Señor Kimchi

Vibo Place, N. Escario St., Cebu City, Cebu

Señor Kimchi
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Anthony M.
5.0 Stars

Señor Kimchi... is self described as , L.A Street Food

The menu is mostly a mix of Mexico 🇲🇽 & Korean 🇰🇷 Street Foods

Fusion Burrito Chicken - P195 .... is a homemade flour tortilla with teriyaki rice , beans , fresh mixed greens , Korean Pepper salsa & spicy chicken ... really enjoyed the fusion of tastes , wrapped in a large soft tortilla

Disappointedly the Apple Ice Tea was warm

This restaurants food prices were reasonable

However plus there is a service charge on meals

Good friendly service , decorative restaurant

Señor Kimchi also sells The Cebruery Craft Beers

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

When I heard I was going to be assigned to Cebu for work for a week, I dreaded the idea. Not that I didn't like Cebu but because the work there is too tedious 128553 So my way out of stress was to try different dishes that are only available here. Van G recommended Senor Kimchi (which offers Korean Mexican fusion dishes) to me so I decided to check it out.

• PLACE - Urban Chic •
Very cool and relaxing. It had a modern twist to the place but it still has that hint of Mexican vibe. Low and high tables are available depending on your preference.

• FOOD •
Most of their dishes are customizable since you can choose your protein (pork, chicken, beef or shrimp). Their servings here are pretty big. So it would be best if there's at least 3 of you so you can taste more dishes. I wouldn't have guessed it since the price looked like it would be good for one. Such great deals! I love how upscale looking restaurants here in Cebu offer great dishes with affordable prices (I'm using NCR's food prices as benchmark)128176128077🏻

127812 MUSHROOM POPPERS • P165 • 11088110881108811088
[8 pcs. mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat, creama cheese, spring onions and topped with homemade spicy aioli]
My expectation was that this would be very creamy and cheesy but that did not happen 128514 It was good but not as good as I thought it would have been. It's actually a semi-fried dish and it's hard to resist fried foods #fat. This would be perfect when paired with 127867 while catching up with old friends.

Loved this! It's my first time eating something like it. There was no description on their menu but it's just fried tortilla stuffed with rice and meat then deep fried. I also loved how tender and perfectly seasoned their beef was. It had the right balance of sweet and salty. Btw, Did I mention how generous they were with their cheese? 🧀 Yuuum-my! 128069
Also, I'd like to give everyone a warning on how gigantic this dish is! 128563 (Good for 4 if it's paired for drinking/ on a diet and good for 2 for people with regular appetite)

127844 DRUNKEN SHRIMP SALAD BIBIMBAP • P285 • 11088110881108811088
This was ordinary for me. It's good but I have tried better ones. This one seemed like it lacked something but I just can't pin point what exactly. I love bibimpap and have tried lots from different places. But this is the first restaurant I've visited that offered bibimpap with shrimp. But personally, I like the bulgogi beef version better.

127865FOUR SEASONS SLUSH • P85 - Glass • P235 Pitcher • 11088110881108811088
It's four seasons but slurpee style 128526 What's not to love?

Servers were polite and the food came very fast except for the chimichanga (moderate speed).

I'd visit again next time when I get the chance to come back. I mean, with that much food for only under P1000! Can't emphasize enough how I love their affordable dishes 128149

P.S. Sorry for the low quality photos. We were so hungry already since it was already past 9pm so I didn't get to take good shots 128517

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Van G.
5.0 Stars

Everything here is really yummy. Personal favorites are Drunken Shrimp Taco, Beef Bulgogi Chimichanga and Pepper Bomb.

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Josh G.
5.0 Stars

My girlfriend and I went to this place to celebrate our anniversary together. It's actually a salubong of our anniversary. My girlfriend suggested this to me when were deciding where to eat, she said “I think you'll like it there because it's Mexican and Korean fusion.” So i fixated on it the whole time we were waiting for dinner time. The wait was worth it.

For starters we got the kimchi quesedilla with beef bulgogi. For those attempting to eat here you can change the beef bulgogi with chicken or pork. It was good. I'm really into kimchi, and it was surprisingly complimentary to the quesedilla.

For the bigger meals, we ordered the drunken shrimps bibimbap (again, you can change the shrimps with beef, pork, chicken) and chicken chimichanga (and once again, the chicken can be replaced).

The drunken shrimp bibimbap was amazing. And the serving was pretty large. Hands down the best bibimbap i've ever eaten in my life. The mixture of the veggies and the huge shrimps was perfect. They were bursting with flavors enhanced with the sauce. And for those who doesn't like a spicy bibimbap, this dish would be perfect for you.

The chimichanga was the most appetizing to look at for me. I said that they weren't greedy with the cheese. I tried to take the best photo i can to prove to you guys how mouth-watering the chimichangas look. Hell, even Deadpool would stop whatever he's doing and order these magnificent chimichangas. Oh and a little tip, I believe the chicken plays the best combination for the chimichanga but then again we guys have different tastes

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

The review of #ChubbyPeroHappy JP G led me to this restaurant. I got really curious about it so my boyfriend and I spent our Anniversary salubong date here. It was a Sunday then so it was not at all crowded. We got around 9:00 PM already because I had to come from work in Mactan. They were happy to welcome us in the quaint but chic place.

Señor Kimchi was apparently inspired from a Food Truck in Los Angeles, California, hence the subtitle "L.A. Street Food" on their door signage. It was nice because they not only went all out on the flavors from the L.A. Food Truck, they also retained the American sized portions as well, but for very affordable prices!

We ordered the Bulgogi Beef Kimchi Quesadilla Roll for starters. Not my favorite, but it was definitely good. The meat itself was great. I'm just not not a fan of Kimchi, even at other times. This version of quesadilla was a great fusion of Mexican and Korean cuisine though. I really enjoyed it.

For mains, my boyfriend and I shared a bowl of the Drunken Shrimp Salad Bibimbap and an order of the Chicken Chimichanga. Both were excellent but I loved the Bibimbap much more than the Chimichanga.

The Chicken Chimichanga was delicious because of the cheese and it sauce. It was wonderfully ooey, gooey and super cheesy, bursting with so much flavor as well! The pieces of chicken were absolutely well seasoned with an element of Mexican and Korean tastes. They were generous in servings as well and it worked so well with the rice, cheese, sauce and generally how it was fried to perfection. The serving size was so much larger than I thought, especially for its price.

My favorite for the night was the Drunken Shrimp Salad Bibimbap. It was absolutely delicious! They didn't scrimp on the serving of shrimp and each piece was plump, tender and perfectly cooked! When the bowl was all mixed together, the flavors all came together in the bowl. The sauce was divine! And for the price that we paid, it was amazing and awesome! It was a big portion but I'm not complaining. I could've finished this bowl on my own if we didn't order anything else.

I can't wait to come back and I enjoy more of their awesome array of fusion food!

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5.0 Stars

Mexican and Korean fusion cuisine? WHY NOT!

The Axis Entertainment Avenue in Cebu has another winner Resto! Senor Kimchi boasts of Mexican dishes with a unique Korean twist. The lively interiors and feel good vibes add another layer to the good food. Plus they have imported beer!!! Happy hour pls! 127867

You've definitely got to try their Kimchi Bibimbap Bowl and their tacos! 128076🏼

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼128176Value for Money: 4 yums
128073🏼128523 Taste: 4.5 yums
128073🏼️️️9970 Ambiance: 4 yums
128073🏼128129🏻 Service: 4.5 yums
128073🏼128076🏼 Overall happiness: 4.5 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*


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