Scream Park Manila

Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. cor. Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay, Metro Manila

Scream Park Manila
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Jesan R.
5.0 Stars

Look at our smiles! It says a lot! We're craving for more attractions! More powers Scream Park Manila! A must try! Just don't forget to accompany your scardy-cat friend! Haha! In our case, the scardy-cat goes to my brother! Effin' Funny!!! Hahaha

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Joanna A.
5.0 Stars

I have conquered my fears after I've experienced the thrill inside Scream Park Manila 128074 P450 Pesos only for students, just bring and present your I.D.

Attraction 128077128077
Service 128077128077
Location 128077
Price 128077

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3.0 Stars

Scream Park Manila is a little bit pricey. I like the Vigan, Ilocos Sur inspired set-up were the living deads scattered all over the street. I got dizzy on the first horror house because of the strobe lights and it is dark. They also sell souvenir items. Overall the experienced was OK.

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Princess Helena T.
5.0 Stars

Sorry for having that low quality photo 128517

It was of course yesterday on Valentine's day, we are four pairs of lovers and the boys surprised us. But the funny thing is what they told us, first they said it was cruise line (WTH?!), the other boy said they rented yacht and the girls was like "whaaaaaa? Yacht?!" And it became even smaller, date on the boat under the moon in the middle of no where! Hahaha their lies we're bad!
The funnier thing is they don't know the place so in the end they have to asked someone,
So we heard everything.. 128517

Enough with the nonsense, the boys bought the ticket on ticket world idk what's that. By the time we arrived at the place, we showed the tickets and got stamped.

The line is long but then, when someone looked at our stamped it was VIP EXPRESS LINE! Woooooosh! We are out of the line! Yepeey!

Nakakatakot sila but mas nakakagulat! Pero ang dabest, yung hunted house like na wala kang mkikita. Pfeew! Susuko nako sa takot. Pwede bang back out? We thought tapos na un pla there's more! Can't say more, but i really like the place!

By the way, we asked another person who's Vip, how much they pay in Vip, and they told us it was 850php each, we we're shocked coz we only payed 550 on the internet yet we're on vip! Hmm! Why is that? It's a mystery. 128518

Ps: It's ride all you can?? Haha You can repeat it many times until 2am 128077

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Rose C.
3.0 Stars

Scream park was supposed to open last year of oct 31., i was one of the people who was there during the grand opening which was postponed on the day due to technical errors.. This caused a lot of rumors, negative feedbacks and even gained a tag of SCAMpark instead.
Because of the incident, our gen ad tickets were upgraded to VIP tickets as their way of apology...

So, came the night of screams!
I went there with my friends and my son with excited smiles and VIP tickets on our hands. Excited for the fun and happy for the freebies waiting for us... Only to find out that we can no longer avail of the freebies cause its a special night of chinese new year event that we can only avail of the freebie if it was a regular night. DUH??

So, as VIP's we can only enjoy it by having the privileged of the express lane!!!

Gen rule: You cant touch the zombies and they're not allowed to touch you!

The old town- white ladies, creepy old house as if ur in vigan at midnight. Clueless of what the ghost will do.., they're freakingly scary!!!

Then u have to drop by the baggage counter to surrender your personal belongings with those zombies waiting outside!

Then the haunted mansion- this is where the haunting begins! Nice props, great make up, superb acting thumbs up to the zombies they're really great actors! - i know we are the loudest screamers that night (thanks to my 2 gay friends who were soooo naughty to make fun with all the props, the zombies and even danced over the strobe lights flashing every hallway!!!)

Then the graveyard- this is outdoor haunting!
The ruins bar - this is where the zombies dance., they're also good at break dancing!

Overall, Nakakabitin Sya! As in!
I saw this area, parang roller coaster ride sya... Di na siguro nila tinapos yung park since till march 30 nlng sila..there are arcade games, food stalls this area looks like a perya. Food stalls are not known food shops ah.,

You can have group pics for 300 peso per shot printed depending on size and copies...
Shirts which are available for a size lang (250)
Fan (50)
ID Lace (100)
Thumbler (150)

Then the dragon dance and fireworks!!'

I guess paying 550 is enough for the maze and the experience
but for the VIP 1400??? not worth it.
Ok na ko sa gen add!

For the experience, try it!
Scary? Not at all, nakakagulat? oo!!

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Trixia C.
4.0 Stars

You can run but you can never hide kind of night! 128517

As I learned about this place, I was hesitant. I prefer to ride roller coasters than to enter horror houses. 128541128541128541

My friends told me like "Akala ko ba YOLO ang motto mo? Wala ka pala eh" so fine I've got no effin' choice mygoodness!

As we arrive to the venue, the wind is crazy. So cold or maybe I'm afraid? Not! Lol! 128540

There's three mazes and we didn't skip any. YOLO! I don't wanna spoil anything. 128540 But Kiko G missed the third maze. Sad! That maze is ... Lol! 128586128586128586128584128584128584

What happens in Scream Park stays in Scream Park kind of night too! 128513

If you want something new and something fun, go here. Good way to bond with friends, family and special someone. 128512

Don't miss it guys! Last day on March 30, 2014

I'll still have two more visit to come. Goodluck to me because everyday is brand new day here. No repeat segment. 128584128584128584

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Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

After work, i was informed by my family that we will be going to scream park. I enjoy Horror Houses so I was frantic about it.

We paid P550 each which in my opinion was expensive for a Horror House.

The Scream Park has three mazes. Two of them are covered by the ticket but the other one has an extra P50 charge.

I'm not gonna tell and spill everything here haha! Dark long maze, hard to see where to go, loud sound effects.. But no worries, NO TOUCH POLICY.

4 stars kasi BITIN ako.. Haha i have high tolerance for such, reason why I wasn't scared. Gulat.. Oo! Hahaha

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