Santis Delicatessen

Twin Lakes, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay, Cavite

Santis Delicatessen
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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Wow, santi's delicatessen finally got into tagaytay. As far as i know it's the silang branch that's the nearest at the south, but i just wonder if Santi's could garner a lot of customers considering now that there's Robinson's super market at twin lakes...

Anyway, i think it still got some fine goods that Robinson's does not have. One of these are the cheeses-- pecorino, provolone, brie... You could get them per 100 grams. There are also marinated steaks here. Im not so sure if it is fresh though. I remember when i used to bake stuffed tomatoes, i usually buy from SANTI's. They got giant sizes of vegetables and fruits. I remember they have peaches and nectarines here.
They also have leather clogs here! The chef official chef shoes. Thanks for Marc David M for the term. They got different sizes too.
What's the best thing here are their sandwiches. They're gourmet sandwiches! Find your choice of protein like salmon, beef and cheeses sandwiched in healthy bread paring/ either whole grain just plain white.

The place is quite spacious. Well, there's two parts. The second part is where the "wet market" is, it's "inside" the shop. The "dry market" where the sandwiches are sold is in the front part. Oh, at that are, there's a small dining are where it can accommodate up to a little less than 10 pax. I font know if the products are secured at the back part since i only saw one person manning the store.

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Nikki B.
5.0 Stars

Their two sister aged gouda is the bomb!

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Nikki B.
5.0 Stars

This has easily become my favorite place. They have a wide selection of cheese and cold cuts and if you buy them per 100 grams, they go for a cheap price. They also have a good selection of wines, and they serve sandwiches as well. You can enjoy your food while looking at the great view of Taal.

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