Santis Delicatessen

Molito Complex, Madrigal Ave. cor. Alabang-Zapote Rd., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Santis Delicatessen
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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

Every now and then, my friends and I feel a bit fancy ... and decide to hold wine and cheese nights in one of our houses. So we'll buy cheese from Santi's and some wine somewhere else. We always felt that this place offers a great and wide portfolio of cheese.

On Valentine's weekend, we decided to have one of those nights to celebrate... life. haha What we usually do is to experiment by getting a cheese variant which we haven't tried before. In this instance, we tried the Gooda with peppercorn (i'm so sorry, but what is a peppercorn?! and do you really spell that with two O's) and Brie (a special one, not the regular one which we usually get. this was more moist and had a stronger taste). Of course, we also went with our past favorites namely Gruyere (mhmm) and Manchego (Can't go wrong with this).

If I was going to rank them, it would be: Manchego > Gooda with Peppercorn (that's really spelled with two O's?!) > Gruyere > Brie. We can eat Manchego all day everyday except for our lactose intolerant friend who chooses to sit out in the cheese eating and focus on the wine.

They also offer excellent meat here. Could partner well with your wine and cheese.

That's it. Take care everyone! Stay mahusay. :)

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Tina N.
4.0 Stars

Who wouldn't love this place. I mean they have almost everything that you can't find at your local supermarkets. Days before New Year's Eve we ordered a 6 kg. Prime Rib (thank God they still have stock knowing it's the holidays). Please take note that the Prime Ribs available in the market are mostly Choice Grade. In other countries, they have Prime but you have to place a special order way ahead of time and very much expensive. We were having second thoughts about it since we knew it's very hard to prepare and it's the first time we were cooking it. Oh well, we tried it anyway. The roast turned out great. It was bordering on medium and medium well.

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Allan D.
4.0 Stars

Date night w wifey and need to get some quick munchies to be paired w our Cabernet Sauvignon and Moscato.

Ran to Santis and ordered
Beef pastrami
Hungarian salami
Jamon serrano

Separately ordered some ribeyes for grilling , cherry tomatoes and fresh asparagus

Total bill was around P6k...not bad for a basket full of quality goodies

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Kim L.
5.0 Stars

Got an entire pack of raw foie gras for 2550php. For me, it's sulit unlike the itsy-bitsy ones I get from restaurants that they incorporate in dishes then charge extra. :) Sliced 3 pieces and cooked (without oil) for about 15 seconds per side.128512 PERFECT!128077

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Barbara d.
5.0 Stars

Is there anything better in the world than a simple yet tastefully curated cheese platter?? I don't think so!9786️ I'm thankful that Santis, the leading purveyor of the finest cheeses in town, has always been around to meet the needs of those who fancy cheese a lot including myself128516 And I especially love the fact that they have my favorite truffle noir cheese!

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Zeke P.
3.0 Stars

There was a variety of items there but the juice concentrate I bought there were actually fakes that were replicated

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Ginny B.
5.0 Stars

saw some fresh salmon from Santis in our freezer, so i decided to make something out of it.

sharing with you a very simple baked salmon with honey mustard glaze recipe i got from a friend.

what you'll need:

a slab of salmon
dill (better if fresh, but we didn't have any so i used dried dill from Santis)


yup, no precise measurements because you just..

1. coat the salmon with mustard
2. pour honey over it (but don't drown it)
3. take half an orange and squeeze it over the salmon
4. sprinkle dill and freshly ground pepper to taste
5. bake it for 15mins at 160C (preheated)

so easy to make, tastes better than you think. 128539

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Barbara d.
5.0 Stars

Good ol' trusty deli. Been going here with my mom since way back. I remember going to the old Santis here in the south which used to be located at Festival mall before they moved to Molito, Alabang.

I will always love this little shop for their quality products especially their wide selection of cheeses, organic produce, and hard to find gourmet goods.

Santis to me is like what Tiffany's was for Holly Golightly. Nothing bad can ever happen here and the sight of all the wonderful things somehow makes me feel calm and happy9786

Anyway, dropped by today to buy a few of my favorite things: some cheese--truffle noir and gruyere, truffle flavored olive oil, a bunch of asparagus, a loaf of whole wheat bread from Lartizan and my favorite cailler swiss chocolate bars.

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Ginny B.
5.0 Stars

been going here often to buy my weekly dose of cold cuts!

i used to buy from S&R 'cause i thought Santis would be too expensive, but to my surprise, it only costs Php111 for a pack of beef salami! woahh. that's already good for 4 salami-loaded homemade sandwiches! add Php22 for their honey mustard dill sauce.. solved!

just toast some bread, add lettuce, fresh tomatoes and some balsamic vinaigrette, cold cuts, cold cuts, cold cuts, cold cuts, and some honey mustard dill sauce ...D O N E ! no need to go to Sub*** 128522

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Mark D.
5.0 Stars

Wow! Perfect thick slab of rib-eyed steak. Delicious sauce and buttery mashed potato :)

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