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Sensei Sushi Bar
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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

My mom just loves the tempura and fried rice at Sensei! So we decided to have dinner there the other week and luckily there was a free table too.
We ordered the tempura, fried rice, crispy Philly and their version of spicy tuna salad - as usual it had a brucey touch that makes it quite different from the usual spicy tuna salads in other places. First off they used tuna slices and not cubes which was a nice surprise. It's also not drenched in mayo but still has the nice crunch from the tempura bits. Just the right spice but still fresh somehow. Good plate for ₱350!
The tempura was yummy as usual, the batter they use isn't so overpowering so you can really enjoy the shrimp from head to toe err tail I mean 128513 great fried rice pwede na on its own. Also got the karaage but it wasn't a crowd fave..nicely fried chicken but it had a drizzle of something sweet. The crispy Philly was gone in like 30 seconds!
Service was much better than our last visit so kudos to that 128522

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Denise J.
5.0 Stars


They’re double the length of the normal ones usually served in other restaurants. They’re so huge they don’t even fit the plate! 128514 But they’re not just ginormous—they’re really tasty too! The prawns are juicy and fleshy and the breading is dangerously addicting. I was polishing off the crumbs left on the plate but the waitress took it away. 128557

The other items we ordered didn’t disappoint either. We had the Fried Oysters, the Tuna and Scallop Dynamite, and the Spicy Salmon Maki. They all had the perfect balance of flavors, thus convincing me that Chef Bruce Ricketts is one talented genius! We went way over the budget we set for lunch that day BUT I HAVE NO REGRETS. 128077🏼

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Lyke Almira S.
5.0 Stars

Sensei Sushi bar is one of the best Japanese restaurants I've ever been to in BF Homes!!! It deserves more than a five-star rating! I would recommend this to my friends.

This is located at 268 Aguirre Street, BF Homes Paranaque, in front of Farmers Orchard. Gosh! It was just a small restaurant yet they serve really good Japanese food!

This is our restaurant of choice for our holiday lunch-double date with my fellow food bloggers, haha, well not really, were just a group of fellas who love to eat! hahaha! And we were all delighted to have discovered this gem in the forest.

Sharing our group photo in this particular restaurant review. Actual visit was last December 30.

We ordered a lot yet I was not able to capture each of our order, but I swear, everything we ordered was delish and delectable!!! Every dish, absolutely everything, including Gohan (the rice, haha cool name, I remembered Dragon Ball Z!!).

We ordered:

10024Spicy Salmon Maki - P210
10024Beef Teppanyaki - P 480
10024Katsudon - P 290
10024EBI Tempura - P 420
10024Gohan -P50x2
10024Sensei Kani Salad - P 230
10024Salmon Sashimi -P260

My photos only shows the House specialty and appetizing Sensei Kani Salad, one of my favorites;

the EBI Tempura- crispy, giant tiger prawns including the heads with aonori and tempura sauce. This dish includes the head of the shrimp which one of my friends thinks should not be included anymore so as to give a heads up for those who don't like the head part--but for seafood lover like me, it's a must try palatable dish 128076

and my number one pick, Beef Teppanyaki, savory and flavorful dish. The beef was slow-cooked as it can easily be determined in the first bite. There were mushrooms too, loved them! (Recalling how it tastes like makes me drool again. Sorry, got carried away.haha)

Despite the absense of the images of another favorite, salmon sashimi and spicy salmon maki, it's the orangy dish at the center of our group photo hahaha! It was the first thing we consumed. Sobrang sarap!

I would also like to commend all the servers and the chefs in this place. Stay awesome!

✅Great food -10/10
✅Great service -10/10

Our total bill was only P1990 fair enough for 4 people without service charge.

See. Taste. Experience it yourself.

Sensei Sushi Bar is a must-visit, must-try, add-to-favorites restaurant in the South. Check them on Booky too!

As we left this restaurant, our stomachs and hearts so full. We will definitely be back here to try the other dishes.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Sensei Sushi! If I was ever going to try one thing only in the famed Aguirre foodie street down South, it'll be this sensational Japanese resto with a twist by Chef Bruce Ricketts.

So, last Sunday, when my wife surprisingly said she wanted to try Aguirre, I took the chance to visit Sensei Sushi. Grabe, I found out that this place has been here in Aguirre 5 years this month. Wow. And I only got to try it on its 60th month of existence. And what a resto this was.

The novelty would probably have been more impactful had I tried this years ago before Chef Bruce also conceptualized the menu of Ooma. I can see his flair and appreciate his Japanese flavor palette by tasting the food here in Sensei Sushi.

First up, we ordered Salmon Sashimi. It was okay. 5 pieces for P260. Didn't look that appealing but it seemed fresh enough. Rating: 3.5/5

Second, and probably one of the more high value for money products is Salmon Belly Aburi (torched), two pieces of torches salmon sushi topped with scallions, truffle oil, ikura and reduced soy sauce. At P380, a tad pricey. Loving the blend of flavors in my mouth. Rating: 4/5 (-1 for the high value for money)

Third is their Fried Oysters, at P160, this is value for money. 6 pieces of crisp fried oysters topped with kimchi purée, garlic aioli and a reduced soy sauce. Now the flavors here blended well without overpowering the oysters. The kimchi purée is genius, as the flavor complemented but added to the experience. It wasn't too spicy that my wife could take it. Brilliant! 5/5

Fourth is one of their best selling Maki's, the Tuna and Crispy Scallop Dynamite. Described as Kyuri, cream cheese, dynamite sauce and crispy scallops, it packs a bit of spice with the dynamite sauce. I like the blend of soft creaminess and tuna with the crisp scallop on top. Also the heat is good. However, I found the dynamite sauce too much as it dominated the flavor of the Maki. Thus, I wasn't able to enjoy the cream cheese as much. The dynamite sauce, admittedly, is reminiscent of a tomato ketchup and mayo blend so I'm not necessarily a fan of it. Kudos to the ingredients, form factor, plating and everything else. Rating: 4/5

Lastly, the Grilled Steak, which I think is the original version of Ooma's Hanger Steak. Excellent plating, with crispy potatoes, sake and ponzu butter, sesame seeds, truffle oil and garlic. The steak is almost sukiyaki cut, rolled around the crispy potatoes, then topped with the other ingredients. At P550, it's a bit pricey though. However, if you're in a carnivorous mood, this is the way to go.

We missed the uni chahan (out of stock uni nila 128543) and I dared to skip their huge huge 7 piece Ebi Tempura, so these are great things to try next time. And with a bigger group.

The ambience is quite simple, like one of those Japanese holes in the wall that you see in Tokyo or in Little Tokyo, Makati. We sat at the bar, perfect for pictures too. Though I did see two crawling insects semi dead or dead. Not that great cleaning up the place. They did say they just had pest control which was understandable but this deserves that -1. Other than that, the food and service was top notch. And the speed to cook also great.

It's probably sacrilegious to compare Sensei Sushi with Ooma, especially for the southern peeps and those who tried Sensei Sushi first, but since I'm not usually in Parañaque, I'll settle for Ooma which is more easily found in the metro. But for sure, if I have occasion to visit Aguirre again, Sensei will be at the top of my list!

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Been almost a year since our last visit to Sensei and I'm glad we went back! This time we were with my mom, sister and niece and they really enjoyed it as well!
My mom loved their fried rice! We also ordered the shrimp tempura which was delicious!
Hubby tried the uni fried rice and it was awesome! Generous serving of uni over their delicious chahan. We also got the philly fried roll and the spicy scallop roll (forgot the name). Was also able to try the spicy salmon tataki as it was in their special menu. I thought it would be like a spicy salad but it was more like seared salmon served with a ginger sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Pretty good but not what I was expecting 128522
All in all, food was good but I wish they were all served at the same time instead of 'installments'. They served 2 bowls of rice first then the next 2 came like 10mins later something like that.
Nevertheless we will be back soon!

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Chachi L.
4.0 Stars

Sensei Sushi is a Japanese restaurant along Aguirre Avenue inside BF Homes. It is mostly popular for their sushis and their makis. My friends have tried it and they have nothing bad to say about this resto so I gave it a try. I ordered the ff. during my visit

1.) Spicy Tuna Maki (6pcs) - this is really spicy and delicious. It has the right amount of salty which is not overwhelming in the palate.

2.) Gyudon - a bowl of porkchop with scrambled egg. This is just okay nothing special but the pork is really tender. I didn't quite like the idea of the nori on top since I am not a big fan of noris.

I'd like to try their Aburis and Sashimis on my next visit. They seem to be promising as well.

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

The funny thing about Sensei Sushi was that the first time i ate here many, many years ago (has it been a decade na ba?)... i just found it 'meh'. Never really had the interest to eat there again since. And even though most of my friends raved about it, it didnt seem to go up on my priority list of places to try again.

Fast forward years later i realized that, hey, they've been around Aguirre and are still open after all these years... so they must be doing something right. They must be that damn good. And the offshoot Mecha Uma and Ooma are drawing similar raves as well.

My first re-visit since has led to a visit almost every week until i tried everything that everyone has recommended and raved about online and in person!!! OA i know 128514128514128514 But seriously, i found the food that good that i didnt mind going back again and again and again to try something that someone else ate and loved. And not once have i left feeling 'nalugi' or not interested to try the next item on my list.

If you like Mecha Uma and Ooma, you'll love Sensei Sushi. This is Chef Bruce Ricketts' first culinary baby. Where it all started and i think was the inspirational base behind his newer restaurants. The cuisine is a modern take on Japanese fare with surprising twists. Specials written on the blackboard change from time to time depending on the availability of ingredients and seafood, so you know everything's fresh. Why the hell did i find it just 'meh' when i first ate here?!?!? 128517

With the sheer number of dishes i tried that took me months of almost weekly visits, i'm just going to mention those i liked the most hahaha.

127775Seared Scallops in XO Sauce - this one is my absolute favorite and is found only on the blackboard specials. The scallops are of the Japanese variety so availability can an be issue. They'll let you know if they have some in stock, but let me tell ya, its worth the wait! These Japanese scallops are HUGE and meaty. Very flavorful! They sear the scallops using a blowtorch aburi style, then pan fry them with XO sauce and... truffle oil was it? I love XO sauce and i love scallops. Sensei put them together and made magic.

11088Scallop Aburi - again with the Japanese scallops haha. This time they're seared in the same way but on top of sushi rice, and topped with their house sauce. Oh man, with even just a relatively simple prep method, these scallops blew me away.

127775Grilled Steak - yep, thats what the menu says. Something stated this simple and straightforward on the menu turned out to be really good! Several thin beef slices (not strips) twirled around and under a potato crisp in what tasted like truffle or mushroom oil sauce. The beef was really tender and each bite was heavenly.

11088Uni Chahan - any good Japanese restaurant would be hard pressed to mess up Japanese fried rice even by accident. So what Sensei Sushi did was take it to another level by topping the fried rice with fresh sea urchin. Who knew that'd it make such a good combination?!?

127775Chicken Kaarage - whether you order the regular or spicy special, you'll be met with something pretty surprising. The chicken is fried in balls and covered in crazy potato strips! In Pokemon parlance its like eating a fried tangela. For non-pokemon hunters... hhhmmm... think of a rambutan or lychee, where those crispy potato strips cover the chicken pieces and stick out in all directions.

11088Scallop Popcorn - this is also something found on their blackboard. Think chicken popcorn in shape and size, but with scallops instead. They use local scallops for this (the small ones) so size-wise it makes for a perfect fit and substitute for the chicken in the chicken popcorn. A quirky and fun plate, perfect for sharing and even as bar chow.

127775Chicken and Mushroom Soba - i was actually reminded of a good chicken alfredo when eating this! Creamy mushroom sauce, grilled chicken, mushrooms, and instead of Italian pasta they used Japanese soba noodles. It honestly didnt matter what noodles they used since this was really good nevertheless.

11088Grilled Salmon Skin Maki / Crispy Philly / Tuna and Crispy Scallop Dynamite / Cali Roll with Prawn Popcorn - you cannot, i repeat CANNOT 128517, leave Sensei without having an order of sushi or maki. I mean thats why they're called Sensei Sushi after all, right? You can't go wrong with any of the one's here. 128076

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Michael A.
5.0 Stars

This is the second time to eat here. The food are delicious. The service is fast.

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Bernisse C.
5.0 Stars

My friend was celebrating his birthday and was feeling adventurous. Since he lived in the south area, they thought we might as well make it a road trip to BF and that's how we ended up in Sensei Sushi. (I didn't realize I would be so thankful to him for bringing me here haha) As far as I know, there's only one branch. Too bad tho, this place is the perfect Japanese restaurant.

I can't remember all of the items we ordered since there was so much and the boys immediately ransacked the food as soon as the plates reached our table 128529128514 Anyway, below are some of the food we ordered:

128031 TUNA AND CRISPY SCALLOP DYNAMITE (P295) - This has kyuri, crispy scallops, cream cheese, and dynamite sauce. I really really do love this one. I mean, besides from being so photogenic, the flavors are really good. And considering the ingredients are tuna and scallop, it's pretty cheap. They're generous too! Also, this tastes really authentic. Two thumbs up for this one! 128077🏻128077🏻

127843 FRIED OYSTERS (P160) {I can't seem to find an oyster emoticon sorry! 128514} - This composed of oysters, kimchi purée, garlic aioli and reduced soy sauce. Just like the Tuna and Crispy Scallop Dynamite, this is very delicious. The breading outside was fried to a perfect crisp while the oyster inside was still juicy. It doesn't have a bad fishy smell either. It's fresh and really really good. Another 128077🏻 up!

128055 GYOZA (P180) - The Gyoza was pretty normal. When I say normal. i mean authentic normal. Not much to say about this one but it's definitely good.

127844 EBI TEMPURA (P420) - I know it may look expensive but believe me when I say that it's worth it. The order comes in 6 pcs but there's actually 12 tiger prawns in it. Each tempura has two tiger prawns in it which makes it so enormous. The only down side to this is that there's a tail in the middle inside of the breading since there are 2 prawns. But other that that, this was good. The breading was not too thick and really crispy too.

🦀 SALMON ALIGUE CHAHAN (P120) - I didn't get to taste this one but I head from my friends this was good as well 128523

128046 BEEF TEPPANYAKI (P480) - Slow cooked beef, vegetables, sake butter. What's not to love? This is very good as well (I feel like I've been saying the same words over and over again 128514). The beef was very tender and the sauce was amazing. The only down side to this was that the serving was a bit small. But it's beef, so I guess the price can be reasonable.

Overall, I really love Sensei Sushi and will definitely be back for more. Although it's kind of hard since it's so far away. 128557 For authentic Japanese food, I find that the food here is pretty affordable and excellent. Also, attached in the photos is a copy of their menu for future dining references. 128521

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Dana A.
4.0 Stars

looking for the resto itself is kinda tricky cause of the font of their logo hahaha! my mom and i wanted to try a new japanese resto so yeah.

the place is nice, the staff were nice and attentive, the food is good and the price is affordable!!!! will definitely go back!!!! 128150

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Last month, we visited Sensei Sushi Bar. It's a very simple Japanese restaurant with very delicious dishes to offer.

Ordered the following dishes:
🔹Fried Oysters
🔹Salmon Sashimi
🔹Salmon Belly Aburi
🔹Chicken and Mushroom Soba

I liked every dish. Service was good too.

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Jacqui T.
5.0 Stars

My 2nd and hopefully not the last visit here. 5 hours before my flight, my friends (Ethel and Janzen) and I went here so we can have a farewell dinner. They were the one who accompanied me to the airport so I guess it’s also good to fill their tummies and share my good experience here.

We ordered the following:

Salmon Sashimi – ohhh! I really love their salmon here. The taste did not change, still as yummy as before. My friend Janzen, who loves this inspired me in eating sashimi as well.

Senseiviche – Whitefish, Vietnamese pickles, yuzu nuoc cham, cilantro. A Japanese version of our kilawin and we all loved it!

Katsudon – Janzen was about to order the Grilled steak, but it was not available that time so he ended up ordering same. It was good and very filling that I wasn’t able to finish it. The pork was tender and tasty, so I ate all the pork and set aside the rice.

Crispy Pork Confit Rice Bowl - Ethel ordered this one and it's good as well, though it was not the crispy pork that we were expecting.

The place was still crowded and we were seated in their bar area, but I don't care. They have the yummiest Jap modern dishes and very accommodating staff. I hope all restaurants can provide this kind of service to their customers.

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Jacqui T.
5.0 Stars

This eat-up with the Kaladkarin guys happened 2 months ago and I [insisted] them to set-up an eat-up here in the South for me so they did. LOL! Nagiinarte ako eeeh! Thank you guys! Labyu!

Dennis and Elaine [if I’m right] recommended this place since they are pretty much familiar with the place. Lucky me! It was a Japanese restaurant again!

The place is small and crowded yet we were fortunate to enough to get a seat for us. We ordered the following:

Senseiviche – Whitefish, Vietnamese pickles, yuzu nuoc cham, cilantro. I was like, “what’s this?” Elaine told me it’s like kinilaw na fish. Not a fan of it, but I did like the sour taste of it and it’s good! A must try!

Ebi Tempura – WOOOOOOH! They serve big tempura here! Really big and tasty! A must try!

Cali Roll with Prawn Popcorn – Kani, cream cheese, kyuri, green goddess, and aligue atoli. It is not your usual maki roll. Maybe that’s why they are popular in the modern Japanese cuisine.

Salmon Sashimi – My third or fourth time to eat raw fish. I found it disgusting “before”, but after having theirs OMG! I should have known this place long time ago. A must try!

Seafood pasta with uni cream – pasta with some cream sauce and tasted like kewpie for me. You can skip this one.

Pork Gyouza - Soy mustard emulsion. Oh boy! I miss this a lot because it is really good. Really want to have gyoza right now with a bowl of satisfying ramen. Ugh!

We ordered one dish and we discussed if it was a potato or wanton, but I forgot what dish was that so NVM. Lol!

Pretty cheap for all the good dishes that they offered to us. Our bill costs less than 2K only. Wow! I will definitely return here and my second review will be up in a bit. The staff were good, fast and very accommodating. Kudos to you guys!

K-Guys! Thank you again. Alam na sa pagbalik ko ah?! Uhaw na ko dito! 128523128523128523 Jayson J Christina R Kristin A Dennis O Elaine O

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Abby M.
3.0 Stars

I'm in search of the best no red meat, not fried chicken meal and so I tried something new today. One man team today, but I ordered a 6-pc maki called Crispy Philly and a surprisingly big bowl of chicken teriyaki.

I was actually aiming for fish meal (the pan-roasted salmon sure sounds good) but kuya server talked and I didn't quite get it and was too shy to ask him to repeat it because he's already said a lot. When he mentioned pork meals, i stopped him and asked for a no pork/no beef meal. He recommended the chicken teriyaki. As you can see, it's quite big. Very saucy, I liked that. Hope they could have spread it more on the chicken than on the veggies (which were under the chicken in the picture). Price at P290, it really really got me full.

When I asked for maki, also no red meat, he suggested the Philly. Don't know what's in it (i forgot haha). There's an aftertaste - not sure if it was the sauce or something the maki itself. 6pcs for P190 is I think a good value.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Known as the best Japanese restaurant here in BF Homes, I can't believe Ony still haven't tried this place yet! 128530128530128530 This is a must must try here in BF!!! 128076🏼

So right after our not so successful merienda at Tipsy Tvrtle, we went here for more food. Ony wants gyoza while I just want the Fish Tacos since I remember liking it the first time I tried it.

They just opened (around 6pm) so we were their first customers that evening. Since we already know what we want, we ordered right away. While waiting, we were given hot house tea and water. Orders arrived in less than 15 minutes and we immediately ate them (after taking pictures of course 128539). I let Ony try the Gyoza first and he said that they were just okay. Their version is not the usual "plain" gyoza which is served with soy sauce. I liked their version because it's siksik and very tasty. Ony said it tastes like hotdog. 128518128514

Then the Fish Tacos. Their version is not the usual too. This one is on the sweet & sour side because of the pickled veggies added on top. This was just okay. I remembered liking this one more before though. Ony found this dish just okay, as well.

Though not as "WOW" as expected, we still enjoyed our mini/light dinner here. We finished everything and the service was excellent. The staffs are all nice and very warm. And very helpful, as well!! Plus the wifi connection is fast! 128077🏼

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Allan D.
3.0 Stars

Was supposed to have lunch at Big Daddy Js but found out it was under renovation....

We havent tried Sensei thus we decided to eat here...

Ordered ff

California maki
Tuna n Scallops maki
2 orders ebi tempura
Scallops n corn kakiage
Chicken popcorn
Pork gyoza
Beef chahan
3 gohan

Total bill P2.8k

Service was a breeZe though no complimentary hot tea was given.

We found the makis good as they put a twist on the presentation.

The tempura had huge prawns w its head intact

The others were so so.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

And finally. A BF Homes eatup with fellow kaladkarins. Jacqui T fun count down before she flies abroad.

It was such a fun experience driving along president and aguirre street. One reason why Christina R , Kristin A and i were quite late because i literally drove 5kph just to puke rainbows at the site of new and cool dining places at BF. Ahem. Even the two were amazed at the changes of the new parañaque sight!

With that, since fellow Dennis O and Elaine O live around the area, they arrived first and were waiting for us. You guys did a good job in picking this place.

Sensei sushi is a great option. They got fast wifi, parking space (though it usually is full 8pm), and a hangout ambiance (though only can accommodate around 30 pax). The master of the place also owns ooma and mecha uma. This place looks cheap but the food choices are outstanding since it is inclined in modern Japanese cuisine.

128204128525 senseiviche
Japanese ceviche. Raw white fish with some crispy wanton wrap, vietnamese pickles, sesame seeds and cilantro. Every bite is so amazing. I did not know kinilaw could be that good and japanese.

128204 gyouza
These 6 pc gyouza got some sweet sauce on it, fish roe and spring onions. It was kinda sweet but then the usual black vinegar sauce was already incorporated when it was served

Wow. Big ones. Order this. The head of the prawn was also included, but just eat it anyway, it just taste like alamang.

128204seafood pasta with uni cream
Uni cream wasn't elaborate. It just tasted creamy. This is the least dish i would recommend

128204 chicken karaage
The best one still is from yoshuken. The chicken piece was small, it's just wrapped and fried in wanton noodles. The chicken was really moist though.

128204128525 Salmon sashimi
One of the freshest salmon sashimi i have tasted. I did not like how weak the wasabi was. But the salmon slices were GREat!

128204 maki roll with prawn puff (not exactly)
It tasted like the pasta, man idk why, but it did not really made an impact to me. It was at least refreshing and oddly good in a way.

6 of us spent around 300+. Not bad

I did not notice if there was a CR though. The service was great. Fast and accommodating people. If you'll go alone, i suggest you eat at the bar. Sabayan mo ng sake.

And us northerns have decided... We will go back and conquer the south!!!

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Last night was another fan night with some |ooloo friends. It was a simple despedida for our |ooloo friend Jacqui T. She is from the south so we get to finally push an eat up in BF Homes. Since this is our homecourt we were assigned to pick five star worthy places. With the many many good food choices in BF Homes we were pressured to choose the best. We decided to go for Sensei Sushi since I'm a real fan of Chef Bruce and I know this play will never fail to amaze our tastebuds.

We ordered a bunch of delicious modern japanese cuisine. This are some of them:
127844Salmon Sashimi - Serving was six thick slices of salmon. Fresh and delicious. Also comes with sweet Gari (pickled ginger) on the side for palate cleansing. 9786

127844Cali Roll with Prawn Popcorn - your typical california maki topped with prawn popcorn. I also did like this one. The prawn added on top added great delicious flavor to the maki.

127844Senseiviche - my all-time favorite dish here in sensei sushi. A kilawin like dish with vietnamese pickle and cilantro. This was so good that we got to order two of this. 128077

127844Ebi Tempura - their tempura are huge! They fry the whole tiger prawn including the shrimp head. It was deliciously big! They also happily accomodated our request to make the order six pieces for us to have one piece each. 128076

Overall it was a fan night! Great food, great company and a happy despedida for Jacqui T. Happy that Jayson J, Kristin A and Christina R visit to the south was worth it. Next time kami naman nila Elaine O dadayo. Till our next foodtrip! 128522128077

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Lora D.
4.0 Stars

My second time in Sensie.
Tuna Tartare: i love the kangkong crisp but it would be much better if it is a little bit crispy.
Tuna and Scallop Dynamite: i love anything with cream cheese. :)

Will go back here to try more of their food.

What to try next?

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Natasha V.
5.0 Stars

Almost didn't get a table since it was Valentine's evening but thankful that the staff were able to make some adjustments!

I was in sushi coma after dinner 128525

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