Shercon Resort & Ecology Park

Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas

Shercon Resort & Ecology Park
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Keanna Angelica L.
5.0 Stars

This place is super nice. You wanted to come back for more adventures here.

We went there 17th of April. The place was jampacked when we went there. We went on a tour by their shuttle since the place is wide. There are pools that are very well to look at. There's also a pool that you can see the Taal Volcano. There are activities you can enjoy like the maze, the zipline, and others.

What I have enjoyed here is that, anywhere in this place is super Instagrammable. The place is beautiful enough. 10084

I would definitely rate this one 5. Good service, definitely going to plan another trip there with friends or family.

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Michael Angelo R.
4.0 Stars

This park is best for those who wanted to escape the crowd in the metro.

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Haidee C.
5.0 Stars

Definitely the perfect place for team building and for relaxation. Spent last weekend our 1st company team building. It was a fun-filled day and the facilitators were really good and they really know what they are doing. Our objective was met and they had good food. Its a 10 hectare place where you can swim, do zip line, wall climbing, repel, use their maze and test you skills. They have a big space for human chess. It's just an 1 1/2 from manila.

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Rael S.
4.0 Stars

Affordable yet great place and facilities! Another place to commune with nature not that far from the metro!

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Cheska G.
3.0 Stars

Had an overnight stay with my family and cousins here at Shercon and stayed at the Infinity Duplex since all of the cabins were occupied already the time I had my reservation.

Check-in time was supposed to be 2PM and we were there around 1:30PM. The receptionist said we need to wait for a while because cleaning is still ongoing. We stayed outside the room and waited for the staff to finish cleaning. At first it was just okay because it was not yet check-in time. However, we already waited for quite some time (around 2:30) but still cleaning was still ongoing and there was no one to assist us when we can really go to our room. We were able to go in at 2:50PM already. 128529 Nobody was there to inform us, we just went inside.

Anyway, the place is big and is mostly surrounded by garden. They have several spots where you can just sit down and enjoy the fresh air. They offer a shuttle if you like to go around the place. According to their site, it has 6 adult pools and 4 kiddie pools. But to my count, we were only able to see 4 adult pools (1 was for hotel guests only) and 2 kiddie pools (1 is closed). The pool is clean but not super clean. I didn't allow my baby to swim because I'm not so sure if the water is clean. Lol.

They have several photo op areas like the giant chessboard and the overlooking Taal view. They also offer team building facilities, zip line and wall climbing facilities but we weren't able to try them.

Size of each room is only good for 4 people so it's not true that their duplex can accommodate up to 12 (like what was written on their site!!!. The two rooms of the infinity duplex are not connected. Bathroom has no heater!128534

Make sure to bring (A LOT of) mosquito repellent spray/lotion as there are BIG mosquitoes in the area. Yikes! No to dengue!

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Jacqui T.
4.0 Stars

Shercon served as our resting place after the hike to Mt. Manabu. The property was huge and a good place for Team Building. It has 6 pools, function areas and activity area that you can use.

We took their Villa room good for 10 and it was spacious and fully air-conditioned. On the 1st floor, you will see a 1 single bed with pull out guest bed, dining table, personal refrigerator and led TV. They also have several appliances that you can rent during your stay like water dispenser, electric kettle, rice cooker and etc. 2nd floor is a plain room with balcony that consists of 4 bed foams.

We brought our own electric kettle and rice cooker. The room has no kitchen sink so I guess they really do not encourage their guests to cook inside the villa. No phone as well, so you cannot call them anytime which can be annoying.

We also experienced a bad service from their receptionist. We went outside to buy some ready-to-eat meals and we waited for the hotel service car to transport us to our room. Since the place is big and since we had a lot of items to carry, including the 3 pieces of 6 liters of water, we waited and asked the receptionist and guard to call a driver. That was around 8PM only and they cannot provide a service car for us because they have 1 driver left that time and currently assisting some guest for ocular. She simply said, “Pahatid na lng po kayo sa driver nyo or mag antay po kayo kasi wala na pong driver.” Wow! Our driver already left the vicinity and on his way to Manila so I sarcastically answered, “So ano maglalakad kami hanggang room kasi gutom na kami?” Less 1 star for that very good customer service Ate. Good thing, kuya offered his L300 and sent us to our room. We just don’t know if he’s one of the staff from that hotel, but we owe him big time!

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Giorge G.
5.0 Stars

Awesome view. 128076🏼128076🏼128525128525128525

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Donna Faye A.
5.0 Stars

We chose this resort for our group's annual Christmas Party/Team building, since we don't like spending our vacation away from the office without doing anything productive.

They offer good packages for team building, which includes accomodation, food, use of team building facilities and team building coordinator. They have 6 swimming pools that we are free to use.

The accomodation given to our group is the Casa Fabian Houses, which can house 10 people. It has a flat screen TV, refrigerator, and a balcony that has breath taking view of Taal Lake.

Our favorite part of the team building activity is the Tower Activities which allows you to use their Zipline (200 meters each way), wall climbing (I wasn't able to make it to the top part though 128530) and lastly their Rapelling. They have enough guides and safety paraphernalias so newbies, even children can enjoy them as well. BTW, those activties are already inclusive in their team building package. 9786️ Neat!

We already plan to return to this place in the near future just to enjoy this place AGAIN with our own families. 128077128077

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Shelyn S.
5.0 Stars

overlooking taal volcano. beautiful and relaxing place 128516

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