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Donna Faye A.
4.0 Stars

Snickers + Milkshake can’t go wrong.
It’s just a little overwhelming if you look at their menu, I think it has about a hundred options in them. It took me about solid 10minutes just looking at the menu.

Price range, around Php 180-250.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

This year’s summer is insane! The scorching heat is just too much and it makes me crave for cold treats every hour (or two). Thankfully, one of the cold dessert shops I’ve been eying for months finally opened its doors in Uptown Mall making it a lot more accessible to me than its first branch in U.P. Town Center. Yes, those two are different locations and are quite far from each other. And yes, I am talking about Shakeaway.

Hello, Shakeaway!

I was welcomed by a bright and predominantly white store. The first thing I noticed was the bunch of white containers by the counter which reminds me of a pharmacy. Apparently, that’s where Shakeaway puts its sweet treats. If I were to count the number of containers on display, I’m sure it’d be over 100 as there are 180 flavors and toppings to choose from!

Just like most first timers, I was overwhelmed with the number of choices and it took me several minutes before I decided to go with Strawberry-Kiwi-Kinder Bueno-Lotus Biscoff Cookie-Granola combo for my Regular Milkshake (PHP190 + add ons) with ice cream as base.

I was told that it’s best to not go crazy with flavors and toppings for you to better appreciate the ingredients you chose and they were right. I couldn’t really taste the strawberry and kiwi as the chocolate taste of Kinder Bueno was a bit too strong. But one thing I liked about my drink was that it wasn’t too sweet.

I guess the tanginess of the fruits balanced Kinder. The granola though was a wrong move on my end as it kept on clogging the straw. I’ll reserve granola for frozen yogurt instead.

Instead of trying another drink, I decided to try one of Shakeaway’s bestselling frozen yogurt combinations, Davina (PHP330, regular | PHP390, large).

This sinful take on healthy yogurt is simply divine! I loved the generous serving of Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Bueno and Cadbury Flakes.

I was pleasantly surprised that there were also chocolate chunks at the bottom of my yogurt! It made its relatively steep price (you have to add PHP80 for Davina given its premium toppings) worth it!

I can’t wait to try the other milkshakes and yogurts! I have to try Millionaire’s Milkshake (PHP900) next time and find out what gold tastes like!

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

They have the audacious claim of being the original re-inventor of milkshakes. It does make sense when you put to consideration the 180 flavours and millions of possible combinations you can do inside their store. It does look like a 7 11 and a drugstore put together. A prominent display of a number of toppings, mostly chocolate brands from all over the world is on display.

Shakeaway stared in England and has now reach Manila and a number of locations around the world. They are here for sweet lovers with creative minds as you can curate your own masterpiece like I did. My regular sized, Php 360 concoction was comprised of my favorite chocolates- Andes Mint (which is a premium topping), Twix, Reese Peanut Butter and Cadbury Flake on its top. The mixture resulted into an interesting myriad of flavors as they also added their own version of Vanilla Ice Cream on my cup. It’s not overly thick, not too sweet and yes, it was very filling even for a smaller cup. It was like drinking your dessert!

My friends also got their own creations going. I liked what my other friend did when she had Maltesers on top of her milkshake. It gives you an add on of solid bites and crunch of course.

We also got their Korean Bingsu like dessert. It has crushed ice, simple syrup and your choice of fruits. We got the strawberries with kiwi. This was a nice alternative if you are looking for a lighter consumption and a healthier one at that.

Shakeaway also has a branch in UP Town. Yes that other location sounds alike with Uptown but they are far from each other.

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Mark G.
4.0 Stars

Shakeaway has just opened its 2nd branch! It’s located in Uptown Bonifacio in Taguig City.

Here are are some of the reasons why you should go there.

Choices for everyone.

From the health-conscious to the well … you know, from kids to kids-at-heart … for everyone!

You can build your own milkshake! If you’re adventurous enough, go on and create your own drink!

Beautiful view of BGC. Their store is located at the highest floor of Uptown and right beside the edge.

Their straws are designed nicely with spoon-like tips. Believe me, this is really useful because you’ll definitely would want to scoop out that last bit!

I just love it!

Follow me also at

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Eviths A.
3.0 Stars

milkshakes make me nostalgic esepcially when i remember that they were avaable at Mc Donald's. i remember that they taste like melted ice cream and i always wanted Mc Donald's to bring them back in their menu. actually, for a time they did and i got to taste them again at their La Consolacion College Branch.

since i was at Uptown Mall, i tried Shakeaway. it is located at the 4/F. they only had one customer and i was surprised with all the chocolates on the wall.

i asked for their best seller. it was the dave and casey. Dave has Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Bueno and a Flake. but it was not available because they ran out of Kinder Bueno.:( Casey, on the other hand, has choco crinkles, Nestle Crunch and whipped. i had a Crinkle Biskie so i ordered a fruit shake instead and the staff recommended Summer Sally (a classic strawberry milkshake) with Cadbury Flakes. the regular costs P250.00.

for me, it was just so-so. can't make a good review yet since i haven't tried their best seller. but what i like about this store is that you can somewhat make your own milkshake. chocolate/milk based or fruity or yogurt based. i guess i was disappointed that their best seller was not available. i even told the staff that kinder bueno is available at sm and robinson's department stores.

this is their third branch and i hope to get a taste of Dave and post a better review.

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4.0 Stars

Team Kaladkarin were invited by Shakeaway Philippines - BGC branch to try some of the amazing milkshake flavor. This is not my first time to try their milkshakes. But this time I've got to try some the flavors that I didn't had before.

Dave will always be my favorite. The combination of Ferrero Rocher blended with Kinder Bueno with crumbled Cadbury on top will always make me feel like a child wanting those sweets.

With other new flavors I've tried Ivy is truly delightful. It is so fresh and lite. I like the combination of kale, banana and mango in one cup. The ingredients complement with each other.

Regular: Php250.00
Large: Php310.00

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Aiah O.
3.0 Stars

The place is cute and interesting. It's like making your own milkshake. You have to select what size do you want, ice cream based or yogurt based, what flavor and what toppings. There is a huge selection of flavors and toppings which is exciting. You will find yourself amazed and curious on how they prepare the drink. What I don't like is the taste. I chose mine ice cream based yet it's like the ice cream is not there. I can't explain it but milkshake addicts knows what I am talking about. I have been to other great milk shake stands (I don't want to drop names) and I can say this is nothing compared to them. It's a bit pricy also. The regular size is worth 190 and the large is 250. It is worth the try but I definitely won't go back.

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Sandy P.
4.0 Stars

The world's famous milkshake bar with 180 different flavors is now here in the PH! If you're a fro-yo and milkshake lover, then this is heaven on earth for you!! 128587🏼128525

They already have 2 branches, one in Uptown BGC and another one in UP town, Quezon City.

Tried several milkshakes and frozen yogurt, mostly their best sellers.

Regular size - P250
Large - P310

Plus add ons

•dave - one of my faves! Ferrero, kinder bueno with cadbury flakes on top

•mike - reese's cup, milo topped with whipped cream

• jose - this one is good too! Ube macapuno with pinipig on top

• joe- banana, nutella with wafer stick on top

•ivy - this one is so good too! Fit and healthy shake Ordered by Midz, banana, kale and mango ftw

• davina - this is the counterpart of dave! This is my favorite!! 128557128557 i love the yogurt itself plus the mix of Ferrero, kinder bueno with cadbury flakes on top. I died!

We had some other customized milkshakes as well. It's a plus that you can create your own milkshake depending on your cravings! 🤤🤤

Overall, it was good. Though they only have limited seats, during weekends it can be full house too, esp with kids! A bit expensive compared to the usual milkshakes but I guess it's the quality of ingredients that they really promote and serve the customers. 128076🏼

Always a fun eatup with the gang!

Thank you Shakeaway PH 10084

Styling : EJ B
Instant Model : Sandy and Midz S LOL (we didnt plan to wear the same from top to bottom! 128111)

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Been a big fan of Shakeaway since they've opened a branch in UP Town. This time around got to visit their newly opened BGC branch in Uptown Mall. Located on the top floor of the mall near Jamba Juice and Mary Grace. This branch is much smaller compared to their 1st branch. What I like about this branch it was like an oasis in the middle of the scorching heat of summer.

On this visit I tried making my own milkshake. Got a mix of Lindt Dark Chocolate and Potato Chips on top. Was imagining some kind of Royce Potato Chips haha. The result was good but I find the mix of Christina R. better. Her was Matcha Potato Chips Milkshake. Love it! Another fave of mine was Midz S. Ivy milkshake. From their Fit & Healthy menu. It was made from kale, banana & mango. Was like a milkshake version of Jamba juice. Yummy! Their frozen yoghurt menu was also amazing. Davina, the female version of dave, was top notch! Ferrero Rocher, Kinde Bueno and Cadburry Flakes!!! An ultimate chocolate combo.

Overall I really love their milkshake here but prime item comes with prime price haha. For me it was not bad for 190 to 250 a cup because they are generous with the ingredients.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

This GB based milkshake has made its second branch here in the Philippines. If you would remember me giving them
A two on their first branch, i'd give them a 3.6 now. Their ice cream/ yogurt are thicker now. And finally i understood how you order.

128074🏻Choose your size
Regular 190
Large 250

128074🏻Choose ice cream or frozen yoghurt
Ice cream for your all time cold sweet craving satisfaction -- this is good with chocolates, cakes, and sweety flavors

Their frozen yoghurt is not that sour, so this one is really good to go with fruity flavors

128074🏻Pick your flavors
First flavor is free. Add PhP60 for the next. Generally, the less flavors, the better. So you could distinguish the taste of your choice of flavor.
You could choose from
Fruity, sweety, chocolatey, biscuity, cakey

128074🏻Add your extras
Toppings for PhP30 to add more texture.
More ice cream for PhP60

My recommendation:
Ice cream with Hershey's dark chocolate + Andes mint chocolate with mixed nuts topping.

If you cant decide, they have fixed flavors to choose from. I did like Ivy (kale, banana, mango).

Oh one more improvement is the size of the straw. If you're ordering something with nuts, make sure you ask for the bigger straw gauge.

Personally i like it with sauces. However they cant just make one because it should have approval from the mother chain.

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4.0 Stars

This is not my first time to try Shakeaway Philippines. I was able to try it at U.P. Town Center in Quezon City but this is my first time with BGC branch and try another amazing flavor in over millions of possible milkshake combinations.

Upon ordering I choose my size and flavour. I picked "Jose" Milkshake, Large Size for Php310.00, which is exclusive only to the Philippines. It's a combination of macapuno and ube in a milkshake topped with pinipig.

🇵🇭 Jose - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"I like the ube flavor of this milkshake. It really blends well with macapuno. "Pinoy na pinoy", it's like I'm having a milkshake and halo-halo at the same time."

Honestly, I find the milkshake expensive but if you know that they used imported chocolates and other ingredients and the quality of the milkshakes you've got. You will understand what the price you are paying for.

By the way, aside from milkshakes, Shakeaway have yoghurt too.

Thank you Mary Love S for the invite.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Muffy T.
3.0 Stars

Love shakeaways name shakes, and the fact that there are possibly a million combinations of flavours you may have. Ingredients are fresh and some unique.

The only thing i think that would limit my visits to this place is the price of the shake. I was surprised that my regular double horlicks with andes set me back 400bucks! I only found out while paying that a few pcs. Of mint andes cost 110php 128561128557 too too much for a shake.. but if you have money to spend or have a different flavour in mind, then this is a good place to cooloff.

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Ahhh these milkshakes are really good! I swear i would have given this 5 stars if it wasn't so pricey! 128517 P250 for a milkshake? Really?

But that aside, i tried their bestseller, Dave, and wow. It was creamy and chunky and the perfect blend of kinder bueno, ferrero rocher, and cadbury. Strangely enough i could distinctly taste the chocolates individually and that was a good thing! Kinder bueno and ferrero are two of my favorites, and to taste those 2 in a milkshake was heaven.

And you know what, i also couldnt pass off the chance to try the Wicked Wendy. The world's worst milkshake! I knew i wouldnt finish it, so i basically ordered 2 milkshakes with the intent of finishing just 1. I was right haha, though i was able to gulp down atleast half of that Wicked Wendy. 128521 It was made of mashed peas, pickled onions, and whipped cream. Truth be told it tasted just like the pickle relish used on hotdog sandwiches! So it wasn't bad tasting per se, it was just REALLY weird to have that pickle relish taste in drink form haha. But i'd still take this milkshake as a positive for the unique experience!

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