Scarlet Wine Lounge

G/F The Fort Strip, Katipunan Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Scarlet Wine Lounge
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Most Recent Reviews

Rocky R.
5.0 Stars

After the dinner at Kushikatsu Daruma. I met up with a couple folks from Baguio. With all the bars surrounding the Taguig area, we decided to go to Craft. Somehow we ended up sitting and ordering from the Scarlet Wine Lounge, which is literally right next door to Craft. I thought all throughout my stay, we were in Craft, until I read my receipt. 128517128517128517

No regrets at all from our mistake.

Reasons being:

* It's quiet
* No other customers outside but us
* Promo drinks!!

I first started my night cap with a shot of Jim Beam on the rocks (₱150). If you're a whisky drinker, or new to drinking whisky, this is one is good. It sweet, smooth and a nice bite, that you'll be able to tolerate, unlike most whiskeys.

While I was slowly sipping my poison, I was observing my surroundings and saw a flyer that read "Buy 1, Take 1" of any Johnny Walker cocktail for only ₱250; and so I ordered. You can't say no to that, can you? So what I chose was the Johnnie Ginger cocktail.

Johnnie Ginger is basically Johnny Walker Black mixed with ginger ale. It was a good choice for me, because ginger ale isn't too sweet. The mix of the two was a perfect match. And because it was that good, I got myself a second order.

It was a perfect ending for me after having hefty dinner with the looloo reviewers. Hopefully we all will be able to night cap together next time.

Happy Eating!!!

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

Came here a few days ago for the send-off party for one of my colleagues. It actually sits on top of Katsu and Craft, which were all owned by the same group (along with the now-defunct Amber - info c/o my former boss).

Not too big but we had a room to ourselves, seating maybe 20-30 people around two low tables. There's another private room that may be smaller than ours. The common area in front of the bar seats maybe another 20-30 people around 5 tables, while the balcony has maybe 3-4 tables for smokers. Plus seating outside the front door downstairs.

Towards the end of our stay we ordered an assorted grilled set, gyoza and spicy salmon from Katsu, and one of my friends ordered a bottle of Grey Goose (not sure what the going rates are but I am not ordering that if I'm paying). Can't really comment on the pricing for the rest because I came late and never saw the menu. Hahahaha.

Service was good - not sure if the bouncer was there at the door to our room for our safety, but it's still appreciated. Wait staff is not hard to come by even on a busy night. Comfort room is clean even if not fancy. I can understand why people like coming here, it's a good place to unwind and have a semblance of privacy.

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Christina M.
3.0 Stars

"The Works" pizza and potato wedges were just ok. At least the pizza was a good serving - good for 4.

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Jodi N.
4.0 Stars

Really chill and classy place. It was almost completely empty when we entered on a Thursday night. Beer is P100 which is highly affordable for Fort Strip standards. I'm sure this lounge would be filled up on weekends. Really comfy and not as loud and chaotic than other places.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Nicole E.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Prince McCoy I.
5.0 Stars

Happy Birthday Nikko I'm drunk don't know what to say it's been a year already since i stopped drinking ! But you guys made me drink JD again cheers man! Nice place and music!!!!

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