Shakey's Pizza

2/F Bonifacio Stopover, 31st St. cor. Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Shakey's Pizza
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Price Range

₱100 - ₱757

Most Recent Reviews

Jonathan R.
5.0 Stars

Ultimate Bunch of Lunch 259Php

2 slices of Hawaiian Delight
1 pc Fried Chicken
Side Salad
added 20Php to get their Chili Con Carne Soup instead of Garlic Bread with Corn Soup.

The soup and side salad were served first. The soup was made of beef, green bell peppers, and red kidney beans. I enjoyed the soup a lot. I want more! It is for 105Php if you buy it ala carte. The salad tasted good. The greens were fresh. The dressing is perfect!

The main event. The platter of goodness is served! The chicken is moist and juicy and not oily. This is how the chicken should be cooked. The pizza is good. Hawaiian flavor is my least favorite when it comes to pizza. I love their spaghetti. Pasta is al dente. Garlic bread and Mojos are my favorites. Simply delicious. I wish they're more generous with the Mojos. 128514 Party in my mouth and explosion of flavor!

Loved their service. Palapit pa lang ako sa door may sumalubong na agad with a smile. Great people!

The place is clean, organized, and spacious.

Visit niyo sila! 128521

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Owing to its newness, but also to the interior designers who made it, this Shakey's has, by far, the best interior designed Shakey's I've ever seen. I eat Shakey's 90% of the time at wherever it is I call home (via delivery) so I rarely eat dine in. One weeknight this past week, my wife and I made it a point to have a late night date to forget temporarily our respective sources of stress. Walked over to Bonifacio Stopover, and we decided on Shakey's.

The interior still had some Shakey's elements of nostalgia and family fun but, the center TV with 3 units back to back airing some modern animated movies, is something we don't see in the other Shakey's. Or are they all like that now? Hehehe. 5/5

Though there were a great many choices to order, we settled on our usual, half Friday's Special and half Belly Buster thin crust (yes, you can have half and half pizzas delivered, too). Yummy. Friday's Special is basically Shrimp, Anchovies, Mushroom and Cheese (Lenten season, no meat, hence the Friday reference) and the Belly Buster is, I think, Shakey's pizza with the most toppings. Boom. Always the best thin crust. Perfect. 5/5

About the only thing that dampened the evening was the other things we ordered. We ordered a mojos with dip, and it arrived fantastically fast, but we soon found out that it lacked flavor and was unusually dry. We returned it, and our server, a perky and uber friendly waitress named Borj (I think, give or take a wrong consonant or vowel), happily offered to exchange it, but we said there was something wrong with it, so we'd rather just cancel it. I told her I found it bland when I didn't use the sauce while my wife found the potato (the core of the mojo) dry. She discussed quietly with the manager and she returned to say they'll just cancel the order since we didn't want to order a new batch and won't charge us. Great. As expected.

What transpired next was atypical, the manager himself went over to explain and apologize for what happened. He checked the batch of mojos in the resto, too, and he agreed on the lack of saltiness or seasoning, apologized, and would look into it to improve the next batch. MJ, the manager, had a pleasant personality, seemed honest, and I had a feeling of confidence with his management of the issue. I absolutely loved how he handled the problem. And that's why I'm writing this review. If only more managers had this quiet confidence, friendly demeanor and customer-centric mindset.

I only wish I met more managers like MJ in the restos I go to, or I wanted to pirate him for my resto, hehehe. In fact, another issue I had with our fountain sodas, the lack of carbonation, was also handled personally by MJ after Borj mentioned it to him after I asked about it. He came by and again apologized for the lack of carbonation, explained it happens, but also quickly offered us alternative drinks, house iced teas, free of charge. We politely declined because of the sugar (we ordered diet sodas). But that left again a great feeling on the manager's diskarte and command of the customers of his store. 128522

After we finished the pizzas and asked for the bill, when we got the bill, we were surprised to see only the pizza charged. MJ walked over to say that he didn't charge us for the sodas anymore, and I quote, "if you're not happy with our food or drink, we won't charge you" - - wow. Absolutely well handled, Sir. Whether this is Shakey's training and/or his personal capability, I say bravo to both. Service and management deserve a 5/5, absolutely!

I'll just deduct a -1 for the mojos and sodas but I'm definitely psyched to tell people about this excellent service in a Shakey's. Good job team Shakey's Bonifacio Stopover! To the manager MJ and Borj, wonderful experience. 128077128077128077128077128077128522128521128523

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Shakeys Pizza and Mojos forevs!!! There's really something special and yummy and great about their food. For me, this is the best thin crust pizza! It's crispy and really yummy. Though toppings are not as generous, one slice is still full of flavor and thanks to it's super crispy thin crust, their pizza is really a winner! Perfect for mid day merienda in the office! 128513

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Making the most out of our supercard and their monthly promo! 128513 Last sunday night, we decided to have dinner here before we go home. It feels good to drive around BGC -- no traffic, a lot of vacant parking spaces, no waiting needed to be able to get a table/not so crowded restaurants. How I wish it's also like this during weekdays! 128527128517

So we availed their October promo. For every order of a large or party sizedpizza, you get a one free basket of mojos. And a free pitcher of softdrinks or iced tea if you're a supercard holder. Sulit diba? 128513128077🏼 We added a solo order of their American Salad which is one of my favorite salad!!! Fresh lettuce with feta cheese, apple, walnut and the very good berry salad dressing!!! 10084

Service was a bit slow, though.

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Raul C.
5.0 Stars

Finally, a shakeys near me. It does have the same fare as any other shakeys but this place has a little bar for booze... And not too crowded or noisy yet!

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