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Will C.
5.0 Stars

Labor day and we were looking for a place to eat outside glorietta mall, given that its a holiday today we didnt realize that most of the restaurants were going to be closed or some would be fully booked as the case with kenshin and rabbit hole. It was good that this negrense restaurant was still up till 11pm and with spacious interior it was here that we decided to dine. Rada tends to be lacking in parking space so its nice that we were able to find a parking just outside the shop.

The place itself was clean and bright so it was goood. Servers and personnel were courteous as well. But onto the food
1. Torta talong ilocos with kesong puti - this meal was good while still hot and a refreshing take on torta. I would recommend this

2. Kare kare - another excellent dish but i find it lacking in temrs of sauce and meat.

3. Liempo in coconut flavor - i like how tender the meat was and with 2 small slab, i can only taste a hint of coconut.

4. Crispy pork sisig - crispy indeed but after a few bites, i think i already had enough of it.

Will certainly be back, given with what we had tonight im gonna give this a 5 stars from my personal score of 4.5 since i think there are areas for improvement. 128512

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

My favorite place in Makati Sarsa has recently launched their new menu called as Sarsa 2.0. Chili G. extended her invite to me Christina R. Angela Marie C. Elaine O. for this menu launch. Sarsa is led by the famous Master Chef Judge Chef JP Anglo where he dish out some of the best Negrense food I’ve ever tasted here in Manila. Bacolod got some of the best cuisine in the country aside from their awesome Chicken Inasal. On this event Chef Jayps gave us a tour to these new dishes in their menu where he took this delicious dishes to another new level aka version2.0.
>Spicy Chicken Isaw – I know of a few people who have this same statement that their first time to try Isaw is in Sarsa. Haha. Well Sarsa Isaw are really is the best. This time they are having a spicy version of it perfect! The same yummy flattened clean Isaw this time with that spicy kick that I really love.

>Pork Isaw – Pork intestine is a common ingredient for Chinese but having it barbequed in a stick it a first time for me. It tasted very similar to the chicken Isaw just a bit wider in terms of look. It also got that unique after taste that I really like.

>Beef Isaw – Another version of their clean flattened isaw this time the Beef intestine. Love the sweet savory flavor is this one too.

>Atay + Tsokolate Sauce – Wow this one is amazingly good. The creamy texture of Atay mixed with the delicious sweet bitter taste of Tsokolate. It is one of the best liver cuisines that I’ve ever tried.

>Kansi Rice Noodle – I’m a big fan of Kansi. This is one of my favorite after inuman session soup to go. This version turned out to be a bit of a Ilonggo version of Beef Hofan. Love the same Kansi that I enjoyed here in sarsa with the tender meat this time with a very nice noodle. I love it.

>Sinigang Fried Chicken + Bell Pepper Gata Sauce – chicken wing place are everywhere but surprisingly Sarsa dish out one of the best version of chicken wings. Love the sinigang flavor fused very well into the meat of the chicken and deep fried it to perfection. Plus that Bell Pepper Gata sauce was so good that you want to finger lick the sauce. Haha.

>Spicy Inasal Paa – they also served 2 new version of their Inasal. 1st is the spicy version. Still having that authentic inasal flavor this time a bit spicy. Love it! So hard to compare authentic Inasal with the rice-all-u-can place Inasal. Haha.

>Gata Inasal Paa – this 2nd version is the Gata. Everything really taste better with gata. For big fan of Gata you will really enjoy the fusion of the sweet milky flavor of Gata blending with the savory smoky flavor of Inasal.

>Coconut Grilled Liempo + Coconut Sauce – Grilled and Coconut seems to be one the new secret of Chef Jayps. This one is another dish that is highly recommended. Something that you’ll enjoy as a pulutan. Downside a bit fatty if your health conscious.

>Sizzling Monggo + Lechon Kawali – the every Friday monggo got twisted. Love what he did to this monggo dish. He gave it a twist so that it wouldn’t look boring.

>Crispy Fish Fillet + Peanut Sauce – this one is like a sate kind of dish because of the peanut sauce. A bit under the radar but I highly recommend this dish. You’ll surely love the combination of the crispiness of the fish fillet and the sweetness of the peanut sauce.

They also served us their best selling dessert the Kalabasa Choco Balls and Sizzling Budbud. The Kalabasa choco ball has been renamed to pumkin choco balls para mas sosyal. Surely you’ll love this choco ball with a healthy Kalabasa as its coating. Yummy. The sizzling budbud looks like Christmas puto bumbongin a sizzling plate. This was a gone in 60 seconds kind of dish. Haha.

Overall if you love Sarsa for sure this new dishes will make you fall in love more with Sarsa. By the way their dishes are best paired with an Ice Cold Pale Pilsen. Cheers!

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Sarsa has always been on my must-try list but I haven't had the chance to visit yet. After one million years, I finally got to try it thanks to fellow foodie friends! A number of members from Team Kaladkarin were invited by Chili G, and boy were we treated to such an amazing spread! 128568

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar is now officially version 2.0 with their new menu, and it was truly impressive! The careful creation of recipes brought out some of the best things I ever ate in my life! It was mainly Ilonggo-Filipino cuisine, but Chef Jayps's crazy genius mind has incorporated other Asian flavors elevating the dishes to fusion gourmet food. Absolutely amazing! Most importantly, the affordability of these top quality food is outrageous! Unbelievable! 10084

1.) Pork Isaw
I've been a fan of this street food since I was a kid, so it was no problem when I found out we were trying out Sarsa's. My best description is that it tastes very clean. I like the cook on the isaw, very authentic and familiar. It's similar to how you'd enjoy it in the street, only you won't worry about busting you tummy the next day because you're very sure of the quality and preparation. These innards are really good, and more importantly not at all "malansa". 128568

2.) Beef Isaw
This was new to me. I never knew that there's beef isaw as I only am familiar with chicken and pork. I found this to be more firm in texture, but not at all gummy. I actually liked how this turned out. It was slightly sweet, savory and smoky. The cook was just right, and again I could tell that they only used the cleanest of ingredients. Good job for that! 128571

3.) Spicy Chicken Isaw
I remember in college, between chicken and pork, I'd still go for the piggy. Although this protein was my least favorite from the three kinds of isaw, it was still very delicious. Sarsa's just might be the best I've tried, actually. The texture was spot on. You wouldn't have to worry about having to struggle biting into the pieces of skewered innards as it was not at all gummy too. The spice level was excellent. This elevated the recipe to another level. 128568

4.) Atay + Tsokolate Sauce
Surprisingly, this turned out to be my favorite from the array of skewers served to us. OMG! When Chef JP was doing his speech to the media, he mentioned to miss out on this dish, and I quote "definitely try the chocolate livers. They're creamy liver." I giggled upon hearing this. 128569 He wasn't kidding though! To be honest, I found it gross by the sound of it. But my gosh, it turned out to be one of the best things I ever ate in my life! It was sweet from the chocolate, savory and just a tad bitter from the liver itself, creamy because of the cook and it was just such an explosion of flavors! 10084️ Chef Jayps even said he doesn't eat liver, but to be able to create such a recipe was just so impressive! I am shooketh! Absolutely amazing! 128571 Chef also personally went to our table just to let us know that it is best to enjoy with a bottle of ice cold beer. So when he offered it, I gladly said yes in a heart beat! Namit gid! 10084

5.) Kansi Rice Noodles
One of Chef Jayps's signature dishes and bestsellers in Sarsa is his Kansi. So from this he wanted to create another dish highlighting the same product but making it a different experience for their patrons. Enter, their Kansi Rice Noodles. They made like a beef hofan dish using the familiar Ilonggo sour soup. The noodles were wonderfully cooked and the beef was tender. The soup was very tasty, tangy but balanced out with the right amount of sweetness. This noodle dish is actually very filling and delicious too. Definitely, this well thought off dish was custom-made for the Filipino palette! 128571

6.) Sinigang Fried Chicken + Bell Pepper Gata Sauce
This is fusion food done right, indeed! Who would’ve thought you could make sinigang flavored chicken wings? Plus to have it with the coconut based dipping sauce? Absolutely divine! The cook on the chicken was amazing. The breading was just the right thickness, not too oily and just the right kind of crispy, plus the meat was tender and moist. It practically falls off the bone. This was a wonderful dish, and I loved it! 128568

7.) Spicy Inasal Pa-a
Who doesn't love a good Inasal right? And Sarsa should does it right. The flavors of their inasal is very authentic, very much like what I've grown up enjoying in Bacolod. This had a tad more kick because of the spices. I really liked the cook on the chicken, absolutely perfect. Not a smidge of burnt parts and just wonderful grill marks. I'm no fan of spicy food, but for this I'll make an exemption. 128568

8.) Gata Inasal Pa-a
This is their classic Chicken Inasal enhanced with the flavor of coconut. I liked that the sweetness comes from the coconut, very natural and just subtle. It doesn't overpower the whole dish. Again the cook on the dish is phenomenal, absolutely commendable! 128568

9.) Coconut Grilled Liempo + Coconut Sauce
This was one of my favorites from the new menu. (If I'm being completely honest, I couldn't really pick a favorite from their new menu because Ioved everything from that list! 128569) This grilled pork belly was also flavored using coconut so a more natural sweetness comes out from the meat. Having the coconut marinade coat the meat somewhat caramelizes it once it reaches the grill. The liempo was so tender and moist and delicious! It 's also melts-in-your-mouth soft. Amazing! 128571

10.) Crispy Fish Fillet + Peanut Sauce
I actually really liked this dish too! The peanut sauce was like a sate dipping sauce, and it was delicious. When asked by Chef JP what was each of out favorites, Chili G. had no hesitations saying "I loved the fish!" And chef was surprised, saying she was the first to say it. This was seconded by his sister too. For me, it wasn't the bedt among all the dishes served to us, but it was definitely delicious and up there on my must-eat list! Like i said, I couldn't exactly pick just one most loved from the new menu because I found them all to be worthy of that spot! 128568

11.) Sizzling Monggo + Lechon Kawali
How is it that even as humble as the monggo tastes so much better when cooked in Chef Jayps's kitchen? This was another OMG dish for me! The taste of the monggo dish was amazing, it definitely reminded me of how we would enjoy it in our home in Bacolod! And when a dish brings you good memories, I believe it's a star. The beans weren't hard or chewy, it was cooked perfectly. Plus the lechon kawali on top was such a nice bonus on the dish, as like an incentive for going for a veggie viand for a change. I can have this everyday! 128571

They have a number of rice and other grains with different cooks that'll pair well with all their very flavorful ulam. You can have red rice and have it stramed or even fried with garlic. They also have brown rice and white rice.

Bonus Items
1.) Kalabasa Choco Balls
This has been a staple item on their menu for a while now, apparently. Chef JP was such a gracious host that when one of the foodies teased him for desserts, he gladly obliged. At first I thought, kalabasa in a dessert? Really? But when I tried it, my gosh my jaw just dropped. It was the absolute best! 128571 They asked us if we can guess the chocolate they used, and my guess was right! 10084️ I won't tell what it is though, because I'd want you to try for yourself! 128568

2.) Sizzling Budbud
Suman on steroids, this delicious dessert was so rich and flavorful and amazing! The color was somewhat purplish. As per Chef Jayps, they wanted a play on puto bumbong and the regular rice cake so the came up with this. I found this to be delicious! If I wasn't full, I would have eaten more but this dessert was actually on the heavier side. Still this filling dish is worth the try! 128568

It was such an amazing experience, especially as I even got a short time to chat with chef Jayps, sharing with him that I actually auditioned for Masterchef Philippines and a few years ago. He was so nice and warm, and he even said our batch of foodies was his favorite! Well, it was the third night he invited foodies to try out his new menu, but I'm sure he tells that to all of his guests, being such an awesome guy! Thank tou again for having us! 10084

Again, thank you for the invitation, Chili G! Plus, always a good time with Team Kaladkarin! Dennis O Elaine O Christina R It was definitely a wonderful night to be with foodie friends! 128571

***Note: This was a sponsored event of Sarsa Kitchen + Bar. All food and beverage items have been chosen by the outlet based on their own discretion.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Received an email from Cheenee of Sarsa inviting me and a few other |ooloo reviewers to Sarsa V.2 - Reinventing Filipino Street Food and other Sarsa Classics. This was held at their Rada branch and the event was attended by a few bloggers, vloggers, society peeps and a CNN crew.
The invite indicated to be there at 6:30 and I arrived just in time. Christina R and Dennis O were there already taking pictures of the food. Similar to the last event I attended, there was a table set up for the dishes where we can take photos and then these were served later on for us to enjoy. Angela Marie C also arrived a little later on.
The standout dishes for me were the beef isaw, spicy chicken isaw, sinigang wings, sizzling munggo and fish fillet in peanut sauce. I do believe Chef Jayps and his team spent a lot of time thinking of and perfecting these dishes as they came out fantastic! The beef isaw sounds intimidating at first since you know, beef comes from a huge animal 128516 but they were able to do it in such a way that the isaw had no gritty or gamey taste to it. The spicy chicken isaw paired so well with the ice cold beer we had! Love wings so I was really eyeing the sinigang wings and it didn't disappoint, the tartness of the wings complemented the yummy bell pepper gata sauce. I really liked the fish with peanut sauce and they were surprised cos I was the only one to mention this 128513 imo the fish was cooked really well, the batter didn't overshadow the taste of the fish and the sauce was similar to satay.
We were also served their yummy desserts - the pumpkin balls with chocolate (flat tops!) filling and their sizzling Suman with Ube butter!
The event was much more intimate this time and we actually got to talk and give our points of views to chef himself. We even got goody bags to bring home 128522
Thanks again for the invite Sarsa!

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars


  • No. of Comments: 3
Raisa R.
5.0 Stars

grabe ang sarap
ng batchoy special nila lasang ramen!!!!
Masarap din yung chocolate kalabasa balls

  • No. of Comments: 1
Yina M.
4.0 Stars

There was this one night I was looking to eat and EEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAT. The worse part is not knowing what to eat. I was. Just. So. Hungry. Thank goodness I had friends in the area who were equally as hungry as I was and since someone else suggested Sizzling Kansi, we found ourselves in Sarsa.

Menu reading is fun when you're starved. You want to try everything you see. What's good with Sarsa is they have several blackboards that have the specials and while I haven't seen the menu and my friend was doing the ordering being 50 m away made me want to try their new items.

We ordered their Molo potstickers P280 for appetizer. I was expecting it to be dry but I guess since it's pansit molo, there will still be some soup. It was tasty and delicious but not worth the price.

That Sizzling Kansi was definitely not going to be absent from this dinner. To be honest, this is the first time I've tried this famous dish. I am a big fan of utak but eating sinfully everywhere makes me abstain from the other sinful stuff. Not on this night.

Bugtaw-bugtaw P195 is the Ilonggo version of Gising-gising. These are string beans cooked in gata. It's done a bit differently I think. The gata is not as potent and it's not very spicy that you end up choking on it.

Three different kinds of rice - Ginamos P60, Garlic P50 and Danggit P95. I was not able to try the rest because we all know which one I got! Ssssh, and I got two servings of it! But only finished half. :(

We found that we might get bitin so we ordered the Lechon manok Pancit Canton P225. This serving was full! It had a lot of rekados in it and it had chichacorn. Hello Boy Bawang in my food! Since this cough has been bothering me for a month or more now, I had to stop eating the pancit because it was spicy!!!! The kick was at the end! My gahd it was good but not good for my cough!!
I liked the chicken, it gave more flavor to the pancit but my friends had mixed feelings since they liked the noodles better.

** Bonus? We saw former VP-Binay, too. He has a Firm that's situated in the nearby area.

We walked out there with content stomachs and sleepy heads. Food coma's good when you're really about to tuck yourself in for the night.

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Kitkat G.
4.0 Stars

Heavy rains brought us here yesterday. With the terrible traffic and impatient hungry stomachs, Sarsa welcomes you to a homey ambiance. I've read good reviews about this restaurant and it sure did not disappoint.

By the way, fates would have had it as we saw my brother and his girlfriend also indulging in Negrenese cuisine (haha).

The menu was pretty extensive. Selecting our orders took time as everything looks delish. So here's our pick:
Sarsa Kare Kare, Brainy Pork Sisig and Ginamos Rice
My brother gave us their Tortang Talong as they were too full to eat (haha).

I like the presentation of this dish. Each ingredient was purposely separated for you to pick out what you like in your kare kare. The beef was tender and I like how everything blended well.

I've always loved sisig and this is no exception. It was crunchy and truly flavorful with every bite. One of the BEST sisigs that I've ever tasted. Awesomeness.

Another must try. This rice blended well with our dishes and we were surprised to how good it tasted. Sarap!

Just A-okay. Nothing special.

Overall, I love the dishes that we ordered. You can bet that we will be back to try their famous "kansi" dishes. The only downside was the mango shake which was blended concentrated juice. The staff was friendly and attentive. And I still can't over the sisig and gilamos rice (haha). Worth every penny.

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Chachi L.
2.0 Stars

We've been wanting to try this place for a long time since it is just near our office. Sarsa offers Filipino + Negrense dishes and is owned by Chef Jayps.

By looking at the menu, I've had a hard time ordering since everything seems delicious especially the Inasal dishes. We promised to come back just in case there is anything that we would want to order the next time. In the end, we ordered Lechon Manok Pancit Canton, Tortang Talong with Crispy Sardines and Kesong Puti and lastly Inasal Sisig. We were informed that 2 of our orders (the talong and the pancit) got a price upgrade but we did not hesitate to still order it.

The verdict on our orders are as follows

Inasal Sisig - Sisig is not sizzling and flavorful maybe because of the inasal flavor. It tastes good but the serving size is good for 1 hungry person or 2 willing to share individuals.

Tortang Talong with Crispy Sardines and Kesong Puti - from the reviews and the menu, it seems that this is a best seller or recommended however I would like to disagree. From all the dishes that we've ordered this did not satisfy us. There was nothing extraordinary about this dish

Lechon Manok Pancit Canton - It tastes good as well the lechon manok is flavorful and the pancit is not overcooked. There were some vegetables and carrots and even chichacorn. However, the presentation is not that enticing enough. It felt like I was eating pancit from a carinderia

I honestly do not think I would ever come back. Yes 2 of the orders that we've made taste decent but from my stand point I feel like it was just ordinary. Filipino food are household dishes and if the taste and presentation of a dish would not exceed or even be at par with how it normally is then there's nothing really special about it that I would keep coming back for.

But maybe if I try the Kansi on my next visit since I heard that it's their best from the menu. Or maybe not

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Mye F.
5.0 Stars

Sarsa is one of our go-to places for yummy Filipino comfort food including desserts. I enjoyed our last visit. Everything we ordered was spot-on, except for the inasal baticulon (gizzard) that was rubbery.

Service was fast & friendly128522

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Wiljohn M.
4.0 Stars

For my second visit to Sarsa I tried the chicken inasal and the fried crispy hito in gata.

The chicken was good. It was tender, flavorful and moist despite coming off the grill. The oil that oozed out of the meat made it more delectable and tasty. Perfect with garlic rice.

I love hito because the fish has a distinct taste. But when the fish is fried, and breading or flour is added, the fish becomes bland and drab. Sarsa was able to put some zest back by adding coconut sauce. The hito was perfectly crisp with a pleasant sweetish taste. Very nice.

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Jeremy Paul D.
5.0 Stars

I thought it was just like any ordinary filipino cuisine resto. Apparently, they serve unique and I would their own versions of filipino dishes. Since we were only two, we got two, which were lechon kawali and their super Kare Kare. I'd to give credit on their karekare especially the sauce is served separately. It meat was just so tender and flavorful. The sauce bears the taste of the peanut that we normally look for in a kare kare dish! it was very nice experience and adding to that it their excellent customer service despite a fully loaded night for them:: must try and definitely recommendable!

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Friday's usually mean I have to wait until the coding is lifted, so it's either I hit the gym, or I pig out. 128055 Well, I'm writing a review, I chose the latter. 128514

Iza B just started working in Makati so we decided to meet up and have dinner. One of my officemates recommended we try Sarsa, so here we are.

When we arrived, the place was still quite spacious since it was only 6PM. People started to come in after 6:30PM. It was a good call to come in early! 128077🏼

128173 I'm a soup person, so I always want soup. 128517 We got the bulalo cos I'm also craving for some meat. The soup arrived first from our orders, even before the rice! So it got a little bit cold already when we started to eat. Some people prefer having the soup before, but I use the soup on my rice. Almost 99% of the time. 128514 There wasn't anything that stood out from the dish, but maybe it's just cos it wasn't hot anymore.

128173 Yum! Since we had beef already, we chose the "healthier" meat for the sisig. It was still a good choice since the chicken was still crispy and that egg just made me drool as well. 128584 It's best eaten with rice, because on its own, it might be a bit salty.

128173 Their kare-kare is quite different. They serve the meat and veggies separate from the sauce! The beef they had tasted like crunchy corned beef! Put some kare-kare sauce and some bagoong and hmmm!! 128523 They served the kare-kare with twalya as well. I'm not sure what the English of it is. 128517 I don't normally eat it because it's so chewy but here, I enjoyed it because it was a bit crispy! Good with rice! Almost all Filipino dishes are best paired with rice!

128173 For a semi-healthy option, I ordered the garlic red rice. It was well cooked and it had this crunchy-pop like texture when you bite into it. I wasn't able to taste much of the garlic though.

It was a good first experience at Sarsa. I was too full to order dessert so maybe next time! 128540

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

Came here with my aunt right after the lunch rush, we ordered the crispy tilapia and kilawing tangigue. Both are ok, but aunt was thinking the tilapia was rather bland. The tangigue was ok but the pork bits were a bit tough.

We were first seated at the table right across the double glass doors. We had to move further inside because of the heat coming in whenever the door opens.

Service was ok and the staff were friendly, I remember when I ordered only a couple of items, the waitstaff was no less accommodating than when I dined in.

So what did I like from here? Bangus salad is a personal favorite and it wouldn't hurt to try

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Mye F.
5.0 Stars

One of our colleagues from Glasgow came over for a visit. He was wanting to try many Filipino dishes during his one-week business trip so we brought him to Sarsa. Good thing he was quite adventurous when it comes to food & was willing to try everything including Balut128522

He enjoyed everything we ordered including the Batchoy, Isaw & Chicken Inasal Sisig. Winners for him would be the sizzling Bangus ala Pobre (shown on the pic) & the ube ice cream in the Piaya dessert.

Sarsa is consistent in serving yummy Filipino (mostly Ilonggo) dishes. Prices are reasonable. Service is always friendly. I'll definitely go back128076🏻

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Wiljohn M.
4.0 Stars

Nice dining place. The chicken inasal sisig was a welcome alternative to the pork version. It had the same texture but is less fatty with a smoky flavor. The crispy squid in milk was also good. Its like calamari sans the breading. The squid was chewy but tender to the bite. The molo soup was also delicious. The broth yummy with generous servings of wonton and shrimp.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Renz C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Rachel T.
4.0 Stars

Late celebration of my parent's 30th anniversary. My mom was raving about trying Sarsa's dilis ever since she saw it on tv. So here we are. We ordered the ff:

*crispy dilis - 5/5 (sweet with a bit of chili, crispy)

*sizzling adobong pusit - 4/5 (serving of the squid is too little and too few for a 350 php order but the black sauce was delicious)

*tortang talong with sardines and cheese - 5/5 (i remembered you Peanut D when i ordered this)

*pritchon pancake - 4/5 (this is like the version of the peking duck wrapped in lumpia wrapper or mesa's crispchon)

Everything tasted good and best if combined with rice.

Sadly one of the waitress that day was inatttentive and needs to be called all the time and moves really slow considering there were only 3 tables occupied (it was a dinner on a saturday). We were seated near the entrance while she was always staying near the register and won't even check on the customers/look our way.

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Faith M.
4.0 Stars

For the Appetizer:

Crispy Dilis (Chili Pineapple Glaze) - Small crispy dilis glazed in pineapple with a hint of spiciness, that's a delicious appetizer. Just bitin because of small serving.

Main Course:

Breaded Garlic Porkchop - This is new on their menu and I'm not impressed. Yes, it's garlicky but it has this "sweet" taste after eating it which I don't like.

Sizzling Kansi - YES! I loved it. This is the star of our lunch since it was my first time to have a sizzling bulalo.


Banana Tsokolate Turon - Kind of disappointed with this. It's not tsokolate, what we tasted was a peanut butter. :( hahaha. But I liked the idea of having a tsokolate inside of it.


- May hindi balance na table so yung friend ko pa nag ayos pero after 5 minutes naman of the servers noticed us so siya na nag ayos. They were hard to get their attentions baka kasi panic mode na sila sa dami ng customers nila that time.

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Had a dinner/reunion and they chose Sarsa. I immediately perused |ooloo to look at reviews and must try dishes 128513 I love adobo flakes so I decided to try that. We ordered family style so we also got the sizzling kansi, gising gising, sisig, inasal sisig and some other stuff I already forgot 128540 our dinner mates have been to sarsa before so they already know what to order so I just dug into everything!
I was pleasantly surprised by the isaw! At first I was, 'Ang mahal naman nito!' 3 sticks for 185! But it was soooo good! Crispy and very 'clean' tasting! I noticed that they cut it lengthwise so they really cleaned the insides.
Good food but less one star cos kulang Sa smiles Ang servers. Also, a bit lacking Sa info re the dishes, when we ask what they're serving or putting on the table, they'll like squint and say umm double check ko po mam 🙄

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