Sea Cocoon Hotel

Real St., Buena Suerte, El Nido, Palawan

Sea Cocoon Hotel
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Extra adults w/ mattress on the floor (limited to only 1 adult) - PHP1,500. Up to 1 extra child (below 7 years old and below 4 feet, limited up to 1 child) - Free.

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Liezzy M.
4.0 Stars

room very spacious for 3-4. well kept and clean. daily changing of sheets and toiletries.

basic breakfast buffet food selection but delicious.

nice pool.

location very accessible to the nearby restosa and shoreline for the tours.

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Karla R.
5.0 Stars

Last october, my girl friends and I decided to visit El Nido. We chose to stay at Sea Cocoon and we were here for 2 nights.

We quickly fell in love with the place. Since we got to El nido after lunch and most of the tours have left already--- we stayed by the pool area. It was so relaxing , one of my friends fell asleep.

Breakfast was lovely! I liked the selection.

All the staff was friendly and accommodating, we kept asking them to bring hot or cold water to the room for drinking and they accomodated us.

The design of the hotel is lovely! The lobby is very instagrammable. The owner Eric is very entertaining and he has a lot of suggestions to say.

This was really a good base while in EL nido, the location was perfect. Everything was walkable! We were 2 minutes away from the beach and there were lots of recommended restaurants near by.

My favorite of all was the design of the room--- it was spacious and the cabinet was well made. We definitely enjoyed our stay here and I would choose to stay here again should we return in El Nido.

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

H E L L O V A C A T I O N ! ! ! 🏝

For our December trip, we planned to go to El Nido, Palawan because my aunt and uncle from the States were coming back to Manila to celebrate the New Year's with family. But when they told us their dates, it was too late to book any of the famous and prestigious El Nido Resorts. They were all fully booked! 128532

We booked our tours and accommodations through a travel agency and they were able to give us enough rooms for 3 families! 128077🏼

We stayed in Sea Cocoon Hotel which is located around 25 minutes away from the El Nido airport by car. The location is actually pretty good because it's in the middle of the El Nido town proper. Just walk a couple of minutes and go through a small alley beside Squidoos and you're already at the beach front/wharf.

Just across the hotel are tons of shopping stalls that sell all sorts of gear and clothing to get you ready for your El Nido island adventure.

It's a pretty good hotel with rooms for all types of groups: couples 128145, friends 128111 and even big families. 128104‍128105‍128103‍128102 For us, we were able to get 4 types of rooms: a standard family room good for 4 adults, a triple room which had 3 single beds, a special triple room with a queen bed and a single bed, plus a couple room which had one queen bed.

All rooms have a small balcony. The bigger rooms are located on the side of the hotel facing the dipping pool at the back. Other rooms are facing the street.

The rooms are quite spacious. Enough for the number of pax advised to stay in each room. They only have one shower in each room so it might be a hassle to take turns if there's a lot of people sharing a room.

Our stay included free buffet breakfast which was quite simple. They had rice with 3 viands (1 meat and 2 vegetables), eggs, cereals, fruits, coffee, juice and tea. It's not a grand breakfast, but it does keep your tummy filled enough for lunch later on.

The staff are very helpful and very hospitable. They take the time to answer questions about the island when asked and give suggestions as well. They also offer laundry services for P100 per kilo.

They also have Wi-Fi all over the hotel. Simply ask the receptionist for the passwords and you can connect. Though it can be pretty slow at times because they're not on DSL since El Nido doesn't have any landline! 128561

This hotel has only been open for over a year, but they're doing a pretty good job! 128077🏼

B O N U S (for dog lovers!! 128054)
The owners of the place have three chow-chows!!! 128525 They're so adorable hahahaha. But be careful which one you pet. There's one that's known to bite. But the owners and the hotel staff do keep a close eye on them. We even saw them being walked along the beach as we returned from our island hopping tour one time!

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