Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul

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Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul
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Adnad S.
5.0 Stars

Korean food is love! 128522

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Jemy C.
4.0 Stars

We stumbled to Sibyullee while trying to look for a place to eat & we got attracted to the ambiantic interior deisgn as well as zomato reviews, we decided to try it as well!

Overall, the experience was great! The staff is friendlt, the knew how to cater to the customers well. The food was good & their servings are okay, a bit pricey but stil affordable.

The suggestion I could give would be to choose their meat carefull & hope that they can choose the best quality ones.

Definitely recommending Sibyulle to my peers. Hwaiting!

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Chloe C.
4.0 Stars

We'd been hearing about Sibyullee a lot online so we decided to try it out for ourselves during one visit to The 30th. I wasn't feeling too well that day so it felt like the perfect time for some KBBQ - one of my favorite comfort foods!

We ordered the Dakgogi Cheese BBQ. They grill the chicken right in front of you and it also comes with melted cheese, corn, and egg! It also comes with the standard KBBQ sides.

The chicken itself was very tender and flavorful, and the vegetables added more crunch to the dish. I enjoyed eating it even more because of the way the set was presented. The sweet-spicy flavor of the chicken worked well with the melted cheese. Of course, the dish is best enjoyed while it's hot!

I also liked the look and overall ambiance of the place. The pastel-colored interiors were easy on the eyes and beautiful to look at. The servers were also very accommodating. I'd love to try their other KBBQ meats and sets sometime!

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Maybe I’m of the few foodie who haven’t tried the cheese korean grilled meat train when it started to be a hype in Manila foodscene. I was thinking this might be just a gimik even with all the great rfeedback hehe. Finally I was with my sister in Ayala mall the 30th and we were browsing where to eat. Then she started craving for this cheese galbi when she saw the signage.
Learned that Sibyullee is another venture by the people behind Soban K-Town Grill. So with that in mind I know they now how to make korean BBQ really good. The interior of the place is quite similar to soban neat and clean with just a different shades of color. This one got more of a bronze and pink shade which is very light to the eyes. I love how chic and neat the place decorated.

For the food we got the Dakgogi Cheese BBQ set for 2000PHP. Its good for 4 but still depending on your appetite. This one includes the Dakgogi cheese bbq, seafood pancakes (Pajeon), marinated beef, pork belly and the volcanic kimchi rice. Also included are the unli sides and soup. The cheese bbq was so good. I love how the cheese was not nakakaumay. Love mix matching the different cheese with the marinated meat. Similar to how good they marinate the meat in Soban the beef and pork belly here a really good. I also enjoy the volcanic kimchi rice. Quite unique and cheesey but the kimchi flavor helped balanced the flavor.

Overall I really enjoyed are meal here and cheese do really goes well with BBQ.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

I've already been here twice. First with The Usual Suspects (my loolooer friends) then second with the family. Galbi Cheese BBQ's my favorite!128155

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

I’ve been meaning to try Sibyullee because of the cheese grill! I looked so good in photos! Good thing the place did not disappoint.

Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul is a concept store by the same group that gave us Soban K-Town Grill and Sariwon. When I saw their menu and table guide for grilling meat, I knew they were managed by the same group. It looked too similar 🤣

They also have sets that are good for 2 or 4 people. Despite being 4 in the party, we opted for the a la carte meals since there were some diet restrictions.

The Galbi Cheese was awesome! The beef galbi was sweet and very saucy, and dipped in the really thick cheese, perfect! It might be a tad too sweet/salty but I’d think it’ll go well with rice.

The Seafood Pajeon was quite huge and good to share for a big party. I like how the pancake batter wasn’t too thick (since I like my pajeons crispy). They didn’t skimp on the fillings either. 128077🏻

Service wise, we would have to give them 5 127775 for handling a mishap. I had a sore throat (for the whole duration of my trip) so I asked for warm water. When the server came back with the warm water, he managed to put one down but spilled the other on my friend who was sitting beside me (on the outside of the booth). She was drenched! Her whole shirt got soaked and her pants too.

But kudos for the manager coming back with a black plain tee (in its packaging) to let my friend change into. It was a bit big on her but they were ready! We have no idea where the shirt came from but they probably have it as a stock for uniforms or maybe for incidents like these? 128517

Until we left, the server who spilled the water kept apologizing to all of us. I felt bad for him but my friend was happy and didn’t really flip out. She was glad it was lukewarm water and not ice cold water 🤣

After our meal, we were given this linen spray to help get rid of the grill smell and also complimentary coffee jelly for dessert (for the mishap that happened.

Kudos to good service!

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Picky E.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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France A.
4.0 Stars

Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul is becoming one of my favorite Korean restos. Tonight, we tried this Galbi Cheese BBQ set for 4. Of course, I loved the corn kernels on the side 128541127805.

Most of all, their staff wowed me and my 14 other meticulous guests with their good food and great service. Hats off to Kyle, the waiter who was assigned to our table, for his cheerful attitude and speedy service! Hope all restaurants have staff like you. 128525128156128156128156128156

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Dianne C.
5.0 Stars

We ordered:
Galbi cheese bbq set and spicy pork something 128517 , loved the food. Beef was so tender, the bbq set has a lot of sides: rice cake, egg, corn and some bell peppers. The pork was really spicy, I loved it! Perfect pairing for the lettuce. ♥️♥️♥️

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars


Two weeks ago, I celebrated my Birthday with my dear highschool friends. I decided to take them to this Korean resto in Ayala The 30th. We dine at Sibyullee. The place is full ay around 1PM. We waited for around 30 mins. As soon as we are seated, I quickly ordered. Quite easy, since they have menu for groups.. happy abt it!

I ordered Dakgogi BBQ set for 4 (P2k) served with unli sides and soup, Dakgogi Cheese Set (its so wow!), seafood cake, fresh beef belly (marinated), pork belly, & volcanic kimchi fried rice

Verdict: its one big heavy meal! The kimchi rice is superb! And the Dakgogi cheese set is highly recommended. Price is reasonable. Downside is that I find it inconvenient cooking on the table, with their poor exhaust (lakas maka-haggard!) but I would like to commend their server who attentively assisted us throughout our dining.

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France A.
4.0 Stars

@sibyullee Flavors of Seoul is a must-try for those who love Korean BBQ and unlimited banchan. We asked the waiter for a refill of our marble potatoes and sweet peanuts with anchovy several times. Sulit128514.

I liked their Woo Samgyup but next time I'll order their fresh USDA choice beef belly instead of the marinated variety.

Their Tornado Potato Hweori Gamja is also a must-try if you want crispy and yummy potato slices with cheese. It's not too spicy so it's 128077128077 for me.

Their cheese Ramyeon was also good, more like mac 'n cheese with soup 128514.

This resto's big servings are great for family bonding or lunch dates with friends and colleagues. 128523128156128156128156128156

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Amabel Kay L.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

I remember I enjoyed my first visit of Sibyullee so I recommended this place to my homies Cindy S and Edison A.

It was a Sunday afternoon when we visited and the place was almost full. Sibyullee serves Korean food same as its sister restaurants Soban K-Town Grill and Sariwon Korean BBQ. Sibyullee caters for the younger crowd mostly students, yuppies, and millenials.

The place was huge and can accommodate big groups of diners. We were seated in the far end of the restaurant near the windows. Sibyullee has nice interiors – very modern and chic. I love that every table has grills so customers can cook their own orders of meat .

We had their Signature BBQ Combo Set 2 (2000php). This set has the following.
** 200g Fresh USDA Choice Beef Belly
** 200g Pork Belly (Choice of Fresh or Marinated)
** 1 Dakgogi Cheese BBQ
** 1 Pajeon
** Choice of 2 Dolsot Bibimbap or 1 Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice
** 2 Plain Rice
** 4 bowls of soup
** Unlimited Sides

Having all those above in this set makes this so sulit. It’s actually good for 3-4 people as per the menu, but I think it can be extended to 5. For the side dishes, I enjoyed their anchovies, kimchi, and egg rolls. Their pork belly and beef belly were really tasty and cooked well. We asked the server to cook for us as we might burn our meat (uhmm, yeah).

What I truly loved about this set was the Dakgogi Cheese BBQ. It was heaven. The melted cheese was a sight to behold. The BBQ bits on the side were perfect with egg and cheese. Their combination was perfect!

The Korean pancake, though a bit oily, was also really good. It’s too big as an appetizer so we had some as take out.

My only problem with what we had that afternoon was the Volcano Fried Rice. Though it looked so promising, the rice became overcooked after cooking with boiling cheese. It was so sticky that it became more like Arroz Valenciana, but with kimchi.

The service was spectacular during this visit. The girl assisting us was smiling the whole time. I truly like this kind of service as it makes me more comfortable.

If you’re looking for affordable yet satisfying Korean dishes, then Sibyullee would be a must-try.

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Cindy S.
4.0 Stars

Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul, conveniently located inside Ayala Malls the 30th, is the newest venture from the same owners of Soban K-Town Grill and Sariwon Korean BBQ. This is a modern Korean restaurant which caters more to the millennial crowd, in contrast to the latter two restos which are more on the traditional side.

My friends and I came here on a Sunday afternoon and the place was surprisingly packed. I was initially delighted with their interiors and garden inspired theme. The place was huge with ample seating and with good natural light, perfect for taking photos!

Now let's go to the food, shall we?

We ordered their Signature BBQ Combo Set 2 for P2000. This group set is already good for 3-4 people, it consists of the following:

🍽 200g Fresh USDA Choice Beef Belly
🍽 200g Pork Belly (Choice of Fresh or Marinated)
🍽 1 Dakgogi Cheese BBQ
🍽 1 Pajeon
🍽 Choice of 2 Dolsot Bibimbap OR 1 Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice
🍽 2 Plain Rice, 4 Soup and Unlimited Sides

What I enjoyed most from this set was the Dakgogi Cheese BBQ! Dakgogi is a sweet-spicy chicken BBQ marinated in different sorts of spices and sauces, served on an all-around grilling pan with bell peppers, mushrooms, rice cakes, potatoes, onions, egg and CHEESE! 🧀 I liked the chicken meat as it was tender and wasn't too spicy for my taste. All the ingredients mixed together was just lovely.

Now, for the Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice, I had really high expectations for this dish. It was good but the rice was kind of overcooked? But flavor-wise, it was packing! A bit spicy but the glorious cheese overpowered it. We had a but of entertainment when our server was cooking the Volcano Kimchi Rice and the cheese "erupted"!

I also loved their Pajeon! Maybe some would find it a bit oily but I loved it! I loved its crispy and chewy texture, perfect with the sweet sauce dip that comes with it.

Overall, it was a very hearty Korean lunch! Price point is good for the group meal we ordered. To think that we hadn't had lunch yet, we still had a hard time finishing everything. Service was great, our server was all smiles and very attentive to our requests.

If you're looking for your next Korean food fix, definitely try out Sibyullee! 🇰🇷


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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Sibyulee is the newest addition to the growing number of restaurants in Ayala Malls the 30th. I have had my eye on them for the longest time. Why? I am starting to like Korean Cuisine and I am diggin their name. I dunno how to say it so i settled on calling it Shibulee Bam Bam 128514. Admit it.... it sounds fun.

Bam Bam night with The Usual Suspects.

The interior is bright and inviting. I liked the usage of beiges as it exudes casual x relaxed vibe. And they have the most inviting facade compared with ze other joints.

The menu is extensive - they offer set meals and ala carte dishes. We wanted to make the most of our visit so we got two sets - yeah that is how we roll.

Signature BBQ Combo Set 1 (Php 1680). This set is comprised of 200g beef belly, 200g pork belly, 200g marinated chicken, 1 japchae, 1 volcano kimchi fried rice, 2 plain rice, 4 soup and unlimited side dishes.

Signature BBQ Combo Set 3 (Php 2400). This set is comprised of 1 galbi cheese bbq, 200g beef belly, 200g pork belly, 1 pajeon, 1 tornado potato, 1 volcano kimchi fried rice, 2 plain rice, 4 soup and unlimited side dishes.

Gyeranjjim (Egg Casserole, Php 150). It looks yummy as you can see how fluffy the egg is but looks can be deceiving. It is not as flavorful as i hoped it would be and there is a bitter aftertaste that i cant explain.

The grilled meat is nothing but awesome. Both beef and pork belly is flavorful and tender. The chicken needs more seasoning though and i find it a tad dry.

The kimchi rice is oozing with kimchi and cheese goodness. A word of advise though - it can be a lil cloying after a couple of spoonfuls.

Tornado Potato. This is AWE-some in so many levels. They managed to combine two of my favorite things - potatoes and cheese! Dem potatoes is SOUPer crispy and reeks of Cheese-It goodness. I want one GNAW.

Galbi Cheese BBQ. This is wow of each BYTE. The beef is fall-off-the-bone tender and oozing with beefy goodness. My only beef with ze beef galbi is that - there is not enough cheese.

Panjeon. This is mediocre as i find it two thick. The one i had Bee-Four is way better.

Dinner was fantastic, Bam Bam delivered. There were a couple of dishes that needs improvement and there were some who stood out.

Will i come back? Yass! I am looking forward for my next visit,



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Pam L.
5.0 Stars

My friend has been raving about this place so I was super excited to try it with her.

First of all, it didn't look like a Korean BBQ joint with its pastel and rose gold interiors. Very aesthetic! I also loved that there were a lot of plants/greenery around the place. 127807

We ordered two of their bestsellers, the Dakgogi Cheese BBQ and the Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice. For two people. Naturally, we weren't able to finish it despite being borderline hangry at the time.

Both dishes were cooked in a portable stove on your table. Surprisingly, I didn't smell like eau de ulam after the meal, so that's a plus!

Like any Korean restaurant, they will serve you refillable banchan or small plate appetizers.

The Dakgogi Cheese BBQ is a chicken dish with veggies, rice cakes (teokbokki?), potatoes, cheeeese, corn, and eggs. It was so so delicious and flavorful! Best eaten while it's hot.

The Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice is basically Kimchi cheese rice. Reminded me of the good old Yoogane days huhuhu. Cheese in rice really is a game changer. This is also a very flavorful dish!

It was probably best to eat the Dakgogi with plain rice to complement its flavor. The Volcano Kimchi is just too much with the Dakgogi. 128514 But both are really good!

Service was good as well. I will be back for both dishes but eaten on separate visits. 128514 Expect to pay around P500 per person. Well worth all the carbs! 128055

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Diane N.
5.0 Stars

Who wouldnt love anything Korean..

Sibyullee just recently opened so expect to wait and be a little more patient for you to experience their famous cheesyyy...Korean Dishes

i think this resto is also owned by people behind Sariwon

Since kaka open lang nito mga bes
medyo blockbuster pa mga 30 mins ata kami nag intay bago kami nabigyan ng seats so medyo crowded sa

Sila ang magluluto for you nung Cheese Bbq order mo so no hassle..

We ordered the Chicken Cheese Bbq set...

so medyo mainit init pa kasi nga it is cooked right in front of you so patience is a virtue talaga ang motto nila..

comes with unlimited ban chan ( side dish) kimchi, pickeld radish, macaroni salad honey roasted nuts...sorry wala akong photo pero we loved the honey roasted sesame nuts and pickled radish... busog na kami kaka papak habang iniitay maluto yung chicken..

so the verdict sa Chicken Cheese Galbi
enjoy siyang kainin since im a cheese lover so ang saya lang dipping the chicken sa melted cheese...of course anything with cheese for me masarap

worth the try 128077especially yung mga fan ng korean barbeque
side dish pa lang sulit na eh kasi nga unlimited..

Price medyo mahal 600-1000 ang cost for 2 pax lang pero if gusto nio lang i try yung cheese bbq nila pwede na yun mga 700 kasi unli side dish naman umorder pa kasi kami ng bibimbap kaya medyo mahal

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Perkin G.
4.0 Stars

I would suggest to just get the BBQ cheese platter and pajeon. It will be good for 3 to 4 people. The platter was good and unqiue

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

Why is that unplanned get togethers tend to happen easier than the planned ones?

The wife messages me that her friends are planning for dinner if we can join, since it's just the 2 of us - it's easy for us to be flexible with our schedule.

I've actually never heard of the place they wanted to try - so I was pretty skeptical. (Since lately, the places I've been going to are discoveries by fellow looloo reviewers!)

There were 5 of us diners so that made it easy to get the specials of the house, these were the 3 entrées we ordered.

128046 Galbi Cheese BBQ - Php950
128055 Dwaejigogo Cheese BBQ - Php650
🥔 Potato Hweori Gamja - Php155

The specialty of the restaurant are the cheese dishes as you can see. The cheese BBQ dishes all have vegetable slices, rice cakes, potato slices, buttered corn & egg omelettes! What I would say is that the cheese here is actual cheese! (unlike the repeating 3 letter place where the cheese dip tasted like cheesewiz! 128517

The galbi is of course the beef dish while the dwaejigogo is the pork strips dish, between the 2, I was really impressed by the galbi. Each beef chunk was tender, tasty, even the "litid" was good! Proof of good kitchen prep work for the orders. The pork strips was also good, but it wasn't as impressive as the galbi. Since it's pork strips, you can't really do much with it anyway. The meat has some spice or kick with it's seasoning, but not too overwhelming as I was able to take it.

Before they cook it with the table side stoves they have, they actually show you your order so you can post them in Instagram!

The potato tornado snack is exactly what you see it to be - the same one from the food stalls with different flavors. That was actually pretty underwhelming since I think it was standing for a while already before it got served to us for it didn't have the crunch I was looking for.

Side dishes, like in all Korean restaurants are unlimited and we took a liking for the glazed nuts and the pickled ginger. I was honestly blown away by the quality of that galbi, since my typical Korean restaurant meal would be Samgyupsal. (Which you can also get here BTW!)

The place is kinda hidden since it's against the open area of the courtyard in Ayala the 30th. Sad that I couldn't get pictures of the area since we finished eating at closing time, so they were already tidying the place up. The interiors are refreshing and very well lighted!

Service was ok, nothing much to really comment there but since it was late night so there wasn't diners left.

Random tidbit #1 - Sibyullee is a village market in Sariwon!
Random tidbit #2 - Sibyullee is the 3rd concept behind HappyFoods Group! (Sariwon and K-Town Grill)

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Denise J.
5.0 Stars

It was Sibyullee's soft opening last week and we went in there not knowing what to expect. Sooo glad we took the chance because their bibimbap is the tastiest one I've ever tried! Just a little bit of background info on Sibyullee: they're a Korean franchise brought to us by the same group behind Sariwon and Soban. 128076

Back to the bibimbap. Every mouthful I took was packed with juicy meat and fresh vegetables, proving just how generous they are with their ingredients. As for the rice, it's every Asian's dream come true--soft, moist, and super flavorful with just the right amount of kick at the end. There was quite a bit of oil pooling at the bottom of my bowl but I'm not sure it would've been as good sans the fats. 128514 I'm definitely coming back to try their other dishes!!!

Aside from the bibimbap, I loved the look of the place too. It's chic, modern, and Insta-worthy unlike most Korean restaurants in the metro that look more old school. Plus points! 128525

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