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Adnad S.
5.0 Stars

Happy that I can now eat isaw that I’m sure it’s clean. 128513

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Kim Bryan L.
4.0 Stars

Sarsa's new offering is quite contrasting as they launched Hot Pinoy Ramen and Cold Ice Desserts. As you may have known Sarsa is a Filipino Restaurant that always made a twist out of your the popular dishes. So the addition of these hot and cold mix will definitely make it hard for you fo choose what to eat.

So here are the dishes that we tried:

Seafood Gata Batchoy - I liked the kick of gata on the usual Batchoy broth. I maybe biased because it's Gata but among the 3 this is the one I liked the most . It has the right seafood toppings. And the Lapu Lapu Fish Cake is so tasty. 128525128525128525 

Batchoy Ramen - the grilled toppings definitely enhanced the Batchoy Flavor. I liked the broth's subtle taste. Of course the toppings they put in it are very generous. 128525

Spicy Batchoy - They added Sarsa's very own chili paste on this Batchoy which gives it a spicy kick. I liked this one versus the original Batchoy because I love Spicy food.  128525128525

So after those yummy noodles, the ice desserts were served.

Sarsa Halo Halo - this is one creamy and tasty. Indulge with Negrense Flavors. 128513  

Mango Vanilla Con Hielo - you can find different versions of mango here. It has dried mango and real mango. One thing we noticed is that the real mango is not that sweet. It happens when you're using fresh ingredients.  

Buko Pandan Con Hielo - buko pandan pairing is still a thing with this dessert. The simplicity of this dessert will make you want to find something extraordinary.

Overall my dining experience with Sarsa is fine. I loved how Chef JP is so passionate about cooking and brought with us this nice experience of a Negrense Bistro. The new menu will certainly attracts food lovers. 128522


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Jaja R.
4.0 Stars

Had dinner here with company of good friends!

Food taste great and they have very friendly staff. The only downside during our visit was they got out of stock on crushed ice so we were not able to have the ripe mango shaket that we were cravig for.

Will definitely be back!

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

My Canadian boss visited us last last last week and we usually go out either for lunch or dinner with them. Despite always being here yearly, we still always bring them to Filipino restaurants because Pinoy food iz ze best! 128518🇵🇭

For this year's visit, we decided to bring them to SARSA. Called days before since we are a big group (32 pax). They accommodated our group but the process was kind of hassle since the staffs weren't that easy to talk with. Plus they weren't that nice and helpful. 128530 And we were surprised when they informed us that we can't order in advance. So we had to come earlier just to order. Oh well.

Went to the restaurant 30 minutes early just so our orders will be ready once the team is complete.

We ordered the following for the whole team:

Inasal Sisig
Sizzling Kansi
Lechon Manok Pancit Canton
Tortang Talong

Started the feast with a warm serving of plain Batchoy soup. The soup was just okay. It was kind of sweet and oily? 128517 And it didn't stay hot that long. 128529

Then after after a while, our orders were served. Yay!!!

First was the LECHON MANOK PANCIT CANTON. At first, we all thought that this is just like our pancit canton but not really, the noodle is the same but the toppings and the overall taste is a bit different. They used lechon manok, egg, corniks? and the usual vegetables - carrots and cabbage. This was good but I still prefer the usual pancit canton with lots of veggies or the birthday noodles with the orange quail eggs! 128517

Next was the SIZZLING KANSI. Tender beef plus beef marrow served in a sizzling plate. SINFULLY GOOD! Hands down the best Sarsa dish! Must try! My boss loved this one. 128077🏼

And then the INASAL SISIG. Not a fan of sisig but Sarsa's Inasal Sisig was so good! It was super tasty and I love that the serving size was generous. It was already good and yummy on it own but with the egg, calamansi and hot sauce added, it was so much better. I enjoyed eating this a lot!

The TORTANG TALONG was just okay. I wouldn't order this again. 128517 The breading was too thick. I still prefer the ones my mom or aunt prepares.

For my drink, I tried the Guyabano + Buko Shake. All I could taste was the Buko. No trace of guyabano at all. 128563 Sayang! Was too excited to drink this one pa naman! 128530

Overall, we still enjoyed our dinner. Must must order the Sizzling Kansi and the Inasal Sisig! 128077🏼 Tuna Sisig's good too!!! 128513

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Denise Hanna F.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Pedro J.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Mary Iralyn C.
4.0 Stars

Finally we get to order the sizzling kansi and it dod not fail us sa sarap! perfect combination with the fried rice 🤗 But the fried hito wasn't that great because it had too much breading and the coconut sauce did not help enhance the taste. Hence, giving this round 11088110881108811088

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Mary Iralyn C.
5.0 Stars

After a TOXIC MONDAY MADNESS! 128531 I needed comfort food so when we passed by the area, I saw SARSA! Swerte walang tao. I looked at looloo before ordering and we decided to try the sizzling inasal and pansit molo that brought back memories when I had this in panay. I told my husband that we should come back to try their crispy hito and gising gising!

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

I remember bringing my visiting friend from davao here long before i start reviewing here at |ooloo. So after around a year i found myself back here.

We ordered their sarsa karex2, it was their version of seperate sauce from the meat and others. It was just okay.

Double cooked pork was the highlight for tonight. My sure reco for any first time here. 128522

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Raffy G.
2.0 Stars

I thought I had found another great restaurant where I could eat good Filipino food.

From the reviews In Looloo, I had no reason to expect anything less. I'm a Cafe Juanita habitue so you know my standards are quite high.

But just to be sure, I ordered the same food that others had been raving about in their own Looloo reviews: sizzling kansi, gising-gising, red rice and chicken inasal sisig.

I should have gotten the signal when they said they didn't have any green mango (manggang hilaw) With bagoong. A Filipino restaurant with no green mango with bagoong at the height of mango season! That's a danger sign.

Then I asked for ripe mango shake (straight from the menu). This was when the wheels started to fall off. I knew I should have ordered a Johnny Walker Black Label on the rocks.

First the waitress brought overt a mango shake that looked strangely dark. And when I took a sip, my worst fears were confirmed. It was made from mango concentrate!!! A Filipino restaurant serving mango shake from concentrate! That's a mortal sin!!! Especially at the height of mango season when the fresh fruit is not only plentiful, but cheap!

So I called the waitress and complained. She then explained that the mango shake that they have in the menu at P95 is made from concentrate. I said I didn't choose that for the price but because the other shakes were mixed with something else. Then she explained that they do have fresh mango shake but it is mixed with fresh melon, and it costs P115 each.

So I said, I want fresh mango shake. And I don't want anything mixed with it. I don't mind paying P115 but I want it made from fresh mango and not concentrate. That meant I didn't want any fresh melon mixed in. I just wanted fresh mango in my shake.

Can you imagine having to do this kind of explaining about how to make a fresh mango shake in any other Filipino restaurant?

But it didn't end there. They finally brought over a mango shake but this time it looked several shades too pale. So I asked the waitress: "Did you put milk in this?" And she said "Yes!" OMG! "Didn't I say that all I wanted was fresh mango in my shake. And didn't I say I didn't want anything in it other than fresh mango?"

So she was going to take the shake back but I said just get me a fresh mango shake first. I wanted to be sure I had something to drink before she took it away. After awhile, she came back empty handed. "I'm sorry sir. Our fresh mango shake is not available anymore."

Out of sheer frustration, I asked what fresh shakes they still had. "Strawberry", she said. "What about melon?" I asked. "Yes. We still have melon." And that's the end of the story of a mango shake which turned into a melon shake in a Filipino restaurant called Sarsa. It's almost hilarious if it wasn't so sad!

But let me get to my review of the food.

I must say that the sizzling kansi was terrific. I have never had so much marrow in any bulalo that I have had in a Tagaytay restaurant, or any "osso bucco" in any Italian restaurant. The problem was the sizzling plate because didn't stay hot long enough. So halfway into the meal, the marrow started to harden and coagulate. That's when I decided to just have everything wrapped and brought home.

Will I try Sarsa again? Maybe. But next time, I will bring my own fresh mango (ripe and green) just to be sure they don't run out of stock.

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Jamee U.
4.0 Stars

We ordered the sizzling kansi, inasal sisig, gising gising and batchoy special. Loved the gising gising, especially the XO sauce. Worth coming back.

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Lizanne S.
4.0 Stars

I came in with high expectations -- and I went out with a smile. 128523 Rarely does that happen!

Love the sizzling kansi. And I adore their grilled chicken skin and Liempo bbq! 9786

The gising gising wasn't as spicy, but it was flavorful.

Ordered these with a serving of red garlic rice which was also yummerz!

I would love to come back to try the other items on the menu.

Service was also efficient. So overall, a happy eating experience! 128077

All that hype you hear? It's true. 127867

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Myrene B.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Marijoe D.
4.0 Stars

Another Filipino comfort food. 'Twas our second time here. Went here for dinner. We ordered their best seller sizzling pusit and chicken inasal. The inasal was really good but I am bit disppointed by their sizzling adobong pusit, the serving was so small haha!! Service was good though. Will visit again and try their sizzling kansi.. 128518

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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

Sarsa Kitchen+Bar is known for delectable contemporary Filipino and Negrense cuisine.
Let's start with batchoy, the serving is big and the broth is sweet. The noodles were firm and generous, it was really good. But what I'd recommend is the Sisig Kansi. Kansi is one of my favorite Filipino dishes and it was truly fascinating for me to see and taste it in a different way. I mean who would have thought it would be great as a sisig?

My other favorite, which unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish because everyone had gone out already was the Piaya Ice Cream. That’s right, some genius thought of using piaya to sandwich ice cream, and what he created has got to be one of best desserts I’ve ever had in my life. There are three flavors, ube, cheese, and vanilla. I was so ready to finish the cheese piaya but as I said, people have already left me behind.

As with their skewered food, try the chicken skin. It was amazing. Don't forget their their chicken inasal, it was also delicious.

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Jericho Konrad U.
3.0 Stars

We ordered the bestsellers: sizzling kansi, chicken inasal sisig, and q-liempo.

Food serving was somewhat reduced and it didn't quite tasted the same.

Q-liempo should be renamed to Cute-liempo. Sobrang konti nalang ng serving. It's like meat from 2 pork bbq sticks sold in your neiborhood mang iihaw.

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Reann G.
3.0 Stars

Sarsa? Sauce? Filipino food? Perfect!

I read lots of good reviews about Sarsa. Luckily, we spotted a good deal via Deal Grocer and decided to go for it. Since we will be using the voucher to purchase our food, we had to make reservations. The place was okay, not too small and not too big. It was actually more ideal for families and barkadas rather than couples! Hehe128517

There were not a lot of people the time we went there, maybe because it was a weekday and we were there quite early (around 6-ish). The waiters were also okay, they were friendly but not too attentive. I remembered having to call them 3 times just to ask for water but anyway, we weren't too hungry that time so it wasn't a big issue 128540

Sarsa's menu was quite cool for me. The first page contained the definition of Sarsa, the next page contained the glossary/definition/description of the not-so common terms used on their menu. It was also with Sarsa that I first encountered the word BATWAN. It was a very mysterious terminology! Anyway, we ordered their sizzling Kansi (Sizzling Bulalo in Batwan Gravy - P350), Sarsa Regular Batchoy (P170), Tortang Talong with Crispy Sardines&Kesong Puti (P165) and Leche del Cielo (P80) for dessert.

The Sizzling Kansi was the highlight of my night. It stood out probably because I like anything that's sour (sinigang, sinampalukan, etc) and this dish was perfect! It was just a bit oily and masebo but it was still worth it!

This is the least that I liked. It was kind of too sweet for my liking and the soup was not that hot when they served it.

The Tortang Talong was okay, it tasted like normal tortang talong with just a hint of sardines and kesong puti. I imagined it to have a one-of-a-kind taste but I guess I expected too much. We asked for ketchup to make the dish taste better but we got disappointed. They have their own version of ketchup that didn't go well with the Tortang Talong. If it was just the regular banana ketchup, it could've been better and complemented the dish.

It was leche flan with a weird taste. I forgot what made it special/weird (for me) than the other leche flans but I didn't really like it. I think it was infused with Pandan or something, the texture wasn't really that good. But anyway, we ordered it out of curiousity and because we still had P80 to spend. Even if I didn't enjoy it that much, I don't regret trying it! It's not everyday that you get to try a different kind of leche flan 128541

I heard Sarsa's Isaw is also good so I'm eyeing on that the next time I go back!

‼️‼️ - must try
❕ - something you can skip
‼️ - worth trying

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Maureen S.
3.0 Stars

I was very excited to try Sarsa after seeing so much good reviews and raves about it; but it didn't live up to my expectations 128528

My friends and I tried the ff:
1. Tortang Talong with crispy sardines and kesong puti. The dish i really liked the most but not that superbly great for me to rave
2. Sizzling adobong pusit - really really small serving, and the fact that they are baby squids did not help fill up the tummy. Taste was good, and fortunately, not gummy.
3. Sizzling Kansi - another small serving-sized dish though beef was tender and tasty
4. Bugtaw-bugtaw - not too sure what it taste like as it was generally bland. It resembles gising gising but i couldn't taste the coconut milk and the chili oil wasn't spicy as well.

So net, I don't think I will really recommend this place. It is pricey, serving is small and the flavor is just ok 128533

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Sarsa has been creating a lot of buzz in the foodie universe.  The chef/owner JP Anglo is sort of famous and has a lot of elite celebrity friends.

I'll be honest,  i wasn't too keen on trying Sarsa.  In my opinion,  the bigger the hype,  the bigger the disappointment. 

This is one of the gambles that paid off.  They offer hearty and affordable meals.  I've dined at Sarsa twice and on both occasions,  no disappointments,  just a happy tummy.

I had early dinner with my band of misfits here a couple of months back.  15 individuals with a common goal - eat to our hearts content.  We ordered a lot,  if my memory serves me right - we had fish,  fowl,  pork,  veggies  and noodles (two of each)

Crispy Pata.  The quintessential artery-clogging,  deep-fried comfort food.  There is something mystical about deep fried food,  it makes you eat more rice!  No one can resist the crispy skin laced with meat and fat doused in sweet and spicy soy sauce.

Tortang Talong with Crispy Sardines and Kesong Puti.  One of all time favourite dishes.  This deep-fried baby is the best tortang talong in my book.  The texture reminds me of a pancake - fluffy not soggy.  You can even ask kids to eat this.  They will not taste any trace of eggplant.

Isaw.  This one is mediocre.  I sort of prefer the skewered chicken intestine sold on the streets.  I know it's not leaning towards healthy but we all have our guilty pleasures.

This dish goes by different names in different regions.  Some call it Bulanglang,  but popular culture aptly calls it Pinakbet.  I like almost all of the elements of this dish except for Okra (this is one veggie i refuse to eat).  Sarsa's pinakbet is sumptous,  the veggies are cooked well.  A spoonful of crab fat for a lil intensity,  crispy tofu and dilis for crunch. And oh,  the squash is not overcooked! This is one of my prerequisites of a good pinakbet.  If you can't give justice to this classic veggie dish, then you ought to rethink your life choices. 

Chicken Pork and Chicken Adobo Flakes.  I wasn't too crazy about the deconstructed CPA.  Taste wise it is good,  it's just that i am not a fan of food that resembles sawdust. 

Sizzling Kansi.  Their version of Bacolod's delicacy.  One of those dishes that you can only eat once a year.  The richness of the marrow is synonymous to high cholesterol levels.  This is the second time i tried a bone marrow dish (first time was at Cue).  Cooking the marrow sizzling style is a lil bit over the top for me. 

Piaya Ice Cream Sandwich  A desert made of a classic snack in Iloilo.  This is a smart dessert.  Think of an ice cream sandwich but instead of using conventional elements,  Sarsa used crispy piaya.  The crunch of the latter compliments the creamy texture of the ice cream.  And oh,  this baby is drizzled with a rich brown sauce.  Im guessing a modern take on arnibal with sublte hints of salt. 

Sarsa is one of the few restaurants that is more than just the hype.  They offer innovative dishes that will wow every Juan Dela Cruz.


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Jessy S.
4.0 Stars

Been wanting to try this place but whenever we get a chance to go to The Forum, this resto usually has a queue outside. So with this, making a reservation is a must!

Had dinner here last night & used DG groupon. This made our meal a steal!
Since we're only 2, we only got the Pritchon Pancake & Sizzling Kansi (plus plain rice & mango-melon shake).

I like the fact that the server paid attention to us from start to finish. She even pointed out which shakes were made fresh & which were from concentrates. The place looks really simple & neat. I just find it hard reading the blackboard that had the new stuff in their menu. I think it needs better lighting for people to read all the details.

We liked the pritchon pancakes. The pork skin was crispy. The whole thing does match the hoisin dip. The sizzling kansi was also good. Based on other reviews, it's the best seller so we had to try it and it did not disappoint. The beef was tender & we liked the sauce as well. I think it was good that we only got plain rice for us to really taste the viand.

Price is ok for the quality of food, the place & the service. Others might find it pricey, though. I would suggest a budget of at least 1000 for 2 persons.

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