Shin Tai Shang

815 Salazar St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Shin Tai Shang
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Most Recent Reviews

Ayen P.
3.0 Stars

5th stop! #300atBinondo


Which one is the real mochi? The one served cold at the malls or this one that is placed in a room temperature and textured-like-hopia? 128551

Hmm. I was thinking that the cold one is the Japanese style and this one is the Chinese style 128517

The mochi that was on our mind was the cold one so we were really excited to go to this place to have cold dessert. Hehe We were trying to find their refrigerator or the one where ice creams are placed but unfortunately the saleslady assisted us to the tray displayed in the middle of their store. 128517

There were a lot of flavors to choose from. Arjay was forced by me to try the green tea hahaha and I chose the mocha flavor without mochi. So, the mochi pala is the white one inside. 128561 All this time I thought it's the food itself that's mochi 128546

The mocha was tasted better for me. But the saleslady told us that "food bloggers" (natawa ako dito) usually choose green tea. Hmm you decide haha Im not much of a green tea lover 128513

Hahaha Ive learned so many things in this food trip of ours. 128518128588

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Peach L.
3.0 Stars

Before going to Ongpin, I read about an article about the best eats in the area. One of which is Shin Tai Shang in Salazar street. It said the store had good curry puffs.

When I was living in Singapore, I loved curry puffs so my idea was that of the one I've had. Apparently, they don't know what a curry puff was and all they have were pot pies which were selling like hotcakes so i assumed it was the one described in the article. I waited for about an hour or so for the pie tray to be replenished. When it came down, I immediately ordered 2. It was expensive, Php50 a piece.

When I took the first bite, I was a bit disappointed. It was far from the curry puff i imagined it to be. 128532

The pie was too moist, saucy to be exact. It was delicious, yes, but it wasn't what I had in mind and i couldn't taste any curry so I just finished the first one and gave away the other. 128532

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JB d.
4.0 Stars

Shin Tai Shang, which means "Sacred God of the Seven Pastries" in Old Cantonese, is a small grocery-bakery that carries mainly imported snacks, confections, teas and coffees. They make and sell their own pastries such as the Green Tea and Plum Cake, which is their best seller.

They have savory pastries as well, such as chicken pie. I know they have chicken pie because the mom of the pretty shopkeeper kept trying to sell us some, effectively cockblocking my friend and I as we attempted to sneak a picture of the pretty shopkeeper. I now have a hatred of chicken pie.

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