Shiok Shiok Singapore Food

N. Roxas St., Lourdes, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Shiok Shiok Singapore Food
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Wacks Y.
4.0 Stars

Craving for singaporean foods? One of the best hainanese chicken rice in town. The chicken rice is absolutely tasty and don't forget to ask for the hot sauce!!! It's soooo yummy and you'll keep coming back for more! 128077🏻128076🏻

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Maureen L.
4.0 Stars

/shok adj./
Origin: Malay
: expression of happiness and pleasure
: to express sheer delight with an experience , especially when eating great food

So I had high hopes for this meal. We ordered the following:

🍽 fried rice
🍽 char kwai teow
🍽 beef rendang
🍽 laksa
🍽 salted egg shrimp
🍽 chicken curry

What stood out to me were the kwai teow, which had the right mix of flavor; beef rendang, although not spicy, the beef was cooked to a perfection it was so soft; and the laksa, right level of spiciness 128076🏼

If you want to taste affordable and tummy-filling Singaporean food, try this resto out

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Marivic S.
4.0 Stars

If you are into the salted egg craze, you should try their salted egg chicken rice! You can also order food from Eat Fresh and they will deliver it from you. 128077

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Reginald B.
4.0 Stars

Overall it was okay (3.5/5). Food is generally good. Both the chicken and beef satay are excellent - tender and flavorful; it can go on its own or you can enjoy it with the peanut sauce that goes with it. Cereal prawns are good - soft and fresh, though the serving of the cereals were not generous compared to how Singaporeans do it. The salted egg fried chicken was a downer for me. I expected the salted egg coating to be really tasty however the salted egg flavor was very faint. The bah kuh te wasn't served piping hot.

The ambiance is 128076🏼128076🏼. It gives you the feeling that you are along the streets of Singapore. Very appropriate for what kind of food they're serving. You'll see painted walls (a fruit stand, bus terminals), fake windows and gates mounted on the wall, those roof-ish things you'll see by the entrance of stores, etc. very cute!

The biggest disappointment, however, goes to service. Since it was a busy Saturday evening, many people are in the place and the servers were too busy attending to the tables. It would take you quite a while to call their attention. At one point we were served with the chicken rice only for the server to take it back and give it to the table "who ordered it first". Expecting that another plate will be given to us, we let them take it, however it was the last order for the night so we didn't get to taste it (but I got to take a photo of it anyway). The place is still new so I'm positive that the service will improve over time. I still enjoyed my experience here.

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Alexandra N.
5.0 Stars

HK stir fry noodles, mix it with peanut sauce and it's da bomb 128293

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Alexandra N.
4.0 Stars

Hainanese chicken- 4/5
Papaya shake- 4/5

Service- 3/5

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Shiok is Malaysian Singaporean word? I thought it's a fookien term for affordable. Lol. This is a bigger version of toastbox and the enemy of Bugis (which is just near the place). We went here for Saturday dinner and the place is not that 3/4 full. They got a function room good for 25 pax. Overall it can accommodate upto 60-70 pax. The ambience is one of a kind. It's old style Chinese ambience similar to the IPman (IP師父). Eto palang, i can already give them a 3 stars rating. This place has the same owner as eat fresh.

Some of the servers were great. One in particular was just doing his job. They entertained our group by suggesting what's good to order.

128204 breakfast set of kaya toast
I still like how toastbox present their set. Shiok only has a thinner bread, pero it's wheat bread. The filling however is not satisfying. Almost no kaya jam. Butter lang. What's sad is kalajati lng ng bread ang meron (same with toast box) try opening your sandwich sometime and see their trickery. You could have your soft boiled eggs prepped by the servers. They only have hot drinks for this breakfast. I was dissapointed when i could not order a cold milk tea. But to my surprise, the server gave me cold milk tea 128538.

128204 char kwai teow
Ordinary mixed flat and glass noodles. I could remember one ingredient--the chorizo which made the dish tasty. Nonetheless its nothing stellar. the serving was good marami nmn.

128204128525 beef rendang
Oh wow this is really good. The meat was really tender (i know this maybe inconsistent) however i think they use a type of paste or powder for its flavor. I spotted a whole undissolved powder mix in our dish. Nonetheless it tastes good.

128204 nasi lemak
Mix your own nasi lemak. Basically fried chicken, sunny side up egg, peanuts, bagoong paste, cucumbers, and anchovies.

128204 pork chop
Another plain jane.

128204128525 lak sa
One of the best. Order it here. Lemongrass and chili massaging your head on a cool night. Good seafood meat.

128204128525 claypot chicken rice
Sounds ordinary but it really is good. Moistened rice by the sauce provided. Peanuts for contrasting textures plus a perfectly cooked chicken.

These are also affordable orders i just was not able to take note of their prices. No wifi or any power outlets. There's a CR also at the "street" inspired dining place. Good experience better than Bugis or toastbox ambiance.

High 4!

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Alexandra N.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Serena M.
5.0 Stars

Love their concept! It's like I'm in old town Singapore! Foods are great too! Their menu is overwhelming! Can't decide on what to order coz there's so many foods to choose from!

We ended up on:

Laksa 127775127775127775127775127775
Nasi Lemak 127775127775127775127775
Claypot Chicken Rice 127775127775127775127775127775
Cereal Prawn 127775127775127775128525127775127775
Roasted Duck 127775127775127775128079🏻127775127775
Kaya Toast Set 127775127775127775128156127775127775
ABC (apple, beetroot, carrots) Juice 127775127775127775128077🏻
Avocado Shake 127775127775127775127775127775
Milo Dinosaur 127775127775127775127775

Everything is so good with very affordable price! I'll surely come back for their other foods here!! Highly recommendable!

#happy_tummy=happy_serena 128131🏻

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Airah Jean A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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