Science Discovery Center

1/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, JW Diokno Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Science Discovery Center
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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

been here almost 2 years ago when I accompanied one of my younger cousin in their fieldtrip.. Felt like I was child too that time who is so amazed .. specially that when I was in elementary that science is one of my favorite subject ... sobrang natuwa talaga ko..sulit na sulit ko yung binayad para sa akin ng tita ko dahil naenjoy ko din yung fieldtrip ni cous hehe 128540128540128102..

How awkward that I live in manila and I have to go back to Pampanga just to accompany him at manila lang din ang punta ko.. samantalang nung nasa manila ako di ko to napupuntahan 128517128513...

A must visit place specially for educational tour..even if it's a little expensive , it's super worth it nmn.. my favorite part is yung palabas sa may parang theater at khit walang 3d glass at parang totoo talaga yung paglapit ng mga planet at mga asteroids ..

dito pa muntikan mawala yung beloved old ericson phone ko na buhay pa til now hehe 9996128513..

Zia M dito nmn tau magtrip sa susunod yanung napagkakamalan din taung bata hehehe 128514.. and u too Jerrald S and Russel F para may guardian kami ni zia hahaha 1285149996

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Zia M.
5.0 Stars

My not-so-little brothers wanted to go here and try something new. So since I'm interested on whats inside also, I give in.

It's Monday yesterday, a few people were inside. And it's a plus since we can do almost anything, everywhere.

Upon entering, They literally run through different sections while I was busy reading Trivias and stuffs that amazes me. 128525

They also have this show inside the The Planetarium, "the world's most advanced full dome digital theater system", as they say. Indeed it is, WOW! Like you're inside a big dome and the screen and sounds all around you. There were only 10 people inside, and so we feel like we're so special. Lol

The clip is entitled, "We Are Astronomers", it lasted for almost half an hour and it was awesome! 128561 I loved how the animation explains the ongoing research on the galaxies and how the most advance telescope can bring data that will bring new informations in our Universe. 128525 I feel so nerdy right now.

Afterwards, we continued roaming around on the second floor of the museum. There's this Plasma ball, Tesla's coin which is not working because theres no one who assists it (boo) and there's this room full of ecomaterials.

We found the library where there's an Xbox inside and yeah, we stayed longer there than anywhere else. I played beach volleyball, while my brothers played boxing and Track and field.

Makabili nga nito!, I say to myself 128076hahaha

upside: Few people to share interactive things inside, you have the museum on your own

Downside: some areas are not operating, plus you barely can find a staff nearby

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Jodi N.
2.0 Stars

Came here mainly to try out the planetarium. But the payment of P300 if I recall included the entrance to the exhibit area. So might as well while waiting for the show to start. Nearly every "sciencey" item i was looking at or trying was broken, busted, or missing a part. They displays like the rube Goldberg machine really took a beating from the thousands of kids that played with it. Oh well so the planetarium opened. As soon as I enter, the room literally smelled like urine! It was disgusting. I was one of the few people inside the theater and the stench was totally repulsive. I didn't want to look like a complainer and waste my ticket, I decided to just cover my nose and try to enjoy the show. At least my other senses will be better off, but I was wrong. The show was about the space shuttle and the moon and stuff. Pretty lame to be honest. Even for kids I think it would still be. The special projectors were very dim as well. All those hours must have busted those should-be replaced lamps. So overall, the entire trip was a disaster and too bad because i was excited to try out my first real planetarium in the country. It falls completely short.

Some kid must've pee'd his pants while watching that lame video clip. Lol. 128528

  • No. of Comments: 6
Aileen L.
4.0 Stars

We've been here two years ago and it was not and my family are strolling in miss and can't think of an activity to do after eating and since kids are with us we tried it.the place was very educational and even if I'm not a kid I enjoy the place.i will never forget when hubby and I had a beautiful picture on the time capsule and after how many days we received the picture on our email and it really was a lovely picture.worth to remember

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