut flavor was "infused" in the cream - it was not just placed on the top. It was also not so sweet and not nakakaumay. Highly recommended!

Choco Cinnamon bun (P25) a big bun for only 25?! My friend and i even shared in one. Ngayon lang ako nakahanap ng ganto. Haha the cinnamon bun was nothing special but it was good. Sulit for P25.

Tiramisu - my friend said it's not tiramisu but she liked it anyway

I would come back to this sans rival. Their food is not the best but it's good and very reasonable.

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