Shio To Sumi

Sct. Gandia St. cor. Sct. Ybardolaza St., Sacred Heart, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Shio To Sumi
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Most Recent Reviews

Jeyson S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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April H.
2.0 Stars


I had a terrible time at Tweedle a few weeks back, so when my bf picked me up, I immediately suggested to move to a different location for dinner. He really wondered why, because we had a pleasant stay a few days prior. I just said, wala kasi yung may ari kanina. And that was that. I checked looloo for suggestions and came across Shio to Sumi, with lots of great reviews. It was nearby, so off we go!

Oh the reality....

We got there early evening and there weren't that many people, save for the rowdy group seated at a long table. Probably because it's new and pretty far from the main Morato strip. It wasn't what I was expecting from the reviews. The place was not air conditioned; actually it didn't have a door. There were several fans, but I wouldn't suggest dining at this place during summertime.

For me, the server assigned to us (I forgot his name already) was really nice and eager to please. We just decided to order because it's really about the food... We got 2 sticks of the Gyu Kushi and shared their spicy tuna. My bf had the big bowl of Katsudon while I got the small bowl of Gyudon.

The Gyu Kushi was okay; expensive at P105/stick for the quality served to us. I really liked the spicy tuna, but we were expecting a roll or maki of some sort. It was just spicy tuna. Well, they didn't say that it was a maki, anyway. I liked the taste a lot! Plus that dish was affordable at P150.

The Gyudon was tiny... Small bowl talaga. There was so much rice for a small amount of meat, really disproportionate serving. The beef was tender, but bland. Really disappointing. The Katsudon my bf had was okay, nothing really special.

The experience was also marred by the big group at the other table. We are both used to medical talk, but the loud voices and crass descriptions of C-sections and breastfeeding left me grossed out, tbh. I have a reason for mentioning it, but I'll keep it to myself.

As for the well-ventilated comment-- No, it was not. We smelled like food and smoke, so did the car.

The spicy tuna, affordable prices and friendly server were the high points. Sorry, but Little Tokyo, it's not.

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Max O.
1.0 Stars

Okay so let's start with their good points:

Pricing: Okay

Well i guess that's about it.

Now for the letdowns:

We ordered a lot and it's sad to say that their dishes were inconsistent in terms of taste. Their sukiyaki, spicy tuna, and yakitori sticks tasted decent, but everything else tasted off. What do i mean by everything else tasted off you may ask? Well, let's just say that if you want to have a tendon meal with a sauce that's more bitter than ampalaya (or your ex hehe) then be my guest.

Next, given that the place is very small, I didn't mind the fact that it was somewhat cramped inside. There were only two things that bothered me and these are (a) the place had no aircon, and (b) it also lacked security because they technically didn't even have a door. Take note that i ordered their sukiyaki, which means that i was drenched in sweat at some point.

Now in terms of service, it was sad to say that what little service they provide (because it's mostly self-service) actually made our experience a lot worse. I don't really want to get into it because it got really complicated, but it was along the lines of either their waiters were misinformed about their own menu, or they were trained to lie to their customers faces. Long story short, they tried to convince is that the negima (chicken yakitori with leeks) had leeks, but no chicken. Seriously, they tried to serve us grilled leeks on a stick that didn't have chicken, but their menu CLEARLY says otherwise

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Julie J.
1.0 Stars

I was eager to try this new place after reading good reviews... Sorry to say this but the eagerness turned into disappointment...

Ordered some grilled Yakitori sticks, Gyuniku (beef) butabara (pork) and Negima (chicken with leeks)... Beef and pork came, waited for my Negima and what came was grilled leeks... So I asked the server, where's the chicken that supposedly comes with the leeks? I was met with a blank stare, yun na po yun, I go, huh? Isn't Negima chicken skewers with leeks in between? Confused, he asked the kitchen, after another few minutes of confusion and more blank stares, I told them to cancel my order and asked the server what happened, he mumbled something like ewan ko po sa kanila, di po yata nalagyan ng chicken or baka nakalimutan... Huh?! What the heck?! 128529128529128529

Please train your kitchen staff about the dishes you serve...128529🙄

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