Shimizu Island

Bacuit Bay, El Nido, Palawan

Shimizu Island
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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

The island sounds Japanese but actually named after a Japanese diver died in the underwater tunnel of the island. Tragic, isn't? But Shimizu Island, however tragic its name, is beautiful in every traveler's eyes.

Shimizu Island is every boatmen's favorite island to spend the lunch time. I see, from the laid-back vibe, everyone will surely enjoy munching fresh island food set-up in front of the beach. There are also vendors who are selling fresh buko for P60 but I hope they should start giving paper straws rather than the plastic ones (like in El Nido town).

Activities you can do:
▫️Eating lunch
▫️Snorkeling/ Swimming
▫️Photo taking

Combination Tour Fee (A and C): P1,700

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Shimisu island was named after a Japanese diver who died in an underwater cave on the small island. During the times when El Nido was just being discovered, they had to venture out and find the good diving spots around the area. Shimisu is one of those divers who volunteered to explore a few of those potential areas. However, one day, while diving around the island, there were huge and wrathful waves that led him to run out of oxygen. Consequently, he passed away. As a way of remembering his contributions, the island was named after him.

The island was absolutely stunning. Aside from the white-sanded beach were beautiful towering limestones. These stood upright on certain parts of the island that formed tiny caves at their feet. As I watched the it's waves crashing into these beautiful rocks, I felt very calmed. Nothing better than the smell of the sea while watching and hearing the sound of the waves crashing against each other 128524

Snorkeling was also an activity on the list as we wait for our lunch to be served. Although it was not as gorgeous as the snorkeling spot in Bacuit Bay, it's still amazing to swim with the fishes. A tip is to snorkel near the boats since fishes love the "butt" (from Finding Nemo).

We had our lunch here. Food was great. The boat men prepared and grilled everything for us. Some of the food were grilled fish, liempo, chicken, shrimp, crabs and talong. There were also fresh fruits served for dessert.

We also had a photoshoot since it was so picturesque here 128247 I had too much photos of myself that I forget to take a picture of the whole place 128517 But nonetheless, the island was absolutely gorgeous 128525

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Jeanne Stephanie E.
5.0 Stars

While in El Nido we went on an island tour and our 3rd island was Shumizu island. We stayed here for an hour coz we also had our lunch here prepared by our tour guides. The tour includes a buffet lunch.

The island is nice, there are no cottages but there are some locals selling coconuts and ice cream. Hehe!

BTW, we saw a big lizard. I think it's a komodo dragon. 128561 the locals said that there are several living in that island.

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Aiza A.
5.0 Stars

After our tough swim to the Secret Lagoon, our boatmen must have sensed that our tummies were already grumbling in hunger (hello, it was a difficult swim especially for a lazy girl like me) so we hurriedly went to our next destination where we had our lunch: Shimizu Island.

Named after a Japanese diver who died in an underwater exploration, this unspoilt island is truly a charmer! I will never forget how it made my jaw drop when I saw Shimizu. It is a picturesque island nestled in Bacuit Bay. (For everyone's info, Bacuit Bay is a group of beautiful islands huddled together, providing us humans, a paradise here on Earth!128521)

Towering limestone cliffs, pristine blue water and powdered sand made me instantly fall in love with this place. I am not exaggerating. I may be starving to death when we reached this island but my eyes didn't fool me, it is indeed one of the prettiest.

Shimizu Island plays host to a number of interesting activities like snorkeling, fish feeding, kayaking, swimming or even just taking hundreds of photos! Anyone can instantly be a model or photographer when you're here. This may sound a bit crazy but I initially asked the boyfie if I can climb to one of the beautiful rocks there so he could snap a shot of me. Yes. I was very much willing to do that despite the heat and sharp edges of the rocks. I even asked him if we could also check the underwater tunnel where the diver died because I was that curious. Haha! Pretty sure that, at that moment, he must have asked himself if he made the right choice of courting an intense girl like me. Sa bagay sanay na siya! Lol.

Our kind boat crew gave us free time to do whatever we wanted to do while they were preparing our food. The island is a popular lunch stop for tourists and locals. So while waiting, I brought out my ever reliable pink beach roundie (which the bf said that it looked like a tablecloth) and took a rest there. We wanted to swim and snorkel but we were really hungry and had no energy anymore. I heard that just a little off the shore of Shimizu lives Nemo and his gang along with the vibrant corals. Sayang! Anyhow, our companions were thrilled to see how diverse their underwater life is. For a moment, I was green with envy and blamed my katakawan for missing the chance to see it up close.

But hey, food didnt disappoint. We had grilled fish, squid, shrimp, tahong, chicken and pork. They also served us talong and fresh fruits for dessert. With all honesty, I never expected a lunch like that. I thought titipirin and kukulangin sa food but I was wrong. If I'm not mistaken, there were 21 people on the boat including us and the funny boatmen and yet we were all satisfied and gorged after lunch.

Good thing that we had an extra kind and helpful boat crew. Sa katakawan ata namin halos hindi nako makalakad sa kabusugan. Hehe. Kuyang tourist guide said that it's okay because our next stop will also require us with a lot of energy, effort and tibay ng loob... and that will be my featured on my next post. 128522

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Shimizu Island is the fourth stop of Tour A.   This island is relatively near open water hence the rowdy waves.  Our boat arrived late,  alas!  No more slots for parking.  Our gleeful guide Kuya Raffy said that are gonna have lunch aboard the boat.

I managed to take one photo from afar.   The water is pristine,  turquoise and crystal clear.   The small patch of white sand is surrounded by magnificent limestone formations, like a brave warrior guarding his palace.   I felt a lil sad that i can't feel the sand on my feet,  but looking at it from afar would suffice.

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Michelle A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Lexi M.
4.0 Stars

"Shimizu" means clear in Japanese.

During the Japanese invasion in the Philippines, when they reached this part of Palawan, they were amazed by the crystal clear, sapphire blue waters so they named it Shimizu and it was indeed crystal clear. You can see directly into the ocean floor without goggles.

We didn't have to dock on the island. The tour guides just dropped us off in the waters to snorkel the seabed. We had fun!

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Jairus d.
5.0 Stars

Shimizu Island is also part of Tour A. The island was named after a Japanese diver who died in an underwater tunnel of the island.

Good for snorkeling ang picture taking. I believe this is also the place where the locals get swiftlet's nest that produces the much sought after bird's nest soup.

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Shayne B.
5.0 Stars

Shimizu Island! 3rd stop of our Tour A El Nido tour! 128522 Boats stay a bit longer at this place for lunch. We actually had our lunch feast here with other local and foreign tourists. Everything was prepared by our boat men! 128077🏼 They grilled tilapia, pusit, pork, chicken for us while we all sun bathe in the island. They even served us with fruits & veggies (photo of our lunch feast posted on my Instagram). At this time, we were all able to hangout and talk to other people. 128522

I think this is where I burned my skin big time! I was talking to a foreign tourist under the sun! Hahaha. I really love Palawan now... Can I just go back.

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