Secret Lagoon Beach

Miniloc Island, El Nido, Palawan

Secret Lagoon Beach
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Lexi M.
4.0 Stars

All things secret are exciting! Haha!

See those boats that converge in one area? That is where the small opening to the secret lagoon beach is and it was probably the best part of the El Nido island tours. You have to swim into the small opening and eventually you'll see a lake of shallow saltwater landlocked by limestone cliffs.

It's a sort of an exclusive feel to which I was thankful for because our boatman suggested to travel early and head right away to this place to avoid the overcrowding. Good job! We had so much fun taking photos, basking in the sun and playing with the waters. Slowly, people were coming in just in time that we were already satisfied with the area.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Here's another breathtaking place that you can explore by swimming or by kayak. The water is just so clear and calm that swimming is no problem at all 128077🏼 it is called 'secret lagoon' because it is hidden within an island, so you've to kayak or swim through a small entry to see it. In picture is the main area where you can jump off and start snorkeling etc.

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Eater F.
5.0 Stars

My swimming skills was tested on this! Upon entering I need to swim for about 100 meters that's 2 laps, but I don't mind since upon entering the lagoon I had to dive so I can see the corals and fishes hahaahaha so yeah the whole 30 minutes we are there, I had to do swimming, diving and taking care of my legs so it won't be cut by the corals and territorial fishes! And for the record, It's really beautiful!

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Shayne B.
4.0 Stars

2nd stop of our El Nido tour A! The secret lagoon!!! 128522

It is called "secret" because you have to go inside a small hole so you can here. I think it's a bit hard to enter here during high tide.

Some fearless foreigners even went rock climbing then jumped off! 128528 I didn't see or feel fishes. 128513 After a few minutes we already went out cos there is not much to see. It's like you're in a small circle room with rocky walls. Imaging if you're stuck here at night and they closed the access in the small hole where people could enter and exit. Hahahaha. Okay, too many scary movie plots in my head. 128513

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