Shawarma Gourmet

Parkmall, Ouano Ave., Mandaue, Cebu

Shawarma Gourmet
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Most Recent Reviews

May Ann B.
5.0 Stars

This is our last stop for the 1st day of foodcrawl sponsored by Parkmall in partnership with looloo.

It was indeed saving the best for last. I was overwhelmed not just because we had a long table; but because of great tasting dishes that were served with surprising affordable prices. The owners were there, too, and they were very hospitable.

Shawarma Gourmet (SG) serves authentic Lebanese comfort food. They have incorporated rice in their shawarma meals to satisfy the Filipino taste buds.

All the dishes served were ktiir ṫayyib! However, I was only able to list down dishes that left indelible marks on my mind:

1. Beef/Chicken Shawarma (wrap). I liked everything about these 2 kinds of shawarma - from the wrap, meat chunks, potato fries (yes, you read it right), right amount of veggie stuff and best tasting sauces. Between the 2, I loved the chicken shawarma more. It was really tasty. Now I know why it's tagged as SG's 1st most popular.

2. Beef/Chicken Shawarma Rice. This is not as easy as replacing the wrap with rice and placing it in a rice bowl. I think sauteeing the meat made these dishes a lot tastier. As opposed to the wrap, the beef shawarma rice won my heart. And hey, this was SG's 2nd most popular.

3. Tabbouleh Salad. This was the one with lots of greens in the photo. Made up of finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, onions & burgol. Its dressing's composed of olive oil, lemon & salt. I liked that the taste of parsley's not too strong as it was complemented by the dressing. What's good about this salad was that all the ingredients were organic and only 198 calories for every 100grams serving.

4. Fattousch Salad. Like the tabbouleh salad, all ingredients used were organic but a serving has 260 calories with Arabic croutons. This salad's made of cucumber, lettuce, bell pepper and mint; seasoned as well with olive oil, lemon & salt. While this salad may be as familiar, what I liked about SG's salad was the freshness of ingredients -- the crispness of lettuce and crunchiness of cucumber. I am assured that I had not taken any preservatives that may be harmful to health due to chemicals.

5. Lemon Juice with Rose Water. This was my reunion with rose water which I first tasted in Singapore. I loved this beverage a lot. The rose water complemented the lemon juice and I found it so refreshing.

This was where I had my first taste of green coffee. They served it complimentary upon request. It's said to be more acidic and caffeinated; thus, one shot's enough.

No questions asked, this restaurant deserves more visits.

**Well, true enough, weeks after the food crawl event, I already frequented this place 3 times. I had the 1st and 2nd most popular dishes during those visits.

**One morning, I had a meeting in Cebu City that lasted minutes before lunchtime. Since I have to report to the office immediately, I don't have the time to dine in the restaurants so my resort was to eat lunch while driving. Instead of driving thru fastfood joints, I went straight to SG's kiosk in Parkmall and ordered Chicken Shawarma wrap. I thought I can't finish the 10" wrap so I requested the staff to cut it into halves. While driving, I kept on munching on the half and realized in no time I also finished the other half! Normally, when I order shawarma wraps from other known kiosk brands, I cannot finish 1 whole serving no matter how small it may be due to umay effect; but with Shawarma Gourmet's, there's no umay effect; thus, 1 serving will never be enough to me.

Now, I'm craving!

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Seventh (and last for day 1) stop of the |ooloo X Parkmall food crawl was Shawarma Gourmet. I was really looking forward to going to this place on this food tour. My first visit here was quite a while back already, but I know I enjoyed the food here a lot. So I was very excited to return, especially as |ooloo brought me here on my first visit. 128568

I must say, I think we pretty much left the best for last for the day. Not only were they our most gracious hosts, but their food turned out to be the best for day 1 for me. They serve awesome Lebanese food here at very affordable prices - as in Cebuano pricing! Promise! 128571

There've had quite a number of changes in the restaurant and their menu, but they're all good changes, improvements. And that's always a great thing. 128568

Honestly, at this point of the food tour, bangag na ko from food coma so I wasn't able to take notes of the food na. 128569 But one thing's for sure: everything we had was absolutely delicious! I'll just list down those I can remember. 128569

1.) Beef Shawarma Rice
Jusko ansarap neto! Kalamiii! 128568 The chef-owner mentioned that it's actually not normal in Lebanese cuisine to have rice and meat, but since there was a demand for rice meals here in the Philippines, they gladly adjusted and came up with this. It was just exploding with flavor! Salty, sweet, spicy, umami, ewan lahat! Basta ansarap! And the pieces of beef were so tender and very tasty too! Hands down my favorite from everything we tried from the wide array of food served to us. 128571

2.) Chicken Shawarma Wrap
I loved this take on shawarma! They put in fries in the wrap which may be weird for some people but apparently that's how they do it traditionally. It gave texture to the wrap and it was delicious! 128571

3.) Chicken Shawarma Rice and Beef Shawarma Wrap
Counterparts of the favorites, these two are still solid good orders here. Both are very flavorful too and delicious! It's just that the taste of their partners floored me. 128571

4.) Hummus and Chips
They actually served us a number of their chips and dips but this is the one that will keep me coming back. They can put this in a bottle and sell it! Legit! Ansarap po! 128571

I forgot na the others, but I assure you I enjoyed them too! I was just not paying too much attention na sa kabusog. 128569 We even sampled some of their healthy salad options and they were actually really good! I'm no veggie person, but I still liked it. I particularly liked that the texture of the vegetables were crisp and not drowned in dressing. They also served us this parang Lumpiang Shanghai - a spring roll with chicken meat inside and a couple more of other spices. This was delicious too! Basta ansarap! 128571

Out of the hospitality of their owners, we were also served a couple of bonus items. First was this certain type of chocolate. It was dates and almonds coated in chocolate. It was good!!! This was served with Green Coffee to help in lessening the feeling of being bloated. It actually tasted good. To be honest, I felt like I was drinking a spiced hot tea instead of coffee. This was surely new to me, but it really did help with the tummy. And it was delicious. 128568

To cap the night off, we were treated to another product in this joint - Shisha. We got to try the secret Shawarma Gourmet flavor of Shisha, this flavor isn't even on their list of flavor choices. It was actually really good! I don't exactly know what flavor it was, but I could taste blueberry in there. Basta ansarap din! 128571 They also asked us to try the Watermelon flavored one, but their secret Shisha flavor was still king. 128569

Everything here is absolutely affordable and guaranteed of top quality and authenticity. And definitely delicious! In general, it was a great meal and for sure, the best way to end the first day of the 2-days food crawl. 128568 I can't wait to come back! 128571128571128571100841008410084

***Note: The event is sponsored by Parkmall in Mandaue, Cebu as partnership with |ooloo. All food items have been chosen by each restaurant based on their own discretion.

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Angela Marie C.
4.0 Stars

During my days off, I try my best to go somewhere I haven't been to. |ooloo led me here and I was so glad I got to go here. Middle Eastern food is quite big here because apparently there's a growing Arab community in Cebu. I really liked this place actually. The ambiance is really nice being all so cozy and conveniently accessible. 128568

I went for their Angus Beef Pita Pocket with Chips. It forgot how much I paid but I'm sure it was just a little over Php 100 and it already came with a glass of iced tea. The shawarma tasted so good and I loved how tender the meat was. The sauce that came with it was very flavorful too. I like dipping my fries in it. The serving of chips was quite big too. It wasn't too oily either which worked out really well. There was just a tad too much of the sliced raw onions for me. But it was easily masked by their nicely balanced iced tea. I liked how their iced tea wasn't too sweet either. 128568

I had to comment on the service too. The staff was so accommodating even as I went for a very late lunch and I practically owned the place when I was there. So they let me go all out till I got the photo of my food as I wanted. 128571

I'd definitely come back to try the chicken wrap or pita pocket which looked equally delicious! 128568

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Pol Y.
3.0 Stars

Located at pet friendly Parkmall, this is newly opened restaurant. Food is okay, and price is just right. Service is very friendly. 128522

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John P.
5.0 Stars

Be healthy and eat shawarma at shawarma gourmet! Try their alacarte! :)

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