Sans Rival Cake & Pastries

G/F Robinsons Galleria Cebu, Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City, Cebu

Sans Rival Cake & Pastries
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Most Recent Reviews

Anthony M.
2.0 Stars

The class of Cucumber Lemonade 40 PHP with a hint of mint , was sadly served warm , even with the ice 128553
Just wanted a cold drink to recover from walking
Glad you receive a free glass of cold water in ice 128516

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Emotionally H.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Angela Marie C.
3.0 Stars

I was looking for a nice gift for my host family before my ship ride to Bohol so I decided to go here. Sans Rival of Dumaguete has branched out to Cebu, and although my pasalubong was not very Cebuano, it was still a nice sweet treat for a present. To maximize the visit, I had lunch here as well.

In general, I felt that their food is on the more expensive side, except for the silvanas. I asked the waiter for some recommendations and he mentioned a number of tem, highlighting the ribs. I didn't feel like having pork at that time so I went for another recommended item.

1.) Honey Glazed Chicken Skewers (Php 250)
"Juicy tender boneless chicken, barbecued while glazed with our special honey mixture served with java rice and mixed vegetables."
I just found the portion size to be a tad small, or maybe I was hungry then. Hahaha.128569 The taste of the chicken was pretty good, with a very nice sweet-savory sauce. And the java rice was good too, not the usual java rice flavor I expected. It had kind of a moroccan flavor here and there. The vegetables were just ok. It is quite expensive for Cebu pricing and for the serving size.

2.) Sans Rival Signature Iced Tea (Php 75)
Jusme napakamahal. This glass of red iced tea just tastes like the powdered red iced tea. Lungkot, besh. I thought I was gonna have some sort of home brewed iced tea, but sadly it wasn't. And the worst part was, as in Php 75 siya. As in why?

The silvanas that I brought to my relatives were great, as per usual. 128568 I guess next time, I'll just get that, or go for their desserts. The food's ok, and I probably won't go for drinks anymore. I'd still come back for their signature silvanas and sans rival. 128568

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

This is a looong overdue review *missingCebu* 128555128517

Was super excited to see this joint in Cebu.
The restaurant is almost-the-exact-replica of their Dumaguete main.

Gigi ( Angela Marie C ) and I already had a taste of Bohol for lunch and we wanted some dessert. I have been raving about how good is their silvanas that we decided to get our sweet cravings here. 10084

I ordered a Cappuccino Cake (i think 128517) and a cup of Brewed Coffee 9749

I've always loved their silvanas but this time I wanted to try something else. The texture of the cake was moist, hindi buhaghag. It's also not sweet, bagay sa kape ko.

It was a sweet meet up with a fellow |ooloo, Gigi.

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Maika L.
3.0 Stars

Love love love silvanas. If you're like me whose a sweets addict you'll enjoy this resto. Its like dessert factory but with yummier dishes served in a more classy way. Although it is a bit more expensive than them, the food is good and service is fast. You should definitely try their house blend iced tea! Its refreshing and yummy!

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Thou shall always have room for dessert. 128513

So after a looooong meal in The Buzzz Cafe, Nikki C and I went here. I have never been to Dumaguete, but apparently the Cebu branch looks exactly like the one there, which got me all the more excited. 128522

I ordered a slice of their Sans Rival and a cup of Cappuccino. They went perfectly together for me. Both were not too sweet and done just right. 128513 I loved the Sans Rival so much! Next time, I'd go for Silvanas too! 128525

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Odessa K.
5.0 Stars

Superb! Tastes like Dumaguete. Which reminds me to visit them in Dumaguete next week 128522128525

Food 127775 127775 127775 127775 (will have to try what more they have)
Service 127775 127775 127775 127775 127775 smiling attendants 128513
Interior 127775 127775 127775 127775 127775 Love their Tiles and express counter
Price 127775127775127775127775

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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

The famous Sans Rival of Dumaguete is here!!! 128525128525128525128588🏻128588🏻

I am really so happy. I was first introduced to their Silvanas back in 2010 when I went Dumaguete - it was love at first taste! 128525128513 I remember buying a dozen to bring back home to Cebu and Manila. #hagglegaloreangpeg

I then got to try silvanas when they had a small kiosk at Cash n Carry, Buendia. I was then really really happy 128522

And now, it's finally here in Cebu!
The dining area is similar to their restaurant in Dumaguete but with a little bit of posh. It's also full of hungry guests which is a similar scene in their main branch.

They serve meals, cakes and other desserts. But their unique and delicious silvanas is the most sought after dessert. People line up for this and buy in bulk. So if you are craving and dying to try this, you can visit this branch in Cebu. 128522128077🏻



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