Sigekiya Ramen

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Sigekiya Ramen
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Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

Sigekiya Ramen in Commerce Center is one of the newest players in the ramen category. They opened around second quarter of this year and they already have quite a following. The place wasn't that huge but just like other ramen joints, it had an open kitchen with a bar area where you can dine facing the kitchen. It has the usual flare of Japanese ornaments, umbrellas, lanterns and hanging paintings/calligraphy in cloth.

If your idea of a ramen is the one with the usual Tonkotsu broth, then, you have to re-align your expectations here. Sigekiya has it's own type of broth that's thicker and richer than the usual. Keeping the ingredients a secret, they took it straight from Sigekiya in Yokohoma Japan, which is a small ramen house that captured the heart (and taste buds) of Miguel, the person who brought this joint into our local market.

Sigekiya's Ramen Master, Mamoru Sugizaki, flew in and trained the local staff to ensure that the techniques in preparing the ingredients and cooking the ramen will be closer to home. According to Miguel, they import almost all ingredients from Japan to ensure authenticity, except of course the live produce.

Got the chance to sample what this place offers through an invite - sponsored dinner at Segikiya!

Unlike most ramen joints that will leave you with no choice but to order their ramen served with only one size, Sigekiya offers 3 sizes that will cater to all types of hunger - Small, Regular and Medium. They will also let you choose the spice level of your bowl ---

Level 1: just like having black pepper in your soup
Level 3: spicy but just fine
Level 5: you like spicy dishes
Level 10: you really like it hot

But if you are the extreme kind when it comes to the spiciness level of your food, you can ask them for additional spice - no extra cost until level 20 but the following applies if you wish to get more ---

Level 21-30 = 15Php
Level 31-40 = 25Php
Level 41-50 = 35Php
Level 51-100 = 50Php

| Sigekiya Ramen: Small for 290Php, Regular for 360Php, Medium for 400Php

Sigekiya Ramen is their signature and most recommended ramen so I opted to try this. I wasn't really sure how a thick ramen broth would fit my taste buds so I only got the small bowl with spiciness level 3. My ramen bowl came in piping hot with a strong aroma of the broth. I also asked for an extra Aji Tamago.

The broth was indeed thick! There was a strong meat flavor in the shoyu based broth with oil floating on top. The noddles were thick, good bite and held the broth well. Kinda reminded me of the lomi noodles, but these were thinner. The chashu slices were rather thin but I liked that they were super tender and had this characteristic smoked flavor.

If you do not prefer such a thick broth, you can opt for the "light" version. Miguel was also very open to suggestions and said that customers have been requesting for thinner noodles which they are already looking into.

|Tsukemen Gyokai Regular for 370Php, Medium for 400Php, Large for 490Php

We also got to try their Tsukemen and Miguel recommended the Gyokai version. Served with a piping hot bowl of dipping sauce and thick cold noodles on the side, the strong aroma of the sauce lingered! The dipping sauce was thick and had a very strong fish flavor. It can be a bit overwhelming. Once you dip the noodles, the sauce will coat them nicely.

Aside from the noodles, we also got to try their Gyoza, Chicken Karaage, Tempura and Okonomiyaki.

| Ebi Tempura: 3pcs. for 190Php, 5pcs. for 290Php

Deep-fried to crunchy perfection, it was amazing that the shrimps remained juicy! Most restaurants overdo the shrimps but Sigekiya was able to deep-fry these perfectly!

| Chicken Karaage for 180Php

The chicken cuts were bigger than usual making it hard to eat them. They're more of the "ulam size" rather than bite size. Though the chicken meat was tender, the coating had too much salt and was rather oily. The sweet-chili sauce didn't sit well with the chicken. Maybe a simple lemon pepper dip or something that's mayo-based will do.

| Gyoza: 3pcs. for 90Php, 5pcs for 130Php

Yushoken's gyoza is my ultimate favorite and I believe they have one of the best in the Metro. I'm so happy to report that Sigekiya's version was as good! The signature toasted bottom, freshly made, tasty filling - Sigekiya's Gyoza even had soup inside each dumpling, more like that of a xiao lang bao. Good job!

| Okonomiyaki for 150Php

I swear by Dohtonbori's Okonomiyaki that's why it's very hard for me to get pleased by other restaurants' versions. Most times, when a Japanese restaurant specializes in, say ramen, they don't do well with their Okonomiyaki or any other Japanese food. Like if a Japanese restaurant specializes in Sushi and they also offer ramen, more likely it's going to be a crappy bowl. That's why I was a little skeptical with Sigekiya's Okonomiyaki. Surprisingly, I liked it! It didn't have any odd taste, just the right softness and mushyness and with the right marriage of flavors - meaty, salty and a little sweet. Not bad at all!

They don't have dessert options, btw, but they give out free frozen jellyace at the end of each meal! Not a big thing but hey! Still free LOL

Overall, it was a pleasant visit. Sir Miguel was very accommodating and very open to feedback as well. He takes customer satisfaction seriously and would not hesitate to adjust if needed. I hope they'll expand soon to reach more people in the Metro.

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Maria L.
5.0 Stars

The Sigekiya Ramen & Tsukemen Ramen rock! The soup is rich and so tasty that you don't need to spice it up any further. The price is just right, too. We'll definitely come back here.

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Mae A.
3.0 Stars

Check out that smile on the sauce! Sadly, my experience wasn't that. I should've ordered their ramen for their non-ramens dishes seemed salty. That Potato Croquette was good though. We also had their Chahan, Karaage and Gyoza. But for some odd reason, it was salty. So sad...I gave such rave reviews on my previous visits. 128532

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Ian P.
3.0 Stars

Ate here with wifey and the in laws. Guess everyone wanted to try ramen in a new place so this was the obvious choice.
I had the segikiya ramen spice level 5 which is their best seller ramen while wifey had the tsukumen curry. We also got other ramen a and guides as well.
It wasn't a bad ramen not at all. Even saw a bunch of Japanese expats slurping and enjoying their ramen. I think it boils down to individual preference.
The soup was ok, shoyu broth which was quite thick w coagulated fat on the surface if the soup. Think udon style noodles. And a grilled pork belly. It was a good soup but flavor reminded me of Chinese soup. My wife's curry tsukumen was good. The Giza was great as well.
Service was excellent and the staff very friendly, courteous and professional.
Not my personal favorite but I would still recommend this place.

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Hubby has always wanted to try this place and me being a die hard yushoken fan always had my reservations. Finally gave in last week when I wasn't feeling too well and wanted some 'sabaw'.
We opted to sit outside (in the mall area) cos their indoor space looked a bit cramped. They offer different sizes for their ramen and I got a small order of the house special. Hubby tried their tsukemen.
One of their tag lines is that it's the pinoys favorite ramen in Yokohama... Now I know why.. The consistency and noodles is very much like lomi! I don't mean it in a bad way, don't get me wrong 128522 the broth is actually quite tasty and the noodles too. But I prefer to slurp my ramen so I found the broth a bit too thick. Hubby loved it though, to each his own! 128522
What I loved was their gyoza! It was super similar to the delicious gyoza we had in Korea! Tasty tasty! Maybe I'll just have the gyoza next time 128522
Worth a try, just not my cup of 'ramen' 128513

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Marc David M.
4.0 Stars

Medium Size Sigekiya Ramen with Spiciness Level 1.

They have 3 sizes for the Sigekiya Ramen. Small , Regular, and Medium. A bit weird that they stopped at Medium but when you see their Medium Size it is actually huge and priced at P400.

To tell the truth I had little expectations of their Ramen. From the pictures online and on the menu, the Ramen looked light. It is Shoyu based after all. But when it was served I found it to be thick with trimmed fat floating all over. Tried the soup first and it was very salty. I was taken aback because it is a large bowl and it would be a pain to consume all of it if it was that salty. 128561 So I tried the noodles this time. The strands are thick like udon noodles. In a way the thick noodles balances off the saltiness of the soup. The Chashu is thinly sliced and has a kind of weird smoky taste to it.

Service is great though! The staff are very attentive. And they will explain in detail their menu and offerings. If you have questions they will readily answer. It's good to know that they know their stuff. Plus they gave me Jelly Ace upon finishing my bowl. Para akong batang kinilig sa tuwa dahil may free. Jelly Ace lang naman 128514

I would say their Ramen to be a high 3 but because of the free Jelly Ace and attention to customers I'll make it 4. I will try their Tsukemen when I pass Alabang again. 128522

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

Forgot the name of this rice dish but it was good! It was a good break from their ramen choices. It had a good amount of tender pork slices that might be too little for the served fried rice. This is definitely good for sharing!

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Paolo S.
2.0 Stars

I feel a bit bad giving 2 stars following the 2 raving reviews before me. 128543 Perhaps its more of the ramen not fitting into my personal preference rather than it not being delicious in general.

In fairness it was flavorful. I could REALLY taste the pork essence, though a tad too salty. But the broth was just too rich and thick for me. Gave it 2 chances, tried the ramen and then the tsukemen but got the same experience. Broth was so rich and so thick i could see dots of 'sebo' floating around. Wasnt even done with half my bowl of ramen/tsukemen and i felt the 'umay' creeping in.

Noodles were firm and absorbed the broth really well. The gyoza was okay, and the chashu sushi was good! Something different for a change, a non-seafood sushi roll. 128077

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Donna K.
4.0 Stars

There’s nothing like a huge bowl of ramen to warm our hearts and tummies before a movie. This place is relatively new at Commerce so we definitely wanted to try it out.

It was like any of your typical Japanese Ramen joint with the bar-style seating and very loud crew saying “irrashaimase” as you entered.

The crew definitely gets plus points for being so accommodating and actually going the extra mile to make our dinning experience better.

We ordered the Sigekiya Ramen (since it was their best seller) and a side of Gyoza. When choosing the ramen, you’re offered three sizes - small, regular, and large. The regular bowl was good enough for 2 people in my opinion, I guess if you really have a hearty appetite - the large bowl would better suit your needs. After choosing the size you then choose the level of spiciness. Maverick Christopher P loooooves spicy food and was willing to try the hottest one on the menu but the crew advised him to go with the normal heat and he can just add chili if he wants it hotter.

Overall the experience was good. I’d definitely recommend this place for anyone in the area.

We got there at a good time, there wasn’t much of a crowd, after our movie the place was filled!

Oh they have a loyalty card too, once you fill all the blocks with stamps, you get a free bowl. 127836

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

Chasu Sushi love 128525

This is prolly my first time getting a non-seafood sushi. And this first was a goodie! I loved the pork slice as it was tender all throughout. Couple that with the mixed sauce and yeah, heaven! 9729

I also had their Tsukemen Gyokai which had fish taste. It's my first time trying out tsukemen too. I'm glad I had it at this place for it was aweessommmeeee 128523. I liked how the cold was balanced by the very hot and steaming broth. Will definitely go back to this new ramen place in town! 127836

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