Shutter Cafe

118 Sct. Dr. Lazcano St., Sacred Heart, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Shutter Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Gayla b.
3.0 Stars

Meet up with the Jbjoz for the Jayvicky's photoshoot! 128521

It was Jb who chose the place, the interior was really nice and unique, 511088️!

Food choices was limited though, even the beverage choices.

Jayvicky ordered Caramel Ice blended for me, it was just an ordinary ice shaken drink. I can't even detect the flavor, (I was a barista before, so I'm very particular with drinks. 128517).

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Golly B.
4.0 Stars

Because we visit NBS and I still crave for coffee.. what's the best way to spend your saturday night with boyf? is to have a one to one talk over an iced coffee.

Place: 11088110881108811088
Price: 110881108811088
Servings: 11088110881108811088
Taste: 110881108811088

The place is a bit far in the tomas morato crowd which gives the place a good chill and comfy atmosphere 128076🏻

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Jam V.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

It was already past 1 p.m. when Clarissa P and I decided to head elsewhere for lunch. We initially planned to wait for Jairus d to pick us up to escape the harsh rage of the sun but we were itching to find a new spot and so we booked a cab and headed to Tomas Morato area and visited… Shutter Café.

Hello, Shutter Café.

The place looks so adorable with its display of vintage cameras. The place is divided into the actual camera store and a nook for eating. As a person who is more than satisfied with just my phone’s camera feature, we headed straight to the eating area.

It was quiet when we went. Only one table with a small group of women learning how to knit was occupied when we got there.

C and I decided to share our orders and went with Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich (PHP165) and White Sauce Pasta (PHP165). I also got a glass of Lime Basil Lemonade (PHP100).

I was surprised when they served my drink. It was more of orange brown than greenish yellow. Apparently, it was iced tea which came with the dishes we ordered. The person manning the counter didn’t even bother to tell me that our orders come with drinks. I could have cancelled my Lime Basil Lemonade. (And it was too late of course so that they could use the classic excuse that it was already put in the system hence they couldn’t cancel my unnecessary order.) At least the iced tea was refreshing.

The Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich was served next and it was not photogenic at all. C and I had a hard time taking photos of this dish and we even walked around looking for the perfect angle/light and failed.

The sliced beef was tender but it was overpowered by the cheese which tasted exactly like Cheez Whiz. And true enough, I spotted a jar of Cheez Whiz Pimiento on the shelf near the prepping counter. I guess for the price, you couldn’t expect much from it.

White Sauce pasta was served next and it tasted like mushroom soup. It was a surprise that the pasta tasted like… soaps. It was quite bland that we had to ask for parmesan cheese. But since they were out, we got salt and pepper instead. It helped make the dish a bit more palatable.

My Lime Basil Lemonade was served last and it was refreshing but had a weird after taste. It had that “bite” that I just could not explain. Did I like it? Not really.

Overall, ambiance was great but food was average. The complimentary Wi-Fi was also extremely slow. I don’t think I’ll go back here for food or drinks. But this is a must visit for those into photography. 128513

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Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

Fourth stop for our #TomasMoratoFoodCrawl was Shutter Cafe. I would love to like the experience here because of the ambiance of the cafe but I just can't.

Standing beside a camera store that sells anything and everything about cameras, the cafe was so inviting. They have cakes and pastries, pasta, sandwiches, coffee and coolers. They also have board games if you fancy that kind of stuff.

Mary Love S and I decided to get their Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and an order of pasta with white sauce to share. She also got a cooler - Lemon Lime Cucumber Cooler. It's weird that they didn't even tell us that our orders already has a glass of iced tea each. We were clueless until our food was served.

Onto the food ---

Philly Cheese Steak for 165Php was okay. It had thin strips of beef with onions, mushroom and cheese sauce which was obviously cheez whiz pimiento. It was served with tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and some chips on the side. There was nothing standout except the salty cheez whiz. The beef slices were tender but not really flavorful.

For the pasta, we chose their White Sauce which was a cream sauce with bacon. It didn't taste a bit bacon-y and they used mushroom soup as the base of the pasta. It's pretty bland. This also came with two slices of buttered bread that were cold 128563

The cooler was just okay according to Mary Love.

Food is a little cheap - but then again with that quality, I still feel that I paid more than I should LOL

4 stars for ambiance but only 2 stars for the food!


The owner was there in the cafe but didn't really bother checking out her customers. We even tried to talk to her but was pretty in a hurry? Oh well...

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

Shutter Cafe is a fairly new coffee shop in the Tomas Morato area. It's located at the same block where Thaipan, Bagoong Club Resto, and Tweedle Book Cafe are, along Scout Dr Lazcano. It was just around 5 minute walk from the main Morato road.

The cafe is literally beside a camera store for those photography and camera accessories type of persons. It was around 7pm when I paid them a visit, so the concept store was already closed. Got a little peak inside and yes, there sure were a lot of cameras (DSLRs and such). Not that techie when it comes to these stuff so many were alien to me. 128517

Back to the cafe, i loved the ambiance! A great place to relax. All my favorite colors were there - black, white, and some gray. check out the photos! Very nicely designed with photography related murals or stickers at the walls, some quotes, and artifacts. Really interesting to check them out.

As to the drinks, they serve the usual cafe refreshments. Fruit shakes, coffees, chocolate, frappes. They also have sandwiches and pasta.

Since I was there to wait for my siblings for dinner at Bagoong Club, I just got a drink for to go. I went for the Strawberry Smoothies for 110 bucks. I really liked this drink because they used real strawberries. Some small chunks were observable on your cup. Also, the drink was not too sweet and was really refreshing. 128077🏻 I want to try their other drinks!

Service was a bit slow but the baristas were friendly. They even ran after me to call my attention because I left my wallet on the table. Hahaha!

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Marqui S.
3.0 Stars

I like the ambiance of this place
Its quiet enough to work or to hang out

They have board games available to play for customers

The cake i got which is mocha sansrival is perfect
Soft and yummy at 100php big slice

Mocha drink isnt so special just your ordinary blended ice coffee

Comfy chairs.

Only downside is i specifically asked if they had wifi and they said yes. Then when i settled myself and ordered the wifi is not working at all. I wish they just told me so. I needed to work pa naman

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Recently, I've been seeing looloo reviews of cafes or restaurants that have photography or cameras as a concept. Shutter Cafe is the same but, it is beside an actual photo/video store which is Shuttermaster Pro. So if you're into photography/videography and you need cameras, accessories, video lighting, you can just drop by or check their online store at

Shutter Cafe's sign isn't too obvious but their lot is beside Bagoong Club. The cafe uses a small space inside Shuttermaster so there are only a few tables. I ordered Pepperoni Sticks and Iced Tea while my mom had their Hungarian Sausage Sandwich. Everything was good and not too pricey. I'll have to try their coffee next time.

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