Secdea Beach Resort

Samal, Davao del Norte

Secdea Beach Resort
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Diyana Kris M.
5.0 Stars

Basically, this is the highlight of our 5 day Davao Trip. We booked Seabreeze Lodge 2 for two nights and we're total of 6 people. The Lodge has two rooms with separate toilets then a living room. There's water dispenser outside and a minibar with beverages payable upon checkout. Price was P10,500 per night because we had to add 2 extra beds. Room was for 4pax only. There were two queen size bed i believe. The rate is inclusive of buffet breakfast. This place is relaxing as there were only few people staying here. There was a wedding during the first night but the resort is not that crowded. We enjoyed the pool and and kayak activity. On our 3rd day, it feels like we're the only people in the resort and we loved how exclusive it was to us. 128513128513128513 We had our lunch and dinner at their resto and I could say that each dish is worth the price considering the taste and the serving. Their specialty are Filipino dishes. Don't try their pasta and their halo halo. 128513

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Gillian L.
4.0 Stars

Being budget travellers that we are, expensive resorts are not on our top list when finding an accommodation while visiting a certain place. But with the 13th month pay and christmas bonuses just around the corner, my friends and I decided to give ourselves a treat on our last day in Davao. Thus, after thorough searching in the internet for beautiful resorts in Samal, we came across Secdea Beach Resort ( we still can't afford Pearl Farm Beach :) ).

Secdea Beach Resort is located in San Isidro, Babak, Samal. The resort is 10-minute ferry ride from Sasa Wharf, Davao City to Babak Wharf, Samal. From Babak Wharf, it is another 20-30 minutes tricycle or motorcycle ride for P350-400 (for 3 persons).

You cannot enter the Secdea compound unless you have secured a reservation days or weeks before you visit the resort, be it day tour only or if you want to stay overnight. Upon arriving at Secdea, a golf car will then transport you to the resort's main lobby/reception area.

We love the subdivision-type atmosphere of the resort and since each room/villa can only accommodate specific number of people, the place is not crowded with tourists. A sense of tranquility and relaxation is present in the resort.

The staffs of Secdea are so accommodating, helpful and polite. They would always greet you with a smile whenever you encounter them.

We stayed in one of their seashell rooms and we are in awe of the room's size. It's just so big for three persons and there is a veranda outside the room for you to just chill and enjoy the place. Even the bathroom is big! Though lockers are not provided in our room, that was okay with us since we only stayed for one night.

As for their beach, though white -sand, it is a bit pebbled and rocky which tends to hurt if you walk on it barefooted. They have two infinity pools: one's for kids since its maximum depth is 3ft (I think?) and a newly constructed one with maximum depth of 6ft. Life guards are always present at the side of the pools so you can be assured of your child's safety while swimming.

During the day, you can enjoy various facilities available at the resort. Their man-made mangroves, their beautiful little chapel, floating cottage wherein we stayed for a long time while breathing the fresh sea breeze and admiring the vast ocean that lies in front of us. They also have that 124-steps staircase that will lead you to a viewing deck in which you can admire the beauty of the whole resort/property.

At night, you will be treated with a serenade from a local band while enjoying a bottle of cold beer and ice creams :)

I can't give an extensive review on their food as we only ordered certain snacks and pastas while we were there. Though I can say that the price of the foods on their menu is the almost the same with the prices of food in some restaurants in Manila. Do take note that they charge corkage fees for food bought outside the resort.

Our overnight stay is Secdea, I can say, is trully relaxing and worthwhile. We love the people there, the food and especially the place.

Give them a call on these following numbers for any inquiries and reservations:
305 2774; 305 4028; 295 7912.

You can also check on their Facebook account for some updates:


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Eduardo D.
3.0 Stars

The place is good. Rooms are simple and decent. The food is good but not spectacular. Service is at par with other resorts. Construction is ongoing when we came. Only 1 pool is functional. What I hate the most about this place is the beach. It is not swimming-friendly. We just had water sports but didn't swim.

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Ellen A.
1.0 Stars

Their service needs improvement big time! The place is nice but the overall experience was lowered down by the service of the staff. Food was so so like one being cooked at home. They only provide 3 bath towels for 3 persons for an overnight stay. No face towel, no hand towel. If you request for additional towel, you need to pay. You also need to use the towel in your room when you swim in the pool because all towels have been used. We checked in from dec 21-22. They ran out of pool towels since the 20th per the attendant. Service of resort staff particularly the one in front desk and the restaurant needs improvement. I asked if I could rent a bike for 1 day at around 3pm and the front desk mentioned that overnight guests need to leave the resort by 3pm. I understand that we need to check out our room by 12 noon but shooing your guests aways is a no no. My kids wanted to order fruit shake at 930am by the pool and we were turned down by their resto staff because they said all their staff are busy preparing for lunch! I will wait for their service to improve before going back to this place. My sister also experienced their not so good service during their company outing.

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Alvin S.
5.0 Stars

Day tour is not enough, better to stay a night or two.

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