Resort Drive, Newport City, Pasay, Metro Manila

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Jamee U.
5.0 Stars

My default order -Taro Milk Tea 25%. Loved it as the sweetness was just right. Place was packed and the servers were fast.

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Tin L.
4.0 Stars

I've been to many Serenitea branches but this is the first time that I've tried their peppered corn. Tastes good but price's quite steep for 70php.

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Manila S.
5.0 Stars

Any milk tea flavor here tastes so good when you add malt to it (just an extra P15!). What hit the spot for me tonight was the Jasmine milk tea with nata De coco and malt. Ubos kagad! Craving satisfied. ;)

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Abie B.
4.0 Stars

Our favorite place to hang out in Newport after a long day of work.

✅ Strong wifi connection
✅ Tea tastes delicios
✅ Clean bathroom
✅ Friendly staff

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Clarisse D.
4.0 Stars

Call us bad kids, because we cut Humanities and Philosophy just to have these 128514
These cravings made us bad and skip minor classes 128554
well, the teas are worth the cut. Service never fails. But some teas we want to try are not available. 128553

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Clarisse D.
5.0 Stars

they serve something more than a cup of tea!!! i love everything here, except for the "oa" aircon that made us shiver to cold.
got taro snow, cocoa cookies n cream(my favorite, omg) and cookies n cream. the top gear mag made the visit more worthy hahahaha good thing they offer delivery 128076

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Arianna K.
1.0 Stars

Waited in line for 20 minutes.. Why? Cos I was craving it. How many people were in line in front of me? ONE. They weren't even taking our orders cos they were making drinks.. I think their manager needs to be replaced because the place was so dirty and so slow.

I ordered with a friend and she was ignored and had to wait another 5 mins to order which is so bizarre cos she was standing right next to me.

While waiting for our drinks we also noticed that the person making them didn't really wash their shakers very well and his counter was wet, drinks were overflowing, even his hands were super wet from the drinks. He sealed them then just wiped off the plastic cups.. Needless to say our drinks were so sticky and after witnessing how they were made we regretted paying for them. I don't think I'll be back here. This is no way to serve beverages to people. :(

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Gracie T.
5.0 Stars

Thanks Roegan T for adding!!!

Forgot to take a pic of the place so I just used my card 128513 Was surprised to find another Serenitea within the Newport Area but hey there are now 4 McDonalds in the area, too 128516

Found the place very cozy as compared to the others, with only 4 tables, a big bathroom & the a/c on full blast 128521

Ordered our usual:

2nd brew
Red Beans
Less ice

Black Tea Lychee Fruitea-
Aloe vera

Milo Dino-
no sinkers

We were informed that they'll be rebranding in Oct! Pls dont take out our faves! 128591 and the cute logo! Please please please!!!

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