Seoul Train Korean Barbeque

28 Sgt. Esguerra Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Seoul Train Korean Barbeque
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Most Recent Reviews

Chloe C.
5.0 Stars

To be completely honest, this is one of my favorite Korean BBQ places in Metro Manila! The restaurant is inspired by the trains and train stations in South Korea. You can tell right away because the exterior resembles a train. But it gets even better inside - the waiting and dining areas make you feel like you're actually inside the passenger car of a train!

I love this place, but I guess the biggest thing you'd have to consider here is the menu's price range, since it's really higher compared to other popular KBBQ joints. Plus, the prices are for single orders, not unli KBBQ like what the other places offer.

When I think about the food, ambiance, and other factors though, I really think that it's a good place to visit. Especially if you want to have a fun, unique, and immersive Korean BBQ experience. 128650128149

Here's what we ordered:

127800 Woo Samgyeop - This is definitely one of my favorite cuts.I'm not too into marinated meats, I'd rather have the more basic meats. These thinly sliced strips of beef belly are delicate but packed with the rich flavor of beef. And since they weren't marinated, the flavor of the meat was really the star.

127800 Samgyeopsal - No KBBQ experience would be complete without samgyeopsal! The thick, succulent pork belly slices worked really well with their special sauce (see below).

127800 Seoul Train Ssamjang - They say that their "magic sauce" is essential if you're having their KBBQ. It's spicy, slightly sweet, and has a hints of sesame and fermented beans. I absolutely love ssamjang (I even have some at home) so I really enjoyed dipping the meats in this.

127800 Tteokbokki with Cheese and Noodles - A much heartier take on the classic tteokbokki, this dish adds cheese and noodles to the street food staple. I went with the mild one since I'm not too good with super spicy things! For me, it had the right amount of heat, the tteokbokki were perfectly chewy, and the cheese helped keep the dish from being too spicy.

127800 When you order a plate of meat, it comes with your standard set of rice, salad, sides (like kimchi), and lettuce.

There are also a few crane games in the waiting area! I won Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Tsum Tsum plushies there! So yeah, if you want a fun and delicious KBBQ experience, this is surely one place you wouldn't forget.

128650 very unique & immersive concept
128650 fun & quality dining experience (but a bit pricier compared to unli KBBQ joints)
128650 great for photos, plus they have crane games 128516

You can check out a more detailed review on my blog: 128149

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Karyl Hannah V.
5.0 Stars

This place triggered the annyeong in me.
Disclaimer: I am no fan of K-Pop whatsoever but this place’s ambiance, food and TV screens kind of made me a K fanatic for a night. 🇰🇷

The main man and I decided we wanted to go out on a Korean date the night before our staycation at the Manila Hotel (see next review) since we both craved for Korean while browsing through restaurants to try while in Manila during the duration of the upcoming staycation — yep, the best restos in the Pasay area were mostly Korean.

I’ve been wanting to try out Seoul Train ever since that Train to Busan hype so I offered this place.

Upon entering, you’ll be welcomed by the sound of a railway train in transit. The entrance corridor gave out that subway vibe which had games you could play while you wait (see photos) and wait we did. It was a Friday pay day and the subway corridor was full as it served as their waiting area. We waited for about 45 minutes which felt like 15 minutes only since you had lotsa things going on in the waiting area that you’d never feel bored.

We were seated in a room with less that 10 tables that could sit a maximum of 6 people. Here’s a run through of the whole experience:

11088️ Staff - Ate Races was our server for the night and she never left our side. She knew the menu well, considering she was fairly new as their waitress. Then out of nowhere, a chinese-looking lady by the name of Ms. Kathy approached our table and discussed all the meats like she was some sort of meat connoisseur 127830 Turns out, she was the manager and she made sure to visit most of the tables to discuss the dishes thoroughly. Very hands on! 128076🏼

11088️ Food - To start ordering the sides and other Korean dishes, you first had to order the meats. A minimum of 1 premium meat or 2 regular meats was required in order to proceed in ordering the “extras.” Since the meats were discussed in detail to us, we ordered 1 premium and 1 regular (cos we love meat so much that 1 is never enough)

Premium meats cost P1,200 - P4,000 while the regulars cost P350 - P500 per serving. I forgot which ones we ordered but I dont think it matters cos both were really juicy and flavorful and melts in your mouth — literally! I think all their meats are of the same caliber as the ones we ordered.

The extras we got were rice (of course!), Kimchi soup, and the Cheese Tteokbokki. Everything we ate was A++ especially the Tteokbokki. THE. FRIGGIN. BEST.

The Tteokbokki is a staple street food in Korea apparently. It looks like penne pasta with red sauce but once you take a bite, you’ll be shookt. The “penne” wasnt exactly pasta, rather it was cylindrical rice cakes and the red sauce wasnt exactly tomato sauce; it was sweet with a hint of spicy. I really couldn’t describe it but it was sooooo good. Don’t forget to get the one with cheese! 🧀 The next time we’re going there, all the extras will be the Tteokbokki 128514 10084

11088️ Ambience - as stated previously, the whole place felt like the setting of Train to Busan minus the zombies and the eerie-ness. It felt like entering Korea in all honesty, like I wanted to speak Korean during the whole duration of our stay hahaha.

I’d recommend this place to you times two! 128588🏼 Although we spent more than 2k for the both of us, it’s worth the money. We only spent more than we should since we ordered a premium meat but if it weren’t for that, a good 1.5k was enough.

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Foodcrawl P.
4.0 Stars

It is not heading to Busan nor a train of zombies, but this restaurant concept will immediately take you to Seoul station. There is a huge fan base for K-Pop music in the country. The followers of K-Drama continues to grow and we all have that one friend who knows every show. The Korean invasion in the country has breached another milestone with Korean Barbecue restaurant built almost everywhere.

The facade is an eyecatcher and entering inside is like walking through a subway. There is an array of claw machines you can play with and grab a toy using a P10 coin. There is a main dining area and private rooms for a consumable cost.

We finished a grilled a platter of 150g Samgyeopsal for P350. They don’t serve unlimited BBQ but the set comes off with fresh luttuce and a platter of sides.

They also offer different choices of premium meats. Prime cuts are available from Saga Striploin (P3600), Kagoshima Rib Eye (P3300), Wagyu (P6280), and Super Prime (P1820).

Service is okay and the place is clean. It can be worth the price if you’re a fan of everything korean.

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Luisa M.
5.0 Stars

Experience a little bit of South Korea in Seoul Train. Nice concept for a restaurant and offers really good food. K-pop or Korean lovers will enjoy this place.

Tonight is my second visit here. A must try which I highly recommend is their tteokbeokki with noodles and cheese. 128076

Take note Seoul Train has "rules". They have a 1 1/2 hour sitting time on their tables which I think is good since the place is small and have limited tables available. However, you will be assured your food will be served as soon as available. They also "require" each table to have at least 2 orders of grilled meat, a staple rule I observed among restaurants in South Korea during my visit last year.

You may find the food a bit expensive. An order of food ranges from 300-400 pesos, but this is comparable to other high end Korean or Japanese restaurants in the metro.

Another praiseworthy thing in Seoul Train is the good quality of service their staff provides. Tables have a red button for customers to press whenever they need assistance. The waiter assigned can help you in the grilling of meat or you may opt to have your meat grilled in the kitchen. Staff is very attentive to their customers making quick visits or checks your table from time to time to see and offer any assistance you might need.

Still on their soft opening, Seoul Train accepts major credit cards for payment.


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Denise Q.
5.0 Stars

A hippie train vibe interiors for Seoul Train was a good catch - the food was delicious too, of course who wouldn't say no to Korean BBQ! A quick late lunch with family and this was definitely a good choice. 128077🏼

Plus the service was on-point, very courteous and alert servers.
Athough a few tables, I bet this place gets filled up easily!

A must-try I must say! And I love their marinated beef! 128525

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Sharmaine S.
5.0 Stars

Place - Love the ambience, style, design of the place. The place is looks and smells clean. It seems that the place is very well kept.

Service - The staff were very welcoming, friendly and respectful. They assisted us the moment we have arrived. They were the ones who cooked the beef and chicken for us.

Value for money - Food prices are a bit expensive but it definitely is worth the money.


- Dak Galbi (Marinated Chicken Thigh) - Fresh and marinated evenly.

- Woo Samgyeop (Fresh Thinly Sliced Beef Belly) - Fresh & perfectly sliced.

- Jap Chae - Noodles were cooked perfectly. It was also seasoned perfectly, has lots of veggies and beef which were cooked well. Oh, it's not that oily. The best Jap Chae I've had so far! 10084

- Kimbap - Not sure if it's 8 or 9 pcs, the only thing I remember is that it tastes really good. The size of each Kimbap is bigger than Makis served at Japanese restaurants. It's very "malaman" and cut evenly.

- Side dishes - refillable, and well made.

We'll definitely come back to this resto/cafe. We'll try the other food and desserts next time. I'll definitely recommend this resto to our friends. :)

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Melodee N.
5.0 Stars

This place is so cute! I've never been much of a fan of Korean food but eating here in this resto that looked like a train was a delight. It's so creative from the facade to the interior that is KPop inspired. The food, Korean barbeque, soup and noodles. Food tasted good too. The place is quite small since you'd feel like you're on board a train going to Busan (zombies excluded). I can't say more other than this place is just too cute. The price, well a bit on the high side but we enjoyed. The experience was fun. Definitely going back!

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Yda And Mat B.
4.0 Stars

Tried something cute and different today. 128514 We werent expecting that the place is a bit small. We shouldve made a reservation. Anyway...

Our budget is Php1000 only. We ordered Dak galbi (marinated chicken) 350 and samgyeopsal jr (pork cubes) 350. A minimum of 2 to-be-grilled meat is required. The meat comes with a bucket of lettuce, 4 side dishes, and salad with kimchi on it (sorry, idk what it is called 128514).

Bitin, we ordered dolsot bibimbap. It was okay. I think we have to try their beef on our next visit.
Overall, everything is 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻.

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Karla C.
4.0 Stars

The place was so darn cute! It's quite cramp but it kinda helped in making you feel like you are in a real train/train station. Since there's just limited space do not forget to get a reservation. I do not recommend this place for big groups. They can only accommodate around max of 6 per table.
The attendants here were very helpful and they gave us a free dessert but I guess it was their way of apologizing that they need to inform us that our time was almost up because our table is reserved for the next customer.
We really enjoyed the food. We picked the cheapest from the menu because they are quite pricey but still we were not disappointed.

Overall, good place, good service, good food so go ahead and try it yourself!

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Xy P.
5.0 Stars

Clean, simple but a nice korean experience. Although., still on soft opening they offer delicious korean dishes that are all worth a try.

Best shared with small gatherings and dates

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Nyel G.
3.0 Stars

Place was cute. Food was just okay but expensive, and the servings were small. Especially disappointed in their Php350-bowl bibimbap which had nothing special to offer, really (i.e. compared to Paranara's Php150-bibimbap).

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

What an Interesting and cute concept for a Korean BBQ restaurant! Dining inside a subway train 128654128649 Doors open as you press a button, tv screens playing korean videos, cute cartoon art (check out the rest room), vibrant colors all around... Even a row of vending machines for kids! There's also a VIP room for larger groups (3k consumable on weekdays & 5k on weekends)

We were lucky to have one of the owners, Jonathan, show us around and recommend their best sellers... Here's what we were able to try:

Yangnyeom Galbi (Beef) @800 (House specialty) 128076🏼

Samgyeopsal (Pork) @350

Haemul Pajeon @350 - Seafood pancake 128076🏼

Dubu Jeon @220 - Fried tofu dish with special sauce 128076🏼 the sauce was indeed tasty!

Sundubu Jigae @320 - spicyyyyyy hot soup 128293

Bibim Naengmyun @300 - spicy cold noodles 128293

Free appetizers 128076🏼 Free refills!

Cute Mulsugeon for everyone- expanding paper towel pills

We liked the food here... nothing too spicy for me tho 128517 The Pajeon and the Galbi were my faves, Service was exceptionally good, maybe because we were early birds! Too bad the bingsus aren't available yet 128555 Boo!!! Prices are a bit expensive and servings not that big, but taste wise, everything was good!

Please call for reservations as the seating capacity is minimal, and get there early coz parking's a biatch!

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

Coolest Korean restaurant in Tomas Morato for their modern and cool interiors. From their name “Seoul Train”, the whole restaurant makes you feel like you’re inside one. The doors, the waiting area, and even the dining area all make you feel like commuting in Seoul. Super cool!
I learned about them from a friend you got to drop by the area when they were still constructing. We were so pleased we tried them!

Best call in advance to book a table as the place is quite small. You’ll have to wait if you visit during peak hours. They also have this function room for around 10 people, while the regular dining area has around 6 tables which can seat 4-5 people each.

We ordered the following:
SAMGYEOPSAL,YANGNYEOM DWAEJI GALBI, and WOO SAMGYUP for grilling. Their samgyeopsal was composed of three thick pork belly parts, the second one had this sweet pork marinade, and the third one is thin cut beef strips. I liked all of these orders. They were enough for five people to share. I liked that the meat quality was good. You may ask them to cook them for you if you want to eat right away. We chose to do it ourselves.

DOLSOT BIBIMBAP - filling and decent bibimbap. One serving may be shared by two people.

TTEOKBOKKI - we asked them to make this mild spicy but still arrived spicy. Haha, always happens in Korean stores! I think the rolled rice cake was a bit undercooked making it tough to chew. An okay dish for me.

It was a pretty satisfying meal. The meat served was good. I had a problem with their appetizers/side dishes. Unlike other Korean restos, they had this very limited choices and they provided such a small serving for five people to share and we were only allowed to have it refilled around two to three times. Super kulang. Side dishes include kimchi, sweet dilis, spinach, and small strips of odeng (fish cake). They also have to invest more on fresher and better (quality) vegetables. Very small leaves were given to us and also very limited. two to three refills only. They have to consider that we ordered three meat variants thus the need for more greens.. Disappointing.

Overall, giving them a 3.5 for the food. 4.5 stars for the ambiance and interiors.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Seoul Train has been open for only a few weeks but it has gained so much attention. The concept isn't exactly new here in the Philippines but what makes it attractive is its architectural and interior design. As the name implies, it has a train design which for me was executed very well. Do not expect multiple "coaches" though, as there's only one with only about 8 tables that can accommodate 4 people. Expect though, to wait before you get seated if you don't have any reservation during peak hours.

🔹 Samgyeopsal Jr. This is the thin version of the regular Samgyeopsal (thick pork belly meat). This is not marinated so it does not have any special taste.

🔹 Yangnyeom Dwaeji Galbi. Unlike the Samgyeopsal, this is already marinated. The pork is thinly sliced.

🔹 Jap Chae. Korean glass noodles. This is one of my favorite Korean dishes and Seoul Train did not disappoint.

🔹 Tteokbokki. This popular Korean street food is composed of rice cake, fish cake, and whatever it is that makes it spicy. But there's a non-spicy variation where it's just made with soy. At Seoul Train, you have the option to have this sweet, mild(ly) spicy, or spicy. I ordered the sweet one but it still had a little spicy kick.

🔹 Makgeolli (Peach flavor). For our beverage, we were "influenced" by one of the Korean owners to have this alcoholic drink. I wanted to decline when he said it had 3% alcohol content but we still tried it anyway. It was just okay. It's served by the bottle.

Service was good but it wasn't consistent. They ask if you want to have your meat grilled by them so that's good. Calling their attention should be easy since they have a push button paging system on each table but that wasn't the case. Either they turned deaf (because I could here the sound from where I was seated), they weren't trained to respond to a call, or they just didn't care at all. So, it was easier to just call them out. And with that small space, I think the paging system was pointless. Oh, and there was a little hiccup with the Tteokbokki I ordered when they served the spicy variant and a server insisted that it was just sweet. They changed it eventually after returning it twice to the kitchen. So, product knowledge and service could still very much improve.

I'd still go back to try the other dishes and their Bingsu which wasn't available yet when I went a couple of weeks ago.

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Serena M.
5.0 Stars

All aboard!!!!! Choochooo!!!!! 128642128649128645128650128669

This cool Korean restaurant never fails to amuse me! It brings out the child in me! Upon entering the train station (kuno), we were welcomed with "Grab a Toy" machine. While waiting for your seat, you can play with it using a P10 coin. 🕹

The concept of the restaurant is like you're inside a train. The door to the restaurant is like a replica of a train door. The dining space is small, just like the size of a cabin of a train. With a capacity of approximately 30-40pax only (around 8-10 tables). I suggest you book your ticket, i mean you book a table in advance just to be sure of your seat. 128521

There's also a function room with 3 tables. Capacity of around 18pax. But there's a consumable of p3000 per table for Mondays-Thursdays and P5000 for Fridays-Sundays.

As for the foods, we ordered:

Samgyeopsal P350 127775127775127775 - grilled pork. I find it too thick. We should have ordered the samgyeopsal Jr. instead. Thinner version and bacon like. 128055

Dak Galbi P350 127775127775127775127775127775- marinated chicken. I like the sweet taste of it. 128020

Kimbap P210 127775127775127775127775127775 - sushi combined with various other ingredients (which i forgot to ask what's inside 128513) It tastes good tho 128521

Sundubu Jjiage P320 127775127775127775127775127775 - my favorite! 128156 It's a spicy soup with tofu, vegetables and clams inside. 127858 Orange in color!

Dolsot Bibimbap P350 127775127775127775127775127775 - rice with ground pork, egg and various types of vegetable. Comes with hot sauce. The spicier the better! 128541

Jap Chae P490 127775127775127775127775127775 - Korean glass noodles. Very flavourful and yummy! I love it!! 128525

We are very satisfied with our dinner last night and I will definitely come back for more!!

#happy_tummy=happy_serena 128131🏻

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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

Just this weekend, my protegeés brought me to a new dining place just a few steps away from their office. The exteriors up to its interiors were surely quite noticing... It was like embarking on a train ride wherein you enter the platform and make your way into the carriage for a gastronomic trip! The more I got excited when I got inside because The theme was a mixture of K-Pop meets MTR Subway with the tiled walls, cool graphics and modern-industrial interiors...and I was so much bitten by the Korean bug, hehehe :D

Anyway while gazing at the interiors came the foodies....we were so hungry that time and having something quick was the best answer to it, hence, we tried the hearty Beef Bulgogi which has options for sharing, and their Dumplings which had a bit of crispy texture on the outside. Before serving the main dishes were bowls of yummy appetizers, these would keep you busy while waiting for your food 128522

I really enjoyed the quick dining experience as much as I loved the interior happenings...if we only had much time maybe we could have tried their prized korean bbq meats... So with this I guess I shall definitely be back to dive deeper into their menu and try more delicious korean foodies... On a glacial phase, hehehe 12852210084

So...let's hop aboard the Seoul Train 128522128077🏻10084127858127865

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Janet L.
5.0 Stars

Good food and very unique10084️ place. If you want authentic korean food this is the place to go.quality meat and good wine128077🏻thumbs up.

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