Seoul Fusion

Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Seoul Fusion
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Sudhiira L.
3.0 Stars

Since the change of owner and management, this Resto has turned into a family- oriented korean - populated place where they usually order food they can understand and know by heart. It's not friendly for non Koreans since the owner has limited social skills and servers are always newbie. I really wouldn't recommend it if you see other Korean restos open

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Tina B.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Peach L.
3.0 Stars

BF Paranaque is teeming with hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurants so when the cravings attack, it's not that hard to find a place.

It is, however, hard to find a GOOD Korean restau.

I was bent on eating at Sam Won as I have heard it was one of the best in the South, but when we arrived there, we were too late. They already closed for the night. 128557

So I drove along and found Seoul Fusion. It has a similar layout as Sam Won's, table with griller and a small exhaust above. Each table has one.

When we entered, we were the only ones and the cashier (I presume the owner as well as she's korean) greeted us with a smile. I went to order Samgyupsal (triple-layered pork), Ramyun, and Kimchi Fried Rice.

As customary to korean food places, kimchi and some other appetizers are served first. I was a bit disappointed because they only gave 6 appetizers. I usually get more in the other places I've tried. I didn't like any of it. Everything was too salty.

Then the fried rice and samgyupsal came. The fried rice looked good but tasted too salty when I took one spoonful. The pork was triple-layered, yes, but triple-layered fat not meat. I still ate it though because there's nothing better to eat. The last to arrive was the Ramyun which was a bit weird because soup should be served first, right? I'm not sure though if koreans serve it last.

The ramyun was the most disappointing of all. I paid Php180 for a bowl of instant noodles that tasted a bit like our favorite Shin Ramyun but tasted like the cook accidentally poured too much water in it. 128534128078128078

For three disappointing dishes, I paid more than Php600. It was reasonable... IF the food was good.

I vowed not to go back here while I was nursing my singed tongue caused by too much salt-tasting. 128069


Should've given 127775127775, accidentally gave 3. 128586
Customer service wasn't good too although the waiter was attentive, he didn't have any idea about the product he's serving.

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