Shabu-shabu Ichiban

1/F Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, Riverfront Drive, Carmona, Makati, Metro Manila

Shabu-shabu Ichiban
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Most Recent Reviews

Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Shabu Shabu Ichiban is my current favorite Shabu Shabu place next to King One. I've only tried few Shabu Shabus in Manila so I won't be able to compare it to others that much. Feel free to recommend the best you've tried so I can give it a try it as well!

My friends and I decided to go to Shabu Shabu Ichiban cause we were craving for something with soup. The recent weather is just ideal for a hot bowl of soup so we went to Circuit Makati right away to satisfy our cravings!

Shabu Shabu Ichiban is a popular hotpot restaurant from Nagoya, Japan. Ichiban meaning number onr in Japanese envisioning to become the number one Shabu Shabu in Asia. Shabu Shabu Ichiban makes sure that all their meat and seafood options are only top of quality. They provide the most authentic hotpot experience by providing a plenty of interesting soup base and unli servings of meat and king crabs.

They have 3 sets that you can choose from for the buffet but we chose SET A which includes the ff.
Chinese Cabbage Kimchi, Vegetable Platter, Us Beef Short Plate, Pork Shoulders, Chicken Leg Quarter, Chicken and Pork Dumplings, Assorted Balls, Udon, Japanese Rice, Raw Egg, Free Drinks and Dessert, Free Kushikatsu or Jap Style Fried Chicken
(P588 per head)

They have 24 soup bases to choose from. OMG!!!
I like the communal hot pots in which you can try 2 soup bases at a time. We tried the SPICY MISO BUTTER AND TONKOTSU - bases that are a little contrasting to each other just so we can have the best of both worlds. One hot pot is good for 2 to 4 people already.

Service - 11088110881108811088
Food Quality - 1108811088110881108811088
Price - 11088110881108811088

I really liked the Japanese Style Fried Chicken! It's crispy and tasty. Naka 5 pieces ata ako nito128514 don't judge me! Masarap talaga siya promise.
I also gave the Basil Cream Soup a try which was oddly good. Creamy and herby.
For the BALLS, hahahaha I really love the Mozarella Cheese Balls cause of the gooey cheese filling inside.
I love how they maintain the same quality every time unlike other shabu shabu places I've tried, masarap yung unang labas but the next ones are just so so.
We were served ice creams for dessert which is unli by the way pero I wish their fried ice cream was available cause I wanted to try it so bad but since we were the last customers that day, closing time na wala ng available, boo!

It was a fun experience dining with Shabu Shabu Ichiban. I will definitely go back, sana next time afford ko na yung Unli King Crab 128554
Food Coma talaga after, literal na di ako nakatayo ng upuan!

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Tommy T.
3.0 Stars

Mother's day lunch with family members. Shabu shabu style dining. Individual cooking pot. All you can eat, varied selections. Service a bit slow, staff friendly128522128079

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

Shabu-shabu Ichiban first opened its doors to the public mid last year, showcasing their huge Alaskan King crabs that people can't stop drooling over, well, except for me. Trying out the luxurious Alaskan King crabs was never on my mind. Yes, I was curious, but that wasn't enough reason for me to shell out too much money.

I first planned to visit this with my friends, but our schedules made it difficult for us to set a date, which later on caused the plan to get stashed away. I still wanted to try it, even on my own, and that's when the waiting for deal vouchers began.

I got a deal from metrodeal for the Set B. Instead of paying P688, I got it for P482 per person.


•Vegetable Platter
•US Angus Chuck Eye Roll (Beef with less fat)
•US Beef Short Plate
•Boston Butt
•Chicken Leg Quarter
•Chicken and Pork
•Assorted Balls

Chinese Cabbage Kimchi
This didn't look like the usual kimchi I see from Korean restaurants, probably because this is a Japanese place xD

•Sushi & Sashimi Platter
-Tuna Sashimi
-Salmon Sashimi
-California Maki
Their sushi platter wasn't bad.

Not a fan of edamame. We had a hard time swallowing this xD

•Shrimp Tempura
Their tempura was thinner than usual, but it was still good.

•Japanese Style Fried Chicken Wings
Wings seasoned with salt and pepper, and had that slight sweetness in it as well.

Pork katsu on a stick. I liked it, but the sauce was kinda off. It had that sour, tamarind-like after taste as if something wrong was added to the mix.

•Japanese Rice
•Raw Egg

A scoop of ice cream drizzled with some syrup (I think it's honey but I didn't really get to taste it that much) and topped with crushed polvoron. Ice cream choices are: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

Lots of drinks to choose from! Oh, and did I mention that it's also unlimited?

Choose from 24 soup bases available! What's even more interesting is that you can have a free taste of the soup before ordering so you know which ones you like the most. This way you can get what best for your tastebuds instead of opting for the more common and recommended ones. The best-sellers: Tonkotsu and Spicy Miso.

I was looking for a soup similar to the sate (I love this when having shabu-shabu), but they didn't have it. The closest I think was the spicy miso, but I'm not into spicy food so I didn't want to try it. The soup that we got instead were the tonkotsu and konbu (seaweed). The tonkotsu wasn't like the thick broth we usually have in a ramen, so I didn't really enjoy sipping it that much, although I don't regret choosing this soup because the meat tasted so good being soaked in it. The konbu tasted more bland and basic, with just a hint of seaweed flavor in every sip.

There's not much of a difference between the sets A and B. The additional sides tasted okay, but it's not something I would spend the extra cash on. For me, just the shabu shabu set is enough. If you're feeling a little extravagant, then give the Alaskan King crabs a shot and tell us what you think! 128521

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Chanced upon shabu shabu ichiban on metro deal where they have a promo for the different shabu shabu sets. I think we got set B at 519 instead of 688 which is a pretty good deal considering all of the food you can get.
The resto is located in circuit makati which honestly was quite difficult to find (thank you waze!) but was actually a very cute strip mall centered on fitness. We made reservations for 730 and due to horrible Friday night traffic, it took us an hour and a half from Alabang to get there. Arrived just in time and the owner lady (I think) was already waiting for us outside. She was super uber accommodating, informing us that the ones occupying our table was already having dessert etc and she also offered us drinks and edamame while waiting outside. She also asked us what soup base(s) we would want since there were 22 to choose from! It being Japanese, the bases were ramen-esque like shoyu, miso etc but there were also others too like ginger, Taiwan, creamy basil etc. I chose spicy miso butter (🌶) and Taiwan spicy (🌶🌶).
After a few more minutes we were led to our table and we started cookin! The beef was US angus so it only takes like 10 seconds for it to cook in the boiling broth. They were also very generous with the veggies and other sides.
However, when I asked for raw egg (it is Japanese shabu anyways) the server just plainly said 'at out of stock mam' 128563 so step 2 was to tell lady owner that there weren't any eggs. She even thanked me because had I not told her she wouldn't have known so she had someone run and get a fresh batch. Tsk tsk to that server though.
Food was great and we waited until the end of the meal to taste the soup and ang sarapppp. It really absorbed all of the juices and flavors of the meat and veggies.
Less one star cos service was lackluster especially kung mag papa refill ka na ng food. Though will defo try it again!

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Gryselle C.
5.0 Stars

Last Saturday, my boyfriend surprised me with a dinner at Shabu Shabu Ichiban, the number one Japanese hotpot restaurant chain from Nagoya, Japan brought here by Avin Ong, Vice President and COO of Fredley Food & Beverages Inc. How authentic can that be? At first, my boyfie thought it was a simple shabu-shabu on a per order basis. It wasn’t until we were on the way when he found out that it was actually an all-you-can-eat hotpot!

There are three (3) steps to follow in ordering your meal at Shabu-Shabu Ichiban.

Step 1: Choose your soup base

There are six (6) different kinds of soup base that you can choose from; namely, Spicy Miso, Vegetable, Spicy Szechuan, Soy Milk, Red Hot Szechuan, Konbu (Seawood), Tonkotsu and Tonkotsu Soy. If you can’t choose which soup base you want, you can choose “mix” which means having two (2) different kinds of soup base. My boyfriend and I have a different taste when it comes to food. I don’t like sweet and I love spicy food. His taste, on the other hand, is completely the opposite of my taste. He likes it a little sweet and he hates spicy foods. So we decided to have it mix, as usual, and ordered Spicy Miso (Yehey!) and Tonkotsu as our soup bases. The Spicy Miso is the best for me. It tastes exactly the same as my fave hotpot restaurant in Taiwan! *happy and satisfied*

Step 2: Choose your package (one per table)

We had a hard time on this step because it took us a while to understand the list of packages listed in the menu. I had to ask a waiter to help us wth our order since I didn’t understand what the difference is between each package. So before you head over to Shabu Shabu Ichiban, let me give you an idea on the packages that they offer.

There is a total of four sets of packages. Set A is the basic package for first-timers and I would highly recommend this if it is your first time dining at Shabu Shabu Ichiban. You’ll get to have unlimited rounds of all the shabu-shabu basics: Beef Short Plate, Pork Loin, Chicken Leg Quarter, Chicken & Pork Dumplings, Chinese Cabbage Kimchi, Japanese Rice, Udon, Raw Egg and all kinds of vegetables. For your free side, get to choose between the succulent Japanese-Style Fried Chicken Wings made with different spices or one stick of Skewered Bean Paste Flavored Cutlet. Free unlimited drinks included too! The rest of the packages includes all the basics in Set A as well except you get to enjoy more unlimited dishes. For Set B, you get fresh Edamame and crunchy Shrimp Tempura. For Set C, you’ll also get unlimited servings of tender yet flavorsome Beef Chuck, fresh sushi and sashimi! Lastly, for Set D, enjoy all that Shabu-Shabu Ichiban has to offer in unlimited servings (King Crab legs included)!

Prices are as follows:
Set A : PHP 588 per head
Set B: PHP 688 per head
Set C: PHP 788 per head
Set D: PHP 1888 per head
(1 USD = PHP 48.3 as of October 9, 2016)

Read more:

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

I first heard about Shabu-shabu Ichiban from an officemate, then from my sister. There was a deal online for this particular restaurant for lunch and dinner during weekdays that's why she mentioned it to me. But lunch was out of the question since it's all the way out in Circuit Makati. 128517 Too far for a lunch out.

One Tuesday night, since my officemate and I were both free for the night, we decided to give this place a try. My friend's never had shabu-shabu before so it was up to me to educate him. 128514

Shabu-shabu Ichiban is a Japanese steamboat/hotpot restaurant from Nagoya. It's a set type buffet hotpot. They have 4 sets for you to choose from, but everyone in the same table should order the same set.

SET A is their basic set with unlimited servings of meat and veggies. This is a good place to start for those first timers!

SET B is an upgrade, with all the items from Set A, add unlimited tempura and edamame. We got this set because we were quite enticed by the unlimited tempura. But if you're happy with just shabu shabu, it's a better deal to just go w/ Set A.

SET C is an upgrade from Set B with additional Beef Chuck sushi and sashimi, plus dessert – fried ice cream.

SET D is the king of all sets!! And by king I mean, KING CRAB LEGS!! Unlimited servings of it!! 128565

All sets include one free side order of either chicken wings or skewered bean paste cutlets. We went with the skewered cutlets and LOVED it!! 10084️ Way better than the usual fried chicken wings, which you can get elsewhere too. Hehehe! 128540

You also get unlimited refills of drinks – juices or softdrinks. 128077🏼

As for their soup stock, they have tons to choose from!! 128561 But we opted for the spicy miso and the tonkotsu one. GREAT SOUP STOCK!! 10084️ It was so flavorful, I didn't even need to use the ponzu and the peanut sauce. 128514 But my friend loved the peanut dipping sauce for the meat.

128176 PRICES (no service charge, tax inclusive)
SET A: weekdays 488/588, weekends 688
SET B: weekdays 588/688, weekends 788
SET C: weekdays 688/788, weekends 888
SET D: weekdays 1788/1888, weekends 1988

When we visited, they had an FB promo of 20% off when you post a photo of your visit, tag them and check in on FB. So it was a very well spent dinner!! 128077🏼 Happy tummies!! 128055

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