Sicilian Roast By Giuseppe

100 C. Palanca St. cor. Dela Rosa St., Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Sicilian Roast By Giuseppe
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Most Recent Reviews

Ian P.
5.0 Stars

First time to actually. Eat at Sicilian roast. I've always had take out for their pizzas. This time my dad who really enjoys the pizza wanted to try it out so my whole family sans my other sister who lives in Ireland had lunch at Sicilian roast. We ordered:
4 cheese pizza, truffle pizza and I forgot the other one: all 3 were delicious. I'm sure some people prefer crispy, thick , thin ,pan pizza but this is the kind you get in Italy.. delicious!
We also ordered stuffed fried mini pizza pockets: awesome.
2 pastas wc were all al dente
Cold cuts, mozzarella salad all were fresh and delicious. Damage ... plus a bottle of wine, some desserts and strong coffee with 2 seniors the damage came down to 7k. Roughly 700 a person.
Cheers everyone

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Mars G.
3.0 Stars

Yung salad, literal na lasang deconstructed tuna sandwich. Gardenia na lang kulang. Signature salad pa daw nila ito at a whopping Php 380. Why???? Nasaan ang hustisya? Saving grace yung pizza at complementary bread. But I'd rather spend my hard earned money elsewhere (like dun sa jolly jeep sa labas). #HeartBrokenFoodie

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Bleu C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

Sicilian Roast by Giuseppe Genco is an Italian restaurant right smack in the Makati Central Business District. We were invited by hubby's friend (who is friends with the owner/s) for a dinner feast and some drinks on a weeknight.

They already started with appetizers and drinks at the bar when I reached there. I was able to taste a soft warm roll, a tomato salsa dish and some pate which were all great. Hanging out at the bar was comfortable and the lighting was perfect for photos. I also spotted a Carmen's Best freezer behind the bar.

When the group was finally complete, we transferred to a table which had a view of the brick ovens, the kitchen and the display chillers showcasing assorted cheese, cold cuts and marinated meat and seafood that you could purchase and enjoy at home. They also sell other ingredients like pasta, honey & black truffle and Himalayan Pink Salt. Shelves with books, trinkets and different travel elements served both as a divider in the main dining area and conversation starters as well. My personal favorites were the umbrella shaped lamp, the treasure chest with red lining and the Book "Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef"

Now on to the food...

🔹Insalata Giuseppe - not exactly sure of the components until I read the menu. The dressing was light. I loved the cheese shavings which I made sure I had in every bite. The serving was good for sharing.
🔹Fritto Misto - the calamares and fried vegetables were ok but not outstanding. I liked the tomato dipping sauce.
🔹Eggplant Parmigiana - one of my favorites from that night. The eggplants, tomato sauce, emmental and parmesan cheese went so well together. It was a party in my mouth. The texture of one of the cheeses tricked our tastebuds into thinking that they were noodles.
🔹Prosciutto con Mango - the combination of the sweet mangoes wrapped in the salty prosciutto was just heavenly.

🔹Funghi e Prosciutto Pizza - brick oven pizza with a warm soft dough, mozzarella, tomato sauce, prosciutto and mushrooms. A very filling and satisfying pie. Loved the prosciutto and the cheese.
🔹Fusilli Truffle Sauce - a rich and creamy explosion of exquisite flavors. I love how the smell of the truffle was subtle (strong aroma turns me off) yet the flavor was really there. The pasta absorbed the flavor. Another favorite from this meal.
🔹Vongole - i must apologize for squeezing that lemon. I think I drizzled too much and we ended up not appreciating the dish.
🔹Bolognese - This was delicious but after tasting the Truffle Pasta you just had to have seconds or thirds of that.

Since hubby's friend ordered everything, I wasn't able to catch the actual names of the dishes. I enjoyed the vegetables, mashed potatoes and pepper sauce too.
🔹Chicken - seasoned well with aromatic herbs and seasonings. This was moist and very flavorful.
🔹Steak - melt in your mouth and so juicy.
🔹Pork Ribs - Bursting with flavor and so addicting. Another favorite from this meal.
🔹Fish - I think it was the halibut. It was light, seasoned well and melted in my mouth.

Overall, an awesome dining experience with delicious food and great company. I can see myself hanging out at the bar with hubby for a few drinks or having a meal at the main dining area with my family.

P.S. Loved the folding chairs that they provided for the bags.

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Ian V.
3.0 Stars

First thought when we entered the place: FANCY. The place was really upscale - from the tables and chairs, decor, to the servers' outfits and their attitude. Very POSH. I kind of felt underdressed. Haha!

They give you bread and liver paté for starters (and for free!). You can request for butter if you're not into the paté. Not a big fan of their bread. But hey, it's free. I always liked Italian restos because they usually give free bread. Hehe.

We ordered pizza, 2 pasta dishes (truffle cream and pomodoro), and risotto. The pizza was good although I have no idea what it was. Haha. The truffle cream pasta was to die for. We were actually fighting for it until the last bite. 128514 The pomodoro was okay, nothing extraordinary. The risotto I definitely disliked. I always liked my risotto well cooked - it should kinda be like porridge with less soup/sauce. Their risotto was kinda... crunchy? I also didn't like how it tasted. My friend's mom makes way better risottos than this.

Value for money... it's kind of in the expensive range. And the serving is really small.

But the service is really great. I kind of felt like an A-lister with how they treated us (plus the ambiance of the place really helped set that tone). Haha.

Will consider going back. 128522

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

I've been seeing this restaurant ever since I started working in Makati because I pass by it almost everyday. The exterior is actually quite nice because they have their logo in the middle of a vertical hanging garden.

The exterior can also be quite deceiving because it's on the second floor, and you enter by going up a flight of wooden stairs. When I went in, I did not expect a spacious fine dining restaurant! 128559 But I have to say, the set up was pretty dang nice! 128077🏼128077🏼

Their menu is a bit overwhelming. They have almost everything and anything Italian – pasta, pizza, antipasti, etc. Too much fancy Italian for me. 128517

After we ordered, we were given a basket of different types of bread with some chicken liver pate and . We finished the bread in maybe 5 minutes or less? 2 girls. 128055 When we asked for more, the waiter explained that they charge extra for additional bread but they were kind enough to give us a refill. Maybe it's because they're still on their soft opening? But yey, plus points for service. 128077🏼

My friend ordered one of their lunch specials, tenderloin with mashed potatoes. When I saw this on the menu, I thought, "Awesome! Steak for P310?!" But don't be fooled. It's not really a huge slab of steak. 128546 It's thin slices of tenderloin rolled together, with a sauce, served with a side of your choice (mashed potatoes, rice, etc), and grilled veggies. To redeem it a bit, the tenderloin was well seasoned and also quite tender. I won't recommend it for someone who's hungry for meat though.

I had their boscaiola with fresh fettuccine pasta for P405. A boscaiola, per the menu, is tomato sauce, bacon and white button mushrooms. But I also got a heaping serving of green peas. 128517 I'm not a fan of green peas so I just put them aside. Hihi. 128584 The fresh pasta was a bit heavy but still good. The tomato sauce was pretty creamy as well, which I liked. The waiter said their pasta was good for 2 and I guess if you're not up for a super bloated feeling, then it would be wise to share.

We also ordered their fresh lemonade for P90 a glass. It was good lemonade! I enjoyed the tangy and acidity of the juice.

Overall, I'd say it was a good meal, albeit a bit pricey. But I guess that's what you get with fancy dining. 128517

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