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Lena L.
5.0 Stars

My happy place! 128525128525 Heaven!
Weekdays 499 for regular unlimited shabu shabu
Weekends/Holidays 599

You have 90 mins. To make your tummy the happiest!

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Dana A.
4.0 Stars

i liked the food, the place is nice but they have limited time like they only give you 50 mins or 90? (i forgot lol) then their soup isnt refillable so you have to order again for them to refill it & it's 70 pesos well i was expecting since it's a buffet resto the soup would also be refillable but it isnt lol sad.

price: 3/5
food: 3.5/5
place: 4/5
servers: 4/5

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Pat L.
4.0 Stars

First off, we weren't clear of some things in the menu but our waiter was able to explain properly the details. We tried all soups and i ended up having the chicken collagen paitan and shaburi wagyu.

We went off to the buffet area and got gyudon and karaage. Both were really good. I didn't eat much of those because I was preparing for the all you can eat shaburi wagyu.

There were flies in the area. I dont know how it can be eliminated but it they do, shaburi deserves my 5 stars.

I didnt get to the dessert part because we were so full.

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Jen L.
3.0 Stars

with its price, kelangan meat lover ka para masulit mo hahaha

limited lang options nya for shabu shabu dun sa ref area, more on veggies and mushrooms

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Mary Love S.
2.0 Stars

After our fun dice game at R's place with his family, his siblings teased Uncle R, the chongwan winner, to treat the whole family (and I) to dinner at Buta+Wagyu. Unfortunately, the SM Aura Sale and traffic made us change plans. Eventually, we decided to try this new Japanese shabu-shabu place in Uptown Mall instead.

Hello, Shaburi!

Since we were a party of nine, R's sister H, took the initiative to place reservation so that we are guaranteed a table to fit everyone. The place though seems to be doing very well on its first two weeks as the earliest reservation slot was 8 pm. We just took the slot and had light snacks so that we won't turn hangry.

We got to the place a few minutes before 8pm as R's family is strict with time. However, it seemed that Shaburi doesn't share the same value. There was no table available for us and we were told that it'll be available after half an hour. WHAT THE HECK?!? So what is the point of reserving a table if we have to wait outside the restaurant basking in humid Manila air and wait for half an hour for our table to be ready?

We approached the front host, Rose, and told her that we do not find waiting half an hour acceptable and that they should also respect the customers' time as we did with theirs by taking the effort to be there by 8 pm. Dazed, she told us that our table was being prepared. She told us that at 8:10 pm.

As I grew even more impatient and hangry, I approached Rose again seven minutes later and found out that the table they were preparing for us was imaginary. The area supposedly reserved for us was still being occupied by other diners and it didn’t look like they will be done anytime soon. In short, she did a terrible blunder, lie to upset customers.

After another 5 minutes of telling Rose that she didn't have to lie about our messed up table reservation, she made some adjustments and we finally got inside. We were split into two groups and occupied two tables instead of one long one.

Normally, a restaurant will try to find ways to win back an upset customer but such was not the case with Shaburi. No one approached our table for our orders. We had to fight for the attention of the staff. Eventually, we managed to get someone's attention and we all ordered Shaburi Wagyu (PHP1,349). For my broth, I went with Original Konbu while R and his dad went with Sukiyaki and R's mom tried Chicken Collagen Paitan. [Note: Apparently, you could sample the broths before ordering. The waiter who assisted us didn’t even offer that option to us. I just found out from a review about this restaurant.]

We quickly went to the buffet area after placing our orders and went crazy with the various mushrooms and other veggies. I like that the place took the extra mile to provide dishes that kids would like such as chicken and fries.

While waiting for our wagyu and broth, I munched on some rolls that were so bland that I felt like I was just eating rice. (Warning: Do not get the rolls.)

The broth was served soon and we were given a quick guide on how to use the induction cooker. It'll be on P3 till the broth boils and they suggest that you put it to P1 after to avoid spills and splashes.

Our plates of Shaburi wagyu were served after and we quickly put our toques on and started dumping ingredients in the broth. After a while, we put in the wagyu strips.

I tasted my broth and it was on the bland side. I guess I’m more used to sukiyaki which has richer and bolder flavors. However, I tasted R’s broth and it had a light taste as well. It was just a little bit tastier than my broth. I wasn’t able to try the Chicken Collagen Paitan broth but I was told that it tasted like ramen. I ended up dipping the wagyu strips in the gyudon soup (included in the buffet spread) instead which had way richer taste.

I had a short chat with R’s sister H and she told me that the reason why the broths are blander is because it stays true to the Japanese shabu-shabu. She mentioned that the ones with richer tastes are the Taiwanese shabu-shabu. R’s mom also mentioned that if I want my broth to have a sweeter taste, I had to put onions and leeks in my pot.

While we were busy trying to finish all our meats as there’s a leftover charge of PHP190 per 100 grams, I overheard one of the diners from the other table requesting for another pot of broth as he accidentally burnt some of the veggies and meat leaving a bitter taste. The staff told him though that there’s an additional charge for the broth. I guess he didn’t feel that it was worth the extra bucks as he didn’t get a new pot of broth.

I remembered that someone gave me a heads up that Shaburi offers matcha ice cream. Unfortunately, they only had chocolate and vanilla ice cream during my visit.

It was your usual soft serve ice cream. It wasn’t very sweet so it’s perfect for the elders. Just add sprinkles or chocolate chips if you want yours a bit sweeter.

There are also fruits on the buffet table if you want healthier sweet treats. Be careful though and eat it with caution as the pineapples R’s mom got were spoilt!

Overall, I didn’t enjoy my experience with Shaburi. It is pointless to make a reservation with them. Service was also slow as we had to follow up our wagyu strips. I felt that it was overpriced too given the quality of the meat. I could even barely tell I was munching on wagyu. I might have enjoyed it more if I went with the cheaper meat as I wouldn’t feel as bad for spending so much. (Actually, R’s dad sampled the cheapest meat and he said that the taste was pretty much the same.)

Also, take extra care when walking around the buffet area as the floor tends to be slippery.

Total damage: PHP14,000

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

We got super hungry after checking out the new furniture shops at Uptown Mall, and there's this standee at the entrance which caught our eyes..buffet! at Shaburi!

First time to try a Japanese hotpot! from Indonesia hehehe 128522128077🏻10084

We got the Regular Shabu, All You Can Meat Package for 90 minutes with refillable Tasty Beef & Tender Pork...and then added an ala carte of their Special Wagyu Meats... Ohmy the tenderness is truly comparable.....Premium Wagyu is truly Premium100841008410084️ They really cook very fast so make sure to keep your eyes on them128522

With the variety of soda's and lemonades, I chose the cucumber-lemonade, to give me a feeling of detox, oh tasted great! hehehe12851812852210084

I got torn between the 5 kinds of base soup for the shabushabu, so as a first timer I got the Orignal Konbu, which is said to be mild tasting and has benefits for being an anti-stress reliever and also good for pregnant women :) though I am far from becoming one, hahaha 128518

After choosing the soup & meat and waiting for them as well, it's off to the unlimited appetizers and side dishes which could also be tummy filling! From maki's to karaage's to even carbonara soba! And wow unli gyudon in a big pot! ( since the soup base is only served once with seaweed soup as the refill, I refused to have the seaweed refill and used the soup of the gyudon as my base soup for my hotpot ...tasted like a mild version of sukiyaki hehehe ) 12852210084128077🏻

When the soup base & meats came I quickly went up from my seat to pick mushrooms, leafy greens and seafood balls from the freshly-chilled area after which you could get to mix your own sauce for the hotpot.... I got the basic ponzu then filled it with ginger, radish, garlic, onions/leeks and satay sauce 12852210084128077🏻 on my next serving I tried the apple sauce, a sweeter variety 128522

So cute to have your own cooking station beside you so you could really take charge of the heat and the portions to drop inside the hotpot....

For dessert I tried the choco and vanilla softserve ice cream which had this rich taste and texture, sprinkled with choco chips and marshmallows 128522128077🏻10084

With all the meat and soup servings now I really need to take a walk in order to have a nightcap, hehehe another happy tummy 12852210084128077🏻127881 oishi desu!100841008410084

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Tei A.
4.0 Stars

My new favorite shabu shabu place! Each guest is given only 90 minutes to dine. Upon hearing it, My first thought was that it'll be bitin. But apparently it was just about right (for me). We got the wagyu special beef. It will be served to you plated and just ask the servers for refill. You choose which soup u want, I chose Sukiyaki soup and I find it too sweet for my taste. No refills of the same soup, if u need refill they just serve their regular soup. I loved the beef, the different types of mushrooms, the veggie selections. They also have some Japanese food items and makis, wasnt able to try. They have gyudon too! Will definitely come back for another round.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

I've been craving for shabu-shabu since Monday and decided to wait 'til Saturday to try this place out.

We called to reserve a table for 2 Friday afternoon since I thought that the place might get packed. We got to Shaburi around 11:30am and we were I think the third ones to arrive (since they just opened at 11am).

We were led to our table and given the menu. It's easy to decide on which set to choose, but not for the soup. Their menu doesn't describe what each of the soup tastes like or what it is made of, so I had to ask the server. She then offered to bring us samples of the soups to help us decide.

I tasted all the soups except the spicy one (at first) and fell in love with their chicken collagen paitan soup. It was a thick and tasty broth similar to that of a ramen. I found this to be the most flavorful out of all the soups. My sister got the spicy one even if she didn't try it first. This was also good and a bit spicy.

By the way, we only ordered their regular shabu for P599 with just the tender pork and tasty beef. I find this less cheaper than other unlimited shabu-shabu places since they have fewer selections. You can also try their wagyu set if you were willing to spend more, since I think this is what they're known for.

A few things to remember:
▪️Each person gets their own "pot" of shabu-shabu
▪️Each person in your group must get the same set
▪️You can only add Konbu soup to your chosen soup as a refill. If you wish to have some more of your chosen soup, you would have to pay P75
▪️You have 90 minutes for your whole stay in the restaurant (I clarified this with the server) They will stick a receipt with the time and your chosen set on the edge of your table.
▪️Place got crowded around 12:30pm, so better call for a reservation (and arrive on time or 15 minutes after your reservation max) or arrive early.

Food was good. I think they have less choices compared to other unlimited shabu-shabu places. The meat pieces tasted typical. Their chicken karaage and gyudon were kinda okay, but the rest of the other food was just so-so. We disliked their chicken wings since it tasted weird to us. We weren't able to try the wagyu rice (although this looked good!) and the carbonara udon.

They also have free drinks. Choices are: iced tea, blue lemonade, cucumber lemonade, orange juice, and milo. They also have packs of green tea and some hot water for those who are feeling bloated with all the food.

For dessert, they have an ice cream machine with the flavors chocolate and vanilla. There's also the mixed for those who can't have just one flavor. There are also some toppings you can add to your ice cream like marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips or cornflakes. They also have fruits: melon, pineapple and papaya.

Service was outstanding! Servers were friendly and came to our tables to clear out empty plates and ask us if we wanted more meat more often than needed. One downside to their service though was during billing. We had to wait for awhile for our change. When we approached the counter, it seemed like they were having problems with their system. But that's not related to our problem, because they lost our bill (and change). Lol.

The ambiance of the place looked good as well. It was a bit spacious and can cater a lot of guests.

Overall, I can say that I liked my visit because I'm a meat lover, whether it be shabu-shabu or barbeque. I also liked my visit because their soup is different from what I usually have in other shabu-shabu places. Other than that, I think this place is just okay, unless you want to try their wagyu then I think you'd have a different experience 128522

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