Sarsa Kitchen+Bar

2/F Phase 2, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Sarsa Kitchen+Bar
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Most Recent Reviews

Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

There are a lot of good food there! I was surpised to have like their adobong pusit the best. A few other dishes i would recommend are the pork sisig, monggo with bagnet, and sizzling bulalo. The isaw is pretty great but just too expensive.

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

My balikbayan friend wanted Filipino food for dinner. It’s also my first time there. Another friend of ours mentioned there used to be crispy hito which was her favorite but it phased out. Too bad I wasn’t able to try it out because my friend was raving about it.

Here’s what we order:
Isaw (3 sticks for Php 185) - given that they cleaned it throughly and grilled just right, it was too expensive for isaw.
Brainy Pork Sisig (Php 325) I’m a fan of crispy or malamislamis sisig and this crispy sisig was one for the books. Although another pricey dish.
Php 52.50 for a cup of rice
Kare Kare (Php 360) mostly kare kare sauce not much vegetables. Request for additional binagoong if needed. There’s a teaspoon on top of the dish.
Kansi Rice Noodles (Php 295) we all had no idea what Kansi was it but I liked it the tender noodles with meat slices.

A number of the dishes were great for sharing. But I find some of dishes pricey when it comes to the value and serving size. The staff were nice but needed to call attention twice to get ask for water or extra utensils.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

A Negrense Bistro by Chef JP Anglo🇸🇽 well he is the chef that your watching in Master Chef Philippines.

Went here last August 23 with hubby for dinner at Phase 2 UP Town Center branch.

The ambience was nice . Then we ordered their famous best seller sizzling kansi, damn so good. Then we add two cooked pork belly , Sarsa Kare-Kare and for the finale , we got the best dessert! Kalabasa Choco balls for the win! I was hesitant first because it's kalabasa and I swear you'll never taste that it's a squash. Will be back here for sure !128076

Thanks to their staff for the reco !

They have branches also in Megamall, Makati, BGC, MOA and Rockwell!

Namit Gid!

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Mark B.
2.0 Stars

The pork sisig was burned since the sizzling plate was too hot. The isaw also was kind of burned. The sizzling beef had too many calamasi. The twice cooked pork belly was the only good food that I tasted. The interiors are nice. But cant say the same for the food.

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Denise R.
4.0 Stars

Had lunch here for Mother's Day, and understandably, the place was packed. Fortunately, we were smart enough to pre-book a table, and were ushered inside after waiting for just a few minutes.

We were asked to sit at a comfy couch, corner table, and I was glad that although the place was full, it didn't feel cramped. My family and I still had enough breathing space to sit and talk comfortably, without the people from the neighboring seat hearing us.

We were handed the menu almost immediately, and we ordered their Laing, Pansit Palabok, Tuna Sisig, Sarsa Chicken (highly recommended by my brother's officemates) and five cups of rice. Food was served within 15 mins as promised. We were even updated every once in a while of the status.

The verdict on food quality: everything tasted great and complementary! My favorite as always was the Laing which I just had to put some more chili on, so it will be my right level of spice. The chicken was indeed best seller material with its rich and tasty sauce, although would have preferred that they already removed the chicken skin. Not a fan of pansit palabok but surprisingly, I liked their version. There was a different taste to it that may be unique to Sarsa's/Bacolod's style. And lastly, the tuna sisig was also quite good, which we finished in just minutes.

Service standpoint, the staff was very attentive and patient even though they had countless, free-flowing customers because of the occasion. My glass of water was almost never left empty. The icing to the cake of our dining experience was that we were given free dessert. This was a promo of theirs where first 50 moms will be given a treat.

After our meal, we were served with Banana Tsokolate Turon which was 6 pieces of turon smothered with sweet sauce that tasted like Choc-Nut. Yum! What a nice gesture from them which even us (the non-moms) benefited from 128522

Price-wise, it was slightly a bit pricey than usual, because the food serving size was only good for 2-3 so we had to order a number of dishes. Nevertheless, it was worth it. Kudos to Sarsa! You're now in my top 5 favorite Filipino food restos to dine in 128076🏻

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Howard G.
2.0 Stars

Wow. I did not expect to be so disappointed.
Sisig claimed to be brainy and it had a few bits of those, but it had no ear parts and was way too salty. Brains are heavenly items that should shine, not be overwhelmed.
The kansi was so-so. Thankfully, I saved the bone marrow from the sauce and got to enjoy it. That's one star there.
The veggies were so disappointing. The gising-gising must have used powdered coconut milk. Ugh. Terrible. And the string beans were undercooked. Some veggies taste great undercooked or raw, this wasn't one of them.
Yeesh. Not comforted by what should have been great comfort food items.
The second star is from the excellent service.

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Faith M.
2.0 Stars

Expected more from the taste. quality and quantity of food that is for sharing.

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Nars R.
5.0 Stars

Food and service is 2 thumbs up! No more no less...
But they just accept cash payment, i wonder why?
Ordered their bestseller- sizzling kansi- dahil sa sarap pwdeng pang-solo! hahaha
they serve the food after 20-30mins, good to know they have hi-speed wifi connection so u won't get bored waiting.

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