Savor Park Cafe

Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Savor Park Cafe
4.0 Stars

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Reopens: 8:30a - 7:30p


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Most Recent Reviews

Ray G.
5.0 Stars

I have always loved this place. A bit pricey but good food. A plate is around P250. I trued their Crispy Trotters (their crispy pata) and the meat was tender and the skin crispy. My friends and I haven't been back for some time but having stumbled here again, i will invite them back in. Maybe not on a sweldo day but sometime soon. It's really good.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Dell C.
3.0 Stars

While driving along Salcedo, saw this new fancy restaurant and decided to park my car call up the Starbucks Managers in the area which are actually my friends (started my Starbucks journey and worked here in Makati for 5 years before being moved to Dapitan) and decided to try it out.

They are actually serving Filipino cuisine here just when I thought it is just a coffee shop basing it from the name of the store. We ordered the longganisa which they want to highlight that it's from Cabanatuan (specialty ba ng Nueva Ecija yun?) and their bagnet which are both good and tasty but nothing extraordinary. What appeals to me is their Pansit palabok which is really good and taste authentic plus the fact that the serving is also generous ( for my appetite) baka gutom na gutom kayo ibang usapan na yan! 128540 Also tried their turtle cake with cream cheese for dessert which is really good since I am a big fan of anything with caramel and pecans.

It is a place where you can bring your friends and just talk about anything and everything since the store ambiance is just chill and quiet (quiet to the point that they are not playing anything and all I can hear is my big mouth) 128513128513128513

  • No. of Comments: 7
Belle D.
4.0 Stars

this restaurant replaced the vanilla bean, one of my favorite comfort food haunts in salcedo. where vb had a more international menu, savor serves mostly pinoy fare. im sorely missing the vb chicken parmigiana and white chocolate cheesecake but enough nostalgia, here is my review.

the savory: sampled their adobo flakes pasta, crispy chicken caesar salad, and shrimp and crab relleno. of all i enjoyed the salad, the chicken was cooked perfectly and the salad dressing lent enough color and flavor to make you forget you were cutting calories. the adobo flakes pasta had carbonara sauce - i liked the jacks loft version more, just swimming in good old oil. the relleno bowed to italliani's crab cakes. enjoyed the crunchy garnish bed though.

the sweet: the millionare's brownie was worth a try - crumbly with a hint of coconut. for the local food inclined, it was reminiscent of bukayo. the apple date tart reminded me of fig newtons. the cream cheese brownie was skippable - it was dry, little flavor and did not give me that jolt of joy.

in all, a good experience. i only wish it was not bustling with office crowds. lunch was supposed to be my break.

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Aimee E.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Gabe M.
4.0 Stars

This place is clean, quiet and very relaxed with a great selection of Filipino comfort food - gising gising, crispy binagoongan and roast chicken with coconut milk was what our table ordered.

The food was quite good and although not quite rave worthy, I can imagine how it can hit the spot if you are looking for a relaxing unpretentious place to catch up with an old friend or have a small lunch meeting.

Quiet and steady while giving you exactly what you want and need with no extra frills.

It's the Hector Calma of Makati cafes.

  • No. of Comments: 3