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Seven Corners
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5.0 Stars

Yay my first 5-Star review.

I never know how to review buffets. I feel like it's mathematically impossible to get the EXACT same food (in terms of what your put on your playr) that someone else will.

So let's just pretend we appreciate food for what it is, stuff that makes us extremely happy.

7 Corners makes me extremely happy.

I didn't ask (nor look for the answer myself) but I assume 7 Corners means food from all 7 Continents, and to be honest it kind of felt like that.

You had Asian, European, American (North & South). I'm sure there's some African influences somewhere, and the Ice in the water is a CLEAR shoutout to Antarctica.
P.S. Australia shouldn't be a continent, c'monnnnnn.

Let's talk food. Like any buffet, I'm sure the spread is bound to change every now and then, but on this visit, this is what I would GET:

Ok, in no particular order:

-SEAFOOOD: Buffet Sushi is always a difficult thing for me to review. I grew up in Tokyo, so I know good Sushi. And most buffet sushi tastes like hot-ass. But at the same time, I'm also not picky. Out of the many buffets I've been to in my life, this is one of the best. Salmon sashimi, their sushi rice, and bonus points for UNI! Unli Uni, nuff said.

Their crab and shrimps were very good, unfortunately it was plated with a label that said 'Lobster & Shrimp'. No lobster doe, sad face. But even their cold seafood (muscles etc.) Tasted fresh. Always a plus points

-VEGGIES: Wow, I rarely eat veggies, and I never thought it would be the strong suit at a buffet, but much like the seafood, it tasted clean and fresh. Their salad bar was also well maintained, no egg yolk and lettuce scattered around (why is there always egg yolk!?), So I liked that too

-PASTA: Their build your own pasta bar was fantastic. I only got the carbonara, but it was the standout dish for me. I mixed the four different types of pasta like some uncultured savage, but when they cooked it for me they even made it look pretty. Creamy goodness, would repeat.

-INDIAN: I couldn't tell the difference between roti, masalla, tandori and whatever makes up Indian cuisine. All I know is that this little section was deelish. If you're into spice and not afraid of strong flavors, do cop.

-ICE CREAM/DESSERTS: Specifically their STRACCIATELLA. A.k.a. White Chocolate Ice cream. Fabulous. Their cheese cake was good. When it comes to the smaller baked goodies, I feel like all of these come from the same supplier that supplies to buffets all over the world (they always taste the same), but it was well presented. Gummy bears made an appearance, it was glorious.

What wasn't as good (but still good, does that make sense?)

As aforementioned, we'll probably end up getting different items. And with differing palettes it'll be a 'Too each their own' kind of thang; but these were the 'items that were good enough for me but I wouldn't pay the price for them alone', kind of thing.

-MEATS: Their hot cuts were kinda dry. Though their assortment of condiments was nice (that grewn jelly stuff, hellooooo beautiful). But I've had better. Their lechon was alright. Not as dry as say, the roast beef, but nothing that makes you say lech go back here.

-BREADY STUFF: Their bread bar was alright, but you really shouldn't be filling yourself with bread at a buffet anyway (sorry, I shouldn't tell you how to live), their pizza was alright, I enjoyed the nan. They had a nice little cheese board, I'm not knowledgeable on cheese names, but they had a circle one, a square one, and a smelly one. So it's legit to the untrained eye (and nose).


Final note/s on the overall experience

-I did not pay for this, I was lucky enough to be gifted a voucher to dine here from a Hosting Gig that I did (Thanks to my boy R2 for hookin it up!)
But for 1,900 a head, you do get what you pay for. Clean. Great spread. Nice visuals. It's not cheap, yes, but my review would have been the same had I paid. I'm a firm believer that More expensive does NOT equate to better ratings, in this case it just so happened to be pricey AND 5-Star worthy.

-Something that should be mentioned is the staff. Very professional, efficient, and friendly. So service is what really pushed this 5-Star rating. Good work guys/gals of 7 Corners

-The place is packed, I was lucky enough to get a table as a walk-in, but BOOK AHEAD, or fear getting the stink eye from the diners who have reservations and you're blocking their access to the front desk.

-Sneak a couple gummy bears home.

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Gayla b.
3.0 Stars

We did breakfast buffet at Seven Corners. 128513128077🏻

I find the resto not that big compared to other buffet places. I also think that items were limited-- maybe because it's breakfast time.

Love the omelette station, as always. 10084127859

I also liked their donut, it's a good thing for it's very hard for me to appreciate sweets. So good job for the donuts! 127849128513128077🏻

I also noticed that some items were not refilled. It's very important that your buffet area looks stacked and complete so I called Nakamura-- He's a friend of mine and he works there. I told him to get his act together! Hahahaha. 128514 Kidding. He hates me. 128517

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Kate R.
4.0 Stars

It’s the season to be CHUBBY! Falalalala~

The bosses are visiting from the US, and I am the one in charge in finding and reserving restaurants for our lunch and dinner (ahem, in case you don’t know, I am a Systems Administrator and I handle servers… not an HR haha, but they all know that Im a foodie, so!)128514

My team mates want to have a buffet, and Sambokojin and Vikings became our normal to go to place. Since the bosses are here, we opted for much elegant restaurants (abusado? Haha).

Seven corners came up in our list, I chose it because it’s near our office and they can accommodate us because they’re not full. We ate there at lunch time.

Upon entering Seven Corners, you can feel the classy dining experience that we will experience. The food is well presented and they have lot of choices. The chefs and servers are there to attend your needs and questions. Foods are well described. And everything is appetizing.

Seven Corners:
🔸Japanese section: they have fresh tuna and salmon sashimi; it is displayed but you need to ask for it. They have assorted sushi too.

🔸Noodles Section: Here you have an option to choose which ingredients you want in your noodles, even the soup based and the noodle type itself. I had fun here because of the century egg. For some reason, I love century eggs! Haha

🔸Breads and Cheese: They have wide selection of cheese and pastries for people who wants to eat bread as appetizer. Hihi I tried all of the cheeses!

🔸Desserts: They have cakes and mini cakes to choose from, they also have fresh fruits and ice cream.

🔸Pizza and Pasta: You can choose different pasta and sauces as per you liking. Pizza is delicious and appetizing. This is a good choice if you want to go Italian. Hihi

🔸Mains: they have dishes from the east and west. I didn’t stay here much because I really want the last part… Carving and Grilling Station

🔸Carving and Grilling: They have rib eye steak which is awesome! And you can also have seafood such as mussels – to be grilled, with or without cheese on top! You can eat as much as you wanted!

I truly enjoyed our lunch here and everyone on our team had a great time laughing, talking and mostly eating!🍽

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Carlos L.
5.0 Stars

Roast beef and steak is really good and better than other hotels. Promo 50% till November 30. Ice. Ice cream gelato salted caramel and gianduja (ferrero) must try.. Not too many choices but its quite enough. Pasta station,Sushi sashimi station , Indian food, Chinese food and local food. seafood station with crabs, lobster and sugpo.

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Avi C.
3.0 Stars

I kinda expected more since this buffet was on the pricier side. Limited variety of food. Drinks don't come with the buffet. Steak lovers will only enjoy 1 kind (since they don't serve lamb).
I guess i'd charge this to experience. Nothing special here..

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Earl M.
5.0 Stars

The food selection was just about right and protein exploration was fulfilling to say the least. The crab, the curacha, the sea urchin, the eel, and all the exotic epicurean tastes you may find surprising to the mouth. The nuances of the taste from the steak to the salad to the curry, among other palatable dishes were what made me like this buffet place. You can really tell the subtleties of the meat and the uniqueness of the spiced flavors.

The staff were extremely courteous and obliging and it added to the appeal that you're getting actually more than what you're paying for. The place was extremely cozy and had a quaint atmosphere with a pleasant crowd.

The highlight of their menu is probably the dessert table. I have never been a fan of sweets and desserts that taste the same because the kitchen practically just converts a bag of sugar into something else. All their dessert pieces have their distinct yet subtle flavors and are lightly sweetened. Even the halo-halo was a delight as I wasn't flooded with monotonic sweetness. There were gradients to the sweetness level and if it says chocolate, you will definitely taste the cocoa in the dessert piece because that's how it should be. Worth the visit to try the dessert table.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Of course I can't let my birthday pass without eating at my all
Time favorite buffet! Been going here for about 7 years now and it's still on top of my list 10084️ mainly because of their prime rib 128525 I haven't experienced any other buffet that can match their TDF steak. You can have it sliced as thick (or as thin!) as you want and prepared to your liking as well. And did I mention the lobsters?? I think I have but I will repeat, lobster all you can! Not too mention crab and mussels too! Spot our servings in the pic lol
Thank you Citibank for your 50% off promo! For those who haven't tried it, grab this opportunity until September! I'm guessing I'll go back before the promo ends!
Aside from my fave steak and lobster, they have delicious pasta creations, cochinilla, Japanese fare and Indian as well.
However, the place is starting to look old; some chips on the flooring and stuff like that. I hope they remodel soon and make it a bit brighter.
Still, 5 stars for me!

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Diego S.
5.0 Stars


  • No. of Comments: 5
Joy Vee A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

Suggested this to my family for lunch during the Holy Week break. I suggested this after remembering Chili G's review about their Citibank promo.

Good thing I called first since that promo apparently ended this Feb! But yay they still have another promo with BDO so we used that instead 128514 Valid only for their lunch buffet and only for up to 4 people.

Like what most reviewers say about this place, the place is pretty small. Especially when compared to Heat or Spiral or Circles or Viking's.

To make the most out of your visit, I recommend getting their steak! Ask for it to be thinly sliced and cooked medium. Then sprinkle it with a little bit of their herb and sea salt. Repeat however many times you want and you should be good.

The dessert section wasn't all that impressive. I ended up making my own halo halo and eating ice cream. My sister says their creme brûlée though was really good. So good she ate 3. Lol.

The sushi section wasn't bad but it wasn't stellar either. Come here for the steak! My parents liked it plus with the BDO discount, it was a pretty good visit. 128522

Service was pretty good too!

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Nico C.
5.0 Stars

Today, 7 corners held a special valentines buffet. Have to give props because the place was indeed cozy and romantic. The sax and violin performers also gave the room a mood boost.

Food was great, i tried their steak, grilled shrimp and lobster, they offered tempura, sushi and maki.
I had to pass on the indian section since i was already full.

To top it off, my dessert was their "strawberry meringue mille feulli" (whatever that meant) but it was delicious. :)

Overall, the experience was definitely worth the pay.
Will probably visit again on very special occasions.. (magiipon muna ako ulit.. Hehe)

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Nins A.
5.0 Stars

I love their steak, lamb, lemon butter seafood (salmon, crabs, prawns and lobsters), baked oysters, mussels and scallops and all the Japanese maki 10084

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Finally! After so many months, was finally able to go back to my top 1 buffet! Thank you Citibank for your lunch buffet promo!
Went with my folks cos this is also my dad's favorite. Actually, he's the one who made me a steak lover 128524 so when I told him that there's a promo now he said to get a reservation right away!
Went there on the 30th and it only took us 30 minutes to get to Ortigas from Alabang! Amazing! There were already a lot of people when we arrived and they've also set up extra tables near the reception. Was just checking out the spread and when I saw these beautiful lobsters I just had to get an order right away! They are steamed and cut in half, quickly heated up if you want to and I requested for some lemon butter sauce. Divine!!!
Headed over to the carving station and kuya gave me 2 slices of thinly cut, medium well prime rib. When I bit into it, I wanted to cry! This is really the reason why we come here! Beautifully marbled, juicy and rubbed with just the right herbs to bring out the taste of the beef. I just put some sea salt on mine and I'm good to go. I see others' steaks swimming in gravy (kfc ba to) but, to each his own 128513
Had some salad after that to kinda cleanse my palette and some sweet, fresh fruits. Had one more small slice of steak and then I surrendered to food coma haha! So I just basically are surf and turf 128518 hubbybear on the other hand tried everything else, the Chinese soup, Indian food, Japanese (oh btw I had some salmon and it was like butter!), some mushrooms and the lechon de leche too.
Staff were nice and attentive. Promo is until February 12 so I hope I can go back one more time!

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April H.
5.0 Stars

1800 reviews! Phew! I finally reached it!128517

I really did reserve this review for #TeamClingy's Christmas get-together!!!127876127876127876 yey!!!128525128525128525

Our first Christmas party was also held at the same venue, but I wasn't able to make it last year... I was determined to make it this time... I definitely wanted to see this wonderful group of people for the holidays... So, lunch at Seven Corners it is!128515

It was my first time to try their buffet... The selection is not as extensive as that of other hotel buffet spreads but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality... They have several cheeses and breads to start off your meal with... They offer different kinds of salads to choose from; I myself chose the Caesar salad, which was already ready...

They have a good selection of sushi, sashimi and maki... Miso soup and ramen are also available... They also have a section for Indian food-- biryani rice, papadums, chicken masala, curry, and so on... They also have an Asian food selection, which includes different kinds of noodles that may be served with your choice of broth... If that's not your thing, they do have other kinds of soup as well... Being a pasta lover, I enjoyed their customized pasta section... I ordered fusilli with arrabiata sauce, freshly cooked right before you... They also have a great selection of meats and seafoods, which they can cook or grill for you... I chose the salmon, but they do have lobsters and crabs as well!128522

The star for me was the prime rib, hello! It was perfectly seasoned and tender, delicious with gravy... Pre-cooked and they will cook it further to your preferred level of doneness... They provide many traditional sides to go with it, like mashed potatoes and rice... I stuffed myself with two rounds of this and I'm not ashamed to admit it!128513

They serve a handful of desserts-- different kinds of cakes, cookies, and ice cream flavors... Plus, you have your choice of brewed coffee or a pot of tea to go with it... All in a nice and spacious ambience...

Their staff were really courteous and helpful... And they do assist you anytime you want your picture taken...128525 So for half the price of other hotel buffet spreads, this one provides quality food... Better than buffets like Viking's or Dad's and the like...128077

I had a great time seeing all of them! I don't get to see them that often, but it's so much fun when we do get together...

Remember, we are just a group of people who met due to the app, but it was never set-up for us... It was our choice to meet up and get to know one another... We chose to come together and a true friendship came out of it... We were truly lucky, I know that doesn't come around often...

Though a lot of us may not be that active in looloo anymore, our friendship has gone beyond this... We truly make time for each other and check up on each other, as Jenn said, online or offline... We know our other teammates' friends and even family... We are actually a growing group with #TeamClingyNFF's Reg, K and my bf; and of course baby Theon!128522 We know about each others' day... We celebrate highs and feel for each others' lows... It has gone beyond food, but is all about companionship and support... I consider myself lucky to have met them, because my life is richer with them in it... (#blessed, hahahahahahahaha ang seryoso na kasi128514)

Thank you so much for a happy year with you guys Julie J Jenn N Carla M Dastine S Zia M Chichi T Kirby G JP G Neil R Yina M Gio, Eunice, and Ruth!!!128525128525128525

We are #TeamClingy!128155

  • No. of Comments: 43
Carla M.
5.0 Stars

Only a few more days left until Christmas and of course, #TeamClingy won't let this special season pass without having our annual Christmas gathering (parang di pa lagi magkasama and magkausap eh. Clingy nga, bakit ba? LOL). And since ‘tis the season of overeating and weight gain again, we chose one of favorite buffet restos in the metro to be our venue. Second year in a row. Woot!!

Braving the traffic going to Ortigas was worth it. I’m so excited for the sumptuous buffet spread waiting for us at Crowne. Everyone was on their second or third plate when Dast and I arrived, sareeh guys! Traffic talaga! Labyu! 128517

I was starving already so I skipped the appetizers and went straight to the Grilling Station. 128170 One prime rib steak please, grilled medium. Although he gave me a thin, fatty slice, I didn't complain because it was so juicy and flavorful. No need to add sauce! 128523 I had to limit my meat intake (huhu FML) and thank God they have seafood available. I binged on grilled salmon (SO YUMMY!!!) and lobsters. 128525

I also enjoyed their make-your-own salad station and the variety of bread rolls with different kinds of cheese. 128077🏼 I wanted to try their pasta but it's too heavy and it'll make me full right away.

They also have a Japanese station where you can feast on uni and a variety of maki and sashimi.

We still had room for desserts so we headed to the ice cream station. Got myself two scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with gingerbread man cookies and mini colorful marshmallows for that Christmassy feel. Their dessert items are quite limited. If you're not in the mood for ice cream, you might want to try their cake slices (Julie loves their brazo de mercedes) and strawberry fondue. I remember they offered bibingka and puto bumbong last year but I didn't notice if they still have it until now.

So happy to see everyone present with their +1s last Satuday. We finally met our #clingybaby Theon also. 128156

Thank you Juliebeh for arranging our Christmas lunch!

Merry Christmas #TeamClingy! 🍾 Looking forward to more eat ups and travels with you, guize! 128536 Dastine S Kirby G Jenn N Julie J Chichi T April H JP G Neil R Yina M Zia M +++


  • No. of Comments: 16
5.0 Stars

Advance merry Christmas #TeamClingy! Julia Child was right, those who love to eat are always the best people. #takawProblems hahaha. But it's already year 2 and we're still eating like hell and gaining weight but what the hell, it's always a hoot with this bunch.

Where best to celebrate than at Seven Corners! Not the biggest buffet setup but everything's so good. Their prime rib steak, lamb, seafood selection, and sushi section (their Uni is amaze balls) are to die for. I like the fact that it's not too big so you know they pay closer attention to the dishes. Small but terrible ikanga 128521

Service is also superb and during our visit, they even had a Santa going around the tables. Hahaha. Happy holidays indeed.

Seven Corners is definitely one of my favorite buffets in the metro. Their prime rib steak and their seafood section are just to die for! 128076🏼

Thanks Julie J beh for arranging. Until the next eat up Chichi T Kirby G Yina M Neil R Zia M Gio C Carla M Dastine S Jenn N @April H, @Ruth. 127876127881

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼128176Value for Money: 4 yums
128073🏼128523 Taste: 4.5 yums
128073🏼️️️9970 Ambiance: 4 yums
128073🏼128129🏻 Service: 4.5 yums
128073🏼128076🏼 Overall happiness: 4.5 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*

#chubbyperohappy #sevencorners #loolooapp #12days

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Julie J.
5.0 Stars

Always a family favorite, this place never disappoints! Although it's not a grand one, their buffet spread is still one of the best (of course no one can beat Spiral 128514) & quite satisfying 128055

#Teamclingy's first ever Christmas dinner was held here last year, everyone really enjoyed the food, so much so that we opted to hold our 2nd Christmas get together at the same venue 128514 this time for lunch!

This will just be a recap of my favorite food stations as I've reviewed this place already 128514

I'm a huge fan of their Japanese station, I think they're the only buffet that offer Uni (sea urchin) 128525 They even have unagi (eel) and of course the usual tuna, salmon, Mackarel, sushi & tempura.

The carving section is also not to be missed! Their Steak is 128076🏽! No wonder it's considered their signature dish. Lamb is also an option if you don't like beef.

Fresh seafood is also a must try, lobsters, oysters, mussels, shrimp etc. you can even have them sauté it in butter for you at the carving station 🤗

I also love the desserts here, cakes, ice cream, fruits, chocolate fondue fountain 128523 Coffee or tea is also included.

At about 1,800/pax, it's a pretty good deal IMO, service is always great too! Needless to say, I'll be back!

Merry Christmas to the entire's always a blast being with you guys! 128156128536 Chichi T Yina M Zia M Carla M April H Eunice S Ruth A Jenn N Dastine S little Baby Theon 128118🏻

  • No. of Comments: 18
Paul E.
4.0 Stars

One of the best tasted carvings that you gobble as much as you can! the buffet here is priced at P1800 but everything inside is worth every penny. The food selection might not be as wide as the other buffet can offer but the taste of their dishes surely can offset the downside.

  • No. of Comments: 8
Abe C.
5.0 Stars

I think that Seven Corners has got to have the best buffet in town, especially as it lends focus on two key features---

> The carving station, specifically how well they season and cook Ribeye Steak (that's right! It deserves its Title Caps 128523)
> Lobster being a staple (usually dinner only and weekends, but do call and check first, please)

Bonus features are their cold stone-esque preparation for ice cream (like you mix em up) and their make your own pizza (chocolate pizza, anyone?) for dessert. They usually have also a creative your own pasta and noodle soup, an Indian / middle east cuisine section and sometimes an Asian section (Tempura, sushi, dumplings). Plus hearty crispy lechon. Yummmm...

Last August's theme was Filipino so they've gotten creative dishes and twists to the usual Filipino fare, to name a few,
> Penne Pares (lovely, a bit oily but gooood)
> Adobo Biko
> Dinuguan Pudding
> and Pinoy Ice cream like Bibingka, and Halo-Halo, and even another savory flavor (I forgot it but it didn't work) which was weird
(truthfully since it's now October, these would be irrelevant now, but they were nicely done, so these monthly themes can be good for variety's sake); didn't try em all. Dinuguan Pudding sounded gross. 128514 the Filipino dishes was a solid 3.5/5 out of 5, but you don't come to 7 Corners for these since they change themes on occasion. You go for these bad boys...

1. Ribeye steak that's well seasoned = heaven 5/5 (ask for cook it for you medium).
2. Add Lobster grilled plus lemon butter sauce = royal red carpet heaven; for those who aren't familiar with Lobster, it's like an exquisite shrimp. Perfectly crisp, yet there's that moistness and oozing Lobster taste that's perfectly grilled... And then you add the lemon butter sauce for that enhanced experience. Wowowow. 5/5
TIP: Oh, the lobster is by the cold section with the cooked seafood like shrimp, mussels, so you've got to get it to the same grillers of the carving station area and ask them to heat it for you. And ask them to whip you up the lemon butter sauce.

Service could stand to improve, I've to ask several times for our free coffee, but it's fairly minor. It's not that spacious compared to other hotel buffets but the place works. Luckily, that month, Citibank had a promo at 50% off so it was pretty cool we only spent 1k each.

By no means is it the perfect hotel buffet. It won't have the best selection, but with the carving station and Lobster, it's my top, top choice. And at the end of the day, isn't it the emotion you feel with certain food plus it's the type of place you keep wanting to come back to? 128516

  • No. of Comments: 24
Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

Have you ever tried Dinuguan Pie? Adobo Ice Cream? Balut ala Pobre? Bibingka Ice Cream? These are somewhat avant-garde twists to popular Pinoy dishes at Seven Corners under the helm of one of their current featured guest chefs, Chef Bruce Lim.

It's been some time since I've last visited 7 Corners. This latest visit brought some interesting and unique dishes that I enjoyed. There were a number of local dishes with playful twists concocted by one of their featured guest chef, Bruce Lim. These dishes were in addition to their Indian fare feature and their usual Intercontinental food selections. Among the various dishes, there were a number that I really enjoyed.

I loved the Dinuguan Pie. A rather unique presentation where the Dinuguan was served with a sweet sticky rice cake crust. A take-away from the usual Dinuguan and Puto pairing. The pork black stew was nicely thick and flavorful. The Sticky Rice Cake Crust was dotted with melted cheese. The dish as a whole was quite addicting.

I personally do NOT enjoy eating Balut. This local delicacy is one of the very few dishes that I have never come to like. I guess I have never come to enjoy the musky taste and the thought of eating a baby duck. BUT, 7 Corner's Balut Ala Pobre changed all that. The dish was served without the shell , cooked in a garlicky gravy, and topped with garlic aioli. The fertilized duckling was so small with more yolk proportion therefore made it quite palatable and yummy to me. The garlic gravy and aioli made it more delicious.

From their Indian cuisine selection, I loved the Chicken Saag. A dish that was reminiscent of chicken curry , only smoother & tangier. Sour cream and Indian spices made the sauce smoother and creamier than the usual chicken curry. The spice level was spot on. I loved it with the Tamarind Chutney , Basmati Rice, and their thin crunchy and lightly spicy Papadoms. I also loved their Chicken Tika.

Their Roast Beef was nicely seasoned and quite flavorful. But I found some parts a bit tough to the chew.

From their Ice Cream counter, their unique Adobo Ice Cream and Bibingka Ice Cream caught my interest.

I liked the Adobo Ice Cream. A weird concoction which surprisingly worked for me. Made of a creamy-caramelly ice cream base, thin shreds of pork adobo were mixed into the confection giving it a unique chewy texture.

The Bibingka Ice Cream was also interesting. A scoop of ice cream that had a light taste of coconut cream, infused with crushed toasted rice, and topped with desiccated coconut and cheese cubes. It would have worked but I found the desiccated coconuts a bit over powering.

I also enjoyed their Blueberry Tart and their Chocolate Sansrival.

Just like most buffet spreads, with the numerous choices , admittedly there were hits and a few misses. But I must say that , overall, the unique dishes made my latest visit quite a feast.

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