Siargao Island, General Luna, Surigao del Norte

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Saintz K.
5.0 Stars

Siargao’s freshly baked Pan De Coco. 🤙🏻

Yes, this delicious little bun with shredded coconut. Every Filipino has had pan de coco just about anywhere in this country but they don’t make it like the Siargao streetside vendors do! I was so amazed by the baking method. Lami sya, lami syang pana! yummy! 🤙🏻🤣 #supportlocal

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Saintz K.
5.0 Stars

I’m def inlove with this place. 10084️🤙🏻

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Josh M.
3.0 Stars

Don’t judge just yet. I will explain why I gave just 3 stars in to this beautiful island.

Siargao... it was in July 2017 when I first visited this beautiful and majestic island. Really, i’m in awe. It was so beautiful!!! It was a promise made by my past lover that he will bring me into his favorite place. And he did. I couldn’t thank him enough. Because of him I saw paradise right there in front of my eyes.

I don’t know but I didn’t enjoy my stay there. Probably because of him, because of our arguments while we were there. We stayed there for five freaking days and we just argued everyday. I don’t know. Maybe we’re just trying to fix our relationship that’s why he brought me there. It was a very bad experience for me in Siargao. But hey, everytime I look at the ocean, the palm trees, i feel so peaceful and calm. Palm trees makes me calm. They are my companion while I was there.

I just had three pictures of my entire stay there. I felt so bitter in Siargao. When we broke up, i couldn’t stand hearing or seeing anything about Siargao. I just felt bitterness. All my memories there were filled with sadness and resentment. I wanted to go back there but not now. Maybe someday in the future. When I am fully healed, when I can gain all my happy memories there. Then perhaps I can give 5 stars now, wdyt?


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Shareen B.
5.0 Stars

Siargao? Siar-WOW! A visit to the surfing capital of the Philippines 127754127940🏼‍♀️127754127940🏼127754

Siargao is such a lovely place specially for surfers. But, no worries to us non-surfers, there are lots of things we can do even we don't know how to surf.

128587🏽Meeting the Siargao locals.
The locals of Siargao are VERY friendly. I have not met one local who didn't smile to whoever passes by. They are all friendly and helpful specially when you need to ask for directions or where to eat or where to go. Most of the locals know how to speak in english because of the diversity of tourists that visit the island.

🛏Sleeping in Siargao
There are lots of cheap accommodations in Siargao and most of them are IG-worthy. Searching through airbnb, you can find accommodations as cheap as Php 500 per night (which is a very good deal if you're on a budget). If you're travelling with your 'barkada', you can definitely find a hostel that could accommodate all of you. During peak season (summer and September), please book ahead for your accommodations as they tend to have fully booked resorts, hostels, inns, and the like.

🛵Going around Siargao
Have a problem going to General Luna or Cloud 9 from Sayak Airport? You can rent a van (Php 300/person) that will take you to Gen. Luna or a habal-habal (Php 400/person) that will take you to Cloud 9. No worries about that, bc as soon you step outside the airport, there are lots of vans and drivers offering you a ride to Gen. Luna. Upon arrival in Gen. Luna or Cloud 9, you can rent a motorcycle, bike, or simply go around by hiring a habal-habal. It's cheaper if you rent a motorcycle/bike since you can use it for 24 hours for about Php 350-400 only.

🏝 What to see in Siargao
That can't be missed! Here is a list of tourist spots you can visit whether you're a surfer or non-surfer 128521
* Sugba Lagoon 127946🏼‍♀️
* Magpupungko Rock Pool 128525
* Naked Island 127946🏼128675🏼‍♀️
* Daku Island 127946🏼‍♀️128675🏼
* Guyam Island 127946🏼128675🏼‍♀️
* Fish/Coral Sanctuary 127946🏼‍♀️
* Sohoton Cove 127946🏼
* Cloud 9 Surfing Tower 127940🏼127940🏼‍♀️
* Tak-tak Falls 127748
* Tayangban Cave Pool 127946🏼‍♀️
There are also lots of locals (souvenir shops) who sell island hopping for group tours or you can ask your resort accommodation if they have a scheduled island hopping tour.

🍽 Where to eat at Siargao
Siargao offers a variety of food from Indian to Mexican to Italian, name it and they might have it! Need not to worry about the price range of the food because most of them fits your budget! Maybe around Php 70-350 per meal, it would highly depend on which restaurant you're eating at. Also, if you're a vegan or health-conscious, they also have lots of café choices that offers your kind of food 12852110084
* Kawayan Gourmand
* Mama's Grill
* Kermit Surf and Dive Resort
* Café Loka

🤔 What to do in Siargao
The island offers a lot of activities for surfers and non-surfers, some of them are:
* Island Hopping
* Swimming with stingless jellyfish (Sohoton Cove)
* Swimming at a rock pool (Magpupungko Tidal Flats)
* Partying the night away
* Surfing at Cloud 9 (they also offer surfing lessons)
* Chill by the beach
* Stand-up paddle boarding
* Wind-surfing or Kite-surfing
* Snorkeling
* Stargazing
* Spelunking (Tayangban Cave)

127756 Night life in Siargao
Done with all the daytime activities? Each restaurant in Siargao hosts night-time activities like singing in the big screen karaoke bar or dancing through the night where you meet locals and foreigners all in one place. You may also ask the locals where's the party at a certain day.

Everything in Siargao is instagram-worthy 127754127940🏼1002410084


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Jelly Mae S.
5.0 Stars

Siargao is known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”, but you don't need to be a surfer to enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural attractions on the island. 128522 There are so many islands to visit! You can just chill or party too! Siargao is very addictive! 127796128526

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Nicko R.
5.0 Stars

Siargao is known as the "Surfing Capital of the Philippines", but you don't need to be a surfer to enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural attractions on the island.


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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

Siargo is a small island island located some 800 kilometers away from Metro Manila. It is primarily known as a surf spot but also offers big game fishing, island-hopping, diving and snorkeling.

Unlike other places weve been to, Siargao doesnt really have a "food specialty" that it is known for. Friends who have been to the island and even the locals suggest we get fresh seafood from the market and have either the resort or some of the locals cook it the way we want.

There are two ways of getting around the island. Either rent a motorbike (350-400 pesos + gas for every 24-hours) or tuktuks (habal-habal in the vernacular). We opted for the motorbike rental even if it would be a bit more expensive. We figured that the convenience would be worth the extra cost.

The first activity we did was the island-hopping tour. We rented a boat that can fit up to eight people, which was previously organized for us by our resort, for 1700 pesos for the whole day. The tour would take us from Naked Beach to Daku Island, then to Guyam Island and finally back to the port. The boatman suggested we buy fresh seafood at the market a few meters away so that the locals in Daku Island could cook it for us for a nominal fee. We decided to buy tuna for 120 pesos a kilo and squid for 100 pesos per kilo. The first stop of the tour was Naked Beach. Its actually just a small sandbar located in the middle of the ocean. Nothing special there. We stayed for a few minutes for the token picture taking and so the boatman wouldnt feel bad because he kept raving about it on our way there. Next stop was Daku Island. Let me tell you, Daku Island made the whole trip worth it. I would go back to Siargao literally just for that island. Cool, crystal clear water greeted our toes as we got off the boat followed by powdery white sand. Words cannot bring it justice so just look at the pictures to get an idea of how awesome that place is.

After paying the required 100 pesos per boat port and nature fee in Daku, we shelled out another 250 pesos to rent a small nipa shed with tables and benches for the whole day. You can opt to rent a bigger one room hut for 350 pesos.

Take note though that theres a considerable drop in the water's depth a few meters from shore and theres a relatively strong current so make sure you dont get too ambitious if youre not a strong swimmer.

After spending a good four hours in Daku, we decided to head for our last stop which was Guyam Island. This place is more beginner friendly to swimmers owing to the shallow waters but its nowhere near as beautiful as Guyam. Sure you can see some of the coral reefs but the sand is far more coarse and rock formations dot the swimming area. After a few hours here we decided to head back to the port to change and grab dinner.

We had dinner at Kermit's where we had brick oven-baked custom pizza, seafood spaghetti, and tuna ceviche. I love pizza and i literally coudlnt have enough of their pizza. Fresh ingredients and really flavorful dough.

Another food place we recommend is Patricks's on the Beach. They have an extensive menu that boasts of both local and international cuisine. We went here for beakfast and of course ordered 'breakfast food'. I was able to try their Cowboy Special which was corned beef and tomatoes. Very flavourful and filling. I personally had the Australian Breakfast Special which had a 4oz. steak, baked bean, eggs, and a french baguette. The steak was so-so, but the bread (made in-house) was crusty, soft on the inside, and absolutely perfect. For dessert, yoghurt oancakes filled with fresh mango and banana, and drizzled with wild honey. There are no words for how good the pancake was 128517

Best part of the trip, was our accommodation. We stayed at Reef Beach in General Luna. The place is about 45 minutes from the airport, and 5 minutes from Cloud 9. The 'hotel' is modern, clean, comfortable, and had very helpful staff. The property is right in front of the ocean and a reef, where during lowtide, you can actually walk on. The large studio room was definitely worth the price.

Even if you are a non-surfer, Siargao is definitely a great place to visit - go for the pristine beaches, fresh air, good food, and laid back vibe. Siargao is truly a paradise.

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