Scape Skydeck

Roof Deck, Azon Residences, ML Quezon National Highway, Lapu-Lapu, Cebu

Scape Skydeck
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Open: 5:00p - 12:00a


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Most Recent Reviews

Anthony M.
5.0 Stars

Scape Skydeck : Lounge & Bar ... is a great relaxing 128526 roof top bar , located on 12F ( top floor ) of Azon Residence on Mactan Island

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this bar & the views overlooking Lapu-Lapu & over to Cebu City

This bar’s prices are a little above ... but worth it for the location

Gladly between 5pm - 7pm ( 7 days ) is Happy Hour ... selected cocktails 2 for price 1

• 2 Tequila Sunrises - P190 each ... gladly meaning 4 Tequila Sunrises 128525128525128525128525128525 well enjoyed
• Banana Shake - P150
• Mango Shakes - P150 each

Great helpful service

Will surely go back , specially for Happy Hour 128523128523 if I’m back over on Mactan Island

Scape Skydeck opens up at 5pm

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Joseph C.
4.0 Stars

Nice private place. 128077 good for small meetings. excellent service.

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Nicole C.
5.0 Stars

Aaaah, this place is so pretty!! Definitely one of the restaurants in Cebu that I'd recommend to anyone who'd go there. Granted that there is a bunch of other places that offer a city view but I think that so far it's only Scape that offers the view of the New Bridge (as well as the Old one).

We went on a total whim, I just mentioned it in passing and off we go. I was a bit worried that we may not be able to get seats as we didn't have a reservation (and we went during Mother's Day too), but we went there quite early and the guard said that it was okay so... 128514

They opened at 5PM, and they were pretty strict about it. So we had to wait by the poolside, the area was breezy, but there was no wifi tho while we waited so that was a bummer.

The food was good, actually. We only ordered a few items as we went for merienda only. We had their bolognese and pizza. Their bolognese was good, not too sweet but it wasn't sour either - it was a balance between the two. Their thin crust pizza was really good tho!! We got the all-meat kind. Anyway, I can't wait to go back to try the other items on their menu. 128150

There's ample seats and of course best seats are the ones by the new bridge. Around 5-5:30PM, no one wanted to sit there as it was too hot on that side with the sun beating down on you, but around 5:45, we were able to transfer seats already as the sun set. Most seats are outdoor so no A/C, but there's also a small portion that's indoor as far as I recall. I think that the perfect time to visit would be around quarter to 6 in the evening as you can still most likely catch the sun set as well as see the bridge and the city light up as well.

Service was quick and can't recall if there's wifi there or not. Nevertheless, if you want another take on the city view of Cebu, I suggest you visit this place! 128518

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Van G.
5.0 Stars

A former colleague of Smart suggested this place which is beside her auto repair shop business.

So what better way to visit than to be accompanied by Rated PG (Patay Gutom) friends like me. Hahaha.

According to our friend, the resto's chef was actually from Shangri-la Cebu Hotel hence the great presentation and perfect taste.

We ordered Pig ears which was really flavorful. It was succulent and mildly spicy and I must admit was the bomb! Hahaha

We also gave in to our pizza craving by trying out their Carne pizza which has a hint of homemade style but of course restaurant quality. Om nom nom!

The buffalo wings was delectable with just the right spice. Other must try dish was truffle carbonara which was creamy and decadent.

It's understandable that they also offer Japanese food since the resto provides a sensational blend of flavors through its fusion of International dishes. We sampled their Japanese connection - a platter of rolled rice topped with various ingredients such as unagi, smoked salmon, quail eggs, Parma ham, sukiyaki beef, duck breast, chicken satay and mango cucumber.

To satisfy our sweet tooth, we tried their lava cake with red velvet spun sugar which was a delicious sugary treat!

Cocktails are on the menu as well though we didn't enjoy it much. But with an impressive city night view, who are we to complain! Hahaha

Food - 5/5
Cocktails - 4/5
Service - 5/5
Place - 5/5
Price - $$$$ (a bit pricey)

Tip: best time to visit is 5:00pm onwards so you'll be able to view the magnificent sunset and Mactan City by night unless of course it's raining hahaha 128514128514128514

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Josh G.
5.0 Stars

To cap our anniversary celebration my girlfriend took me to this place. It was perfect for me. The last hours of my trip was spent here. The vibe of the place was great.

The food was great! And the pricing wasn't bad at all. I had their specialty burger, my girlfriend had carbonara, and we had a some crispy tenga for sharing.

My burger didn't have any special ingredient to it. But it was cooked really great. The ratio of the ingredients complimented each other. Every bite made me eager for more. The fries on the side was great as well.

The carbonara was amazing. I like carbonara's that gave out flavor even with out the bacon bits. This one was definitely one of them.

The crispy tenga was by far the best one I've eaten. And it's also cheap and the serving's a lot. You'd imagine something very salty but it wasn't. And it remained crispy all throughout the night. I had to take some home since I had to go for my flight.

This is a place i'd definitely go back to. And wd talked about getting drinks next time.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

So for our last meal together before my boyfriend had to fly back to Manila, we decided to eat here in Scape Skydeck. A lot of my Cebuano friends have recommended this place to me so I think it was the perfect date place.

The ambiance was impeccably romantic with the view of Mactan Island and some parts of the city proper. There was an air-conditioned area and also an al fresco area. We decided to go al fresco.

We shared an order of the Crispy Pig's Ears for starters. They were weirdly delicious, actually. They toss them in Barbecue Powder and served with ketchup and mustard like fries. They were really good, but they made me wanna look for rice too.

I had the Truffle Carbonara. It was really delicious! The serving was huge too! Their prices are on the higher side, but justified in flavor. Truly, value for money at its finest!

My boyfriend had the Scape Skydeck Hamburger. This was exemplary awesome! The size of the burger was ginormous! The patty was cooked perfectly medium rare with all the juices still gushing out with every bite. The sauce of the burger was divine, sweet savory barbecue sauce smothered over the patty and bacon and some veggies, it was definitely one of the best burgers I have tried in my life!

We didn't try their drinks anymore because the boyfriend had to travel by plane, but we will definitely come back here for some dinner and some drinks!

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