Serious Dough

4/F Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Serious Dough
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Most Recent Reviews

Camille S.
3.0 Stars

Got Serious Dough’s Four Cheese pizza and it was okay. I liked how the cheese wasn’t too overwhelming but the dough was a bit chewy.

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Peanut D.
4.0 Stars


One weekend I had a great idea
Why don’t I try the pepperoni pizza
At this place called Serious Dough
Before The Beef makes it once again
Difficult for me to say no

I gasped a little at the price
But when it arrived
Just woah, look at that size!

In pesos, it was over two hundred
Is it too pricey I wondered?

But it’s bigger than my hand
And the pepperoni was scattered
Like the houses in Manila’s land (masikip lol)

All in all, if I may
This was a good piece of pizza
But even then, I think I’ll still say

“The Beef, nasaan ka?”

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Jaja R.
3.0 Stars

Headed to Hole in The Wall in Century Mall for a late dinner and since most of the food stalls are closing, we found ourselves on the 4th floor.

Opted for Serious Dough because we are craving for pizza but it was already out of stock so we got Spinach-Ricott (P290). Quite pricey for a very small serving and it tasted just okay.

It was my first visit and will most likely come back to try the rest.

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Wennifer C.
3.0 Stars

Quite pricey

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

With my eyes half-opened, I traveled to Century Mall after work to respond to the call of pizza. Nope, I haven't slept (my new work is a night shift), yes I'm serious about the pizza with the name, Serious Dough, I mean really, who wouldn't take it seriously? Okay I'm trying to be funny and doing a bad job at it so let's just move on to what's important.

Serious Dough (SD) is one of the stalls that can be found in what I perceived to be as the most soshal food hall there is, Hole in the Wall.

Originally, SD offered one whole pizza to their customers. For some reason, the customers don't finish them. Maybe the principle in that pizza joke comes into play? You know, the person doesn't want his pizza to be sliced into 8 instead of 6 because he may not be able to finish it?

So they decided to offer them in slices instead and apparently it did the trick because more people are buying now. Sliced or not, I would have eaten these pizza because they are really good. For me this is saying a lot because when I have little to no sleep, my sense of taste is significantly reduced, yet despite my zombie taste the pizza, especially the 4-cheese was able to dance and please my taste buds.

Chef Steve is very proud of their 4-Cheese pizza that he said it has a fighting chance to be considered as the best 4-cheese pizza there is. I wouldn't say that it is the best 4-Cheese pizza I've ever had but I have to agree with Chef Steve, it delicious enough to be compared with the best. I found it savory even when my palate was stunted, what more if I ate it in my fully awake state.

I liked how they put different pizza flavors together like they were pieces of a puzzle, it made for a good looking presentation I must say.

Other pizza flavors available are Pepperoni, Italian Stallion, Supreme Commander, Mushroom Spinach Ricotta, and T-Rex. Some of them go for PHP 200 (USD 4.24) a slice, others go for PHP 250 (USD 5.30). Pretty expensive for a slice but then again, the slice is fairly big and they are delicious so I'm willing to compromise.

Then there's the pasta. We were served two of them. First is the Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni. If you're not familiar with cannelloni, it's a cylindrical pasta that is usually stuffed with a filling, in this case, spinach and fresh ricotta. The pasta is big, about 1 inch if I remember it right, that I wondered for a moment if I was eating pasta or a sandwich (lol). Please forgive my ignorance, I've never eaten a cannelloni before.

I am more of a red sauce pasta person so I liked the Spaghetti & Meatballs. It is made with marinara sauce, meatballs, mornay sauce, parmesan, and fresh basil.

For drinks we had mocktails, while some of the guys had pale ale.

After all that eating, I was almost in a coma. I mean who wouldn't be? Serious Dough reminded me that some food is seriously worth staying up for.

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

My sister ordered Don't Break My Heart (490PHp) pizza. The toppings were lechon skin, lechon meat, chicharon and some vegetables. The taste was a bit underwhelming but the portion size was great for sharing.

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Jayson J.
2.0 Stars

"I thought it was ok."
... A little lower eh.

We ordered the one with all kinds of mushrooms. They added some fried mushrooms in it and it just tasted oil. I wish they could have added some truffle oil, the pizza could have been more exciting and tasty. Let me speak by this experience and set of order. Not really closing door for this one but it looks like it may take some more time before i try this again. 128527

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Theodore A.
4.0 Stars

Hole in The Wall presents a pizza place that aims to combine familiar flavors with local favorites - hoping to achieve creativity and comfort at the same time. While it takes a few inches of your adventure side to finally give in, I suggest you make a quick turn here and order something up. Best eaten hot, try to seize that melting cheese moment. Stronger blue cheese flavor to maybe up it a notch? But the whole experience is good. Try it next time. Seriously though? Serious dough 128516

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April H.
3.0 Stars

I was hesitant to make this review because the pizza flavor that we ordered is no longer available... But I think it's for the best...128514

On a day wherein we were just bored, my bf and I went to Century City Mall to hangout and eat. We decided to try Serious Dough again and for that visit, we ordered the Bacon and Ox Pizza... Uuuummmmm, I wish we went for the Serious Cheese pizza again instead... I don't know exactly what it was, but I think it was the ox tail that I didn't quite enjoy? I thought the texture didn't gel well with the rest of the pizza. Plus I wished there was more cheese on top. I wouldn't order it again, but that's just me (and my boo128517)...

I am not quite sure why they changed the pizza flavors... All I can say is this: PLEASE BRING BACK FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!128591

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Shayne B.
3.0 Stars

Together with umami chicken from Bad Bird, my colleagues and I ordered this pizza as well.

The flavors of their pizza is usually limited, I believe. We came here cos my colleague told us that she really liked their all cheese pizza, only to find out it wasn't able anymore. 128566 But we still tried their new flavor tho (it was new that time pa hahaha)... The Life of Pi pizza 128541

Pizza is is composed of cashews and chicken tandoori. 128020 It was freshly baked so plus 1 star for that. Waiting time took us 30 mins tho. 128529

The chicken tandoori flavor is so strong too. 128513 Price? Around P300.

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Dinner at Serious Dough tonight, a pizza place brought to us by Chef Miko Aspiras...

They offer limited pizza flavors. One for cheese lovers, one for meat eaters, two vegetarian pizzas, and a dessert pizza for those with a sweet tooth... The combinations are very out of the box, definitely for the more adventurous palate... Their pizzas only come in one size at 11", big enough to be shared by two people...

We got the Serious Cheese pizza to go... We didn't have to wait too long for the pizza, topped with raclette, Grana Padano, and mozarella... An unusual mix of cheeses actually... Raclette is not a cheese we typically encounter in pizzas, but I love this!!! Plus Grana Padano, hello, another premium cheese that just elevates any dish... We were excited to try it...

However, when we were watching them make the pizza, we felt a bit disappointed... We felt that they weren't generous with the toppings. Oh well, we figured we would be tasting it soon anyways...

We brought the pizza all the way to QC before consuming it... Our previous concerns were put to rest upon biting into a slice. It's good actually! More cheese might have overwhelmed the delicate balance here! Note to self: trust the chef!128517

Very thin crust and rich tomato sauce, the perfect base for the mix of cheeses and the black peppercorn to do their thing... The combination was an awesome balance of salty, tangy, and spicy! But wait, mix in the honey and the flavor is just transformed! Try it with and without the honey, you will understand what I mean! The honey is a perfect complement that brings out the flavors of this pizza... It went so well with SML!128515

One thing though, which I thought was just us because we didn't eat the pizza right out of the oven... The crust on the sides were pretty tough to chew, but Mr. Edwin I had the same observation... I don't know why that is, but it was odd because the rest of the pizza was enjoyable...

For me, it wasn't bad for P360!128515

Sorry for the pic, we were already in a hurry!128513

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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

There is a new pizza place at Hole in the Wall. The pizza place offers a short list of somewhat unique pizza flavors. A new brainchild from Chef Miko Aspiras (Scout's Honor and Le Petit Soufflé among others). This is Serious Dough.

This visit, I'm liking Serious Dough's Serious Cheese Pizza.

Their menu is short. 4 pizza flavors playing with a unique mix of ingredients catering to meat, cheese, veggie foodies. They even have a dessert pizza.

The Serious Cheese is a cheese lover's overload pizza. A choice that I made since I love Raclette. Thin crust, brick oven baked pizza loaded with gooey melted Raclette, Grana Padano Cheese, Mozzarella, and freshly cracked tellichery black peppercorns. The crust was thin & nicely charred, a thin layer of tarty tomato sauce, then loaded with a mix of good melted cheeses. An eclectic mix of sharp, creamy, tangy. The cracked gourmet black peppercorns added a nice subtle yet pronounced heat to the cheesy pizza. Perfect with the accompanying Manuka Honey dip. The sweetness of the honey nicely balanced the cheesy dish.

The only minor downside, good as the crust was, I found the side crusts a bit tough to the chew.

For an 11 inch pizza loaded with good cheeses, not bad for just 360. Good to share between two people or perfect as solo for a foodie who loves cheese with a big appetite to boost.

  • No. of Comments: 9